My Incest Experience

Big Dicks

It was in the summer holidays just after I graduated and I went to visit my cousin, as I was bored at home. His mommy invited me in and hugged me, remarking on how much I’d grown up since my last visit and how handsome I’d become. She was wearing a towel and told me that she just got out of the shower, as Stephen and his dad went fishing and Kelly was apparently working late.Aunt Kate was somewhere in her forties but she takes good care of herself. She still had a voluptuous figure, long tanned legs, the ass of a eighteen year old, beautiful 36 C cup tits and slim waist, that often reminded of me Salma Hayek. “Would you like some lemonade?” she asked.”I could do with that right now, it’s so hot outside,” I replied while she went to the refrigerator to get us each a glass lemonade. She knocked the house keys off the kitchen counter and as she bent over to pick it, I saw my aunt’s ass peeping out from under the towel. She didn’t even notice, so I just acted like nothing happened. “So Craig, now that you finally done with high school what’s your plans for next year?””I decided to get a summer job then study from next year on out of state.””And how does your girlfriend feel about you going off to study and leaving her behind?””I don’t have a girlfriend any longer, Michelle and I broke up weeks ago.” Michelle was a girl I was dating, eighteen years old and sexy as hell, bahçeşehir escort but didn’t want to have sex until marriage so we broke up after she found me cheating on her with her best friend Nicole. “I’m sorry to hear about that,” she said, “but I’m sure a hot lad like yourself would attract girls wherever he went. I would’ve snatched you up if we weren’t related. I could do with some decent sex.” It got me thinking, was my aunt hitting on me? But fuck it, I was starting to enjoy the conversation so I continued. “Why would you say that Aunt Kate? You and Uncle Greg having problems perhaps?””I really shouldn’t be telling you this but I feel so comfortable talking to you.””No, I’m sorry for asking, that’s a private issue.””I will feel better if I tell someone about it,” she said. “Lately your uncle has become a total workaholic, he is hardly at home, rarely finds time to spend with me and has neglected my sexual needs.” “Do you suspect he is cheating on you perhaps?” “No, Greg isn’t that type of man. I would know of something like that and besides his age is catching up to him, in the past our sex was nothing special but we at least had sex more often.” I was starting to enjoy this topic as it was getting my cock rock solid and needed to hear more.”I’m sorry for asking aunt but what’s your sex like nowadays kayaşehir escort then?””Three months Craig! That’s how long ago it was since Greg gave me a decent fucking. Do you know how lonely, bored and very horny I’ve become? There is no way to relieve these feelings.” Damn, I never knew my aunt was lacking that much sex. I kind of felt the same when dating Michelle but my aunt wasn’t the type to cheat on her husband.”I’m a woman, I have needs for god’s sake and he fails to fulfill them!” she complained. “My sex life has become so boring. I’m tired to doing missionary style all the time. I want to FUCK, I want a man to fuck me so good that I wouldn’t need another fuck for weeks.”I was turned on by what she said but I felt sorry for her and tried to comfort her. She came closer I had my arms around her and she had her head on my shoulder as I hugged her. I could smell the fresh scent of lavender lotion on her body and then caught a glimpse of aunt Kate’s nipples as she stood up and apologized for how she acted with one eye tearing. Her face suddenly changed from sad to a lusty looking face as she stood there in thought and turned to me.”Do you wanna fuck me?” She asked with a horny look on her face which caught me by surprise. I didn’t know what to say so I said, “No Aunt Kate, that wouldn’t feel başakşehir escort right.” I didn’t realize what I just said because I wanted to fuck her so bad. After all these years of fantasizing about my aunt, and here she wants me to fuck her. “Can’t you help your horny Aunty Kate out please? I want to feel your young cock deep in me and I need you to fulfill my needs. I can tell you want to fuck me and you will be doing us both a favor,” she said, while smiling at me. What could I do? Here I was with a horny MILF, who happens to be my aunt, offering me sex on a plate, how could I refuse? Realizing she was serious, I wouldn’t let the chance slip through my fingers. “Oh Aunt Kate, do you have any idea how bad I want to fuck you?” I asked while rubbing my cock through my trousers giving her a lusty look.”Your uncle never looks at me like that…” she said while going down on me and slowly placing her hand on the top of my leg. “I think I have a slight clue about how much you want to fuck your aunt’s pussy,” she said with her hand on my leg, stroking my thigh until she reached my by rock solid cock. She cupped my balls in her hand and released my throbbing cock from my trousers and using her hands she started to jack me off. I watched her lick, suck, slurp me while slowly taking my shaft into her mouth. She sucked my cock and my tightening ball sack in a way I’d never experienced before. She started to suck me deeper, right into the back of her throat groaning loudly as I did too. “Oh auntie, you like sucking my cock. Oh, oh, oh suck that dick,” I said as the sight of her luscious lips all over my cock had gotten me very horny.I felt my balls tightening and cum coming, as her amazing mouth pushed me over the edge.

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