Size Matters?



“That’s it Billy! You know you love sucking that big dick!” Officer Jake said, while sitting in his patrol car on a stakeout.

Billy blushed a little. Sucking another cops dick was nothing he ever thought he would do. You could’ve offered the former college football linebacker and altogether guys guy ten million dollars to suck a dick and he would’ve said ‘hell no’! But a couple months ago he saw Jake’s big dick in the shower and he couldn’t stop thinking about the huge penis. Now at least once a week he is sucking Jake’s cock.

“Ungg” Billy moans.

He has gotten better at taking my 8 inches balls deep, Jake thinks to himself one head pushing on the back of his friends head.

Billy is purely straight, well except for his need to suck Jake’s big cock. Billy took awhile to come to grips with it, but finally realized for the right hung cock he would be what the internet has deemed a ‘straight cocksucker’. Jake had called him while he was on his way home to fuck his girlfriend. Jake told him that he needed a wet sissy mouth on his cock. Billy hated the degrading talk but he was addicted now to sucking big cock. He loved feeling the firm cock in his mouth and making it explode. No one knew except Jake and the other cocksuckers that served Jake. Jake promised if he remained a good sissy no one would find out.

“Mmm good boy hold those big nuts while I cum down your throat!” Jake moaned exploding into Billy’s mouth.

He did his best to gulp it down getting much better than he was when he first started. He used to make such a mess now he just had a few drops to clean up. This part was so humiliating cleaning up Jakes cum from around his shaft and balls, but a good cocksucker always does. And not to mention his own 6 inches was rock hard in his pants.

“Mmm that’s it get me all clean! I can’t be sticky for the rest of the night on this stakeout.”

Billy shakes his head. This part was more than embarrassing, he didn’t like having to look a fellow cop in the eye right after sucking his cock, but it was the price to pay in order to fulfill his dark fetish. Also his sexual escapades with his girlfriend were always so much better right after. Billy had something to prove to himself and he was always incredibly horny after pleasing that big cock.

Jake smirked watching his fellow cop make the shame walk back across the mostly empty parking lot. Jake sighed happily loving how good Billy was getting at pleasuring him.

Jake figured much wouldn’t happen tonight on his stakeout. They were just watching a warehouse on an anonymous tip about money laundering happening there. So he let himself daydream a bit. He thought about the other 8 cops on the force in his small town. The captain a 63 year old hard ass, old school, no nonsense type that was nice enough if you were doing as you were supposed to be. Captain Tom wouldn’t like to learn Jake had seduced 4 other cops to be his cocksucking bitches. Jake sometimes thought about how awesome and funny it would be to turn the captain but even he knew that was a foolish idea likely to get him fired or worse but that would be the ultimate challenge and conquest if he could pull off getting the captain to suck him off. Jake sighed and half chuckled as he said out loud “don’t be stupid some guys just would never suck cock and old captain is completely straight only pussy guy.”

He chuckled to himself realizing that having half the cops he worked with being his cocksuckers made him as powerful or more than the captain even if the captain would never be his cocksucker.

Jake then thought about the first turn he had and the moment his life changed realizing straight guys suck cock better than any girl. During his senior year of High school Jake was dating the hottest girl in school. After every football game his girlfriend, the cheerleader captain, was allowed into the locker room to suck his cock or get fucked in the team shower. Jake was always given a special private half hour with his girl in the locker room shower. A perk his coach and others allowed the best player on the team. After another of his highlight filled nights playing both offense and defense and leading in tackles, sacks, receptions and touchdowns he figured his girl would be extra special to him. He remembers stepping into the empty shower room turning on the hot water and waiting for his girl to show up after getting released from cheerleader duties. Picturing the athletic busty blonde on her knees excited Jake and he started getting hard.

Someone forgot to tell the new transfer to the team a senior whose parents moved in the middle of the year about Jake’s special privilege. Johnny was a good player and he easily played some his first week. Johnny was hot and sweaty after the game and being new wasn’t chatting like the rest of the team in the locker area. Johnny turned to step into the open shower room and saw Jake jacking his cock. Johnny had seen porn and knew bigger cocks must exist but had never encountered something istanbul travesti so big in real life. He saw Jake eyes closed jacking his thick 8 inches and couldn’t look away. He just marveled at the impressive size. He felt a little shame as he felt his own 5 inches harden. He felt even more as his mouth watered but he couldn’t look away. Drawn like a mouth to a flame he stepped closer.

