The Mail Boy


Alana had always been happy with the way things were. She worked at a corporation where hardly anyone knew her name. She dated Pete a nice man about ten years older than her. He worked as a lawyer and so she lived comfortably. Then there was Brendan.  He was new to the building. He was the cliche started in the mail room and was getting noticed fast. He was twenty-four, young and fit. He had dark hair brown eyes and if she was being perfectly honest an ass that just wouldn’t quit. She shouldn’t be ogling him. She was thirty-four and in a semi-happy relationship, but every time the mail came she watched him with hungry eyes. She as losing her mind. Late one Friday evening it was her turn to lock up. Almost all of the employees had left papers strewn about their desks. It was quiet. Brendan came in with an envelope. He set it on a desk. She couldn’t help but stare at him.“Hello, are you the only one here?” “Yes, I’m locking up tonight. Güngören escort What are you still doing here?” she asked a little more breathless than she’d like to admit. Her C cup tits heaved every time her eyes met his. “What are you still doing here?” He walked towards her until she was flush against her cubicle wall.He bent down. “I’ve seen you staring at me.” She blushed. “I would like to fuck you for real like you’ve been doing to me with you’re eyes.”She couldn’t believe her ears. She pushed a strand of blonde hair behind her ears.“That’s hardly appropriate.” “Listen, to me very carefully. I could have reported you that day you accidentally brushed your hand over my ass. Or the day you touched my actual package and I still could. I know you want this. Go unlock Sebastian’s office door, get on your knees and wait for me.”She reached for her keys. She’d get a slap on the wrist and maybe İnnovia escort bayan have to watch a training video if he turned her in, but sex with Brendan she’d been thinking about it for a while. She went to the office and waited. He walked into the office and stopped in front of her. “I want to be perfectly clear. You are to call me sir. I will call you slut or whore or anything that pleases me. You are not to ask questions and you are to do as your told. If you displease me, you will be punished. Do you understand?” “Yes sir,” she found the words coming out before she could stop them. “Good, come here.” She crawled over to him wrapped her lips around his fat cock. He pulled away and slapped her in the face. “You don’t deserve my cock. Not yet my little slut. Just look at it admire it.” She pulled back looking at his nine inch thick cock. She didn’t know if she’d be able to take it all if Escort Kağıthane he ever let her that is. “Good girl, now give it a kiss.” He slapped her again. “Look me in the eyes while you do it. Good girl.” She kissed his cock and balls all over. She was a bit embarrassed by how much control he had over her. “That’s enough for now slut. Strip and bend over the desk,” he said putting his cock away zipping up his pants.“But why sir?” she asked. It was a mistake. He ripped open her blouse reached inside her bra twisting her nipples cruelly. “Don’t ever question me. Whores like you do as they’re told.” She quickly stripped out of her work attire and bent over the desk. “I was going to start with fifty swats but you had to be a disobedient little bitch. I’ll make it seventy-five, on each cheek of course.” He smiled cheekily. He started spanking her lightly at first building as each smack landed more powerful than the next.Alana was squirming by the end her cheeks were nice and rosy. She had tears in her eyes, but her pussy was surprisingly wet. She couldn’t believe she was letting this happen. He reached his hand down to play with her pussy rubbing her clit. “You are so wet,” he whispered in her ear sending shivers down her spine.

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