The Lake Weekend Arrives, The Finale


Fortunately for me, my wife loved to sleep in, which gave me a solid four hours of sleep. When I finally woke and slipped on some clothes, my first thought was coffee. My second was to get into Kim’s tight little ass at least once more before heading home.Tom was up and cooking breakfast as I sat drinking my coffee and planning how I would get Kim alone again.With Susan and Kim now at the table, we all discussed who would do what with the painting. I suggested, “Why don’t I take care of the trim and the cutting, since I’ve had the most experience painting. Tom can handle the ceiling while you two lovely ladies can do the walls.””How many coats do you think we’ll need to finish the job?” Susan asked.”Well, with the paint that you guys bought, the walls will probably only need one coat as long as you don’t skimp. The ceiling, however, will definitely need two coats.””Do you want to get started first, since you’ll need to do the cutting before we roll?” Tom asked.”Sure, I can do that, but is our grandson still asleep?””I don’t know if he’s asleep, but he’s not downstairs. He texted me last night and asked if he could stay at his friend’s house to play more computer games, and I said yes. I figured it would make it easier on all of us,” Kim answered.”Good thinking,” I offered, then added, “Do you have some old sheets or plastic to cover the furniture and carpet?””Yep, follow me,” Kim said as she hopped up from her seat and headed down the stairs to their laundry room.I jumped up and followed that superb keister as it wiggled enticingly in those form-fitting shorts that she loved to wear. When I hit the bottom of the stairs, Kim disappeared through the laundry room door while leaving her shorts hanging on the knob. I paused there to listen for anyone else approaching. Then, feeling that the coast was clear, I snatched her shorts off the doorknob. Walking in, I found her spread-eagle on the top of the washer.Of course, she wasn’t wearing any panties, and her smooth snatch was wide open and begging for my tongue. So I dove in face-first and sucked her open labia into my mouth while my tongue diddled her swollen clit. There was no doubt about it. This girl was made for sex. She seemed to be ready all the time. I guess that she just got bored with Tom at some point. Maybe it’s just because he doesn’t take control of her Kartal Escort like she needs. Either way, I seemed to be the one benefitting from his loss.I continued working her clit with my stiffened tongue while sliding two fingers into her sloppy and oozing puss. Kim’s head was against the wall as staccato grunts slipped from her pursed lips in time with my fingering. The sounds gradually became more urgent, so I added a third finger while letting my pinky invade her pucker. Within moments I heard, “Oh God!” before her left hand slapped her mouth shut. Kim clenched down hard as her back arched, and the cum began to flow.I slowed my digital intrusion and let Kim ride out the wave of her climax. As her body relaxed, I heard the sound of footsteps coming down the stairs. I gently pulled from her drooling box and grabbed her shorts, and pushed them up her legs. Kim slid off of the washer right into her shorts and gave me a deep soulful kiss as I snugged them up over her hips. As the footfalls ceased, we turned away from each other. She turned to open the washer as I grabbed an old sheet from the shelving alongside.I reached for the door to leave just as Susan entered the adjacent bathroom. “I’ll be out in just a minute,” she volunteered as I headed for the bedroom.”Okay, no rush. We just found the old sheets, so I haven’t even begun,” I responded.Once in the bedroom, I pulled the bed and desk to the center of the room and covered them up. I started cutting the ceiling first and was almost finished when I heard, “Breakfast is ready!” bellowed from upstairs. I made the last few strokes before closing the paint can and taking the brush to the laundry room to wash. It only took a couple of minutes to rinse it out before I bounded upstairs for food.As we all sat around the table, I felt Kim’s bare foot sliding into my shorts once again. This time she knew that I’d be unhindered by undergarments and quickly began to stroke my swelling cock. As we sat there eating, I let Tom know that he could start painting his first coat as soon as he was finished eating. At least that would get him out of the way as I pondered fucking his lovely wife’s ass on their marital bed. Now, how to get rid of Susan for ten minutes or so?Then, Susan offered, “Tom, would you like some help while we let them finish Kartal Escort Bayan eating?””Sure I would,” he smiled as they headed down the stairs together. Kim jumped up once they