Subconcious Desire


My skin felt like fire beneath his cool touch as he ran his hands all over my body, slipping his fingers between my slick lips to feel my wet opening. He brought his damp fingers to my mouth for me to taste my sweet nectar. I licked his fingers clean as he leaned his head down towards my soft tits. Slowly he began licking them, and sucking my now swollen, puffy areola. Teasing me, he bit my nipple gently and I whimpered a bit with pleasure. He slowly moved to the other breast and suckled on my erect nipple. He moaned slightly as he bit down hard on my nipple. Looking up and watching me wince in pain brought him such pleasure.

He looked at me with a wicked smile in his eyes as he recognized the desire in mine. I knew I was in trouble. He had seen the pleasure I got from the pain he delivered. Now he knew he could continue to use and abuse me. He raised his head and smiled deviously at me as he bent down to kiss me. His lips touched mine and his kiss was harsh and urgent. Our tongues danced together, tasting and teasing each other. When we came up for air I had to ask, “Please fuck me! Fuck me! I want to feel your cock inside me.”

We rolled over so I could get on top, and he was beneath me. I rose above him spreading my legs to the side, straddling his body. I slid down and took his turgid cock in my hot wet mouth. Wrapping my full lips around him tightly, I heard the low devilish moan escape from him. Slowly I stroked his cock with my tongue and hot mouth. I nibbled on the swollen head of his manhood, then teasingly I ran my tongue around the head, and dipping it in the slit on the tip while stroking the shaft with my free hand.

Sucking him eagerly, I took him deep into my throat. I was working my mouth around his cock while letting my tongue slip around the base of his balls. “Mmmm” is all I heard as he began to fuck my mouth, thrusting his hips up toward me to gain deeper penetration.

“Oooh, I see you’ve done this before!” he said, Göztepe Escort obviously liking my ability to deep throat his big cock. “Now let’s try a little face fuck, ok?” he said as he put his hand at the back of my head so he could control the action.

He began thrusting faster and harder into my mouth, holding me tightly by my hair. He fucked my mouth faster and faster, sliding in and out of my wet mouth. I looked down the length of his body into his eyes. As he began slowing his pace, he surprised me by pulling his cock out of my mouth. Holding his hard cock in his fist, he said, “Get on your knees, bitch!”

I got off the bed and did as he said, kneeling next to the bed. He got up, still holding his hard-on in his hand, and stuck his cock right into my mouth, resuming his face fuck. I started stroking his cock while I sucked, and he picked up the pace. I could tell he was getting close, as he began thrusting forward with his hips as well as jamming his cock into my mouth while holding the back of my head in his grip.

“Oh fuck! I’m gonna cum baby, I hope you’re ready!” He drew backward, and started jerking himself off. The first shot landed point blank right at my mouth. I opened wide, thinking that was what he wanted, and the next blast of his load went directly into my hungry mouth. Then he stepped back a bit, and while still unloading a torrent of cum, he spent the rest of his load on my tits. He stuck his cock in my mouth so I could lick it clean.

He was obviously not done yet. His cock still semi-hard, he simply demanded, “Ride me bitch.” My cunt clenched at those words. I climbed back on the bed, as he did. I felt the instant sensation of my own warmth and wetness between my thighs.

I crawled up his body and once again took my position straddled above his throbbing cock. I slid his cock across the length of my pussy feeling his muscles tighten from anticipation, and slowly spreading my lips, I slid my wet İstanbul Escort pussy down the length of his shaft. I sat for a moment before moving so I could feel my pussy surrounding his cock. I hugged him completely as he was sheathed inside me. I began to move, sliding my hips back and forth in rhythmic motion.

MMMM I started grinding my clit on the base of his cock, rocking back and forth. MMM fucking him felt wonderful; the feeling of my pussy stretching around his cock. The ignition of that fire deep within. MMM more, grinding faster and faster, moving him in and out of my pussy. Fucking faster feeling his thick cock inside moving within my tight little sex hole mmmm. Rock, rock, that cock deep inside me mmmmm so fucking close now mmm keep going.

“Nikki,…… Nicole,…….. wake up.”

“Huh……OOHH, I’m awake, I’ll be ready in a few minutes…..”

‘That was close if only she hadn’t waked me so soon.’ Nikki thought. She looked into the mirror as she got ready for her shower. She was not surprised to see the clear sheen of sweat across her body; the dream had felt so real. She could still feel him throbbing inside her, couldn’t she?

She climbed into the hot stream of water thinking and wondering to herself. Are such erotic dreams normal for the spell she had tried to cast upon herself before climbing into bed the evening before? She made a mental note to check her spell box and see if there were any discrepancies. She wasn’t sure she liked being brought to the edge; the spell was supposed to awaken her sexuality, not seduce her subconsciously. Maybe she should have read more on how the spell was supposed to awaken sexuality She would read her spells very carefully before performing them from now on. More importantly, was she really capable of creating that amount of desire in a man?

She would soon find out if everything went as planned at the Halloween party. It should, as long as her spells held out. Anadolu Yakası Escort She lathered her slender body feeling the soft curve of her full breasts, gently squeezing them then moving her hand up to twist her tight nipples between two fingers. Then she circled her tits before sliding her hands down her firm stomach, circling her belly button, careful not to rub to hard across the neatly pierced jewelry and tiny chain hanging there. Then as she swirled her fingers into her little patch of hair at the juncture between her thighs, she began to think of the dream she was abruptly awakened from as her mind soared with the thoughts and pictures of that almost perfect coupling. She felt flushed and excited.

After washing and rinsing she gently spread her lips and aimed the shower head right on her clit. Stroking her pussy, she felt the desire calling to her. She put her right leg up against the shower wall to expand her pussy for exploration. While the warm spray was massaging her clit, she reached down and slipped a finger up and down her full pussy lips. ‘Oh God that feels good,’ she thought. As she slipped a finger inside her tight little hole, she marveled at the feel of herself, and the thoughts of how she would feel to him with his big cock squeezed into her tight little box.

MMM moaning as she fingered her little pussy faster and faster as she felt her body becoming more excited. Her leg began to shake briefly, and she wondered if it would hold until her orgasm is upon her. Her release was welcome, with her body shaking and her breathing becoming irregular. She felt the walls of her pussy pulsating and clinching as her climax was released with force. She stroked her clit with her finger, breathing deeply as she felt that sensitivity she so desired.

Regrettably rinsing her nectar from herself, she was finally cleaned and ready for the day. After dressing she pulled out her spell box and checked her spells. Everything looked in place, but she would remember to do a more thorough check later when she returned. She blew out her candle that she had used to strengthen her spell. She often used candles for that purpose. She smiled to herself in the mirror and whispered, “Two days till Halloween.”

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