Bob , Susan Ch. 05


Bob lay on the floor of Susan’s living room, nude, his mind recalling the feeling of his tongue in Susan’s ass while she stood at the kitchen sink a few minutes ago, the warmth of her pussy on his cock, the expressing in her eyes as she lowered her pussy to his mouth, feeing him his own cum

He had begun his first date with her just over twenty four hours ago and memories flooded in – memories of fingering her clit under the table in a restaurant, of her blowing him in the car on the way back. He thought of things he had done at her house that he had never done before, the strapon she had used on him.

He knew he was exhausted by the fact that his cock was not getting hard as he thought – – just stirring a bit. It was probably a good thing he was alone; his cock wouldn’t be any good to Susan now anyway. It was dark and she had left a few minutes ago to visit her next door neighbor and best friend, Gina.

Rising slowly, Bob moved to the kitchen and opened the refrigerator. He needed something to eat, something to keep his strength up, and then he needed sleep, that is, if he was going to try to keep up with this lovely, seemingly insatiable woman. Finding some leftovers, he ate and went to bed, a picture of Susan in his head. When she left for Gina’s she had been wearing a short robe that barely covered her ass. He wondered if she and Gina would . . . but he was tired, no, sexually exhausted and was soon asleep.

Susan, meanwhile, had arrived at Gina’s back door. Their houses were side by side and they had a gate connecting their back yards. She knocked and waited till Gina opened the door, wearing a completely sheer, see-through robe open in the front. She smiled at Gina, looking up and down the opening.

“I have the air conditioner on, and needed a little something on my shoulders.” Gina explained, moving toward her living room.

Susan followed still smiling. She knew that Gina would normally have opened the door nude, knowing that no one but Susan would be at her back door.

Nudity was nothing new for either of the women. They spent time nude in Susan’s spa; shared the details of their sexual exploits; watched porn movies together, and had lately began to masturbate while watching the movies.

Although they had a close relationship, neither had made a move on the other sexually. Susan had suspected that Gina was bi, but Gina never confirmed it, never told of any sexual encounters with other women.

Susan had always thought of herself as straight. Sure, she had had erotic feelings as she and Gina talked and masturbated together, but had put it down to being excited by the porn movie and the movement of her hand over her clit.

Things had changed a short time ago. After she and Bob had enjoyed each other this morning, Bob had called his office and taken the week off. Then they had slept for several hours.

Waking, she had gone into the kitchen, nude, and was talking with Gina through her kitchen window when Bob had crawled behind her, licking her ass and pussy. As she described to Gina what was happening, she watched her take her shorts off and masturbate, sitting on the patio table and felt a sudden, strong urge to lick her pussy. That is why she was here. She had wondered if Gina could see the desire in her eyes and needed to clear the air with her best friend, not wanting anything to hurt the friendship.

“Let me turn down the AC and get comfortable.” Gina said, moving down the hall while Susan sat on the sofa.

The air was comfortable to her and Susan shrugged her robe off. When Gina returned, she did likewise and sat in a chair facing the sofa.

“So,” Gina began. “Did you suck his cock after he ate you?”

“I sure did. And he fucked me. And ate his cum out of my pussy again.” Susan laughed.

“Again? That’s twice.” Susan had told her on the phone earlier about their morning sex. “You need to think about keeping him.”

“I think I would like to. He’s the only man I know who will do anything I want him to sexually.” Susan sighed. “But he’s married.”

“Take him away from his wife.” Gina laughed. “I’ll bet you have sexier tits and pussy than she does.”

“I couldn’t do that.” Susan smiled back, knowing that Gina was at least partially serious in her suggestion. She continued. “But I’m not here to talk about Bob.”

“What are you here to talk about?” Gina asked.

“About seeing you on the patio table playing with your pussy. It may have been Bob’s tongue in my ass, but I really liked watching you.”

“You like to watch me rub my pussy?” Gina asked quizzically, spreading her legs and rubbing herself to please her friend.

“No, you don’t understand.” Susan responded. “I REALLY liked watching you touch your pussy.”

“Oh.” Gina responded, beginning to realize what Susan was trying to say, but afraid to. “Did you want to eat me too?” Gina continued with an impish grin.

“I wanted to tell you about it, Gina, sort of clear the air. You’re my best friend and I don’t want a brief time of sexual thoughts to hurt our friendship. istanbul travesti I’m sorry about it.”

