Big Dick

Authors Note: Back in the spring of 2018 I had a stroke. At the time I was working on a story for the prompt “One night in…”. I chose New Orleans, the Big Easy, and got to it. My stroke hit between me finishing the basic story and editing it into some semblance of a final deliverable. Now that I am fully recovered what follows is a little more than 3 years late, but hopefully the cliché, better late than never, still holds true.

This is another in a series of stories revolving around Freedom Love Jones (aka Dom) and a young stripper named Emily. The series itself is not chronological so the stories won’t be identified as “chapters” but I will include “Dom and Emily” as a keyword if you would like to follow along as Dom introduces his young lover to various sexual disciplines.

This one features Emily’s adventures during a solo outing to New Orleans during Mardi Gras. It’s longer than most of my work so I hope that you’ll hang in there for the payoff at the end. I hope you enjoy it. I’d love to get your feedback and likewise if there are exploits that you would like to see young Emily experience leave me a comment.


The warm humid air enveloped Emily and Elise as they exited the Louis Armstrong International airport and headed to the Uber pick-up zone and off to New Orleans. After the crowded flight down from DC both the girls were looking forward to taking in the sights of “The Big Easy” before the Mardi Gras hijinks began in earnest. Their hotel, the Hotel Monteleone, was a grand old hotel dripping with opulence and neither of the girls could believe that they had scored such a nice place for a mere $119 per night. The lobby was classical French from the early 1900s and featured marble floors, ornate columns, and large crystal chandeliers hanging from the ceiling. The white, well-lit interior was spotless and there were at least a dozen staff on hand wearing neatly pressed burgundy uniforms complete with white gloves, ready to attend to the girl’s every need.

As they approached what appeared to be the front desk, an attractive woman greeted them. “Bonjour Mademoiselles, ‘ow may I help you?”

“Bonjour, my name is Emily Soleil, this is Elise Franklin, and we have reservations,” Emily offered.

“Very good. Hmmmm, let me see. Oh yes, ‘ere it is, you and mademoiselle Franklin are in the Hemingway suite,” replied the slender young lady from behind the counter.

“What? Wait! No, No, No! We didn’t reserve a suite,” Emily protested.

“What’s wrong?” asked Elise as she stepped up to the counter beside her friend.

“They have us down for a suite and if I remember correctly, they go for a lot more than the $119 a night that we budgeted for.”

“Aw, come on girl live a little! It’s not like sharing a room is new territory, besides it sounds like it might be fun. How much can it cost anyway?” Elise said smiling at her friend.

“Excuse me but how much is a suite here?” Elise asked.

“A suite costs $1,250 a night but the Hemingway suite is $2,400 a night. However, mademoiselle, there is no need to worry, your room has been paid for already!” said the girl behind the counter smiling broadly. “Monsieur Jones ‘as paid the room bill including any incidentals you may incur so all I need is your signature, and you will be all set.”

“What! Dom upgraded us to a suite!” exclaimed Emily as Elise stepped up to the counter and signed the registry.

“Awesome! Remind me to give that boy a kiss when we get home!” remarked Elise as she turned to face her friend.

The smiling young girl behind the desk rang a bell and immediately a young man with a brass luggage cart appeared at the girl’s side.

“Bonjour, ‘ave a wonderful stay Mademoiselles,” said the girl behind the counter as the bell boy began to load the girl’s luggage onto his cart.

The lobby was bustling as they turned to follow the young man toting their luggage and the realization that a grand adventure was about to unfold began to blossom in Emily’s mind. After stepping into the ornate elevator for a ride up to the 16th floor which also happened to be the penthouse, they stepped off into a hallway that was resplendent with detailed wainscoting, crushed velvet wallpaper with gold inlay, plush burgundy carpeted floors, and yet more crystal chandeliers hanging from the ceiling, lighting the way to their room.

Once the door to their suite was opened and the girls stepped inside, the luxuriousness of the surroundings took their breath away. Before they could absorb it all, the views from the windows beckoned. On one side there was a balcony that overlooked the French quarter and since the Hotel Monteleone was the tallest building in the parish they had a commanding view of the surrounding neighborhoods. The windows on the other side of the suite looked out upon the mighty Mississippi River and the river traffic that was busily moving along its shores. The views were breathtaking, and the girls were so enthralled that they almost forgot istanbul travesti about the young man who had escorted them up to the room in the first place.

