The Handyman

Group Sex

Pilar had just finished painting her nails a deep turquoise – little pinky last – when the buzzer to her apartment rang.

Disoriented, she grabbed her phone to check the time and cursed.

Getting up from the sofa, she tied up her bathrobe and barely avoided stepping into an empty pizza box before opening the front door to her apartment.

“I’m Will. I’m here to fix your internet?”

A lanky man with sleek black hair looked up from a notice board, revealing a pair of intelligent eyes that currently seemed bored.

“You called?” he added, and Pilar realized she’d been staring.

“I’m sorry, yes.”

She opened the door, subtly shoving the pizza box out of sight with the back of her foot.

“Thanks for making it out. I know it’s a Sunday but the WiFi’s been out since yesterday and I really need it for my work.”

Pilar showed him through her small apartment to the internet box.

“I’m sorry for the mess,” she offered.

“No worries,” Will sighed, as he bent over to get to work.

It didn’t take long for him to finish.

“Mind if we try it out? Saves me another trip up here, just in case.”

Pilar nodded and led him to the dinner table, which moonlit as a desk. She opened up her laptop, which was covered in little heart stickers, and clicked on the wave icon. After a moment, it began to pulse back and forth, until at last the Wifi reconnected.

“Seems like it worked,” Will said.

It was all either of them managed to say before the video that Pilar had been watching realized the internet was back on, and slid back into fullscreen mode to continue playback.

At once, a set of tiny speakers filled the apartment with the loud, rushed moaning of a beautiful Asian woman straddling a man in an abandoned warehouse, her two hands clutching his vulnerable throat in a chokehold as they fucked.

Pilar lurched forward to press escape.

But her browser decided to freeze, and continued playback.

As the fucking unfolded in front of her, she fruitlessly kept pushing the same button, frozen in horror; it was far too late to hide from this complete stranger exactly what kind of private videos she liked to watch alone on the weekends.

The cacophony of lust continued for another moment, before the internet repairman tactfully reached over and pressed the mute button.

Pilar’s gaze was still fixated on the screen, her mind in overdrive to come up with an apology, when Will’s laugh deflated the tension:

“Erika Lust, right? You’ve got good taste.”

Pilar began to giggle as well. She couldn’t help it: the situation was just too ridiculous.

Before either of them could help it, they were laughing so hard that tears rolled down their faces. Pilar’s clenched fingers let go of her pink bathrobe to cover her mouth, in a feeble attempt to stop the hiccups.

When she’d finally made her way to a light panting, Pilar grinned sheepishly at the handyman.

“I’m so… so sorry. I completely forgot.”

“I can see what kind of work you needed the internet back on for,” Will teased.

“Actually, I just got laid off last week. I’ve got too much time on my hands and I’m a bit of a mess these days,” Pilar sighed. “Anyway… I am terribly sorry. I imagine this is the last thing you were waiting for.”

A smile rose up from deep inside Will’s clear blue eyes: “Don’t worry about it, happens more often than you’d think in my line of work.”

“Can I offer you some coffee, at least?” Pilar proposed.

“Actually, I’d appreciate a cup. I’m done for the day but it’s a long ride back home.”

They sat down in her tiny kitchen and chatted while she made coffee.

Pilar still basked in the afterglow of their raucous laughter, and when her eyes occasionally sought Will’s, Maltepe Escort she saw in them a sly mischievousness, as if they still lingered on the intimate view they’d been offered into her erotic tastes.

She handed him the espresso he had requested, and for a brief moment their hands touched.

It was enough to send a tingle down her spine. Had he felt it too? She watched as slender fingers raised the tiny cup to Will’s lips.

“So, what kind of porn do you watch, then?”

Did she really just blurt that out? Was she really going to try and seduce the internet guy? Pilar felt infinitely self-conscious in that moment, but when Will calmly lowered his coffee, she was met with a disarming smile.

“All sorts of stuff, really. I like to experiment, keeps me on my toes.”

The vibe in her kitchen felt surreal in that moment.

Pilar wiped a strand of her red, curly hair behind her ear, and could only watch herself from a distance as her mouth continued down the beaten track: “Would you like to stay for a while and watch one with me?”

It was all or nothing.

Will’s intelligent eyes bore into hers, roused with… what exactly?

“I usually watch with my girlfriend,” he offered.