“Please don’t be sorry.” Gina’s voice was soft and comforting now. “I can tell you that I have had those feelings about you since the first time I saw you in pink shorts and halter top the day the movers put your furniture in the house.”

“You remember what I wore then?”

“Remember? God, how could I forget. I thought you were the hottest woman I had ever seen.”

“You have fantasized about me?” Susan asked.

“Yes. I have.” Gina responded.

The two women looked into each other’s eyes, each contemplating what had just passed between them. Then Gina broke the silence.

“You know I’m bi.”

“You never told me that, but I kind of suspected you were.”

“Suspected, as in a bad thing?” Gina asked quizzically.

“No, not bad.” Susan responded quickly. “I think it’s fine.”

Silence settled in the room again, and both began to feel a different intensity in the air.

“You never came on to me.” Susan’s statement was more of a question.

“I value our friendship. You are the best friend I have in the world, and I was afraid that if I did, you would be angry or embarrassed.”

“I don’t know what I would have felt. I’ve never had sex with another woman or even thought I wanted to, but watching you . . .” Her voice trailed off.

“Never wanted to?” Gina quizzed her.

“Well, I’ve had some thoughts – like when you and I were watching porn and masturbating . . .” She fell silent again, thinking about what she just said.

“What would you have done if I . . .” Gina began, but stopped.

“God, Gina. I don’t know. I’m feeling kind of confused right now.”

“I know.” Gina smiled at her. “So am I. We are best friends, and yet you are such a turn on for me.”

Susan realized that her breath was becoming more rapid and her pulse rate increasing. “I’m willing to try if you are.”

At first she was shocked by her words, then began to feel growing excitement. She was naked with a woman who wanted to make love to her, and she was feeling desire for the woman.

“Are you sure?”

“Yes.” Susan replied, then remembered. “I don’t know if you want to right now. Bob came in there not long ago. He ate me afterward but I’m sure there’s still some cum inside.”

“I’m bi, not lesbian.’ Gina responded. “I like both men and women – – and I like that taste of a freshly fucked pussy.”

Susan nodded in response and watched as Gina rose and approached her, then knelt at her knees. Their eyes never left each others as Gina put a hand on each of Susan’s knees, applying gentle pressure to move them apart. At the legs of her best friend parted, she bent and kissed her love opening, feeling Susan’s body suddenly tense. She licked softly, tracing the place between Susan’s right leg and her pussy, then sucking. Moving to the other side of Susan’s pussy, she repeated her licking and sucking.

Before going further, Gina raised her head and looked into Susan’s eyes again. Both knew this was a turning point in their relationship, an act that once done could never be undone. Neither spoke, and Gina lowered her face again, this time touching Susan’s opening with her tongue and licking up and down. She could taste her friend, feel some moisture on the outside of the opening.

Encourage by the Susan’s lubrication, which told her that Susan was turned on, Gina began to slide her tongue inside. Yes, Susan was definitely lubricating, she discovered. In fact, she was positively soaked. That was all she needed and began to lick and suck hungrily, but gently.

When Susan first felt Gina’s tongue near her pussy, she tensed, not with distaste, but with the new thought of another woman’s tongue on her. As the tongue continued to lick, she began to relax – – no, not really relax, but to enjoy. She felt her hips beginning to move, thrust, and was suddenly disappointed when Gina stopped and looked up at her, wanting to tell her to continue, to start to lick her pussy and clit. But she was silent and felt relief when Gina lowered her head again.

Now, she felt her hands on the back of Gina’s head, holding her to herself as the seemingly magic tongue explored her, pleasured her; as the lips sucked here and there. She tried to close her eyes and enjoy, but couldn’t take them off of the head between her legs. She felt excited, so very excited, and knew she cum if Gina touched her clit now.

“Please.” She moaned. “You have to stop now.”

Gina raised her head, disappointment in her eyes. “You don’t like it?”

“I love it.” Susan responded. “God, you feel good. But if I am going to eat your pussy for the first time, I want to do it while I’m very hot, not after I’ve had a climax.”

Remembering her first time with another woman and understanding, Gina smiled and nodded. “Where do you want me?”

“I want you on the carpet on your back.”

Gina was soon in the desired position and Susan moved to her – not between her legs, istanbul travestileri but to her face, bending and kissing her lips softly.

