The continuing love song of Beth and Joel…

This is a continuation of the story ‘Songstress.’ I suggest you go back and read that one before reading this sequel. In both stories, the sex is integrated with romance and music as the central themes.

I awoke with Beth and I lying spooned and naked, her back to me, my arm draped protectively over her midsection. She was still breathing evenly and deeply. As I became more conscious , to my surprise, I was sporting a woody. What the fuck? I couldn’t remember the last time I woke up with a morning hard-on! Especially as sexually active as we had been the night before; and what a wonderful, mind-blowing night it had been!

After making such incredibly passionate love for the first time that afternoon, we both fell asleep for a brief while. Beth said she got up after a couple of hours, took a shower, and brought back to bed a warm washcloth. She lovingly and softly washed my cock and balls.

Exhausted from my marathon drive that day, she said I lay fast asleep until she took me in her mouth to coax some life into her favourite new toy. In all my 60+ years, I’d never been woken up to a blow job. The very thought of what she was doing, the newness of it all soon had me hard in no time. So much for my worry about not getting it back up the same day!

“Mmmm, and just what do you think you’re doing my little minx?”

She pulled her suctioning mouth off my cock with a pop, and giggled:

“Well, if you don’t know by now, you’ve lived a very sheltered life, my love!”

“I know full well what you’re doing. I’m just surprised at your boldness.”

She smiled up at me with those sky-blue eyes and asked softly:

“Want me to stop?”

I grinned at her mischievously:

“Don’t you fucking dare buddy!”

It was a reference to what she had said to me that afternoon (see Songstress) Beth howled with laughter: “touché!”

She resumed her blowjob, exploring every inch with mouth and fingers, caressing my balls ever so gently. I was rock hard now and Beth pulled away to stare at my cock in delight, while slowly pulling my foreskin up and down.

Without a word, she crawled up my body and straddling me, she lined us up and sank onto my shaft. Oh God, there was that incredible tightness of her tunnel again! Beth groaned in a low tone that sent shivers through me. She opened her eyes and bent down towards me, her face inches from mine, and she began humming a nameless tune in that rich sultry alto of hers.

So here I am, my cock squeezed in her wet, gripping tunnel, staring into the blue infinity of her spectacular eyes, listening to her ethereal humming, and thinking to myself, there’s no way heaven itself could match this!

I moaned and said to her: “Geez babe, you don’t fight fair!”

She chuckled: “What woman ever does? Besides, you know what they say about love and war.”

She began rising and falling back on my cock, her tight pussy pulling on me like a vacuum hose. She alternated this with grinding herself on me. I just lay back and let her take full control. It was her turn now to dictate the pace. I could feel her getting slicker as her movements became faster and more frantic. She stiffened and began shuddering as an orgasm overtook her. She whispered in my ear: “Oh Joel, Joel, Joel…!”

I wasn’t ready to come yet, so just lay there running my hands up and down her back, cupping her gorgeous little butt cheeks, and running my fingers through her silky soft chestnut brown hair. I was so lost in love; I couldn’t find my way back with a GPS and a Sherpa mountain guide. Not that I wanted to, mind you.

When Beth came back down to earth she began moving again. She looked at me with mild surprise: “You’re still hard, didn’t you come?”

“Nope, it’s always ladies first with me.”

She sighed: “And here I thought the perfect man didn’t exist!”

I smiled at her: “Now don’t go putting me on a pedestal, it’s a long fall off and you shattered me once before. That’s one too many.”

Beth looked pained: “I was so stupid back then, and I begged forgiveness.”

I said softly: “And I gave it to you immediately.”

She pouted: “If I hadn’t been such an idiot, we could have been together months ago!”

I gave her a look with all the love I could muster: “It’s over and done with, heart of my heart, so all we can do now is make up for the lost time.”

She widened her eyes: “Mmmm, I like that idea!”

Taking that as her cue, she began moving again, the slickness from her orgasm making the sensation even more delightful. We moved together now, marvelling at how we fit each other perfectly, to the point where we both looked at each other and said in unison “Perfect!”

Giggling at each other we just kept the momentum going. Beth shivered through a series of gentle orgasms until I could hold back no longer. We had been at it for over an hour. Sensing me getting close, she began undulating her hips, creating an irresistible Yeşilköy escort feeling of impending joy.

