Her: Hey babe!My phone vibrated noisily with the incoming message. The colleague who was standing at the front of the room shot me a glare but quickly got back to his presentation. I hurried to switch the phone to mute and debated putting it down, face-down on my folder just to make a point.But then, the presentation was so very, very boring and that particular colleague was a bit of an ass.So I opened the messenger.My girlfriend’s ‘hey babe’ was accompanied by a gif of two brown bears sitting behind a fence and waving at the camera with their massive paws. I suppressed a snort. So cute.Me: Hey babe yourself!Me: What’s up boo?Her: Nothing much.Her: Just sent the outline to my prof.Her: Fingers crossed! Monkey-covering-its-eyes- emoji.Me: Oh wow, you’re done?Me: I’m so proud of you! I added a handclap emoji and a smiley. She had been working on and worrying about this stupid outline for weeks now.Her: Aw thanks babe!A blushing emoji followed. She did blush easily, my girl. I made a point of praising her and showering her with compliments whenever her efforts paid off, just to see her blush and to raise her self-esteem. I loved to see that full body glow on her.My colleague’s presentation was now officially a snooze fest full of actual Microsoft Excel tables with numbers in primary colors on the projector. I suppressed an annoyed sigh and kept texting partially to be a nonconformist who said ‘fuck you!’ to boring, pointless meetings that could have been e-mails. Call it passive resistance. The bigger part was plain desire to talk to my wonderful girlfriend though.Me: so what r u up to now? You gonna camp out in front of the laptop until he answers?Me: the prof I meanHer: pretty much, yeah. Can’t really move on until he gives me the green light.Me: I’m sure he’ll approve your outline, don’t worry!Me: Relax, bb.Me: Maybe you can finally catch up on Star Trek TNG!I sent her an emoji with a tongue sticking out to let her know I was just kidding. My girl wasn’t a big fan of the show, I knew. She only watched it to keep me company.Her: hah, no thanks.Her: But how about you try some real scifi?Her: U up for it?I lifted a sceptical eyebrow.Me: Real scifi?Her: Yep. Click on this.Seconds later, she sent me a link to a website that was called ‘’. I clicked on it. My phone’s browser got redirected to a website with a parchment layout. A quill gif swished over the screen and pronounced, ‘Congratulations! You are now a RealLoveLetters recipient. You will be redirected to your sender,’ before the page collapsed and sent me back to the messenger.Nothing seemed to have happened. Huh.Me: Alright. What was this, babe?Her: Did you click on it?Me: Yeah. Nothing happened.Me: What’s RealLoveLetters?Her: Magic! She followed up by sending the Shia LaBeouf gif we had laughed about so many times already and a string of emojis comprised mostly of blushing, naughty faces and different types of fruit. Uh, okay?Me: That explains nothing.Me: Use your words maybe?I was about to google ‘RealLoveLetters’ when she answered.Her: U alone right now babe?I looked around. The meeting room was actually packed. My direct supervisor and her supervisors were sitting at the front. Everyone who was at all important in this company was here to have this boring presentation marathon inflicted upon them – such was the price of high salaries. So no, I was not exactly alone.But I was too curious, so I lied.Me: At my desk right now so, alone-ish. why?Her: I kiss your neck right below your ear.Oh, sexting again. Okay.And as I was reading it, a little breeze tickled my neck, like a fly had landed on my skin. Reflexively, my free hand came up to clap onto the spot and then scratch at it.Her: Şerifali Escort Did u feel it?I wrinkled my forehead. This wasn’t her usual sexting protocol.Me: Feel what? Her: I kiss your neck right below your ear again, and bite you gently.The second I read the sentence, the sensation prickled up again in the same place – just somewhat stronger. Again, my hand lifted up to rub it, but stilled halfway.My mouth fell open on a silent what the fuck. My fingers were now shaking when I typed.Me: I felt that omgI rubbed the spot again with my fingertips. The ghost of that touch was definitely still there. I was not going insane. Or was I?Me: wtf!Me: How the duck does that work?!My fingers were flying across the screen.Her: Haha. Good!Her: Told you. Magic!Her: Now, lean back and hold on to your phone.Her: Don’t let it go.Before I could even get enough words together to text back, her next message popped up on the screen.Her: I whisper ‘I love you, daddy’ in your ear.I swear I could feel the breath against my ear lobe. Every hair on my body stood on end at once. I turned my head just to make sure she wasn’t really standing behind me somehow, but there was no one there. Not even an AC unit anywhere that could be to blame for some freak gust of wind.Her: I whisper ‘I’m feeling so naughty right now’ in your ear.I heard the words as