How Far Would I Go For Love 4

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Jerry woke and saw that his right leg was in a cast along with his left arm. He was hooked to an IV and the standard monitors. His right hand rubbed his chin. Feels like three days of growth. I’m not bound, and it does look like a regular hospital.Jerry drifted back to sleep. oOo Hanna had been home for three days and told Julie everything she remembered about what had happened. They’d cried about being back together and that they’d heard nothing about Jerry. Their lives resumed as the pause button was now off. The talks with police and detectives dropped off. Their relationship was the only good thing, as it was stronger than before. Hanna heard from Becca and Dr. Morrison. Their relationship had blossomed, they were even talking about moving in. She introduced them to Julie.“Hanna, did you want to get pregnant with Jerry’s child?’“I did think about it but that’s a discussion between the three of us. Are you thinking the same?”“Yes, but we shouldn’t both become so, at the same time. Yet what would Jerry want? Has he made a decision on the job and more importantly, where is he and is he okay?”Hanna leaned into Julie and graced her lips with short and soft kisses.“I love you, Julie Tanner. You’re sexy, smart and fun to be with. You have an incredible ability to be inside my mind, to understand and accept me. You’re empathic, strong, determined, and fair with our rules. You brought love back into my life, and you brought Jerry into our lives.”A few tears rolled down their faces. Their kissing continued, Julie used her hands to squeeze Hanna’s nipples, producing a soft moan. Hanna’s fingers caressed Julie’s ears and neck on a journey to her breasts. Julie leaned into Hanna making her lay on her back on the couch. She nuzzled Hanna’s neck and massaged her breasts, while Hanna’s hands randomly caressed Julies back.“It’s time for me to get Mr. Eveready, Hanna.”“Do you think it would be wrong if we did it in Jerry’s room?”Julie smiled, “I don’t think he’d mind and it’s a little kinky. Go strip and lay on his bed and I’ll be there soon.”Julie put the blue strap-on cock on, inserting the vaginal probe inside her and grabbed a vibrator, Mr. Eveready. She joined Hanna on Jerry’s bed; her eyes beamed when she saw what Julie had brought. She seductively kissed Hanna, tugging on her lower lip, and softly kissed around her face. Then down Hanna’s body to her nipples, teasing and licking one. She turned the vibrator on low, and ran it around the breast on whose nipple she was teasing.“Oh Julie, that’s wonderful,” Hanna replied, a soft hum escaped her mouth as she enjoyed the sensual teasing that Julie was providing. Her other breast was shown the same attention and after Julie pulled her tongue off her nipple, it was replaced by the vibrator.“That’s right my love, your pussy is wet and that’s just the beginning of the loving you’re getting.”“You know my spots and needs, my mistress.”Julie kissed her way down Hanna’s chest and belly, the vibrator caressing Hanna’s thighs. Hanna’s lips were swollen and wet, her jeweled knob was peaking out between those lips, glistening in its wetness. Julie turned the vibrator to medium and ran it around her mons and just outside her labia.“Oh, fuck me, mistress, you remember how I like that.”“You’ve such a glow about you and your juice is seeping out of you. Lick my fingers.”Julie used her other hand and ran two fingers inside Hanna’s labia and placed them on her lips. Hanna eagerly licked and sucked them. Julie spent some time kissing Hanna’s mons, labia and fully wet sex button. Hanna’s body arched with an orgasm, which was Julies cue to run the vibrator over and into her pussy, this created some splashing and more juice from Hanna, to which Julie licked some up.“Yes mistress, this is soft torture, I’m coming again,” as her hips arched up and she had a second orgasm. Julie did this for at least ten more minutes, then turned the vibrator off.“Hanna, I’m going to fuck you. I’ve missed you so much and thought I lost you. You’ve returned and I know you love me, and I love you, so spread those legs, you sexy, horny bitch.”Hanna did, Julie kneeled between her legs and sank Mr. Eveready, which was on its slow vibration setting, into Hanna’s enticing and sopping wet pussy.