The Great Outdoors


We’d arranged to meet after work, the minute it hit 5pm I logged off, got changed and headed out. I saw you pull up round the corner, so walked over. I noticed you looking me up and down, my knee high boots, tight mid thigh black skirt and thin white top. It was obvious I’d done as you asked and worn no underwear.

As I approached, you handed me a helmet and helped me onto the back of your bike, I had to inch my skirt up a little so I could straddle the seat then I let my hands wrap around your chest and slide down to your waist but resisted the urge to let them go further.

We drove for 5 minutes or so, all the while I could feel the heat of your back against my chest and couldn’t wait to feel your naked body on mine. I let one hand drop to your thigh and stroke a little, I’m sure you sensed my eagerness and pulled off down a dirt track into a wood. You parked up by the river and helped me off the bike.

As soon as our helmets were off our lips met and our bodies drew close for a long passionate kiss. We broke for air and you reached out, letting your hand run lightly over my cheek, to my shoulder, then downward. As the back of your hand grazed my nipple, I gasped at the touch, you smiled and watched my reaction as you brushed your hand over the other, this time catching my moan with your lips.

As we kissed I removed your jacket and eased Kartal Escort your trousers down, you slipped off your shoes and stepped out of the trousers leaving you wearing only your boxers. I took a step back to enjoy the view before returning to kiss my way down from your lips to your chest. I watched you watch me as my kisses went across from hip to hip then to the waistband of your boxers. I could tell you were already starting to get hard and was eager to feel you in my mouth. I stroked you through the thin fabric, tracing the outline of your cock before releasing it to the cool air, slipping your boxers off and holding your cock in my hands. I looked up at you as I licked just the tip of your cock, tasting you. I took you a little way into my mouth then circled the head with my tongue, letting my lips close around you while my tongue still played. I could feel your cock growing harder, slowly I took you all the way in, inch by inch until you stopped at my throat.

Enjoying your taste and the pleasure on your face, I swallowed you deep into my throat. As I pulled back I gently stroked your balls and took your hard cock deep again, letting you thrust a little and fuck my mouth. We built up a rhythm, I could feel you were getting close as your balls tightened and your cock started to pulse. You moaned as the first stream of cum hit Pendik Escort the back of my throat, I swallowed it down and let you pull out so the rest of your cum covered my breasts. You steadied yourself against the bike and I licked you clean before cleaning your cum off my breasts. You tasted good.

Making you come like that had got me really wet, I stood and kissed you again pulling you to me with my hands on your cute ass. You held me around the waist and lifted me onto the bike, so I was sat, but could lean back against the tree. You undid the buttons on my top, letting it slide off my shoulders and then gently pushed my knees apart, standing between them. As we kissed I felt your finger tips stroke from my knee, up my thigh, then further. I moaned as you felt how wet I was and how easily two fingers slipped inside my pussy. Your lips moved from mine to capture a nipple and tease it with your tongue. While your fingers continued to slowly fuck me, your free hand came up to my other nipple and squeezed, making me gasp. I ran my fingers through your hair as your lips moved lower until your tongue found my clit. I knew I wouldn’t last very long.

You added a third finger and picked up speed, while your tongue brought my orgasm closer. I arched my back and opened my legs wider, every touch sent shivers through my body. You brought Göztepe Escort your free hand up to caress my breast and then pinch my nipple again which made me tighten around your fingers. I moaned and writhed as my body shook and my orgasm flooded over me. You came and sat on the bike, holding me as i came down from the climax, lightly tracing over my body with your fingers.

Relaxed, we kissed for a while and started to let our hands explore. As you ran your fingers lightly over my sides and chest I could feel myself getting wet again. I let my hand drop to your cock and gently started to stroke. Your cock began to respond, so I told you I really wanted to feel you inside me.

You watched as I stood and took off my skirt. Now, wearing only my boots I turned away from you set my feet just a little way apart and bent over, holding onto a tree so you had full view of my wet pussy. I turned back to look at you and said, ‘come over here and fuck me hard’. You got off the bike, stood behind me and thrust your cock inside me. I could feel you growing harder with each thrust, it felt so good to be filled like that. You held my hips and started to fuck me hard, hitting my gspot with each stroke as I pushed back against you. I could feel I was close and warned you I was gonna come. You quickened the pace to bring your own climax and as I felt your cock pulse it tipped me over the edge, I moaned as I came hard, feeling you come with me.

Exhausted we lay down naked on the grass by the river. Only then I realised we hadn’t actually greeted one another yet, so I grinned and said ‘hi’, you laughed and replied ‘hey’.

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