if on a wind from far away, felt the movement of her soft, plush lips against the sensitive parts of the outer shell of my ear. Both gave me goosebumps that raced across my scalp and down my spine.I looked to my left and right neighbors, panicking slightly. Would they notice?Her: I’m imagining you in your cubicle. All tense and upright in your sexy suit and tie.Her: I love your ass in those pants ;PHer: I’m feeling really naughty right now.Her: I tie your feet to the legs of your chair with your shoelaces so that you can’t close your legs. I could feel a soft tug on my feet, actually pulling them apart even though my fancy swivel chair didn’t have legs, per se.I could have resisted. I think I could have.But I didn’t.Sliding forward and down in my seat a bit to get more of my lower body underneath the solid oak table and out of sight, I set my feet down in a wider V. In accordance to my naughty girlfriend’s imagination, they splayed a bit farther apart than I thought was natural for men. As it was, I felt just a bit obscene. Just a little.Her: I see your beautiful cock already hard and straining against your pants. Is that for me?Her wish, my body’s command. I coughed, surprised and a little alarmed at the feeling of my dick filling up with blood within mere seconds and pressing against my slacks, forming a clear bulge against my thigh.Me: woah babeI didn’t know what else to write. I was starting to sweat just a bit. So far, none of my colleagues was looking at me. Several were slouching and/or working on their phones and tablets, so I didn’t really attract much negative attention and wasn’t very conspicuous, but I did think I was probably the only one man-spreading like a maniac, with a massive boner and a ghostly, horny girlfriend in the room.Her: Shhh. I press my palm to your mouth.A soft, stifling warmth lay itself across my lips.Her: I kiss your face and slide my other hand down your beautiful chest.Ticklish little butterfly kisses traced my cheek, the side of my nose and the line of my jaw. A second warm palm stroked down and across my pecs, making my chest hairs tingle. I kept my eyes locked into the screen of my phone. I would absolutely not make eye contact with any of my colleagues or superiors right now.Her: I gently scratch the beard on your throat and tweak your nipple just how you like Şerifali Escort Bayan it.My mouth was free now, but I still kept my lips tightly locked, and a pinch of my inner cheek wedged between my molars for good measure. I felt her fingernails running through the beard that slowly tapered out across my Adam’s Apple and it made me shiver up and down, as did the tweak of her thumb and index around first my right, then my left nipple. She knew my sensitive spots so very well.Most of them were below my belt, as well she knew.I was seriously starting to sweat now.I should put the phone down.I should.Her: I come around to stand between your legs. I kiss you on the mouth.Her lips on mine. I closed my eyes for a moment and drove my fingernails into my own palm to keep me from sighing out loud. Fuck. I liked kissing this woman so much, even this relatively pale shadow of a real kiss was enough to melt me into a puddle of need.Her: I run my hands down your chest and stomach.Ten hot little fingers and two palms appreciatively made their way down from my shoulders to my belt.Her: You know I love your big, hard body.Me: I love your sweet soft body babe so much godAt this point, I couldn’t manage any punctuation or proper syntax.Her: aw. So sweet, daddy.Her: I give you another kiss for that.I smiled against the tingly feeling. Her lips were warm and moist and soft like marshmallows. I wished she would put them somewhere else.Oh fuck, she would put them somewhere else.A thick drop of pre-cum oozed from my cock and soaked right into the fabric of my underwear. It had been years since I’d been this keyed up.Her: I trail kisses down your neck, your shoulder, your chest and your stomach.My muscles jumped under my skin wherever she made her magical, ghostly contact. My increasingly sweaty grip on my phone made the casing creak a little under the pressure.Her: I kneel in front of you and massage your thighs with my hands.She loved my thighs, which is why I never skipped leg day and always took the stairs instead of the elevator. I loved it when she touched and kissed and bit them, and when she straddled one of them, like last night, and rubbed her damp slit against it until she came and her juice ran down both sides. The memory of it mixed with the arousal I was currently feeling, like fire accelerant mixing with gasoline.Her: I gently grab your balls and roll them on my palm.“Oh fuck,” I breathed and swallowed the sound down, grabbed the armrest of my chair with my free hand and squeezed it until my knuckles went white. Just for a moment, I needed to tune back in to the room. Almost violently, I pulled my attention from my crotch to my colleague.