Jake was lost in a daydream of his girl sucking him while he fondled her tits. Eyes closed not realizing anyone was watching. Johnny gulped. Fortunately or unfortunately for both Jake and Johnny, Johnny was the ideal person to catch Jake if Jake wanted to become a stud to straight male cocksuckers. Johnny considered himself straight and had a girlfriend. He was attracted to girls never really considered being with a guy, but also wasn’t some homophobic teen asshole either. Johnny liked watching porn with big cocks and never tried to fool himself that he didn’t appreciate the ascetic of the male organ, especially the large ones. Stepping forward slowly unsure what he was doing or why but feeling drawn to see more of the cock up close he slowly got to Jake and knelt.

Inches away, mouth watering, hands trembling, Johnny reaches up and touches the enormous exposed head. Jake was jacking near the base and Johnny could touch the first few inches easily. What am I doing, Johnny thinks to himself, but in exhilaration and marveling at the thickness and length squeezes.

“God! Finally babe I was wondering what was taking you so long. Come on Heather suck my cock.” Jake moans eyes closed. “Come on I need you balls deep.” Jake moans although Heather nor the 11 other girls the 18 year old Jake had been with had ever gotten close to taking him balls deep in their mouths.

Johnny blushes realizing Jake is actually there and he isn’t just marveling at some large penis unattached to an actual person and not only that Jake thinks I am his hot blonde girlfriend.

No one knew to tell the football team that Heather wasn’t coming, since she sprained her ankle badly after falling off a cheer stunt in the fourth quarter. Heather was at a hospital already, currently getting X-rays. No one told them because no one besides the football players and Heather knew about the kinky benefit that Jake had. If others found out plenty of people could have been in plenty of trouble.

But here we are with Johnny trembling mouth watering blushing confused kneeling. Jake moaning reaches down to the top of Johnny’s head feeling his teammates longer blonde hair grabs it firmly. Johnny’s style is surfer dude and has shoulder length blonde hair. It’s really not that much shorter than Jake’s girlfriend’s.

Johnny is enjoying touching feeling the weight of the big penis. He always wondered what a large one would feel like. He squeezes and rubs the head a little but reminds himself sucking it would be crossing a line. He is straight and has a girlfriend he cant suck it. But he also cant deny how his mouth is watering.

“Heather suck my cock now!” Jake sounding aggressive and dominant. Johnny at 18 has never explored dom/sub themes in an actual relationship, but he does enjoy it in porn. Even though he watched that kind of porn he never considered if he was a dom or a sub. But in the moment he looked up at his teammate and felt excited and humiliated. A straight guy shouldn’t be holding a cock drooling for it.

“Bitch, I am tired of waiting. If you don’t suck my cock now I will spank that bubble butt like I did the other night.”

Johnny blushed and wondered what kind of kinky relationship Heather and Jake might have. Should he do this. Jake still thinks I am his girlfriend.

Jake looked down once but in the steamy shower and only really glancing at the top of Johnny’s blonde head for a split second still thinks its Heather.

Johnny licks his lips trembling he leans in and cant help but suck and kiss the head. He is shocked as he tastes precum and kisses a cock for the first time in his life, but the electricity shooting through his body keeps him going. Opening his lips a little wider sucks about an inch in.

“Have you been practicing my little kitty?” Jake moans eyes closed. “Did my little kitty cat get a big dildo like I told her too practicing to take me balls deep?”

Johnny learning more about his teammates sexual relationship with his girlfriend doesn’t know how to answer or respond except to suck deeper. He gets about 4 inches or a little more knowing his gag reflex will kick in if he goes further.

“There ya go mmm keep going and I will reward my kitty! And go on play with my balls.”

Johnny listens now lost in humiliated sub lust loving being called a kitty and enjoying the hard big cock in his mouth. Sucking slurping moaning he reaches up putting one hand on Jake’s balls and the other hand on his own small cock.

Jake pushes Johnny’s head down a little groaning. “That dildo practice isn’t helping too much is it? Still a pathetic bitch that can’t get istanbul travestileri more than 5 inches in. Maybe you need one of those 5 inch bitch boys I have on my team. If you want to keep me you better figure out how to take it all.”

