The Space


“I’m crazy about her!” he tells me, “I don’t know how she feels” “I think perhaps you do.” I say and “I also think that you should tell her” “Even if you say it just the once, put it out there, and then it can never be said that it was not known.” This is a story about un-reciprocated love. Not all stories are happy ones but still stories are there to be told. The Space “I love you baby” he says, except he isn’t smiling because deep down he knows. She smiles weakly in response and then wonders with the same sad expression that he wears, whether she might love him in some way. After all he makes her laugh, they don’t argue. Of course he doesn’t see her for who she really is, purely because she hasn’t shown him but he’s ‘willing’ to see her for all she is. There’s just Yakacık escort one thing and though it’s only ‘one’ thing, it’s bigger than all of those things put together. The space between them doesn’t bother her. “Come here and give me a cuddle” He interrupts her thoughts before the silence becomes unbearable. She shifts closer to him and makes a gentle noise of affection as she rests her head on his chest. She sighs involuntarily and instantly wishes she could have suppressed it, wishes she’d been aware of it’s waiting game. “What’s the matter baby?” he says “I’m just tired” she says and it’s a lie, she hates to tell lies. She convinces herself that since she is tired, it isn’t really a lie, but everyone knows a lie when they tell one. Atalar escort bayan He accepts her answer but inside his heart is sinking into the pit of his full stomach. Still he will not love her any less even at the very moment she breaks his heart, he will not know how. “Shall we go to bed and watch telly?” he asks. “Okay” she says as she gets up to lock the doors and turn down the lights. He watches her from the couch. Her sexy round arse is on display because her dress has hitched itself up. She’s aware of it, and she loves the way he watches her, the way he loves her as she is. She doesn’t like the way he grabs her hand in public to show the world that she belongs to him. She doesn’t belong to him. This he knows. She smiles Escort Kadıköy at a stranger and it’s an innocent smile yet it riles him. It shows in his eyes, and now she’s afraid to make eye contact with the world. Upstairs she goes to the bathroom. She washes quickly and brushes her teeth. He’s already smiling at her from beneath the covers when she enters the bedroom and it’s a welcome sight she thinks because she doesn’t much like to sleep alone. She pulls her dress over her head and even in the poorly lit room she feels his eyes on her, his keen eyes taking in her curves. “I don’t think you realise how beautiful you are” he tells her and she kisses him on the mouth. “And you’re so fucking hot in bed” he adds and she settles down beside him, to which they both laugh before she turns onto her front. The covers sit just below her backside, it’s a hot night and cool welcome air from the ceiling fan makes tiny hairs stand on end. He turns on his side towards her and strokes her back tenderly. Her back is so soft it draws the very best efforts from his fingertips.

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