The Layover


Summary: Going to bed with a much older stranger.

“I’ll have another dirty martini, please!” I call out to the bartender. Fuck, overnight layover in Atlanta, ugh. I think as I let out a deep sigh. My plans for topless massages and sangria on the beach in Ibiza tomorrow have been delayed, leaving me impatient and annoyed.

“Did you miss your connecting flight, too?” a man inquires from two seats over at the bar.

I’m not in the mood to chat. I don’t feel fresh after five hours on a flight and several more at the airport. I’m about to give you a dismissive response, then I look up and see you.

Damn. Handsome. A well-dressed, distinguished older gentleman with ice blue eyes looks over at me.

“Yeah, and I’m stuck here at the Best Western’s Escort Şişli airport hotel overnight.” I sigh again.

“Ah, we have the same accommodations for tonight, lucky us!” your eyes twinkle, and my mood lightens slightly.

“I was supposed to meet my girlfriend in Spain for some long overdue R I’m yours!” I throw my head back and spread my legs as wide as I can, offering myself to you.

You smile at me as you force your rod deep inside my tight little asshole. Tears begin to flow from my eyes as I’m overwhelmed by the intoxicating mix of pleasure and pain. My pussy is gushing with warm juices. They flow from my slit down to my crack and are forced into my ass with every thrust of your rock-hard cock. A familiar tingling Sultangazi escort sensation is growing throughout my entire body. I look to you for permission to cum.

“Daddy, can I cum for you?”

“Ohhhhhh, yes, baby girl, but only when Daddy is ready. Soon, my sweet,” you continue thrusting, taking me over and over again.

My pussy begins to clench around you as if begging for you to fill me up. I want – no – I need your cum so badly. I don’t think I’ve ever wanted anything more. “Daddy, I want to feel your hot cum deep inside my sweet little ass. Please, give it to me!”

“Here it comes, baby, take it all; Ohhhhhhh yes baby, yes.”

Hot ropes of cum shoot into me, sending me over the edge into ecstasy. With Taksim escort bayan every spurt, an intense wave of pleasure travels throughout my entire body. Time seems to stop. I can see stars.

As you pull your cock from my ass, it’s like uncorking a bottle; your cum oozes out of me in globs. Without missing a beat, I reach down and collect it with my fingers and bring it to my mouth. I want to taste Daddy.

“That’s a good girl, Dylan. You’ve made Daddy very happy tonight.” You roll onto the bed beside me.

I lay with cum covered lips, still enjoying your sweet icing on my tongue as I stare up at the ceiling, trying to make sense of what just happened.

I feel, changed, somehow, awakened to a whole new world of possibilities.

Suddenly it seems a bit ridiculous to travel 9+ hours by plane across the world just to lay on a beach with my tits out, when I could go to heaven – in ecstasy – instead, wearing nothing at all.

I smile to myself. Ibiza can wait. The only place I want to go now is home to my Daddy.

The End.

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