Never Say Never


They always met up in a choice holiday resort, sisters Kath and Jenny; Jen to those who knew Jennifer Tamblin, and her husband, Stuart, well.

The locations always changed, be they in the States, Europe, or some tropical paradise, but the quality of the hotel, its facilities and cuisine were never to be compromised. There had to be a golf course, or many, not so far away so that their men could indulge their love of the sport.

The women would play tennis, laze by the pool, sip a few cocktails, in Kath’s case too many sometimes, ad they would catch up on a year out of each other’s company. Kath lived in England; Jen had married an Australian and lived near Melbourne. They Skyped and Zoomed, but it wasn’t the same as being close and being able gossip and giggle and fool around, as before, when they were younger. Inevitably, they would do that about people they knew back home, or whom they saw in the resort they stayed in. They would pick up a book, for a while, but one would start a line of chat and soon that took a hold again.

Neither of them had kids but, as they used to joke, after a drink or two, ‘their titties still sagged, and they had ‘gotten a little fleshy’ around the hips and tummy. Their men didn’t complain, and they even drew the eye of some they met when by the pool or in the resort’s bars.

Lazing by the pool, and with their skins glistening from sunblock, and their bodies covered in a skimpy bikini bra and cut away briefs, they would take in the scene. No one would know that they would often ogle younger guys and did that from behind their statement sunglasses. They liked to play tennis in the cooler times of the morning, and a day or so ago they had clocked a couple of young German guys playing on the next court but one from theirs. A stray shot had made them stop and gave them all a chance to talk.

‘I’d like to handle his balls,’ Jen had opined, about one guy, but Kath was only too proper.

‘I must be getting short-sighted…Jen,’ Kat said on hearing her say that she liked the look of a tall, blonde — what else? — guy she’d soon heard was called Jurgen. He’d given her the eye, she a woman some twenty-five or more years older than he was but who felt flattered, nevertheless, by his ways. She knew her sleeveless tennis dress showed off her figure and a deepening tan; the rainbow of colours, that were the baubles of a necklace she wore, a finishing touch. Moving to slick away the perspiration from her brow had made Jurgen follow her every move and stretch the fabric of her tennis dress across her breasts. Jeez, Stuart didn’t look at her like that anymore, or so often, that she didn’t need to take much notice of others who showed an interest in her.

‘No, you’re not short-sighted, and we’re just talking about two young guys looking at us…’

‘Guys who like their women busty…but I’m happy with my man.’

‘Who said I wasn’t?’

‘We’re two women old enough to be their mothers…’

‘Come on, let’s just play…tennis that is!’ Jen had joked.

Only, she’d felt an uncommon ache for that Jurgen. It had only gotten sharper at the beach party last night, and that the hotel had put on. With Kath and the men happy to sit it out or do a moment’s duty on the dance floor, she had danced with Jurgen and played him; hinted that she liked being in his company and that the four of them, she and Kath, Jurgen and his pal Lothar, could always meet at the courts and play doubles.

For a young guy, he was shameless in his answer.

‘I prefer singles…want to play with you.’


Jen need not have worried about her flimsy plan for a rendezvous. The men were behaving as if by rote; they were again out on the golf course and lunching there. Kath was wrecked. She’d had had a skin full the night before and was taking it easy in her room and doing some sunbathing on the balcony. She’d call.

As for her, she was like the proverbial ‘cat on a hot tin roof’, or a woman Şişli escort bayan wanting a ripper and to know of it with a young guy that she’d pulled. She’d even dressed for him, the briefest of white panties, no bra, and her tits and body held in a diaphanous white blouse that left little for him to be in doubt of.

‘Come in…come in,’ she whispered, pushing the door shut. ‘No finesse…I want none of it. There’s no time…’

She met his look for only a moment before he put his hands to her waist and embraced her; lingered that way as if to take in that it really was to happen between them.

‘Touch me…kiss me there,’ she said needlessly as his hands brushed the sides of her breasts and felt their firmness. He bent to kiss and tug on her nipples that the fabric of her blouse had made so achingly firm; the brush of the fabric to them a prelude to what she sought of him.

‘Yes…undress me,’ she asked even as he pulled at the hem of her blouse and almost ripped it from her body, his greedy mouth soon pressed against her skin. He sucked on her nipples like a babe, and she felt them harden and push against his lips.

‘Yes do that…don’t stop!’ he called out, standing still and loving her ways.

She clawed at his shorts; felt the tremble in his hands as Jürgen pushed them down and she gasped. His length had sprung free and arced out of a mat of hair.