“Oh, I’m sorry, we didn’t mean to ignore you,” said Emily as she realized that the young man was patiently waiting by the door ready to leave. “Here, here is twenty dollars thanks for bringing our luggage up.”

“It was no trouble at all,” he replied, a smile gracing his handsome features. “Have y’all been to New Orleans before?” he asked.

“No this is our first time,” Elise chimed in, her interest suddenly focused on the young man with sandy blond hair and boyish charm. “Do you have any suggestions for things we should see and do while in town?” she said smiling at him while moving to within arm’s length.

“Oh, there’s lots to do and see around here especially with Mardi Gras in full swing and Fat Tuesday just around the corner. I’d be happy to offer you some suggestions or we have an exceptional concierge named Jacques who can help you,” offered the young man.

“I’d love to hear some suggestions but I’m terrible at remembering stuff like that. I wish there was a tour guide or someone who could lead us around the city,” Elise replied pouting slightly.

Emily knew exactly what Elise was up to, so she decided to walk around the suite and leave her to her devices. She had no doubt that before she was through Elise would have the young bell boy wrapped around her little finger and guiding them all around the city.

As she went from one well-appointed room to another Emily was blown away by the fact that Dom had upgraded them and never said anything to her. She had to admit that it was just like him to do something like that though and she smiled thinking about the “reward” he was going to get the next time she saw him. Walking into the larger of the two bedrooms she noticed an envelope on the bed addressed to her. Curious about what the envelope contained she opened it and read;

Dear Mademoiselle Soleil,

We are delighted that you have chosen to stay with us and would like it very much if you would grace our hotel with your presence at our gala Mardi Gras celebration on Monday evening in the Queen Anne grand ballroom. This gala event is a formal masquerade ball and as such you are required to wear formal attire and conceal your identity. In the event that you do not have the proper attire with you, the Hotel Monteleone has made arrangements with the Lola Boutique to accommodate your needs. This event will commence at 8:00 pm and will conclude at 3:00 am. Complimentary drinks and hors d’oeuvres will be served. This event is by invitation only so please remember to bring this letter with you to the Queen Anne ballroom on Monday evening.


Pierre DuBois


Hotel Monteleone

New Orleans LA

“A Masquerade ball?” Emily thought to herself as she read the note.

She had to admit that she was curious and more than a little excited about the prospects of going to a masquerade ball, in New Orleans of all places but a thought occurred to her. What if Elise didn’t get an invitation? She couldn’t very well go without her, could she? Just as quickly as the thought occurred it was banished because at that very moment Elise rushed into the room, envelope in hand.

“Did you get one of these? Did you get one of these?” Elise screamed as she ran into the room.

“Get one of what?” Emily replied, playing coy.

“An envelope, an invitation!” Elise said excitedly.

“An invitation? An invitation to what?” said Emily sticking to her rouse.

“What? Wait a minute, what’s that in your hands? You were fucking with me, weren’t you?”

“Oh! You mean this?” she said holding the paper and its envelope up for Elise to see.

“This invitation to a masquerade ball on Monday night?” a smile creeping across her face.

“You bitch!” said Elise as she too began to smile.

“Yeah, well it takes one to know one!” Emily said.

“So, what do you think? Are you up for a fancy ball, mademoiselle?” Elise asked.

“Hell yes girlfriend!” Emily said in her best urban gangsta accent and they both laughed.

“What do you say we check out this ‘Lola Boutique’ and see what they’ve got?” Elise suggested.

“That’s a great idea let’s find out where it is, at the front desk and head over there right now,” Emily offered.

Twenty minutes later the girls were in the boutique trying on fancy dresses and giggling like schoolgirls.

“Damn girl you look gorgeous,” Elise told Emily as she stepped out of the changing room in an emerald, green dress that looked like it could have been custom-made for her.

