The Doorway


It was a storm, raining cats and dogs on us. The rain hit pretty quickly, one of those freak downpours. The evening had been nice before it happened, but the air was heavy if one cared to notice, a prelude to what would happen.

We were not aware of the change of weather as we left the grocery store and it decided to downpour on our walk home. We ran back, and quickly rushed inside to get out of the slough, and out of what we could as fast as possible. When the door shut firmly behind us the grocery bags tumbled to the floor not long after. They would soon be forgotten till morning.

We both thought to get the same thing, towels! Seeing as how we were both very much drenched. We grabbed a few from the bathroom and started the drying there. The doorway from the bathroom led into the bedroom which is simple and clean, a queen size bed centered as the focal point of the room, it looked very comfortable. I looked up from drying my hair and as I did so, a small mischievous grin lights up my face instantly as I saw your body framed in the doorway, you drying your own hair. That’s when I took the opportunity to move up behind you, at the exact moment you shook your hair through the towel, stripping cold rain water from your hair. I wrap my arms around you and lean into your body from behind. My face nuzzles into your neck, inhaling in the combination of your shampoo and the rustic smell of rain. I completely disrupted all your attempts at drying off. You figure out something’s going to happen, knowing full well storms are an aphrodisiac to me. You wrap your arms along the top of mine as you push back into my waist. Grinding just a little, knowing what it will do to me. Your actions are soon rewarded by feeling my arousal. I gently grab your wrists and guide them to the sides of the door frame right above your head.

I whisper firmly in your ear, “Keep them there “.

Your body pushes back against me showing that you understand my simple command, knowing whatever happens it will be worth it in the end. I push your hair up kozyatağı escort and over your shoulder revealing more of your neck. Following my hands, my lips find their place along the back of your collar bone. My breath, soft and heavy on your damp skin, causes a small shiver to drop through your spine. You feel my hands as they roam down your sides and then forward under your shirt. Sliding along your stomach, as they waste very little time finding the button to your jeans, which only causes a moments distraction before you hear the zipper begin to slide down. The cold air hits your legs as you sense me kneel, making sure to pull your underwear down with your pants to the floor. You help me as you step out of them. I leave your shirt on, finding an erotic kinkiness to you being partially naked in front of me. You lose sense of me for a moment and wonder what I am doing, doesn’t take long for you to know as you hear me undoing my own pants; which are thrown not far in front of you into the bedroom, along with my shirt and boxers creating a soggy heap. You enjoy the view of our bodies outlined in shadow on the bedroom floor in front of us, mine behind yours as I take my place behind you.

You want to turn around, you want to be face to face to be intimate but you hold still. You know waiting for this, in the anticipation of what comes next makes it all that much more. Thoughts fade gently into the background of your mind as your senses return to what I am doing to your body. Such things, as to what my mouth is doing, which returns to the soft edge where your neck meets shoulder. A hardness pressed gently against the small of your back tells you I am ready for more. A small moan escapes your mouth as you feel my arousal, the wait slowly driving you to the peak to you as you push back wanting more. Not letting you suffer too much, my hands slide under your shirt cupping each of your breasts as I bite gently down on your neck and tweak your nipples at the same time. You küçükyalı escort gasp. You hear me chuckle as I enjoy getting the reaction I wanted. I take a moment to enjoy your soft flesh, cupping each breast more fully as my fingers tease the tips of each of your nipples.

I say softly but firmly in your ear… demanding “Step back and spread your legs, BUT don’t let go”.

You follow my instructions and as you do so, my hands slide smoothly to your back as your perky breasts move out of reach, they flow down gently between your legs as I reach around you. My fingers seeking the moistness between your legs, sliding along your clit as I do so. It all sends a shock of pleasure through your body at the sudden pressure of my fingers. It all lasts but a moment. Just a taste, a tease of what is to come, but I move on quickly. Choosing not to torment you for long, you feel my nails trail back along your side and up and down your spine forcing your back to arch into me. As you move your body back you feel the head of my cock slide between your legs settling against your pussy lips. The pressure soft gentle and constant, as a soft moan of desire echoes out of my throat when I feel the warm wetness of your desire along my member. I reach down to guide myself into you; going slow at first, just so we can feel every inch of you spreading open to me. Another small groan escapes as your inner walls adjust around me, the tightness adding even more to the intense but pleasurable feelings.

My hands firmly grab your waist as I slide out to my tip before pulling you hard against me, making me to push deep into you, causing a quick gasp to escape your lips at the sudden shock of invasive pleasure. The slow movement replaced with a steady rhythm, I begin moving in long strokes pulling only just short of the head of my cock. The sound of our love making echoes in the bathroom as my hips hit ground against yours. The pace quickening, I reach below your body with my hand and place mutlukent escort two fingers on either side of your clit, pressing and rubbing in time with my strokes. Hoping to push you as fast as possible to the edge, my pace quickens even more as I become slick from your juices as you become more turned on. The quick demanding passion making your body cum quicker, your body moves willingly with mine, your hands trying to gain leverage to push back against the door frame. My grip gets becomes firmer on your ass as I spread you slightly, so I can see my wet cock moving into you. This turns me on even more, spurning me to go quicker. You tighten your inner muscles enough for me to notice. You know this action will only bring me closer to the end.

My hands move up your still damp body, sliding along your arms and then to your hands as I grind my body into yours. My fingers intertwine with yours on the door frame, squeezing tightly, indicating the coming release. Your body starts to tingle and tense ever so slightly as your orgasm nears, my hard cock inside you tenses as it feels your inner walls contract around it. Finally too much, my orgasm hits me; you can feel me cum inside you. My hands push against yours as your knees start to buckle as your own orgasm hits you after mine, your juices mixing with mine. My hands go quickly to support your body as you start to come down to the floor, your knees no longer able to support your body, and we sink down to lean against the door frame. My arms wrap around you as you sit in my lap still shaking, the remnants of your orgasm milking what’s left of me.

As the rain pours outside and the wind pounds against the windows, the night continues as I pick you up in my arms and move towards the bed not 15 feet away. We both drop into the bed in a jumble of laughs. Not wanting much more than to see all of you I move quickly to pull your shirt over your head, finally able see all of you in the lone soft light still emanating from the bathroom. As my actions reveal your lovely breasts, a wide grin spreads across my face as I begin to think of other demanding things, and remembering the leather belt just next to the bed as it all starts to form in my dirty little mind. We lay down in bed, just maybe a little bit more wet than when we started but not caring, and definitely having no desire to sleep.

And the rest of the night is another story…

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