Serving My Master In The Darkness


My world shrouded in darkness, its vastness a comfort to my troubled mind.  My senses heighten with anticipation of things to come.  My master has given his commands. My body is humming like a tuning fork to each syllable. He coats my ears with the most vulgar of words, only to be transformed into honey within my thoughts. I can feel my body starting to ache; it is a welcome sensation. I feel his fingertips rest upon my shoulder. His tongue traces the curve of my neck sending shivers to ripple across my skin. I inhale deeply the musk of his scent, so strong my pussy moistens.  He continues to whisper to me as his Escort Fatih hand glides along the plains of my soul. His dominance, asserted with unequivocal force.  The energy radiating for him forces me to my submission.I kneel before him, restrained as he desires me. My wrist and ankles tied together with a small X-strap. Silver chains run from my collar to my nipples and clit. But this is merely foreplay; it’s the plug in my ass and the vibrator in my pussy that has me shaking with lust.  My breasts rise and fall with each breath, an offering to him. I can feel his desire as he takes Fındıkzade escort his enjoyment from me. I know he is hard and I know he is pleased with me. I feel his eyes capturing me, sheltering me in his savagery. The soft touch of leather whispers along my breast. It is time. My nipples tighten with anticipation of the coming strike. Seconds turn to minutes; his cruelty is only matched by his patience. He strikes my left breast first. My pussy clamps with the shock.  One after the other, he marks what is his. His lash paints the picture of his desire. With each strike Gaziosmanpaşa escort my body turns to liquid fury. My need only stilled by the needs of my master. He increases his intensity; I can feel the reins of his control slipping. Like a moth to the flame, I bathe in his warmth. Even in the darkness, he calls to me, never allowing me to hide from him. He owns me; I am his above all else. He gives a rapid cadence of strikes to each breast, my cries tearing from my throat. My heart beats fiercely, my need almost unbearable. With one final strike, he stops. The stillness is unbearable. All I need is three little words. Three words and everything will be right in the world. He grabs the chain pulling them taut. My nipples and clit scream with need. I hear the cruelty in his chuckle that follows. How can someone so evil make me feel so loved? The vastness of such a thought could be explored in a lifetime.

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