The Surprise


Have you ever wondered if the person you met on Literotica is really as freaky and sexual as they make themselves out to be online? I don’t anymore. They are. Believe me. And let me tell you how I know.

Yesterday, I went to work like any other day. Ever see the movie The Office? That’s how my job is. I sit in a cubicle and click keys on my computer. Do they mean anything to anyone? Probably not, but they give me a check every two weeks so I do it. The highlight of my morning is logging into Literotica. There, I assume the role of TwatLuva123. There, I can be whomever I want and say whatever I feel like saying. I talk to women the way I want to talk to them. I don’t get nervous or tongue-tied; I don’t have to buy anyone a drink or dinner. I can just be sexy. There is this one girl on there I love talking to. BrownSuga is the kind of girl you don’t take home to mom. I imagine this exotic beauty that walks around in a leather pants and a corset all day long. We don’t talk everyday but the days we do talk, WOW. It’s like indulging in your favorite vice.

This morning though, didn’t look like I’d be riding cloud 9 today. No BrownSuga! Well 5 minutes till lunch and when I get back I’ll try to find her again.


“This is John.”

“Be at the airport at 12:30.” a sexy voice whispers.

“What? Who is this?” I stammer.


Ok, who really falls for prank calls? Not that I get many prank calls but even I know a joke when I hear one. And that had to be a joke, right? With it being time for lunch it’s now 12:15 and it does only take 10-15 minutes to get to the airport. And because this is obviously more exciting than the ham and swiss on rye I was going to have for lunch, I make my way to the airport just to see what’s going on.


After tripping over every little old lady in the parking lot, I stumble into the airport, looking, searching, for what; I HAVE NO IDEA! The caller never said what to do. If this is a joke I fell for it: hook line and sinker. As I turned to leave I hear “Would John Fergus please meet your party at Gate 7. John esc Fergus please meet your party at Gate 7.”. I look up at the board to see if I can figure out what is happening at Gate 7. Maybe someone is sending me on a trip; Flight 227 to Miami leaves in 20 minutes, Flight 1225 to Las Vegas leaves in 15 minutes; the beach and a little gambling sound like fun. I guess the only way to find out would be to actually get to Gate 7.

Gate 7 looks pretty boring. A few travelers seem to be waiting for flights, although none of them look like they are heading to the beach or to Vegas and no one I recognize. After waiting around for a couple of minutes I walk up to the desk.

“Excuse me ma’am?” I say to the lady behind the desk.

“Yes, may I help you?” She replied.

“My name is John Fergus and I was paged to this Gate a few minutes ago, can you tell me who sent the page?” I asked.

“Oh Mr. Fergus, here, this is for you to put on and you are to wait over at that wall.” she says, as she hands me a piece of fabric and point to a wall, slightly hidden about 20 feet away.

“Uh… thanks.” I say looking at the fabric like it contains some deadly disease. If I were a cat, I’d drop dead right now of curiosity.

As I turn to walk away the lady says, with a wink “And Mr. Fergus have fun.”

I unfold the fabric, it’s a blindfold. I’m supposed to stand in the middle of the airport against a wall with a blindfold on with no idea as to what will happen next. Any sane person would leave right now, head back to work and pretend none of this happened. Good thing I’m not sane because now I’ve just got to know what will happen.

I put on the blindfold, lean against the wall and wait.

And wait.

And wait.

“Flight 121 arriving from Atlanta is now landing.” the voice over the intercom says.

Atlanta? I don’t know anyone in Atlanta except my aunt Mildred and she definitely wouldn’t do all this for me. Not since that incident with the thing in the thing. We haven’t been as close as we once were. I guess that flight isn’t for me.

5 minutes later I feel someone’s presence.

“Hello?” escorts I say to no one or everyone, I guess it depends on how you look at it.

Then I feel someone’s lips against my ear.

“Hey you.” a sexy voice whispers.

“Who are you?” I ask.

“I’m your fantasy.” the voice whispers again.

“Can I take off the blindfold?” I ask.

“No, just enjoy.”

Full wet lips lightly skim my face from my ear to my lips. I can feel her warm breath against my skin. She hovers over my mouth. A tongue darts out to tease the corners of my mouth. Then I feel a hand slowly almost hesitantly run up my arms. I feel the blood start to drain from one head and go to the other. I reach out to touch her, to kiss her, to do something but she stops me.

“No sweetie this is all me.” she whispers

Then the sweetest lips on this earth descend upon my mouth. It’s as if her tongue was memorizing my whole mouth. Her tongue ran across my teeth, my tongue my lips. Every thought in my head was now gone. I could do nothing but enjoy the extreme pleasure I was experiencing.

With great sadness I felt her leave my mouth and travel back to my ear.

“Are you hard for me yet?” She asked.

“OH YES!” I breathed out.


I could feel her smile. She knows she’s good. And that makes me hornier. My cock is now begging to be released. I reach up to touch her. I want her to feel my cock against her tummy. I want her to know this little game is serious and I need to release. She knows. She runs her hands down my chest. She grabs my cock with no shame. MMMMMMMMM. She unbuttons my pants. Grabs my cock and starts to stroke.






Then she does it! She kneels. I feel her hard nipples run down my body over my cock. My cock is now firmly between two lush tits. I can feel my load begging to cum out. But I breathe deep. I don’t want this to end before it really begins. The breasts are gone, I don’t feel them anymore but I do feel her breath on my cock now; a wet tongue run the length of my shaft; small hands grab my balls.

Slowly eskort and deliberately she puts her mouth on my hard throbbing cock. She takes me inch by inch. Do I care that I’m in a public airport with my cock out in some woman’s mouth? HELL NO! She is sucking me off like I’m the only Popsicle during a heat wave in Texas!

Her mouth does things I didn’t anyone could do. She deep throats me and begins to hum. I don’t know what she is humming but the vibrations send me into overload. Her little hands twirl my balls harder and more persistent. She’s coaxing the cum out of me! I feel it building.

Her mouth begins a faster pace on my cock. In out, back and forth, her mouth moves. Her other hand joins her mouth at this point to create more pleasure. I grab the back of her head. Run my fingers through her hair. And help her keep pace. This feels so good I can’t help myself. I start to push my cock into her mouth harder and faster. I hear her whimper and moan. I’ve got about 10 more good stokes in me before I unleash my load all in her mouth.

“Hey…..uh…..just….want…to……uh….yea….warn…..mmmmmm…..I’m….yea about….to….” I stutter.

“Cum for mami, I need my protein.” She says in a cute Latin accent

Oh sh*t!



My body begins jerking, as my hot sticky cum fills her mouth. I can’t even believe the amount of my load. It just keeps cumming and cumming. And I hear her swallow. And swallow and swallow some more. I always wondered what Heaven would be like. Now I know. The feel of pure ecstasy washed over me. This beautiful stranger just sucked me to the biggest orgasm of my life.

I feel her stand up. She then does something that no woman had ever done to me. She kissed me. I tasted myself on her. That had to be the most erotic thing of the whole afternoon. She kissed me like I was the last man on earth. She kissed me so hard, my cock started to move again. Then she stopped.

“Flight 415 to Atlanta is now boarding.” the voice over the intercom said.

“I hope you enjoyed your lunch break.” she whispered “That’s my flight; I’ll see you online TwatLuva.”

By the time I buttoned my pants and ripped off the blindfold, all I could see was the most gorgeous chocolate body God ever created in tight leather pants and a red corset, boarding the plane.

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