The Strawberry Bikini Emporium


She stepped off of the bus and scanned the crowd. She spotted his tall form easily above the crowd, his smiling face beaming at her from across the depot. She ran to him for a big hug! He easily lifted her off her feet and gave her an enormous bear hug!

“So glad to see you,” he murmured into her ear. “You look great.”

“Put me down, Silly,” she scolded him. “My skirt will ride up!” He set her down quickly and held her at arm’s length. His eyes swept up and down and his mouth curled in a small smile. She wore a tight white tee shirt with a swooping neckline and a short denim skirt. “Hey! Your thoughts are written all over your face, Mister,” she laughed.

“I knew there was a good reason I don’t play poker,” he returned as he offered his arm to her and they went to collect her bags from under the bus. They had been friends for a very long time, and had flirted harmlessly over the internet for years, but this would be her first time visiting him. He usually made the long journey to her home town. He bent to look in the luggage compartment.

“The trick with baggage is that everyone has it…” he began.

“You just have to find a matched set!” she finished and they laughed easily, as if no time had passed since they were last in each other’s company. They found her bags and he insisted on carrying all of them. He was perhaps the last gentleman, she thought wistfully. His truck was parked not far from the depot; he set her bags in the back and moved to unlock her door first. She stood so that he had to get very close to her to get to the lock. She decided not to move out of the way and see what would happen. He looked at her quizzically for a moment, arched his eyebrow, and pressed against her to open the door. Smirking he pulled the door open and made way for her to get in. She grinned at her saucy behavior and jumped into the seat.

“Are you in?” he inquired mildly. She nodded and he firmly closed the door. He went around the truck and she took a moment to remember how good his body had felt pressed against her. God! She had only been with him for five minutes and she was already excited!

He got into his seat and enquired “Where to first, M’lady?”

“Well, as you know, I am going to Mexico this winter, and I thought that since I am in the big city I should get a few things for the trip,” she suggested.

“Say no more,” he said, starting his truck. He drove her through the large city that he had moved to several years ago from his small town. They made easy and light conversation as they went. She was pleased by how comfortable she always felt around him. His presence just made her feel so safe and, well, attended to. He had an easy wit, and she was amused at how attractive she found him.

He was very sweet when they got to the shopping centre. He trailed along behind her through store after store, offering opinions and carrying bags for her. He seemed so proper after his initial cheeky behavior at the depot that she began to wonder if she had imagined it. No problem she thought, she had a plan.

“The Strawberry Bikini Emporium,” he read the unlikely name aloud and gave her a sideways glance.

“I need a male’s opinion,” she claimed. “Come on!”

She browsed through the racks, trying to gage his reactions to her choices from the corner of her eye. He seemed to like bright colors best. She picked a few different cuts, including one she would never wear in public.

“I need to try these on,” she announced. “Wait outside in case I need another size or something.”

Again he arched his eyebrow and smirked at her, but dutifully, he followed her to the change room, bikinis in tow.

She got inside the small change room and looked in the mirror. She was pleased with her figure. She didn’t think her body was perfect, but what girl does, she thought. She had an hourglass figure and men seemed to like her. She wondered if her old friend would like it too.

“Do you know what you are doing?” she asked herself as she looked into her own anadolu yakası eskort eyes. She had to admit that no, she didn’t, but a tingling down below made her ignore her misgivings. She pulled her tee over her head and shimmied out of her skirt. She reached back and undid her bra. She rubbed her nipples and gave them a tug, feeling them harden. All the better to model a bikini, she thought. She slid her panties down her legs and stepped out of them. She loved the way her careful trimming made her pussy look. She had a nice mound with a neat landing strip. She often shaved it completely, but had opted for a ‘more conservative look’. She giggled aloud at her thoughts.

“Everything okay in there?” his voice sailed over the door to the change room.

“Just fine,” she assured him and hastened towards her first choice to try on. It was a relatively conservative two piece with full coverage of her ass and triangles to cover her breasts. However he had pointed it out because it had Hot Rod flames on it. He had muttered something about Von Dutch.

She stepped into the bottoms and pulled them up, then tied the top around her back and neck. She smiled to herself as she turned to open the door. She thought she looked like a motorcycle chick!

“You would look great in that on the back of my bike!” he exclaimed as she came into view. His eyes were bright and he clearly liked what he saw as she capered and turned in the small change room. He was tall, but she was surprised to find that he was also wide enough to effectively block the view from the store. His smile combined with her new observations made her bold, and she mocked riding a motorcycle and revving the throttle suggestively at him. He laughed out loud.