Johnny embarrassed but inspired pushes past his gag reflex. He gags and chokes but pushes in swallowing while swirling his tongue.


Johnny’s own cock throbs as he fondles the big balls and pushes in more taking 7 of the thick 8 incher. Holding his head down on it.

“Shit you have been practicing!” Jake moans looking down and brushing the blonde hair back. Startled as his eyes meet his teammate Johnny’s.

Jake chuckles coming out of his daydream. He thinks about how shocked and angry he was but needing to finish and with Johnny’s inexperienced but eager mouth remembers how it was a guy who first took him completely. How Johnny was the one who managed to fit the entirety of his cock into his mouth and throat.

It took several weeks and several sessions with Johnny, but Jake soon learned that many straight guys liked to suck cock and liked being humiliated while doing it. From there Jake enjoyed finding other guys and getting them to be his cocksuckers. During the last 6 months of high school, 18 year old Jake found 2 more teammates, 5 other guys at the school that weren’t on the football team, 1 teacher and the school Principal. Jake loved dominating older guys and making them his cocksuckers, particularly when it came with a power dynamic. Turning his high school Principal was awesome for lots of reasons, but he most enjoyed knowing that the dude was sucking his teen cock then going home to his wife and family. The thought always made Jake laugh.

Jake thinks about his wife at home who is ignorant that he has a harem of male cocksuckers. Jake and Tina met when Jake was working security after High School trying to become a cop. Jake never liked school and his terrible grades kept him from any serious college football offers. So Jake remembers working security for a hospital and met his wife who was a couple years older and a hot nurse. Jake seduced her with his stud hot muscle guy charm and learned she was the girl of his dreams.

Tina is a smart gorgeous brunette with an amazing body! She has a perfect 36E chest and a thin waist and bubble butt. She works hard and has been promoted several times in the last 5 years. In public she is sweet, hardworking, prim proper suburban wife. In the bedroom she is an insatiable submissive slut. Jake has an appetite for kinky deviant sex and Tina’s may be bigger. Sexually the couple is a good match – Jake dominant hung stud cop, Tina sexy busty eager submissive nurse. Jake indulges Tina’s desires and they have done some pretty kinky stuff.

Jake knows that Tina would find it hot that he makes guys suck his cock and degrades them. Knowing her he figures she would want to watch, but even so he has never mentioned this part of his life to his wife. Jake is sort of the dumb jock type and never really considered why he wouldn’t have shared this with his hot wife, but non-the-less he has not. If he could be honest with himself he likes it but still finds it somewhat shameful.

Jake sighs as he looks at the empty warehouse then to the clock in his car. 2 am and no sign of any illegal activity and he has to be here until 6 when he is relieved by officer Martinez. Eric Martinez is another of his cocksuckers. The first generation Mexican American is super hot guy and gets lots of girls as a cop. He looks like Enrique Iglesias. Eric was Jake’s first cocksucking cop after he joined the force. Jake thinks about how he will have Eric suck him when he shows up in a few hours before heading home to fuck his wife’s brains out.

“I need to get that new guy Tim soon.” Jake mutters to himself. He has 4 of 8 cops on his force as his cocksuckers. There are a total of 9 cops (counting him) in the small town. The newest was hired a couple weeks ago. Before the new guy, Tim, Jake had a majority of the cops, 4 out of 7, as his cocksuckers. Jake liked it that way. Something about having a majority of the cops in town as your personal cocksuckers made Jake swell with pride.

It wont be hard. Jake thought to himself. The only reason he hadn’t turned Tim on day one was because it wouldn’t be a turn at all. Tim was openly gay. It was actually kind of a deal in the small town that they hired an openly gay cop but in the world today nobody could really say much publicly. Jake was actually surprised that the Captain would hire an openly gay cop. Jake wasn’t sure he wanted a gay guy as his cocksucker.

What if the sissy falls in love with me or something? Jake would think to himself on occasion. But Tim would be the easiest to turn out of the rest. The four who had yet to polish Jake’s knob were Tim the openly gay gop, Captain Tom Henderson, the 63 year old hard ass. Beyond those two there was Jimmy who was very religious and in his 40s and didn’t really travesti istanbul interest Jake that much and then Kyle the overweight stereotypical desk cop. Kyle weighed well over 300 pounds was way out of shape and did not interest Jake. Jake actually despised Kyle.