It was a full-length strapless dress with a form-fitting bodice that accentuated her curves and lifted her smallish breasts creating ample cleavage. The skirt of the dress was pleated, and it draped all the way to the floor while the bodice was made of satin and extended from Emily’s breasts to the top of her pubic mound. istanbul travestileri The dress was sleeveless and exposed Emily’s graceful neck and shoulders but came with white elbow-length gloves made of silk that climbed her toned arms and gave the dress a sexy but sophisticated look. It was accented with small crystal beads across the top that further accented her firm upturned breasts and at her waistline accentuating her hourglass figure. The tiny crystals made the dress shimmer and sparkle under the lights of the boutique as though it were encrusted in actual emeralds. Emily turned this way and that then at Elise’s instance she twirled causing the skirt to flow out from her feet.

“Bravo! Bravo! Wow Emily that dress looks so good on you! You simply have to get it.” Elise said.

“Oh, you think so?” Emily said.

“Hell, I don’t think so, I know so!” said Elise.

“Well, it does feel good, and I love the satin and the way that the beading shimmers. I wonder how much it is?” Emily asked.

At that very moment, the man who was assisting the two girls pick out dresses returned with a golden dress draped across his arms and he stopped in front of Emily.

“Oh my god!” he exclaimed as he handed the golden dress to Elise and turned back to get a closer look at Emily.

He had a strange accent in that it was slightly creole but also slightly feminine and the two girls were sure that he was gay, but regardless he had a terrific eye and each dress he brought out for them to try was exactly the right size. He knew that with the dress that Emily was wearing right now, he had outdone himself because she was simply radiant in it.

“My, you look simply gorgeous dear! I’ve never seen anyone wear that dress better than you and believe me I’ve seen dozens of women try it on,” he said as he walked up to Emily and began to make little adjustments with a tug here and there.

“You have the perfect shape for that dress and girl your neck and shoulders are so lovely. All you need is…” and stopping mid-sentence he turned and rushed off leaving them both wondering where he was off to.

A couple of minutes later he returned with a flat rectangular blue velvet box in hand and stopping in front of Emily he opened it to reveal a stunning diamond necklace that sparkled so much it actually looked alive in the box that held it.

“Here sweetheart, let’s try this on and see what we get,” he said as he stepped around behind Emily and proceeded to drape the stunning necklace around her neck.

Elise was the first to see the effect the diamond necklace had and stood up still holding the golden dress that he had handed her moments ago.

“Holy shit Emily! That’s fucking incredible. Wow! You look so beautiful,” Elise exclaimed.

“You think so? It’s surprising how heavy the necklace is but at the same time, it’s warm and almost feels like it’s alive. Weird huh?” Emily said.

The necklace was triangular in shape and about five inches wide-sweeping across Emily’s neck in a graceful arc. It was about three inches long and cascaded to a point just below the intersection of her two collar bones and from the very tip of the point hung a teardrop-shaped diamond that was about the size of an almond. The entire piece radiated points of light as it sparkled magnificently.

“Oh, my lord! I just knew that piece would look divine on you.” The shopkeeper said.

Emily turned and faced the three full-length mirrors situated behind her and as she finally saw what the others saw she gasped. “Wow! That is beautiful!”

“Well, I’d say mission accomplished for you dearie,” he said as he walked up beside Emily and admired her in the mirrors too.

“Well, not quite,” Emily said in return. “How much is all of this? I’m sure that I can’t afford this necklace, but I also don’t even know what this dress costs.”

“Oh, sugar didn’t you know? These are rentals, especially for Mardi Gras. There are hundreds of formal balls around here this time of year and fancy dresses are in high demand so, wala! Oh! and by the way, the hotel is taking care of the expense, so you don’t have to worry about it just make sure I get the dress back by the end of the week.”

“Wow, Ok, but what about this necklace certainly you wouldn’t trust me with this, would you?” Emily asked.

“Well, I’ll let you in on a little secret ma Cherie, these are not real diamonds. Indeed, they are very, very convincing, no? But not real. So, you see you are all set for the big ball on Monday night” he said.

“Well not quite, I still need shoes and some sort of a mask to wear. The invitation said that it was a masquerade ball and that we needed to conceal our identity,” Emile said.

“Ah but of course. Pardon me, I have tons of shoes and I am sure we can find you a suitable pair and as for masks ma Cherie, let us take a look at them right now.”

Indeed, he was right, he had many masks and ample pairs of shoes so that ultimately both Emily and Elise were taken care travesti istanbul of. It was approaching dinner time as they finished up in the Lola Boutique and bid adieu to their new friend, so packages in hand they set off back to the hotel and then to find someplace to eat.