“It is very nice, Hot Wheels, what else do you have?” She revved at him once more and he laughed and closed the door. She smiled to herself and looked at the next suit she had picked. It was a smaller suit in a leopard print. She thought it was a little silly, but, as he had said when she lifted it off the rack, the classics never go out of style. She put the hot rod suit on the maybe pile.

The leopard suit was smaller than the last one, for certain. The bottoms were very high cut at the sides for one thing, and they only covered maybe two-thirds of her ass. She turned to check it out in the mirror. She wondered if he would like her ass. He had seemed appreciative so far, so she shrugged and untangled the strings that made up most of the top. She got it tied in place, adopted what she thought of as her angry kitty pose, with claws extended and called sweetly “Ready,”

He opened the door and peeked around and jumped back slightly as she hissed and brandished her brightly painted nails at him!

“Easy kitty,” he smiled when he got a look at her, “Or you will have to sleep outside tonight!”

“Oh no!” she became very conciliatory, rubbing her face on his chest like an affectionate kitten. “Not that!” She liked her ‘paws’ and purred. She looked up at him and noticed he was studying her ass in the mirror. He swallowed hard and looked down at her. She noticed fire in his eyes for only a moment before he got back under control and laughed again.

“You are incorrigible,” he exclaimed with a smile and shut the door. She was actually glad he had not lingered, because the fire in his eyes had sent a shock through her system directly to her pussy! She leaned against the door for a second feeling her lips moisten. It was a good thing the bottoms were lined she thought wryly.

She got out of the suit more slowly, reflecting on her body’s reaction. She had enjoyed the suit, but put it on the reject pile; she could never wear something so cheesy in public! She noticed her nipples were quite hard and no longer needed to be tweaked to stand out. Want and need are two different things she reminded herself as pressed her palms against her breasts and squeezed her thighs together.

The next suit looked like a bikini wet suit. It even anadolu yakası escort came with a plastic dive knife to strap to her thigh! It was black and red; with low cut bottoms that showed off her rounded hip quite well. In the mirror the bottoms just barely came up enough in the back to cover the crack of her ass. With a naughty gleam in her eye she pulled them down enough to show a quarter inch of the line between her choice cheeks, and called him to look. As he pulled open the door she struck a pose, her back to him, hip thrust strongly to one side, looking over her shoulder. She had the strap on her thigh, but the toy knife was hidden from his view in her hand.

“A fine day for a swim, no Mr. Bond?” she said in her best Russian accent, noting his appreciative grin. Suddenly she spun towards him, pretending to lash out with the toy knife! Before she could blink he had her arm pinned behind her body, which was pressed very tightly against him! She was up on her tip toes wincing slightly at the pressure on her arm.

“I forgot about your training,” she whispered as he let her go. She went down on her heels but stayed pressed against him, smiling shyly up at him.

“I am sorry about that,” he murmured, genuinely embarrassed. She threw her arms around him and hugged him tightly, pressing her face against his chest.

“I’m sorry too,” she inhaled deeply, enjoying his manly scent. Suddenly she realized she could feel his hardening penis pressed against her belly! She gave a secret smile, wiggled back and forth a few times and stepped back into another pose. “What do you think of my suit, Mr. Bond?” she asked, back in character.

“You make it look good, Natasha,” he drawled while eyeing her up and down. “Now hurry up, I am getting hungry,”

“Hungry? Is that what you are getting?” she arched her eyebrow at him. He smiled and raised his eyebrows back at her innocently, and spun back out of the change room.

She rubbed her wrist ruefully. She didn’t anticipate his reaction to her pretending to stab him. She wasn’t upset, rather she was amazed at the effect his fierce reaction had on her. She pulled the bikini bottoms off and felt bad, the liner was actually damp! She quickly slid her fingers across her lips and moaned under her breath. God she was wet! She pulled out a tissue and dabbed at her pussy, but it did not seem to help.

“I have to get this taken care of!” she said to herself.

“Pardon?” his voice came over the wall. She should have remembered he had excellent hearing!

“Nothing…” she trailed off lamely and reached for the next suit. She could imagine the coy look that would be on his face and cussed him silently.