were out of sight and quickly cleaned the table before loading the dishwasher. I finished my food before slowly standing and handing her my plate. Watching that jiggling ass while she was bent over, filling the dishes, was just too much. As she placed the last of the silverware into the rack, I jerked her shorts to her feet. Kim bent her over the sink as I started lowering my zipper. I wasted no time before pressing my hard-on into her willing ass.There wasn’t much lube, other than the semen on my helmet, but I pressed inside anyway. I started slow, but the heat of the moment quickly overtook me, and after four or five strokes, I was pounding her hips hard into the counter. Only a few minutes passed before I filled her backdoor with my spunk. Once I was done, I held myself inside her and whispered in her ear, “Go upstairs and grab your buttplug. Then stuff it inside to keep my cum in you for the rest of the day.””You are a dirty bastard,” she sassed as I popped out her pucker and smacked her ass. Then, leaning down, she intended to pull up her shorts, but I grabbed them from the floor.”You’ll get these back once I see the plug in your hot little ass. Now run off and do as I tell you,” I ordered while slapping her ass once again. She scampered off quickly while trying to keep her buttocks clenched tightly. It was an amusing sight watching her climb the stairs with her legs so close together. She promptly returned and, upon approaching me, turned away and bent over to display her plug-filled little star. I smacked her ass a couple more times before relenting and giving back her shorts.Afterward, we both headed downstairs to get the painting done. Tom was about halfway done with the first coat on the ceiling as Susan refilled his roller tray. Next, I began cutting the walls for the girls while they got their own rollers and trays ready to go. Once I cut the first wall, Susan and Kim got started. The whole process went smoothly after that, as I would barely finish the cutting before they were right behind me rolling.We were about two-thirds done when Tom had completed his first coat on the ceiling. Escort Kartal He headed upstairs to grab us all some drinks as I finished cutting the last wall and entered the closet. It was close quarters in there, so I had the girls wait until I was finished before they jumped in to roll. When I was finished with the closet, I took a short break to clean my brush before cutting a second coat on the ceiling. Once that was done, we broke for lunch to let everything dry a little.Susan had called the local deli for some subs, and as we all got cleaned up, the delivery guy arrived. Tom and I grabbed drinks for everyone while the girls set out the subs and chips. We took our usual places around the table, and within seconds Kim had her foot up my shorts. This time I returned the favor. I’d slipped off my shoes and socks once I sat down and maneuvered my foot until my big toe was pressing her short-shorts into her little furnace. I waited until she took a big gulp of her soda before the act.Kim choked and blew soda out of her nose, causing all of us to break out in a fit of laughter. She damn near ripped my shorts off when she jerked her leg back. As it was, they were pulled down to the point where my cockhead was popping out. Fortunately for both of us, I’d made a point of covering my lap with a napkin. But with all the commotion from her nasal expulsion, no one even thought to look in my direction.When the merriment finally eased, we all cleaned up the table and finished our lunch. Needless to say, Kim was hesitant to stick her foot up my shorts again, but I wasn’t with her. She no sooner started eating again, than my foot was sliding between her silky thighs. Kim tried to stop me by closing her legs, but I just kept pressing. Once my big toe grazed her clit, it was all over. She opened her legs wide and even slipped her hand down to pull her shorts to the side.We were pretty well done with lunch, but we enjoyed the conversation so much that no one bothered to get up from the table. My toe stroked her inflamed nub during the chatting and periodically dipped into her sodden puss. It was during those moments that she’d catch her breath just a bit.When Susan asked, “Are you all right?”Kim recounted, “I just can’t stop thinking about blowing soda through my nose.”At this point, we’d all start laughing all over again, and I pressed deeply into her while we did. The laughing gave her cover to bend over as she came, soaking my piglets with her sticky nectar. We’d all been there for about an hour before we finally broke it up to finish the painting. Kim came four times during that period, and nobody seemed the wiser.

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