The Deal Ch. 01


He looked her up and down slowly, enjoying her body. She had taken time to look sexy and it showed, from the heels to the black dress and her carefully layered hair. She was looking through the window at the harbor, and her back was turned to him, so he took his time and looked at her beautifully shaped legs and her butt, and imagined her smooth back, a familiar stirring in the pit of his stomach warmed him up slowly.

It had been a great evening, a business dinner with Jessica, his beautiful – and very influential – client who had flown in to New York for a conference. She made time for him, and he planned everything down to the last detail. An early dinner, the Broadway show, and then the bar afterward for drinks. He had studiously kept away any business talk, which was not difficult – they’d both had long weeks and just wanted to untwine. There was enough time for business talk another day.

What was really difficult though was keeping his eyes from undressing her. She was not a model by any means, but she was very sexy, he thought. She had full lips, blonde hair, a sensual laugh. Her dress was cut low enough that he could see well defined breasts. And she had taken time to look good. She just içerenköy escort smelled .. sensual.

When he went to the restroom at the restaurant, he had actually needed to go into a stall, and pulled out his cock – it was turgid, exuding pleasure and he needed to reposition it. He came to the table, flustered, and she seemed to look straight at his crotch again, starting up problems again.

He could picture her naked, awesome breasts, blonde pussy hair, a slight tummy … and willed his mind to stop before he had a real problem.

Everything had gone well (except for his cock) until the bar. She had a really nice voice and laugh, and was up on all the latest news, and they bantered back and forth on politics for a while. Then disaster struck – they mock-fought over the bill and somehow he managed to spill her fries all over her dress, and splotches of dark red ketchup splattered her dress.

‘Damn,’ she said, looking at the dress, ‘I cannot walk into the hotel lobby like this.’

‘Jess, I am so sorry,’ he said helplessly, ‘I’ll pay for the dry cleaning…’

‘You doofus,’ her laugh had no trace of rancor at all, ‘Don’t kadıköy escort worry about it … hey, your apartment is near here, right? I can do a better job cleaning it there, if you don’t mind.’

Of course, he did not mind. He knew nothing would come out of it, but the thought of her in his apartment made him giddy.

And so they to his apartment that overlooked the East River. The lights were dimmed when they walked in, and he left them that way. She’d then looked over his hardwood floors, the Ethan Allen furniture, and his collection of string instruments quietly, looking really interested.

‘Do you play?’ he asked, noticing she was looking at an acoustical guitar, and she shook her head.

‘Always wanted to, but never had the time,’ she grinned, and turned to look at the water,’What an awesome view ..’

He agreed, looking at her butt and legs. Her dress came up just above her knees, and he had an urge to kiss the back of knees and up her thighs. As if to oblige, she leaned forward against the window, and her dress rode up just enough for him to catch his breath. Her legs were so sexy, he wanted to rub his hands over kartal escort them slowly.

‘What are you waiting for, man?’ her voice purred. She was looking at him in the reflection, and had been all along, he realized with a start.

‘Erm,’ he said, flustered.

‘You really are a big doofus, Charlie, aren’t you?’ she hadn’t moved from the window, and was studying him slowly with a saucy smile,’I kept throwing you hints all throughout the evening and you totally ignored them. I nearly jumped you during the show.’

She chuckled, and he managed a weak smile.

‘I had to ruin this dress for you. I may make you pay those drycleaning charges after all,’ she smiled,’Now, move it, boy.’

She hitched up her dress, around her waist and bent over more, against the window. With a start, he realized that she was totally naked waist down, her butt beckoning him, her pussy lips just barely visible between her legs.

His body immediately tingled from head to toe, and pleasure started to play across his skin as he reached out for her butt. He gasped as he felt the soft skin and heard her draw her breath in, in response. He knelt on the ground and did what he had wanted to do for the past three hours – he ran his hand over her legs, felt her skin and enjoyed the sensual touch. ‘Jess,’ he muttered, almost a groan. In response, she sighed deeply, and he saw her lightly touch her breasts through the dress. The woman was so horny …

He kissed her legs and moved up her thighs, licking and nibbling in desperation.

[to be continued]

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