“Yes mistress, fuck me and fuck me hard and deep. Please, mistress.”“Hanna, Ankara escort there’s no need to call me mistress, tonight. I love you.”Julie stroked hard into Hanna, then slowly and hard in. The strap-on’s plug that was inside Julie was bringing her to a pleasurable orgasm. She kept driving Mr. Eveready into Hanna and after ten or fifteen minutes, Hanna’s body was rocked by and orgasm.“Oh Julie, I’m commmmmming!” she screamed. Her legs had wrapped around Julie’s waist. Her hands each grabbed a fist-full of the comforter. Her back arched.Julie’s body also responded, “I’m fucking coming!” as she squirted and flowed. The two lovers collapsed on the bed arms wrapped around each other.They romantically kissed and caressed each other, basking in the enjoyable afterglow of their loving. Julie brushed a lock of Hanna’s hair off her forehead.“Hanna, thank you for suggesting Jerry’s bed. We both love him.”“Julie, I’m scared he won’t be coming back to us.”“Shush now, don’t think like that. We don’t know. You were found and returned. Jerry will as well.” oOo Ambassador Muygono Rhotan entered Jerry’s hospital room as he was finishing breakfast. His casts had been removed, replaced by air splints.“Good morning, Mr. Ranthom. Sorry I couldn’t be here when you woke but I had pressing matters at the embassy. You wished to see me?”“Yes, I did, Ambassador.”“Please, call me Muygono. I get far too much Mr. Ambassador at the embassy.”“Muygono I owe you and colonel Jakhir my life, thank you.”“I’ll relay your thanks to the colonel and you’re welcome. Now, that couldn’t be all you wanted to see me about.”‘If my stay in the hospital and the reason for it aren’t a problem, I’d like to accept the offer you made me. Also, is Hanna okay and does Julie know? Nobody here will tell me anything or let me use a phone.”“Would you like to see them?”“I’m not sure, this isn’t how I’d like them to see me.”“And why not?”“It’s the reason I’m here. Hanna was taken when I was. I was told she’s safe.”“That’s true. Ms. Galang is home and as far as I know, healthy. Julie was the one who pushed me to find you two. I’d say that they both need to know your safe and I think you should tell them and let them see you and make their own decision. But that’s just the opinion of an old man who’s not in love. I’ll call Ms. Tanner if you’d like, on speaker.”“Please do.”Julie’s phone rang as she and Hanna were eating brunch.“Hello,” Julie said.“Good morning Ms. Tanner. How are you and Ms. Galang doing.”“Oh, Mr. Rhotan, good morning, we’re both fine. Have you heard anything about Jerry?”“Ladies, I’m here. How are you two,” Jerry said.Upon hearing Jerry’s voice, they both screamed and started crying.“JERRY!”“Put it on speaker, Julie.”‘Okay, it’s on speaker. Jerry, we love you. Are you okay?” Julie yelled.“Jerry, where are you?” Hanna asked.“The hospital.”“Which one?” Julie said.Jerry looked at Muygono.“He’s at Mt. Sinai, ladies and yes you may visit him.”“We’ll both be down there as soon as we can.”They quickly dressed and called for a ride.“Well, my job here is done and just so you know, you are now an official citizen of Senegal, since you accepted the position. I’ll leave you to the loving and tender mercy of your two lady friends.”“Your half right, Muygono, with ‘loving’ and ‘tender’, however, is subject to debate.”Julie and Hanna arrived about forty-five minutes later. They were crying as they entered his room. He started crying as well. They saw his air splints.“Jerry, what the hell happened to you?” Julie said.“I broke some bones trying to escape. Now, let me tell you what happened to me.”They sat on his bed each holding one of his hands and kissing. It took about ninety minutes for Jerry to tell his tale. Including what he had to do and put up with. His tears increased as he told about the pain and embarrassment he experienced.“I’m so happy that you’re both okay and safe. God, I missed you and I love you. The doctors say I can go home in two days. These splints will be on for four to six weeks.”“You mean…”“Yes, I’ll be limited in my exercise routine and definitely no Savate with my workout bag.”They each gave him a quizzical look.‘Oh, you mean THAT. I won’t be as assertive as I normally am and to be honest, I need some time after what happened.”He looked Ankara escort bayan at them with a dead-pan expression for about thirty seconds, then laughed.