The Doctor (Part 5 – Three together)


After the lovely Friday afternoon experience with Sophie, Mrs. Winterbottom, things went back to normal at the office. The following week just passed without anything unusual, except the occasional flirting between Sophie and I. The spark was there, but we both kept it manageable.The next weekend I went off to the mountains, and it was nice being out in nature. Everything was quite sedate, and the only thing sexual were my fantasies, of which I have lots.On the way back, I saw a store called ‘Supplies for Lovers’. Intrigued, I went inside and I ended up spending a small fortune on some toys that I thought might be useful at some time.Monday morning, I went back to the office a bit late, and dropped my bag of toys in the lock-up cupboard in the back storeroom. Mrs. Wintterbottom was already there, and I checked the appointment book with her. Imagine my surprise when the last patient for Monday was none other than Tessa.“Tessa?” I said, looking at Mrs. Winterbottom.“Yes,” she replied. “The little tart you fucked two weeks ago.”“Sophie,” I said, smiling. “I do believe you are jealous.”“I am,” she replied. “But not how you think. I would rather fuck her myself. I fantasized about you fucking her last night. I came three times. It was hot. Then this morning I fantasized about fucking her myself. I came so hard I almost woke up my husband.”“Seriously?” I asked. “You would do that? Fuck her, I mean, not masturbate. I know you like to masturbate as much as I do.”“Well, I never have before,” she said. “Fucked a woman I mean. Well, or anyone other than my husband, but I have been dying to find out what it is like. I fantasise about it a lot, as I said the other day.”“You have no idea how hot that is,” I said, tingles Ankara bayan escort coming in waves.“I also watch lesbian porn and masturbate, and I cum so hard,” she said rather emphatically.At that moment the first patient arrived, and the busy day began. I wanted to discuss this more with Sophie, but there was just not a free moment to do so until lunch-time. We closed the office for half an hour for lunch, so Sophie locked the door and we went into the little stand-up kitchen. I warmed some left-over curry, and Sophie had a sandwich.“Truthfully,” I said. “Would you really want to make out with Tessa?”“Well, I would try it,” she said. “But only if you were there to help me. This is all so wonderfully new.”“That’s fucking hot,” I said, running out of other words. “Really really hot.”“In case you had not noticed, Tessa is very sexy,” she said. “She exudes sexuality through every pore.”“I had noticed,” I said. “You want to see if she is interested?”“Yessssssssssss,” she screamed, clapping her hands and jumping up and down before giving me a big hug, and a kiss right on the lips. It was an intense and passionate kiss, and I was instantly aroused, my hard cock pressing against her.“Oh, sorry,” she said, breaking off the kiss. “I have gone and made you hard and my panties wet.”“It was a beautiful kiss,” I said. “Let’s play it by ear. Stick around after Tessa arrives.”“Okay,” she said. “I will, and I will cry if you fuck her without me.”We went back to work then and the afternoon went quickly. Tessa arrived while there was still a patient in my room, so she had to wait in the waiting room.“Hello Tessa,” said Mrs. Winterbottom. “Back for more treatment are you?”“Yes Escort bayan Ankara ma’am,” Tessa replied. “The doctor is good at what he does, isn’t he?”“I’m just the receptionist,” said Mrs. Winterbottom. “I don’t really know about medicine.”‘That seemed odd,’ thought Tessa. ‘Mrs. Winterbottom appeared to be giving me a cross between an almost smile and an almost wink.’Tessa looked at Mrs. Winterbottom curiously, but then she thought maybe she was just imagining it.At that moment the other patient left, and Mrs. Winterbottom told Tessa to go on inside.“Call if you want me,” she said, smiling.‘That was indeed strange,’ thought Tessa. She could not understand why she would want the receptionist in the doctor’s office. Especially given what she was there for.‘But she is kind of sexy,’ Tessa thought.Inside Tessa greeted me with a nice hug.“What’s with Mrs. Winterbottom?” she asked. “She said I should call if I wanted her.”“That was an unusual thing to say,” I said looking suitably perplexed.“Is she lesbian, or bisexual or something?” asked Tessa, still a little perplexed herself.“Why do you ask?” I questioned.“There was something in her eyes, the way she looked at me,” said Tessa. “She actually looked horny.”“Do you like girls, erm, women?” I asked.“Oh, that is one of my fantasies,” she replied. “One day, I want to taste pussy.”“That is rather hot,” I said.“Well, about Mrs. Winterbottom,” I continued. “She should probably tell you herself, but I think she is probably bisexual. Maybe she sees how sexy you are, and wants you as much as I do.”“Really?” asked Tessa. “That is interesting. She is a hot woman. Interestingly, that was something I was intending to tell you Bayan escort Ankara today.”“What, that Sophie is a hot woman?” I asked jokingly. “I mean Mrs. Winterbottom.”“No silly,” Tessa giggled. “That I keep fantasizing about girls, women.”“That is pretty normal,” I said. “It is not something to worry about, rather something to celebrate and enjoy as much as you can.”“It would be a hot one to live,” she said. “I would not mind living it with Sophie.”“Would you like me to invite her in?” I asked.Tessa thought for a moment. I was not sure if she was ready for that, and the very last thing I wanted to do was to pressure her into something. I was about to say it might be better just as a fantasy, when she replied.“Yes please, but can we play a bit first?” Tessa asked. “I need to feel your touch, and the way you just get me is so perfect. I woke up this morning craving your touch, and your understanding mind and kind heart.”“What a sweet thing to say,” I said, melting inside at her words.“I think Tarryn feels the same,” she replied. “Thank you for helping her. It means a lot to me.”“It was not a difficult thing to do,” I said, smiling, not realising that they were in on it together to that level of detail.“I am seeing her tomorrow evening,” she said. “I want her to tell me everything, and I hope we will make out then. I’ve been dreaming of that for a long time. Hope you don’t mind.”“You know how to make a man’s cock hard with just your words,” I said. “And of course I don’t mind, it is very hot. I will, of course, expect a report back from both of you.”“Deal,” she said. “I love making you hard and I know you won’t let me down.”“Hang on a minute,” I said. “I have a present for you. Well, three presents actually.”I went to the storeroom, and dug into my bag of things from ‘Supplies for Lovers’, and I pulled out the three gifts I got for Tessa. I returned to my office with them in a small cloth bag.“Oh you bought me presents,” said Tessa. “That is so kind.”She threw her arms around me and gave me another passionate kiss.

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