“… but the impact of this newer projections could be much more significant than that, as can be seen on this projection for the fiscal year of 2014, which, as you can see in this graph and also read in the annual reports of that year-“Yeah, no, I couldn’t do it. With some trepidation, I read her next message which had already popped up.Her: I grab the base of your cock and squeeze just a little harder than you like.Shit.I liked it pretty hard.She took hold and my whole body seemed to respond.Turned out, I even liked it ‘a little harder’ than that as well.The ghostly sensation of her small fingers circling and strangling my dick until I could feel my heartbeat pulsing in the glans made my cock twitch and leak like a faucet. There must have been a wet spot on my thigh now the size of a dollar, and it was still growing rapidly.  My girlfriend was relentless.Her: I lean down and kiss the tip of your cock.I gritted my teeth against the heavenly sensation and the visuals it conjured. Her pouty, Escort Şerifali puffy mouth touching the slick, sensitive skin there, grasping it ever so gently between her lips as she breathed a kiss onto it, and the little wet thread of her saliva and my pre-cum that connected her and my flesh for a quivering moment even as she lifted her head just a little to look me in the eyes.Me: god babeMe: pleaseI didn’t even know exactly what I was asking for at this point.Even without a message I could hear her laugh. That sexy little giggle that made me want to grab her and roughly throw her on the bed every time.Her: I want to make you cum, daddy. May I?Before my inner eye, I saw her big brown eyes and her glossy mouth, acting all innocent but filthy and evil to the bone.I loved this woman.Me: if I tell u I’m actually in the middle of a super important meeting will u have mercy on me?She typed, stopped, typed again.Her: Do you want mercy? Or do you want my mouth?Oh fuck. Oh fuck. Mouth. Mouth over mercy, every time. Actually, mouth equaled mercy right now. I was so hard it hurt. My balls felt like clenched fists and I swore I could still feel her palm, gently rolling them around and around and around.Her: I am so hungry, daddy. Hungry and naughty.I shivered. My whole body shivered, bumping against the table, and I made a stifled little sound that had the colleague next to me glancing over worriedly. I could only hope he interpreted it as indigestion or something.Not that I cared about anyone or anything in the world right now. Right now, I wanted to feel my girlfriend’s mouth and throat around my cock more than I wanted my next breath.Me: let me get out of hereMe: bathroomGrabbing my jacket from the backrest of my chair, folding it over the hand that clutched my phone and holding both in front of my crotch, I ducked out of the crowded room as fast as I possibly could. Several people gave me evil eyes. I may or may not have mumbled apologies and something about a bathroom. My brain was otherwise occupied and also currently insufficiently supplied with blood.Mercifully, the next restroom was only ten seconds of power-walking away, around a corner. I rushed into the last stall – all of them were empty and the doors wide open – locked the door and fumbled the jacket onto the handle. Then, one-handedly, I opened my pants and got out my aching, leaky cock. When the cold air hit my hot skin, I groaned, and groaned again when I wrapped my fingers around it. One-handed, I typed.Me: I’m here now.Me: I choose mouth, babygirl.Her: Okay.Her: That means you don’t get to use your hand, daddy. Not this time.I groaned and cursed again – she knew me too well – and very reluctantly let go of my cock. Instead, I held on to the wall.Me: you’re gonna pay for thisShe sent me a devil’s face emoji.Her: I kiss the tip of your cock.“Oh, shit.” My curse was loud in the bathroom, so I transferred the empty hand into my mouth, biting down on the knuckle of my index finger.Her: I like your taste so much.Her: I gently suck the head of your cock with my lips and circle it with my tongue.Her: It is wet and warm, just how you like it.I turned around, leaned my back and the back of my head against the wall and closed my eyes for a moment. My pre-cum was sliding halfway down the underside of my cock and dripping onto the floor, but I imagined it seeping all over her tongue instead.Her: I like the sound it makes when it goes out of my mouth.That wet lollipop sound. I groaned and typed back.Me: I like the sound you make when it goes deep into your mouth bbygirlHer: I take your cock deep into my mouth.Her: It makes me gag and choke.I could hear that sound in my brain.“Ffffuck!” At this rate, I would leave bite marks on my knuckles.The restroom door opened. Some guy came in and used one of the urinals at the side.Me: someone’s here waitHer: I don’t want to wait, daddy.My girlfriend was evil incarnate. I would marry her soon.Her: I take your cock as deep as I can.Her: I gag on your cock.

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