“Julie, do you want to hit him first, for that stunt?”“Oh no, I’ll kick him, you can hit him.”All three started laughing. Julie went first kissing him passionately.“I missed that very much, Julie.”“Same here, Jerry.”The Hanna, kissed his lips, sucking his upper lip into her mouth. “I saw in your face how you wanted to protect me when the cars pulled up and they took us away. I love you and missed you as well, Jerry.”Julie whispered in Hanna’s ear. She smiled as she nodded and got up and went to the door, locking it.“You have two broken bones but not a broken dick,” Julie said while licking her lips. Hanna walked to the other side of the bed and they pulled his hospital gown up reveling his currently flaccid penis.“Oh my God, it is broken,” Julie said with a chuckle.“Maybe it needs to be lick started,” Hanna said. Her eyes looking like a shark, ready to eat a seal.“This is almost as good as when we tie him up. He has to lay there and take it. He only has one good arm. Hanna, do we let him use it?”“We should show our appreciation to his being alive so, if he wants to, yeah, let him use it and you’re the lucky one, it’s on your side.”They were each using one hand to stroke his penis and fondle his testicles. It responded, growing rapidly.“Oh, that’s a relief, it’s not broken,” Julie said.Julie lowered her head and licked the tip, Hanna licked his balls, taking a testicle in her lips.“Thank you both for this.”Julie and Hanna just nodded their heads as they continued teasing him. Hanna, ran her tongue up his hard shaft, joining Julies at the top of his eight inches of hardness. They each used a hand to caress a thigh, only their lips, mouths and tongues on his cock.They lavished his rod of pleasure for several minutes, taking turns sucking him into their mouths, between the teasing of his balls and such rapt attention by the two ladies he loved, it didn’t take much longer before he spewed six blasts that they directed at their faces. They kissed licked and cleaned his prick then they cleaned up and sat back on the bed.“Since you’ll be home in two days, tell us what size clothes you need. Almost all your clothes were taken in as part of the kidnap cover-up,” Julie said.Jerry returned home, he had one crutch to help him around the apartment and a wheelchair for trips outside. The first few days were fine as Jerry adjusted to not being able to fend for himself. Then his depression set in, a malaise at first. He called work to see if he could do anything from home and was politely told that wouldn’t be needed right now. The lovemaking that he had with Julie and Hanna, was mechanical and came short, on his end.He asked about continuing with his BDSM training and they also politely, well maybe much more than politely, said that, due to injury, there was no need for him to help out with the house’s responsibilities or to continue with his training, though they’d always be available to answer any questions he had. It’s not that Hanna or Julie doted on him, quite the opposite. If Jerry wanted to or tried to do something, they let him, though they watched, ready to help if asked.When it was mentioned that his eating and sleeping routine had noticeably changed, and that sex with him had changed-lost its passion, he called to set up an appointment for PTSD. After three weeks of meetings, he stopped by the Senegal embassy to check in about his new job. Yes, he still had it, his injuries weren’t an issue. Muygono stopped by after he’d been home for four weeks.“General Ranthom, how are you doing today? Are the ladies of the house home?”“Very well, sir, thanks for asking. No, they’re at their club tonight. What can I do for you?”“It’s more a case of what I’ve done for you. Here.” He handed him a sealed letter.Jerry read it, cursed yet was smiling when he finished.“So, Crassus got away and a house does come with my position.”“Yes, it does and he’s on our and the French wanted lists. The Americans want to talk with him as well. You’re smiling, why?”“They’re taking my splints off tomorrow and giving me a cane for walking.”“I see and understand that you were feeling more like Escort Ankara a prisoner, than a patient.”“Yes, that and what happened. It’s good to know that Jake Kruthers has been listed as wanted for crimes against humanity. It was mentioned that his cousin has offered to cooperate and has made a deal to provide information.”