‘I don’t have to wonder any more,’ she murmured on looking down and clamping her hands to him; stroked and moved her thumbs, only, over the swollen tip. ‘So young…so well made.’

‘I soon show you what I can do,’ he assured her in an arrogant tone as he clamped on her hands.

She looked up at him and met his kisses; knew that she wanted that and quickly. She felt so wet from just thinking about him thrusting into her body; someone young and vigorous; only too well hung and raging to get to her.

‘I learn from you…an older woman…and you have a different moment on your holiday.’

Jen gaped. She’d taken more from his unsought looks upon her than the thrill of being flattered. She’d also felt a knot of longing in her belly. She had seen from the guy’s swimming briefs that he had more than ‘something’ to bring to her.

‘Some would say that I’m an old woman who’s taken leave of her senses…’

As they talked, kissed and touched, wonderingly, they were moving slowly into her bedroom, the bed already made up and the air cool and fragranced.

Jürgen laughed then gave her a lingering and appraising glance.

‘Oh no…my senses are on edge right now from looking at you. I play tennis with Lothar just to unwind, a bit, before we go back to our rooms to study some more…for our exams.’ He paused, only too cleverly. ‘But…we meet two women…on two mornings…and then I dance with one of them…you, and I got to thinking…’

How very organised…how Germanic, Jen marvelled. And, how forward and only too direct. The young man wants me. A few words and the look of those eyes on my bod have made me feel horny, and…and it would be different, even new…however good the experience might or might not be.

‘I knew it last night…when I saw you in the restaurant in that dress. You wore it for him…your husband…but I also saw you look my way…and I wondered if it was to tease me…and then we danced. I felt you…against me. I knew it then.’

‘Still now…we’re here,’ she said on pressing her fingers to his lips.

She was again caught up by his youthful face and realized that although her husband was a good six years older than she was, opportunities for having sex with college boys when she was a young teacher and newly arrived on Oz had passed her by.

‘Are you comfortable with me?’ Jürgen asked on a teasing smile. ‘I’m naked…you are naked…beautifully so…so?’

‘So we do it…no more talk…we just fuck…okay?’ Her words make him blush. ‘Don’t play the bashful Escort Sultangazi guy now with me…you have done this before…haven’t you?’

Jürgen nodded vigorously, dismayed at the woman’s ways of talking it out. ‘Yes…of course…but…but I think you are hot…a wonder to look at.’

‘I want more of your words…and…what you have here!’ she laughed pulling on his hands, then groping for that length of straining flesh. I want more and I want it on that bed!’

Jen threw herself at him; clamped and pinched on his prick and balls as she pushed him back onto the bed. He had no time to take control. Jen sank her mouth over his trembling prick and sucked and licked; soon felt his hands in her hair in both coaxing and slowing touches upon her.

‘You’re wonderful…go on!’ he gasped, writhing on the bed and holding her head to him.’

‘For a woman who has let go of everything she’s lived by!’ Jen moves to straddle him, and she soon has Jürgen kissing her tits and sucking on them as she plays with herself, then his prick which she then clamps and strokes.

‘I’m…I’m twenty…not too young?’

‘I’ll tell you later. I’m not the sleeping about type, but I sure wanted to know about you…and it will be a lesson to take back. Your study leave will be a little different from the usual ones you hear about…’

She presses the tip of his prick to her parted lips and slides the swollen tip slowly over them before she takes Jürgen to her; settles on him and looks into his eyes as she bends forward to let her nipples brush his chest. She shivers as he clamps on them and feels their weight before his mouth is on them.

‘Aiee…woman! Jen!’ Her rocking and tugging movements work him into her; the pinch of her fingers on his skin provoking him to wrench free but she restrains him; slams down to have Jurgen concentrate on that alone.

‘Yes…it’s me, Jen. Show me what you can do…or I will!’

She moves; rocks, tugs and sways in a slow but rousing rhythm. ‘Meet me in this…go on!’

Her commanding voice echoes in the room.

Jürgen raises his hands to her shoulders then brings them down over her breasts until he clamps her hips to slow Kath’s progress in bringing him on, to the point where he’ll lose it in her.

‘Jen…Jen! I’ve…I’ve never had sex like this!

‘I know my young lover…but don’t you go and be ashamed. You’re learning…and I sure as hell want to teach you while I have what you’ve got in me!’


She tugs on him and leans back to stretch him and to have his length caress a different place so deep within her. Jürgen hears Jen’s moans and increases his movements, his feet pushing on the bed as she continues to slam down on him.

