Anal-ized by the AC Guy


It is incredibly hot here in the North Texas area this summer, actually, every summer. Our air conditioner was acting up so my husband, Jimmy, asked an older gentleman in our church to come by and take a look at it. He offered to come out on Monday. Mike is an all around handyman and we have used him to fix any number of things in our short time as a married couple. He is a deacon at our church and he and his wife are often called in to counsel young married couples.

After a stressful weekend of running errands and not sleeping well in our hot house, I decided to play hooky on monday to enjoy some swimming pool time alone. I turned on my 80’s music on my mp3 put my waterproof bluetooth earphones in and sprayed on some sunscreen, then I took the plunge. The cool water felt amazing. I climbed up onto my float and soaked up some sun. After an indeterminate amount of time I realized that since I was home alone, I could remove my swimsuit and work on my “all over” tan. My husband loves it when I tan and have no lines. Seeing as how I am olive skinned already, he loves how extremely dark my nipples get after some time in the sun.

I was lost in the music and the cool water, so I never heard when Mike, showed up to fix our AC. I had forgotten that he was coming by and since he wasn’t expecting anybody to be home, he let himself in. Part of his inspection was to check the compressor outside, which happens to be in the backyard. Imagine my surprise, when I happened to open my eyes and there he was at poolside staring at my naked body.

I immediately rolled into the water and used the float to cover myself. He stammered out an apology and turned quickly away. He reminded me that he was just checking the AC and repeated over and over how sorry he was. I was embarrassed, but he seemed to be also. I reassured him that it was ok and that no harm was done. My towel was on the chair and my suit was floating somewhere in the pool. Since was facing away from me, I walked up the steps and retrieved my towel to cover up.

I told him to turn around and offered him a cold iced tea. His face was deep red and I told him so. He laughed a little and said that he was certainly shocked and awed by seeing me floating there. He finished his tea and went on and took care of the AC. I fished my suit out of the ankara escort pool and put it back on. It is a sexy little bikini that I only wear at home. I laid facedown on the lounge chair to get some sun on my back.

Mike came out and told me that everything looked good and that he’d be leaving. I thanked him and teasingly asked if he meant the AC unit or me. He said both looked great and that it was his “pleasure”. I never seem to get good sunscreen coverage on my back when I am alone, so I asked Mike if he would be willing to help me out with one other thing before he left and he agreed to apply some on me.

I laid back down and soon felt his slippery hands rubbing the lotion onto my back. He was going slow and applied a perfect amount of pressure. It felt more like a massage than anything else. He applied more to his hands and got my shoulders, then he swept them down my back and outward to get the sides. He brought them together at my lower back and lingered there for a bit, as he traced my butterfly tattoo. He stated that he never expected that I’d had a tattoo, and mentioned that his wife, Tina, would never get one. He put some more lotion on his hands and pushed his thumbs up my spine and it felt amazing. I could feel my nipples harden and a tingling in my pussy.

I asked him if it would be okay with him to untie my top and get the lotion under the strings. He did before I could even finish my request. I felt his hands sweeping out and he put lotion on the sides of my breasts too. He mentioned that he had noticed, when he first saw me that I was getting a little red already and he didn’t want me to burn. I haven’t had another man touch me like that since I had met my husband. I loved feeling his touch on me.

I rolled over and laid face up, I used my arm to cover my titties and he sat there and stared into my eyes. I asked him if he’d be willing to apply lotion to my front also and he just looked at me and nodded. I lowered my arm and closed my eyes. His hands felt wonderful. He started on my shoulders again, the he moved to the outside of my breast. He then used his thumbs and forefingers and he rolled my nipples between them. It felt electric. I realized I was licking my lips and squirming my hips a little. After about a minute of playing with ulus escort my hard nipples, he ran his right hand down my tummy to just above my bikini bottom. He curled his left hand behind my neck and pulled me just a little. I looked at him and told him “Yes”. He slid his fingers under the fabric and I was excited for him to feel my completely hairless pussy.

He gingerly slid a finger along my wet slit, When he reached the bottom, he curled his finger and it went into me about half an inch. I rose my ass off the chair and curved my pelvis up, trying to get his finger deeper into me. He held my neck firmly but gently, and brought his finger up to my firm clit and spent about a minute driving me insane with his hand. One of the things I discovered with my husband is that I am a squirter when I orgasm. Mike discovered this too. I don’t think I have ever had such an intense orgasm as the one Mike provided me.

He stood up and moved to the end of the chair. He grasped the sides of my bikini bottom and slid them down my legs and dropped them to the concrete. I sat there and watched as he pulled his shirt off and then his pants. For a man in his early 50’s he had a great body. I sat up and stopped him from pulling his underwear off. I felt so vulnerable and powerful at the same time. I knew that whatever happened was by my decision. I grasped his boxers and yanked them off. His dick was hard and just slightly longer than my husbands, but it was THICK. I couldn’t touch my fingertips together as I held it. I slowly massaged it back and forth. I gripped it firmly at the base and squeezed up towards the head. A large amount of clear pre-cum came out and I immediately leaned in and licked it off. I heard a moan escape his mouth. I leaned in further and took him into my mouth, not an easy thing to do but it got easier with my level of determination. I could feel my own wetness running down my thigh and I wanted his cum in my mouth.

After a minute or two, he stopped me and repositioned me so that I was on my hands and knees facing away. He slowly guided his large penis into my wet and wanting pussy. On the third thrust he had grabbed my hips and with amazing force drove his cock into the depths of my lovehole. I responded by showering him with my second eryaman escort screaming orgasm. I came so much, there was a puddle at his feet when we were done. He continued to pound my pussy with his hardness. He kept his hands moving, sometimes on my ass, then he’d reach around and grab my firm titties. His stamina amazed me. My husband would have already cum a while ago, but Mike just kept pumping me. When I felt my third orgasm coming I begged him to slide a finger into my asshole. His thumb went all the way in and the feeling made me fantasize that my husband was fucking my ass while Mike fucked my pussy. All I needed was another cock in my mouth and It’d be a trifecta.

Even though I am on the pill, I didn’t want him to cum in my pussy, only my husband gets to do that. I gave him the choice, he could cum in my mouth and on my tits, or he could cum in my ass. I knew his answer immediately when I felt his huge cock spread my anus and fill me up inside. After just about 15 seconds I could feel his cock twitch and his pace quicken and his moans get louder. I pushed my ass back as hard as I could as he pumped his semen into me. He held in there as long as he could until his cock softened enough that it couldn’t remain. He stepped back a bit and I turned around to face him. He looked like he had run a marathon. He was flushed from head to toe. His entire body was covered in sweat. I pushed him into the pool and I squatted down to push his cum out of me. Once I had a nice cum stain on the concrete I jumped into the pool also.

He again began to apologize and stammer on about how wrong that was. He mentioned how he betrayed his marriage and he betrayed Jimmy. I can say that it was annoying and frustrating. I had just received the best fuck of my life and the guy apologized to me for it. I suggested that he should probably get dressed and head on home, the time had flown by and Jimmy would be home within an hour. He agreed and begged me to not say anything to anyone about this.

After Mike left, I knew I would want more fucking from him but I doubted that he would agree. I got a shower and began making dinner for Jimmy. As I was washing a dish at the sink I noticed the security camera in the backyard. Jimmy installed it in the spring because we had some teenagers sneak into our yard the previous summer and he wanted to be able to catch them. The camera has an app that allows Jimmy to watch the pool on his smartphone. I began to panic. I didn’t even think about it, but Jimmy had said at the time that he would like to watch me when I sunbathe. He knew I would be out there today. Did he watch?

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