“Yes, she’s wasn’t involved in those charges but, his company has broken a multitude of laws and that’s were her cooperation is a big help, so I’m told.”That night at dinner, Jerry was his bright and cheerful self.“Jerry, you can spill it. What’s the good news? Your attitude tonight is so much better than it has been,” said Julie.“I see it as well, Jerry. Those meetings have helped you,” Hanna added.“Yes, they have, I’ll still need some more but, I’m getting my casts off in the morning.”Both girls jumped up and hugged him, with a few kisses.“Oh, Jerry, that’s great news and no wonder you’re so happy,” said Hanna.“Yes and to celebrate, I’m taking my two loves out for dinner tonight, so you aren’t allowed to take the day off from work, as I’ll be working on the evenings details while you’re at work, to surprise you both.”The next day, after kissing both Hanna and Julie goodbye, he gave them a pinch on their ass. After his splints were removed and he was measured for a walking cane, Jerry went shopping. He stopped at a couple of small grocers and a bakery before calling restaurants and making reservations. He arranged for flowers to be delivered to the apartment, and lastly for a limo to pick them up and return them home.He finally spent some time shopping for himself and thinking how they would take the news that he’d accepted the job in Senegal and what tonight could mean for their relationship. He texted them that this was a formal dinner he was taking them too because it had valet parking. Which brought a LOL emoji from both Hanna and Julie.When they arrived home, he greeted each with a five-minute seductive bout of kissing.”I hope you don’t mind, but I have a tux to wear and I checked your closets for dresses and bought you each two dresses for tonight.”Julie looked at him suspiciously. “Jerry, you dress up nicely but buying dresses for me, well, that could be a waste of money.”“Well, I for one am looking forward to seeing what you think I like wearing,” Hanna replied.They both hurried to their room to see what he’d gotten for them. They took their dresses out, looking at them in the mirror against their bodies.Julie spoke first. “I’m surprised, he didn’t do such a bad job at all. I’ll keep the red one and maybe the blue. You?”“I love the teal dress but this mauvish one not so much. Besides, he, like most guys, doesn’t understand that shoes are part of the dress, not just a colorful accessory. Oh well, he didn’t do that badly and he meant well. Now, do I have shoes I could wear with the teal dress? You going to wear the red one?”“Maybe, that or my black one. I’ll decide during my shower. Since you’ve decided, you shower first. Now, what do you think this is all about?”“For him getting better and about us, that’s the three of us being back together as a loving threesome.”“I think he’s decided about Senegal and tonight we learn about that.’Hanna, stared at Julie, her smile fading from her face. The intercom buzzer sounded. They heard Jerry answer it.“Jerry Ranthom here.”“Delivery for Hanna Galang and Julie Tanner.”“Send it up.”“Hey, you two, there’s a delivery for each of you on its way up.”They came out and shortly after they each received a bouquet of flowers, red roses, tulips, along with carnations, orchids and peonies.“Jerry, they’re lovely and so beautiful. Why did you do this?” Hanna asked.“To thank you both for what you’ve recently gone through and done for me, since we’ve met, and to show that I love you both. I’ve been an ass since coming home from the hospital. The meetings helped and having the splints removed, created a huge change in me.”They kissed him several times before going to take care of putting the flowers in vases.“Oh, our ride will be here in about forty-five minutes.”“What?” Julie remarked. “You have no understanding of how long it takes us ladies to get ready, love. We aren’t the shit, shower, and shave gender. There’s make-up, hair, and deciding on which heals to wear, all need doing before getting dressed.“I’ve no doubt that you two will be the most attractive, desirable, and sexy ladies at dinner, which by the way is at Le Bernardin.”They were all ready with ten minutes to spare. The limo dropped them off and they were escorted to their table. Drinks were ordered and some appetizers.

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