I whispered in her ear: “Come with me baby doll, let go, give yourself to me, as I give myself to you.”

I reached up and pinched her pink nipples, rolling them gently between my thumbs and forefingers. I knew they were incredibly sensitive and that sent Beth over the top.

Our mutual orgasm hit a crescendo, our mouths locked together like desperate lovers. I unloaded into my sweet Beth as her juices added to mine, our bodies shuddering as waves of bliss washed over us.

Beth collapsed on top of me panting heavily. It took me a while to slow down my breathing. I lay there hugging her like a drowning man on a life preserver. I just couldn’t get enough of this goddess on top of me.

We took a quick shower together and throwing towels onto the soaked parts of the bed, we spooned naked and fell fast asleep, neither of us having come even remotely close to feeling this happy before. Our age difference was a forgotten thing of the past.

But the past always seems to have a way of rearing up to haunt the present…

One Week Later —

The wild applause faded as Beth and I stood bowing and grinning at the audience. It was a Noon lunchtime concert we had been begged to do, in addition to three evening gigs we had been booked into at the community square in downtown Charlotte. It was right beside the outdoor cafe where we had met in person for the first time in what seemed like a lifetime ago, but in fact, only a week had passed.

We had been playing to standing-room-only audiences after Linda, the cafe manager, true to her word, promoted the living daylights out of our show. Video clips of our initial performance on that infamous day we met were posted on social media and went mini viral within Charlotte and the surrounding area. There was a buzz about town over their local songstress and this mysterious Asian-looking ‘foreigner.’ Many came out of curiosity, and gladly stayed for the incredible show we were putting on.

We posted on Facebook that we were both in a relationship, and when we posted in our Facebook musical communities a photo of the two of us, arms around each other, grinning into the camera, we were inundated with good wishes and delighted comments. The most common one, much to our amusement, was: “About time!”

Our nights were spent exploring each other’s bodies and varying between fucking our brains out, or making sweet, gentle love. We could not get enough of each other.

As for the farting thing, one day I had to let one rip. I glanced at her in trepidation and shrugged helplessly. Beth wrinkled her nose at first, but then gave me an evil smile and said,

“Oh, I’m gonna get you back for that one! You just wait until you’re under the covers and sleeping!”

We both laughed and I held my hands up in surrender. I was now fully and completely home.

A few evenings that week, I showed off my culinary skills, making dinner for the two of us, with April joining us a couple of times. I grew up cooking and still loved to do it to relax. I made some Anglo-Asian fusion dishes that both Beth and April ate with complete relish.

As the buzz built, the days had been a dizzying whirlwind of introductions to her friends, a few who looked at me askance in noticing the age difference. It was April, Beth’s best friend and confidant, who helped smooth things over. April, unsurprisingly, was quite the force to be reckoned with in the local community and her gushing over me and expounding on our unique and wildly romantic love story soon put many minds at ease and accepting of me. Many, however, does not mean all, as I was later to brutally find out.

We drove back to her apartment to change clothes for our next outing. No sooner were we in the door, when I grabbed Beth and spun her around:

“Do you know how unbelievably sexy you look in a sundress and cowboy boots?”

She looked at me coquettishly: Do tell!”

“Well,” I said, “it’s like urban chic, country glamour and sizzling femininity all rolled into one, and it turns me on so fucking much!”

She giggled: “Don’t tell me, show me!”

Without another word, I unzipped my pants and took out my rock-hard cock. I reached under her dress to yank off her panties, except, she wasn’t wearing any.

“When did you take them off?” I asked incredulously

She giggled again: “You don’t have to take off what you never put on in the first place.”

“Why you little…”

I never finished the sentence as my mouth crashed against hers and our tongues battled in a frenzied dual.

I picked up Beth, never breaking the kiss. She wrapped her legs around my waist and holding her against the wall, I entered her in a single thrust. She cried out into my mouth as we both felt the incredible sensation of her tight tunnel around my cock, as always, a perfect fit.

I thrust my hips up and she ground Yeşilyurt escort bayan her pelvis down in unison. This was us, always in sync. We knew we were put on this earth for each other. Beth broke off our kiss and threw her head back only to bump it against the wall. She barely seemed to notice; she was so caught up in our lust for each other. It was a good thing I had come already that morning, as I don’t think I could have held on for long. Beth sure didn’t, being so excited by this new impromptu position.

