The Couple’s Maid


When Shaun married Ashley, he thought he had it all.  She was a looker back when he first met her, and she managed to maintain her good looks throughout her entire life. He loved every part of her and her playful, cheerful personality was a perfect match for him. After marriage, things got even better and better. They both had high earning jobs and managed to settle into a luxurious lifestyle. Shaun had often thought to himself, “I’ll never get tired of this. Not when I have Ashley.”Unfortunately, that did not end up being the case. At first, Ashley was willing to do anything to please Shaun, from bending over backwards for him, to allowing him to give her a powerful facial. Her blowjobs and handjobs were also out of this world and Shaun felt like she had a new trick up her sleeve every time she gave him one. All of this ended up stopping gradually, to Shaun’s dismay. Ashley seemed to have lost her interest in sex over time, and now, they were only having sex once every three months. Even when they did have sex, it lacked the intensity and passion from before and Ashley no longer allowed Shaun to try out anything exciting anymore. Pretty soon, Shaun got tired of her. Her beauty and great figure didn’t mean anything when they had boring sex that had no passion. When Shaun tried to ask her if something was wrong, she just stonewalled him and said that she had matured past the “good old days”. She tried to comfort him, reminding him that she still loved him all the same, but that didn’t stop Shaun from looking somewhere else for pleasure. Nor did he have to look far.With a luxurious lifestyle came the freedom to hire staff to take care of the house for them. One of the staff included a maid named Denise but she left for another job. The new maid hired, Elaina, was considerably younger than Denise and was quite a stunner. In fact, she was almost as attractive as Ashley. At first, Shaun paid no attention to Güngören escort bayan her but as Ashley grew more distant from him, he felt himself getting closer to Elaina. At the beginning, he would smile at her and she would smile back but soon afterwards, they started to flirt with one another, although both were careful to hide it from Ashley. Eventually, Elaina admitted that she was attracted to Shaun and rather than backing off, like a normal married man, Shaun found this comforting and admitted that he found her attractive as well. Finally, the two of them made out, lips locking with passion but also with guilt. After the kiss ended, Shaun said, “Look, Elaina, I like you a lot, but I don’t think this is right.” Elaina agreed and apologized. Not wanting to let her go, Shaun said that they should take things more slowly from here, especially since he didn’t want Ashley to find out about this. Elaina also agreed with this and the two departed, with plans to meet soon again.  The next day, Shaun was lying in bed, reading a book, waiting for Ashley to come so that he could put out the lights. He heard Ashley walk in and glanced up. His jaw dropped when she saw her walk in, wearing nothing but red lingerie, exposing her enormous breasts and ass. He hadn’t seen her wear that lingerie in years and immediately, he knew that he was in for a treat. She smiled at him and demanded he strip. He enthusiastically obeyed and his shirt, pants and underwear went flying to the floor in seconds. There were so many things he wanted to do with her and her body but before he could tell her what he had in mind, she climbed on top of him and straddled him. The feeling of her soft skin brushing against his made him grow erect right away and he closed his eyes in anticipation as Ashley started nibbling on his toned body while teasing her hands around his thighs.He laid there, rock Escort İnnovia hard, letting her do all the work. While he still wanted to control her in the end, he thought that this was excellent foreplay. He still kept getting harder, to the point where it actually hurt, despite the fact that Ashley had not even touched his cock yet. “Looks like the old Ashley is back,” he thought, smiling to himself. Still lying there and enjoying himself, he suddenly heard a clicking sound and felt something close around his wrist. He opened his eyes and watched in horror as he saw that Ashley had quietly handcuffed his arm to the bedpost. Shaun instantly forgot about the pleasure he was receiving and asked, “Ash, what the hell? What are you doing?” Although the couple had used handcuffs in the past, Ashley was always the one on the receiving end and the fact she handcuffed him out of nowhere, was what made Shaun start panicking.  “Why don’t you tell me?” she asked with a mischievous twinkle in her eyes that told him that he was in deep trouble. Shaun tugged at his restraints but it was no use. Ashley laughed and said, “Those are unbreakable, sweetie. I would know that, after all. Now tell me, what do you think this is about, Shaun?”Shaun trembled and stuttered, “I…I don’t know what you’re talking about, babe.” Ashley raised her hand and slapped him across the face hard. Although he should have been terrified, Shaun was turned on and even realized that he deserved what was coming to him. He decided to play along so he could see what Ashley had planned for him.“Okay, I guess I need to tie up your other arm too,” she stated as she took out a second pair of handcuffs. Shaun yelled out when Ashley sat down on his arm, pinning it down, while she casually strapped the handcuff onto his wrist and onto the bedpost. When she was done, she stood up, with a serious expression on her face, and Kağıthane escort asked, “Okay, I’m going to give you one last chance. Why do you think I’m doing this?”Shaun was now completely helpless and at Ashley’s mercy, which was an ironic twist. After all, he had her handcuffed several times, since making her his slave was a huge turn on for him. He looked at her fearfully and said, in a meek voice that sounded nothing like himself, “I’m sorry.”“Sorry about?” she asked impatiently.“I’m sorry that I kissed Elaina. It was just so tempting. But I want you to know that it’s all over between us. I felt bad after kissing her and at that point, I knew it wasn’t right.” Shaun sat there holding his breath, with nothing else to do but hope that Ashley would forgive him.To his relief, she sighed and said, “It’s okay. We all make mistakes.” Shaun immediately started thanking her. “I promise I will be completely faithful to you from now on. I won’t cheat on you with anyone else.”Ashley dismissed this and said, “It’s not other girls I’m worried about, honey. It’s Elaina. How could you not fall for her? She looks like I did several years ago.” The thought had never crossed Shaun’s mind but now that he thought about it, it was true. However, saying that would only make things worse, so he avoided the subject.“Trust me, things are done between the two of us. Tomorrow, I will tell her to that we have to stop flirting with each other and if she doesn’t agree with that, I’ll fire her.” Even when he was saying that, he was trying his hardest to not sound as scared as he felt. It was strange to see a powerful man like him reduced to almost nothing by his wife who was sitting there wearing nothing but hot, red lingerie but it was happening nonetheless. He was completely in her hands now and he had to convince her to let him go.“Well you could do that, but I would prefer it if things were settled between you two right now.”Shaun looked confused and said, “But she’s at her home right now. It’s nighttime.”Ashley grinned and replied, “Oh, didn’t you know? I asked her to stay overtime today. There was something I needed her to take care of. You really need to work on communicating with your lovers, Shaun.”“She’s not my lover.

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