“I love you, Gina.” She whispered, realizing that she had loved the woman for years, just not in this way.

“I love you too.”

Moving her head down, Susan began to suck on one of Gina’s nipples, now hard and erect. She loved the sound of Gina’s moan and the feel of Gina’s chest being pushed up onto her mouth. She sucked for awhile, then moved to the other nipple.

Gina wanted to grab Susan’s head, hold it to her as she pushed her breasts up, but refrained. She didn’t want to scare her friend – now her lover and so she lay with her arms to her sides, letting Susan be free to move where she wanted at her own pace.

Susan continued kissing her way down Gina’s body, but when she reached her stomach, Gina moved and giggled. “Sorry. I’m ticklish there.”

Susan giggled back. “I hope your pussy isn’t that ticklish.”

Gina had been afraid that her ticklishness would break the mood, but realized that it had merely loosened things up and removed some of the tension of Susan’s first time. She watched as Susan stopped kissing her and moved, lying between her legs, her face inches from her pussy.

Instead of licking or kissing, Susan began by touching wetting her fingers in her mouth and touching Gina’s pussy, feeling everything gently, then slowly slid one finger inside her friend. It was so wet in there.

“Try two fingers.” Gina encouraged her and Susan inserted them.

“Mmmmmmmmm. That feels good.”

Susan didn’t reply but merely began moving her fingers in and our of Gina’s pussy, fucking her slowly, feeling Gina’s hips moving, responding to her. Then, looking into Gina’s eyes, she took her fingers out and put them near her mouth, extending her tongue to taste.

“You taste as good as I do.” She said and pushed her fingers into her mouth, licking and sucking Gina’s honey from them.

When she had finished, she smiled. “I guess its now or never.” She said, lowering her face and licking Gina’s pussy. She didn’t waste time, plunging her tongue all the way inside. If she was going to do it, she was going to get right to it.

She was thoroughly pussy, the taste, the smooth texture, the feel of both liquid and flesh on her tongue. She probed inside, licking out Gina’s wetness, savoring it in hr mouth, then swallowing. She couldn’t understand why men told jokes about the smell and taste of pussy. This was a wonderful aroma; a magnificent taste! She couldn’t get enough.

By now, Gina’s soft moans had turned to small screams and her hips moved from side to side and up and down. Her demonstrations of desire turned Susan on even more, brought moans from her own lips as she eagerly, greedily licked and swallowed.

“Please! My clit.” Gina moaned, the writhing body no longer under her control.

Susan responded by licking Gina’s clit up and down rapidly, then moving side to side with her tongue, the way she liked hers done. It was only a moment before Gina began to cum. This time she was silent except for a gutter, animal sound coming from deep in her throat. She shuddered with climax after climax, as Susan refused to relinquish the clit between her lips, wave after wave of sheer ecstasy, until she was finally spent.

“Stop. Goooooood. Please stop. I can’t again . . .” Gina put her hand on Susan’s head, pushing, needing the lips to free her clit.

Susan sucked once more, then kissed the clit before lifting her head. “Was that all right?” She asked, grinning.

“All right? That was wonderful.” Gina gasped. “I thought you never ate pussy before.”

Susan giggled at the compliment. “I should have done this sooner.”

As Gina began to catch her breath, she looked up at Susan sitting above her. “Thanks.”

They smiled at each other until Gina said. “My turn. Want to straddle my face?”

Susan did, lowering her pussy to Gina’s mouth. It had been such a turn-on earlier – Gina eating her – and this time she could cum, she thought, as she found herself hunching up and down slowly, touching Gina’s nose with her pussy, then dragging it down to her chin. Her hands were on her breasts, fingers pinching her nipples as she felt Gina’s tongue exploring, licking first her pussy, then her asshole then her clit, and starting over again.

Now she was hunching and grunting as Gina’s lips fastened on her clit, her tongue licking back and forth over the tip. She came with an intense an orgasm as she had ever experienced. Finishing, she slumped to the floor and she and Gina turned on their sides, facing each other.

“How was your first time with another woman?” Gina asked.

“All right.” Susan replied, smiling softly. “I loved your lips and tongue. And eating your pussy was wonderful.”

“Was it better than with a man?”

“Hmmmmm.” Susan thought for a moment. “I don’t think being with a woman is better than being with a man. I think that they are different experiences. I like both.” travesti istanbul

“Good answer.” Gina chuckled,.