She bit down on and screamed into my shoulder as a huge orgasm overwhelmed her senses. I kept thrusting, my balls slapping her ass. Beth continued to come as I ground my crotch against hers to prolong her pleasure.

I finally cried out: “I’m gonna come!”

Beth went limp and dropped her legs, causing me to pop out.

“No, not in me” she panted “Where we’re going next, I don’t want your cum dripping out of me all afternoon. Come in my mouth baby.”

I gasped in sheer delight:” Are you sure baby?”

“Never been more sure in my life! I’ve been wanting to try this all week. I know I said I didn’t care for it the first and only time I did it, but I just know it’s going to be different with you.”

Not being one to look a gift horse in the mouth, I released her, and she dropped to her knees. Beth immediately engulfed my cock in her eager mouth. There was no teasing, she knew I was ready to explode. With a few up and down deep throat movements, explode I did.

I almost screamed: “Aaahhh, baby, I love youuuu!”

I had to brace myself on the wall behind her as I came so incredibly hard, my cum shooting to the back of her mouth. Beth groaned, whether, in surprise or pleasure, I wasn’t sure. I just kept spurting and spurting, she kept gulping and swallowing.

Every man, (yes, every man, don’t deny it), dreams of coming into his lover’s mouth. It’s a different sort of pleasure, but mostly it’s the thought that excites so much, well, for me anyway. The thought that my beloved, at times a very proper lady, was doing this act for me, took me to dizzying heights of climax and joy.

I finally started coming down from those heights, but Beth was still slurping on my cock like a starving woman. I put my hands on her head

“Easy my love, it’s very sensitive after I come.”

She pulled back but kept the tip in her mouth, looking up at me with those baby blues. I burned that image into my mind, a moment to remember forever.

“Oh Babe, that was so incredible, thank you! Was it OK for you?” I asked

She came off my cock and smiled up at me: “Yes! I can’t describe it, but I loved it! The pleasure I know it brought to you, the feeling of you spurting in my mouth…I even didn’t mind the taste, kinda enjoyed it really, and was even turned on by it. That was so different than the first time!”

“Amazing the things love does to you!” I said smiling down at her with love and gratitude.

I pulled her up and we kissed, me not even minding the taste of my own cum in her mouth. After all, how many times had she kissed me after I had gone down on her?

Beth pulled back and smiled at me: “Well, better go brush my teeth. Don’t want to head out with your cum on my breath!”

I softly laughed: “Nope, definitely not! You go do that and we’ll both get changed. And put on some underwear this time!”

She sashayed to the bathroom tossing a sultry look over her shoulder:

“Maybe I will, and maybe I won’t.”

I knew she would though, the little tease, considering where we were going.

Walking to her car, Beth looked at me apprehensively and asked:

“Well, you ready?”

I shrugged nonchalantly, hiding my own apprehension, and smiled to put her at ease: “As ready as I’ll ever be, my love! Let’s go meet your daddy.”

Truth be known, I was inwardly terrified of meeting Beth’s father. It seems he had a reputation for being curmudgeonly and fiercely protective of his daughter. He was ironically, even older than me, in his eighties, having met and married late in life. It was why Beth was an only child. Her mother had passed from cancer a few years before and Sam had never stopped grieving, growing even more grumpy over time. Beth was now his only family, and he doted on her.

Beth had assured me that her father, a retired Presbyterian minister, was not racist at all. But it wasn’t my part-Asian heritage I was worried about. What would a minister think of a man, 30 years her senior, sweeping his daughter off her feet? I had a very uneasy feeling about this.

We drove to the outskirts of town, pulling up to a lovely small white siding bungalow surrounded by emerald lawns, a wraparound porch, a white picket fence, the whole deal.

Sam was sitting on the porch in a wheelchair, watching as we emerged from the car, me rushing over to open Beth’s door. I could feel his eyes boring into me as we approached the porch hand in hand. He held my gaze, no emotion Escort Zeytinburnu on his face, as we stood there. Beth said brightly: “Hi Daddy!”

Sam then turned to his daughter and a fond smile crossed his face.

“Hi, honey! Come give your daddy a kiss.”