So it was between turning a religious family man, an overweight slob or getting a gay man to suck his cock if he wanted to maintain his majority. Well there was the captain but Jake just knew the captain was not an option. Jake didn’t like any of the options, but Tim made the most sense and with that Jake turned his thoughts elsewhere waiting for his mexican bitch to arrive.


A couple days later Jake arrived back at the department after some scheduled days off. Jake was in the locker area and heard the showers running. He knew that today the only scheduled people were him, Captain, Eric and that sissy Tim. Eric was already on patrol, the captain was in his office so here was his chance.

Jake entered the shower area which had a few showers that had 3 sides the wall with the water and two side walls. There were no curtains or doors and if you looked around you could easily see everyone else in the room. This made it easy for Jake to seduce his straight cop buddies. He would show off his cock usually getting their attention by chatting about work while soaping it up. This was a tried and true method once they started looking they wouldn’t stop. With anyone, cops or others, some would need some more encouragement, with his words. Not all of them were as easy as his first Johnny but eventually anyone he set his sights on became his cocksucker.

There he was Tim. Tim was not unattractive, by most standards he was hot, but it just pissed Jake off that he was gay and had a boyfriend. Tim’s boyfriend was pretty flaming unlike Tim. Tim acted and dressed like a normal dude, but his boyfriend was a real sissy. In the smaller town most everyone knew about the new cop with a live in sissy boyfriend. Jake rolled his eyes wondering if this was worth it as he saw Tim’s bare ass water running down it. Do I really want a gay sucking my cock and do all gays have girly butts, he wondered. God that ass could give Tina a run for her… what the fuck am I thinking.

Jake shook his head. I am not gay I like straight guys sucking me for two reasons; one they always suck better and deeper than chicks, two the power I hold over them after they are my bitches is incredible. He reminded himself before clearing his throat to announce himself.

“Hey Tim! What is going on?” Jake asked turning the shower on opposite of Tim. Standing outside the stream to test the temperature with one hand he played with his soft cock looking at Tim. Even soft Jake’s member was impressive, bigger soft than some guys hard. Jake gave a confident grin as Tim turned.

“Not bad. Are we on patrol together?” Tim asked. He glanced down at Jake’s cock and back up.

Here it comes he will probably be just like Johnny eager to be on his knees for it, Jake thought. He waited a moment but Tim just looked at him and shrugged.

“Well? Are we on patrol together or not?” Tim sounded annoyed at having to repeat himself, not horny for Jake’s cock.

Thrown off and confused Jake shrugged “Uhh yeah.” He then shrugged and motioned as he shook his cock.

Tim looked down again. “Nice. Your wife is lucky.” He said sort of sounding indifferent.

Jake shook his head as Tim tilted his head back to rinse his hair. Jake looked down at his cock then maybe he intentionally looked down at Tim’s cock to see its size. Tim’s was also soft and looked average at best. What am I doing? Jake thought and turned away facing the wall. Why didn’t that queer immediately beg to suck me. He didn’t seem impressed like my straight cocksuckers? What is going on? Jake cleaned himself lost in thought.

“See ya at the squad car.” Tim said leaving.

Jake was confused and a little annoyed but tried to shrug it off. I will get that faggot sucking my cock soon, he thought to himself.

After about an hour of an uneventful shift patrolling town Jake turned to Tim, “so how are you settling in to being a cop?”

“It’s great! Not as exciting as I thought it might be but I am enjoying it, the guys have been pretty welcoming but a lot of them keep their distance. The fact that I have a live in boyfriend is a little weird in this small town. But it’s cool no one is a bitch to me about it. I just realize I am not one of the guys yet.” Tim looked over at Jake knowing he was trying to get him to be interested in sucking his cock earlier which made him smirk. When people found out he had a boyfriend or slept with guys inevitability several straight guys assumed he would eagerly suck their cocks like he was some cock craving bitch.

“Yeah.” Jake sighed. “A lot of backwards people in this town, but soon enough you will learn some of the cops are more open minded than you might think.” Jake always kept his cocksuckers a secret from the world, but once they were his eager straight cocksucking bitches he would introduce them to the others. It was a way to reinforce the power he had over them. Plus, on the rare occasion he had one suck him in the presence of another they always tried harder to please him.

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