For the second time that afternoon, Pilar felt the ground open up below her feet. Her hands gripped her cup far too tightly, and she felt like screaming her lungs out with embarrassment.

Once again, Will saved her.

“We keep an open relationship, though, and you seem like a lot of fun. Do you mind if I call her? We do have a rule about asking permission in advance for these things.”

Pilar nodded wanly and watched the handyman pull a phone from one of the many pockets of his overall.

Waiting for the call to come through, she bit into her finger to stop her hand from shivering with excitement.

“Hey darling, I’ve met someone cute,” Will began. “Her name is Pilar and I just fixed her internet. I know it’s my turn to cook, but would you mind if I came home a little later tonight?”

There was a brief pause, but then rich laughter erupted on the other end of the line, followed by a few words that Pilar couldn’t hear.

“She wants to talk to you.”

Will offered her his phone and Pilar took it.

“Hello.” She began, trying to keep her voice steady.

“Hi Pilar, my name’s Linda,” a bright voice answered. “So, now that we’ve met, have fun!”

The call had ended. Pilar felt the metal device rest heavy in her hand.

She got up from her chair and so did Will.

She slid the phone into the pocket of her wardrobe, which she then untied from the front, before ever so smoothly letting it glide off her bare shoulders. By a stroke of luck it was laundry day, and Pilar was wearing her most expensive set of underwear.

She was intensely aware of Will’s eyes, which lingered on her lingerie, right up until she pressed her full lips against his.

Pilar was far too nervous not to go all out.

Desperate to get into the thick of it, her hands zipped down the long front of his blue overall, and her fingers slid south into the neatly trimmed bush around his crotch. He slipped out of his outfit entirely, and their tongues met in a sudden rupture of passion.

She flung her arms up around his neck and Will’s firm butt toppled over the toaster with a loud clang.

They stumbled around the kitchen, entwined like grape vines. They squeezed, bit, and caressed each others’ bodies. Underneath his overall she found Will to be lean but muscled, and his smell drove her crazy.

They made it to her living room, where Pilar broke away from his embrace and sank to her knees.

In that position, she began to shiver feverishly.

Her body felt a little dizzy, yet the İstanbul Escort enormity of what she was about to do – having sex with a complete stranger – did not keep her from inching forward.

Then her lips brushed past his shaft, like a breeze… and that first contact was all it took to push her over the edge.

Pilar took his dick into her mouth.

She was no expert in fellatio, but she hoped that her raw enthusiasm would make up for it. Judging by Will’s tense posture – before long he was standing on the tip of his toes – she was doing something very right.

Pilar bobbed her head up and down. In fact, her whole body was swinging back and forth, and when a few auburn curls fell past his wet rod, she delicately swept those away behind her ear.

She swayed back and forth like the waves, and at each crest Pilar tried to slide the tip of his dick a little further down her throat.

She was sucking him off with abandon now, only holding onto that rhythm. Her lower face had become a mess of spittle and precum, but none of that mattered: Will gently held onto her head, massaging her scalp with the tips of his fingers to goad her on. She welcomed his touch, a connecting point of shared pleasure between receiver and giver.

It helped her find the right moment to break away.

Stunned at the sight before her, she watched the wetness droop down his magnificent cock.

Pilar then pressed her lips against Will’s pliant shaft, playfully pushing the moisture back up until her lips slid over the tip of his penis once more.

There she gave one more cute little suck, before licking her lips and rising to kiss him.

“Your turn, internet man,” she whispered.

Pilar felt him slowly undo her lingerie, shivering under his strong hands.

Will’s eyes locked in her gaze, she reclined onto her sofa and suggestively spread her legs. Some good fortune to have come out of her unfruitful Friday night out: she was all epilated down there.

Will sank down onto to the creaking floor, mesmerized by the view.

His slender fingers curled around her knees for support, as his lips explored the soft skin on the inside of her thighs with exploratory kisses. He slowly made his way upwards and an involuntary groan escaped from somewhere in Pilar’s throat: he had arrived at her most sensitive parts.

She let her head sink onto a pillow, her hands filled with Will’s sleek dark hair.

His soft, wet kisses on her clit turned into drawn-out little massages of the tongue, before he began exploring her from the inside out.

His tongue could have been on fire, so hot did Pilar feel in that moment.