‘You’ve found me…my spot!’

She rocks and sways side to side; tugs and settles; is lost and unaware as he rolls her to be under him. The rhythm in her resumes, but with an intensity that she craves.

‘Now we fuck…as I know of it!’ he gasps; his body moving in youthful enthusiasm as she embraces him with her arms and legs; tears her mouth from his kisses. She doesn’t need those from him at all. The time’s for sex not any sharing in a loving act..

‘Put this on! Put this on!’

He does not answer; she throws the condom to her side. She bucks her hips and then clamps her legs about him; feels Jürgen push her thighs wider and he just bangs and bangs into her.

It’s primal and crazy, but she’s loving it; what she feels is given voice to in her gasps for breath, then her soft cries of encouragement. She fails to stifle her groans against his skin; she feels his heat; it comes along with the soft wafting air upon them from the whirring air con close by set high on the wall. Everything becomes a blur as she feels the pressure of her climax rise within her from where Jürgen is kept; right up to the pit of her stomach; her breasts feel as if they will burst with Taksim escort her cries to him. All of her senses are concentrated where he is and has found her.


She tumbles then rises to what will be an overwhelming climax as Jürgen pushes so…so deep, the feverish clamps of her hands on his buttocks keeping him there.

‘Lose it…Jeez! Lose it…lose it in me!’ she yells, her fists beating his back; her hands than clamping his hips to slow the unrelenting rhythm he now sets. Enthusiasm and who it is that he’s humping replaces any technique.

‘Is this…is this,’ Jürgen gasps, ‘is this alright? Am I moving too fast?’

Jen throws her head back in rapture. The young guy feels so good inside her and she wants him so badly, what Jurgen brought was stretching her and arousing uncontrollable spasms in her pussy. She felt so wet, struggled to keep a hold on him. ‘No…do it…just fuck me until you can’t hold on!’

She’d not lived in Oz for so long that she’s not learned of their direct ways of speaking out.

‘Jen…Jen!’ The woman’s amazing. She tugs on his dick as if she wants to rip it from him. He’d seen the soft ripple in her thighs when she was playing tennis. Now those smooth legs are around his waist keeping him to her. ‘I…I…I need to let go!’

Jen stifles her screams; convulses in rapture as he loses it all in her as she feels the shudder pass through his strong and sublimely youthful body, his orgasm complete. They have fallen over the edge and done so together.

Jen groans as the last of the drugging waves of pleasure leave her and his prick loses it hard magic. What has pulsed into her is now to be felt leaking onto her thighs. ‘That was so good…so good…and I wanted you in me. Now it’s over…there’s no encore.’

What she says seems to have little effect on him.

‘Thank you…thank you,’ he murmurs on hot breaths of wonder and appreciation; his lips are against her throat; she slowly eases him away and out of her body. ‘You have shown me how it can be…’

She kisses him, but not as deeply as before. She has known of it with a young man. It will be the only time. ‘It has been a lesson for me too, Jürgen…my handsome young lover.’

They lies beside each other but the impulse to get together has been satisfied and there’s no need to delay the moment of parting.

‘I had better leave you…go back to different studies.’

Jen meets a wondering smile. She moves and sits naked on the bed. He’s seen and known of her…all of her, so why be prissy about being naked now?

It’s been a ripper, but not the best sex of her life…and it’s sure been a new experience. She liked being with this young German and was happy for him; loved to hear the compliments that he had for her ways of it with him. But, her Stuart had it all and he really did make it all happen for her when the mood was right. She has contrasted and compared; had her foreign bit of flesh just to be sure and the others were engaged; the men tramping around a golf course, Kath making sense of what happened to her last night and that came out of a bottle.

She just had a ‘quickie’ and had wanted to know of it differently, just once, and with someone else. There could never have been any emotional attachment to the young man. He’d simply been used for her to gain a new experience. Just how calculating was that?

She could lie on the sun-loungers and chat with Kath. She would sip on a cooling drink and, with her shades on, look at the young dudes all about the place and know that it had been okay. It had certainly not been what so many believed was the best thing to have happened to them; to have been taken to bed by a young guy.

Yes, she’d had a naughtie and that was the end of it between her and Jürgen.

She asked him not to loiter but to leave. She had Kath to deal with and not to give her any clue as to what had passed between her and Jürgen. She’d have to put on an act and feign indifference to the two German tennis players if they met on the courts. She’d say nothing on what he had brought to her with that length of his. Why should she?

Yes, it had been good, after all. The memories would linger.

Aufwiedersehen pet!


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