The Very Physical Exam


I had just gotten home from my junior year of college for the summer. I was happy to be done with this last semester, but I had felt so depressed lately. My mom was concerned. She suggested I go to the Doctor and get a physical exam and see what they say. I didn’t want to, but I ultimately decided to, anyway.Fast forward three days later. I had a meeting with this new Doctor at 5 pm that evening—the last appointment Ankara escort for the day. I walked in and noticed that no one was at the front desk. I wondered if everyone had just gone home. Then a woman in a lab coat with long brown hair and beautiful brown skin walked out and smiled at me. “Are you the five o’clock I was waiting for?” She asked nicely. “Yes!” I replied in a giddy manner. Ankara escort bayan We walked into the back into an exam room. She explained that I needed to remove all my clothes—even my underwear. As I was undressing, she said she needed to get my paperwork and start the exam when she got back.She left, and I finished pulling off the rest of my clothes. I then sat on the weird Escort Ankara paper on the exam table with my naked ass sticking to it. I couldn’t stop thinking about my Doctor and how gorgeous she was. I felt my cock grow just at the thought of her sexy face. The door then opened up and caught me off guard. She stared at my naked body and smirked a bit. My erection disappeared from the embarrassment. She then instructed me to stand up so she could examine my scrotum. Fortunately, nothing was wrong. She checked everything else and then asked me to follow her to the bathroom down the hall so I could do a urine test. I followed her and went to the bathroom, realizing I had forgotten to put my clothes back on.

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