Beth rushed up the stairs, and throwing her arms around him, kissed him soundly on the cheek. The two of them looked at each other with that special father/daughter love. I know that look, I exchange that same gaze with my daughter. My age suddenly became front and centre in my mind as, with an inward groan, I remembered that my daughter was only a couple of years younger than Beth.

Beth turned to me and waving me up the steps said with great excitement exclaimed: “Daddy, I want you to meet the love of my life. This is Joel.”

I extended my hand and put my warmest smile on: “Hello Reverend Northgate, very pleased to meet you!”

He smiled at me in return, a smile that never reached his eyes:

“Likewise.” was all he said.

Those eyes were hard and cold. I could feel the chill down to my soul. Beth was too busy looking at me, at how I was greeting her father and didn’t see the animosity in his stare.

Sam released my hand like he was dropping a snake. Turning to Beth he asked, “Sweet pea, why don’t you go fix us some iced tea? Y’all know where everything is.”

“Sure Daddy!” And she rushed off with a grin.

‘Oh shit,’ I thought to myself ‘Here it comes,’

“So, Joel, we ain’t got much time before she comes back, and I ain’t one to beat about the bushes…what in the name of all that is holy are you doing with my daughter? You, a man closer to my age than hers, taking advantage of my daughter’s sweet nature, vulnerability, good looks, and for what? To convince yourself you still got it? To put a trophy on your arm? To latch on to some young piece of flesh so you can get it up again? You’re nothing but a lecherous old man and have no business being with my angel. Y’all should be disgusted and ashamed of yourself!”

I’d been expecting this. I replied gently: “Sam, I know nothing I say is going to make you feel otherwise, so I’m just going to ask one thing: look at your daughter when she comes back…really look at her. Then watch us both and if you don’t see the same feelings mirrored in both of us, then feel free to kick me out of here. I didn’t drive a thousand miles just to play games with her heart, that’s all I can say.”

Expecting me to have defended myself, Sam was somewhat taken aback. He simply nodded and we waited in silence for Beth to come back out.

Out she came, a radiant glow about her. The smile never left her face, as she poured our iced tea.

Giggling, she raised her glass and said: “To the two most important men in my life!”

She smiled at her father and then turned her gaze to me. Being the sort of guy who gets distracted easily, I was immediately lost in her big blue eyes, and the love shining out of them. Forgetting the exchange between Sam and me, all I could do was stare at the woman I would die for, returning every bit of the love I felt.

Sam cleared his throat noisily, bringing our attention back to the present time as we both flushed in embarrassment. Sitting down beside her father, and grabbing his free hand, she said softly to him:

“Daddy, you didn’t raise a dumb girl. I know exactly what you must have been saying to Joel. You think he has no right being with me because he’s too old. Daddy, he’s no Methuselah for crying out loud. He is so young on the inside. I see no age difference. He’s a wonderful man and has treated me with such tenderness, kindness, manners, and above all, unconditional love. Daddy, in this one week, since he got here, I’ve never been happier than at any other time in my life. No one, Dad, absolutely NO ONE has ever made me feel this way before. I’m begging you to please be happy for me.”

Sam’s face softened and said: “OK honey, for you I’ll try.”

Beth perked up and began merrily recounting the week, from my arrival to the impromptu concert, to how our names were spreading across the city.

“Tonight, Daddy, we’re doing a benefit concert at Community Matters. All money raised is going to the Learning Help Centres of Charlotte. It was all Joel’s idea!”

I changed the subject to deflect off me.

“Sam, Beth told me it’s hard for you to get around these days, so we’d be happy to take you to the concert.”

Sam shook his head: “I’m not good with crowds anymore, and there’s too many familiar faces who’ll just be looking at me with pity.”

I smiled at Sam, “Then we’ll bring the concert to you!”

Beth looked imploringly at him, “Daddy, please, just watch and listen. I think you’ll finally understand.”

I took out my guitar and began playing softly. We sang some songs we really knew well. Beth loved Mary Chapin Carpenter, so I had learned several of them to play and harmonize with her. My fingers moved smoothly through the chord progressions, and I never once looked at my left hand on the neck. No, I was concentrating on the woman who meant everything in the world to me; staring into the wonder of her blue eyes, adoring the way her generous mouth formed the words, feeling the passion pour out of her as I added my own to this musical love we were making.

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