The next suit was a baby blue string bikini, with beads on the ends of the strings. She tied the bottoms together and looked at her ass in the mirror. She had to admit, it was pretty damn good! She twisted her hips and the beads clicked as the strings swung out and hit her body. Her breasts giggled, and she remembered to try the top too. She tied it around her neck, and behind her back. She pouted her lips, swung out her hips and took a good look at herself. Was this what she wanted him to see, when she convinced him to join her in Mexico?

Something was missing she decided. Then she had a flash of inspiration! She pulled off the top and covered her breasts with one arm. Turning to the door she called out to him.

“Hey! I need you!” she held the top at arm’s length as the door opened.

“Oh my God,” he uttered, taking in the view.

“What?” she was the picture of wide eyed innocence. “I want you to get me this same top, but in red”

“Of course,” he stammered, staring a moment too long before taking the top from her outstretched hand.

She hummed to herself, tracing a finger absently around on nipple then the next until she heard him knock on the door. She quickly draped her arm across her breasts and opened the door.

He came right inside the change room, handing her escort anadolu yakası the red top. This time, however, he did not retreat back out of the room. Purposefully he shut the door behind him and sat down opposite of her.

“You’ve been teasing me all day, girl,” he growled, his smile showing her that he was not upset. “Now try on that top!”

She only hesitated for a moment before she bit her lip and dropped her arm. He leaned forward, intently looking her in the eyes. She blushed and clumsily tied the top around her middle. She spun the knot to the back and reached up to tie a knot behind her neck. He was on her in a flash, trapping her arms above her head and leaning in to lick and gently bite at her nipples! She gasped and squeaked, trying to be quiet, since there was a store full of customers just on the other side of the thin change room wall! He came up to eye level, his face was fierce; the fire she had seen was back in his eyes.

“This is what you wanted isn’t it?” his voice grated with passion. It was true she had to admit to herself. She was so excited her bottom squirmed on the bench!

She closed her eyes and whispered, “Yes”.

Roughly he grabbed her ass and dragged her hips to the edge of the bench. He nipped her lower lip once with a quick kiss, and then dropped to his knees in front of the bench. He pulled the pale blue crotch of the bikini bottom to one side so quickly that she thought she heard some threads tear. All concern was driven from her mind by his hot breath on her sex! He growled once more and pressed his face between her thighs!

She let out a high pitch squeal as she felt his lips and tongue make contact. Her hand shot out and grabbed the base of his skull, her nails pulling him into her hard. His lips and tongue were relentless! His mouth tugged on her lips, his tongue drove into her, and then looped around, barely grazing her clitoris! She ground her pelvis against his face, rubbing hard against his nose and mouth. When he slid a finger into her she let out a small shriek and spots of light danced in her vision. His oral assault was relentless! He darted from lips to clit, pushed his tongue deep inside her and back again. She was nearing the point of no return!

She felt his finger turn inside her, and his lips clamped down around her clitoris. His tongue began lashing all around her most sensitive point. Her hips began to buck uncontrollably, and as his mouth stayed with her, she wasn’t sure if her nails on his neck were drawing blood or not. She didn’t even care!

Suddenly he bent the finger he had deep inside of her, touching her g-spot; her vision exploded in white light!

She opened her mouth to wail, only to find her balled up tee shirt gently pressed to her face. She spared only a fraction of a second to be grateful before she wailed into her shirt, cumming like she never had before! Her hips trembled violently as she came over and over! He did not let up for a moment, driving spasm after spasm from her tired body!

After several minutes it became too intense and she gently pushed on his fore head. He lowered the shirt from her mouth and she gratefully sucked in the fresh air as she looked down at him. His beautiful face was shiny with her moisture, and his dark eyes looked up at her so intently. She shuddered joyfully.

“Oh my God,” she whispered. “That was…”

He smiled and wiped his face. He leaned up and kissed her fore head. Spontaneously she grabbed him in a hug, tears welling in her eyes. “Now you,” she whispered urgently.

“Is everything okay in there?” the female clerk’s voice broke the moment. She let him out of her tight embrace.

“Y-yes,” she was embarrassed at how her voice quivered. He gently cleared his throat.

“So, this one then?” he asked as he scooped up the red top and pale blue bottoms.


“Get dressed,” he told her as he stood. “I will take care of this,”

“But…” she began.

“Do you mind if I make dinner tonight? My acreage is very secluded, and there may be time for a fire later,” he trailed off, eyes smiling at her. He turned and left the room with the bikini.

“Find everything you were looking for?” she heard the clerk’s voice fade away.

“Oh there’s going to be some fire tonight…” she promised herself…

To Be Continued?

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