“Keep going – go a little deeper.”

The mere thought of this handsome handyman eating her out, of his girlfriend sitting at home in full knowledge of what was happening, of her being pleasured so very sweetly – it quickly drove her to a point of no return.

In the midst of an interplay of fast fingers and twisting tongue, Pilar wildly jerked Will’s face into her pussy and came.

After a long moments of golden bliss, still panting, she then took Will’s hand and lifted him up from the floor. Without hesitation she led him to her leather desk chair, which she had once bought with just such a fantasy in mind.

Will looked at her questioningly until she opened the laptop, with the porn video raring to go.

“For real-?”

The handyman’s laugh faltered when she sat him down and slowly massaged his dick with spittle before sliding a condom over the shaft, which stood stiff with anticipation. She offered him another long kiss – very deep – with the sour taste of both their sexes rolling over their tongues. Then she climbed on top of him.

Her knees planted firmly on the soft leather, Anadolu Yakası Escort Pilar slowly let Will’s moist, rubber dick press into her as he toyed around with – and then grabbed – her auburn curls. God, he felt so good! She sank even lower, taking him more deeply into her folds, while running her hands over the tight ligaments of his torso.

When she was finally happy with her position, wiggling a little, Pilar reached back, adjusted the volume on her laptop and pressed play.

Once again the porno came to life.

As Pilar and Will sought to mirror the rhythm of the actors, the grind of expressive moans and grunts from the video found an echo in the small living room.

Fuck he was hot.

Pilar felt a bizarre exhilaration at dancing this dance with a complete stranger.

Yet a dance it was, for a subtle but unmistakable connection was present. It allowed her to draw from Will – with a questioning nod at the video – a playful smile of consent.

Now that they were on the same page, Pilar knitted her fingers around Will’s throat with slow resolve. She shivered with bliss, as his naked body began to thrust up into her, each time penetrating a little deeper, a little further…

“Fuck me, oh dear god yes, please…”

Mimicking the lady in the video, Pilar throttled Will’s throat more tightly as pleasure consumed them both. The screams were hers, the grunts belonged to Will, his heavy breath cut short by her relentless grip. Judging by the way he grabbed her – firmly, just over her thin waist – and how he desperately offered his dick to her folds, over and over, Pilar was driving him insane.

Finally, on the cusp of coming, her thighs clamped the outside of Will’s legs.

“Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me!” she rasped.

One final thrust was all it took. Caught in speechless convulsions for two long moments, she eventually released her grip.

Will inhaled sharply, his pretty head red.

Relishing the flow of release, Pilar swayed back and forth lazily, her ass gleaming with sweat, only to realize that the handyman still stood stiff.

Tenderly cupping his head against her petite breasts, she bent over and whisper in his ear: “Do you want to come now? You can take me.”

“Yes.” He sounded wild, searching for breath after her chokehold.

In sync with the porn star, Will eagerly took control of her body. He began to suckle her breasts, pressing his tongue deeply into her mouth. He cupped her ass, one finger circling her anus, while he slid in and out of her pussy. He’d been saving himself for the final stretch and was on the edge himself now. One smooth slide in, then a second-

Pressing her entire body into his own, he sat up and lifted her off her feet. Shrieking, Pilar felt herself pressed up against the wall, as his dick greedily slid up and down her vagina. Suspended over the floor, a toy in his strong arms, Pilar surrendered to the feeling of Will driving into her – on and on and on…

She was coming again, hard, gripping his broad shoulders in desperation. A final, flirtatious exploration of his ear with her tongue finally pushed him over the edge as well, and he exploded inside of her.

Still entwined, they sunk back into the chair. Slowly their panting faded away and so did their kisses until it was just their hands that gently reached all over, a final exploration before the inevitable goodbye.

Pilar suppressed a grin when she felt some crumbs from her toaster, still stuck against Will’s butt.

She then got off, in search of her bathrobe.

Before leaving, Will kissed her on the cheek: “Thank you, that was a wonderful twist to my day.”

Only when she had watched him skip down the metro stairs from her window did Pilar realize that she might never see the man again.

She was still figuring out how she felt about that when she sat down with a freshly ordered pizza, only to feel Will’s phone press up against her ass from the pocket of her bathrobe.

She took it out and smiled, knowing she’d see Will again soon.

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