“I’m still working on what this does and doesn’t mean about us, though.”

“What it means is that I hope we continue to do this and what is doesn’t mean is that we’re married.” Gina replied, whereupon Susan burst out laughing.

“I guess you’re right.” Susan answered, looking up and down her friend’s naked body. She wondered why it had taken them so longs to being to enjoy each other in this way. Her mind drifted to earlier when Gina was about to eat her and her.

“When you were licking me, could taste Bob.”

“I don’t think so . . .” Gina’s voice trailed off as she looked seriously at Susan, then continued. “But I have tasted his cum before.”

“You’ve had sex with Bob?” Susan’s voice and eyes filled with surprise.

“No, not actually. I . . . . I . . .” Gina was trying to find the best way to tell her friend what had happened.

“What is it that you’re not telling me?” Demand crept into Susan’s voice.

“I’ve eaten his cum out of his wife’s pussy.” Gina finally responded. “Before I go any further, I want you to know that I love you as my best friend and would never do anything to hurt you.”

Gina sighed deeply, rose from the carpet and moved to a chair. Susan moved to the sofa facing the chair, wanting to believe her friend and lover, but wanting to understand also.

“Let me start with the time you and Bob met. Remember?”

Susan did remember. They had been at the same table at a dinner theater. It was a very popular place where parties of two were seated with other parties of two to fill the tables. She and Gina had had reservations as had Bob and his wife. After she and Bob were at the theater, both Gina and his wife had called saying they could not make it, but for the other one to stay and enjoy the show. They had, talking, getting to know each other. Afterward, they had had coffee together, phone calls during the following weeks, and their first date two months later – yesterday.

“Karen and I set that up.” Bob’s wife was named Karen.

“You set us up? Why?” Susan was confused and a bit apprehensive. What had her friend done to her?

“We knew you too would hit it off.”

Gina began to explain that Bob’s wife had been her boss and that they had become – – intimate. Karen had been trying to live a straight life with Bob, never having had sex with another woman, but knew she found the sex very unsatisfying – almost distasteful. Casual bantering with a female friend had turned to sexual innuendos and had finally led to her first lesbian encounter. In that experience, she had discovered who she was.

The upside of Karen’s discovery had been that she was happier, more satisfied with herself. The down side – for Bob – had been that she had found a satisfying sexual orientation and their sex life, not good to begin with, had deteriorated even more.

That was about the time when she and Gina had begun to play. Their sexual encounters had begun quiet suddenly one night while they were working together, alone. Karen had brought a bottle of wine to thank her employee for staying late, and they had had enough to loosen up. By the time they left, each had become very familiar with the other’s body and body openings.

Gina went on to explain that although she still worked there, she and Karen had very infrequent sex, then had stopped altogether, moving back to boss and employee – almost. Karen was currently involved with a woman she had met on a business trip. That was where she was now. She had told Bob she was out of town on business, but was really spending the week with her lover.

Although Gina and Karen were no longer sex partners, they were still friends and Karen had confided her marital situation to her. She cared about Bob, loved him in her own way, but found no satisfaction in sex with a man. Divorce would be a disaster for both of them due to their complicated financial holdings, but she knew he must be frustrated with their lack of sex.

Gina had immediately thought of her best friend, Susan. Susan loved sex and enjoyed dating married men – those who seldom fooled around. Less chance for attachments and since she enjoyed the taste of cum, it reduced the chances of sexually transmitted diseases.

Gina paused and looked at her friend. “Where are you with all this?”

“I don’t know yet.” Susan’s head was spinning with the new information. “When did you have sex with Bob?”

“I told you that I didn’t.” Gina responded. “A couple of years ago, while they were still fucking some, she and Bob had a hotel room to get away for the weekend. Monday morning they had sex before Bob left for work. I was in the lobby waiting for him to leave.”

“And you . . .?

“And I ate her pussy after Bob had fucked it.”

Susan began to smile. She had to admit that the thought was sexy, hot, and she had a fleeting thought of Gina eating her as Bob watched, after he fucked her, or . . .

Oh my God, she thought to herself, her eyes widening as she imagined watching Bob fuck Gina and then eating her pussy. The thought was a shock, but began to make sense to her. She had learned tonight that she loved tasting Gina’s pussy and yesterday that she enjoyed Bob’s cum.

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