My Last First Kiss


At night I weep with heart’s despair,Is there no one for me?To share thy life, mine evening prayer,One last first kiss by thee.Behold, sweet Patience doth surprise,Oh my, thou look my way;Thine eyes they linger, passions rise,Prayers answered on this day.Thou towers o’er at six foot four, But beauty is thy soul;With care, integrity and moreUnlock my heart’s keyhole.Lips whisper passion in my ear,The bed absorbs our cries;True love’s desires I’ve longed to hear;A kiss with no goodbyes. The sun it shines upon our love,As heated limbs entwine;It casts approving rays above;A love like ours devine.Oh Time’s sweet too and passes slow,Whilst lives art lived with glee;We forget some things be not foretold,As Death, she comes for theeThy flesh refines the soil below,I kneel at a gravestone;Each year I watch more roses grow;A sign I’m not alone.At last it’s time for my last breath,A voice doth bring me bliss;Thine hand extends, Love lived through death,I’d had my last first kiss.

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