The young bellhop was correct about the hotel’s concierge Jacques. He was very eager to help so when the girls asked him for suggestions on where they could get some authentic Cajun cooking, he gave them no less than a half dozen suggestions. When they qualified their request by asking for a place that had a rock’n attitude the list was decidedly shorter.

“If ‘ou want zee best Cajun party in New Orleans ‘ou must go to zee Muleto’s but I am afraid that ‘ou will ‘ave to wait a very long time for zee table because it is very busy now,” the tall slender gentleman at the concierge desk, said in a decidedly French accent.

He was very charismatic and smiled easily at the girls. His eyes sparkled as he talked to them and the pleasant smile on his face was accentuated by a very thin mustache that looked like it might have been penciled on his upper lip.

“Oh drat, and we are so hungry too,” Elise pouted. “It’s our first night in New Orleans and we were really hoping to have a special dinner to kick off our Mardi Gras experience,” she said.

“I understand ma Cherie. I know zee manager there. Let me zee what I can do for ‘ou.” And with that, he picked up the phone and began talking.

The conversation was in pidgin French and neither of the girls could understand much of it but the smile on Jacques’ face foreshadowed his announcement.

“‘Ou are in luck ma Cherie I spoke to zee manager and ‘ee will get ‘ou zee table, but ‘ou must leave immediately. Ok?”

“Oh, Jacques you are the best. Of course, we’ll leave immediately,” gushed Elise.

“Very good! Zee bell captain will get ‘ou a cab and please ma Cherie make sure ‘ou treat them well.”

“Oui Jacques, we will. Oh and thank you very much,” said Elise as she handed Jacques a hundred-dollar bill.

The girls could hear Muleto’s before they could see it and they could smell the colorful food before they even set foot inside the restaurant. The maître d’ greeted them warmly and to their surprise had a thick Jersey accent, nonetheless, they were seated promptly and before they even had a chance to order, the maître d’ returned with a bottle of white wine.

“This here bottle of wine is compliments of the manager. I happen to know for a fact that it goes excellent with our specials tonight and pretty much all of the fish on the menu for that matter. I hope you enjoy it and please feel free to stay as long as you like. As you can tell we have a great Zydeco band here tonight and this place is going to be rock’n in a couple hours.” said the maître d’ and his accent reminded them of the TV show ‘Jersey Shore’ so much they could barely stifle their urge to giggle.

“Thank you and thank the manager for us too please, this is very kind of him,” said Emily earnestly.

The girls had an excellent dinner and just as the maître d’ said the wine was excellent with their meals. So excellent as a matter of fact that they ordered and drank two more bottles that evening. They hung out after paying for their dinner, listened to the “Swamper’s” play Zydeco, and Elise’s young man from the hotel showed up to party with them. The three of them danced until exhaustion overtook them then they headed back to the hotel.

Emily awoke the next morning and stretched cat-like before putting on a thin pair of black running shorts a yellow sports bra and a teal tank top. She felt like she needed a run to burn off all of the alcohol she had consumed the night before. Besides a good eight-to-ten-mile run would also serve to satiate her hungry loins, hungry for Dom’s cock that is. After listening to Elise and the bellhop last night, she needed the latter as much or more than the former so after checking in with Jacques, who seemed to always be there behind his big wood and marble desk out the door and off she ran.

Emily decided to take the ten-mile route that Jacques had described to her and at about mile three she found herself next to the Mississippi River on a pretty little tree-lined path that more or less followed its western bank. At 6:00 am the temperature in New Orleans was cool and there wasn’t much humidity in the air, so Emily was able to keep up a pretty good pace. She was enjoying the run so much that before she knew it, she was back at the hotel and a little more than an hour had passed by in a flash. Emily felt terrific and contemplated running the loop a second time but decided against it when she saw the blond-headed bell boy heading down the street and away from the hotel.

“So, how was your evening, mademoiselle?” said Emily as Elise stepped out of the shower wrapped in a white hotel towel.

“AAah!!” screamed a startled Elise. “Dammit, Emily! you scared the shit outta me and you know I hate that,” she said holding one hand to her chest while she panted breathlessly.

“Awww, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to startle you, much” Emily said a bit snarkily. “I saw your boy toy heading out when I came back from my run and was just curious about what you’re up to.”

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