The Dinner Date Ch. 01

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They had finally been able to arrange to meet out of town. Though it took some planning it was well worth it. She had needed to travel to Pittsburgh on business for a few days. He had made arrangements to be in the same area at the same time. He was even able to book a room in the same hotel and as fortune would have it, on the same floor! She had arrived in town the night before.

He had just arrived. It was just after 5PM when he finally checked in and got to his room. When he finally had the chance he noticed the message light blinking on his phone.

He figured it was one of those standard welcome messages from the hotel so he went about his unpacking. When he finally check his messages he found it was her!

She was in meetings all day as he knew, but she intended to beg off the dinner scheduled for that night and meet him for dinner at 6PM. She said she had already found the restaurant and made the reservations. She said she would be waiting in the parking lot and gave him the specific location. She wanted to meet in the lot so one with the meeting/convention would take notice. She had told them she was meeting an old friend who lived in town. And she said on the message, “don’t be late!”

He checked his watch 5:20PM. Just enough time to shower and shave and change into his dark suit, white shirt and deep red tie. At just before 6PM he headed for the lobby and then out to his car. He drove around the large lot to the area she said he would find her car in. He saw her and pulled up next to her.

She smiled and jumped out of her car and into his. They said hello and kissed and hugged each other. She looked wonderful. Her hair was short and perfect and it framed her pretty face. She had on a long dark trench type coat and black high heels.

He tried to reach under her coat and do more than hug her but she pushed his hands away and told him they would be late for dinner and gave him directions to the restaurant.

The were there in less than 10 minutes and chatted about their trip and how exciting it was to be away together if even for a short time. When they arrived he pulled up to the valet to park the car. He went around to open her door for her. Her coat separated and he saw her beautiful legs swing out of the car. Her legs were tanned as usual and he noticed she did not have on any hose. He instantly felt his dick throb and knew what lay ahead.

Over the previous weeks and months they had discussed many intimate and personal things. One topic was each other’s fantasies. He had shared one of his with her and she had remembered it and was about to make it come true for him.

She had seen the look of excitement in his eyes as he helped her from the car. She was glad. She loved to please him. She loved giving herself to him and she knew he would love this special gift.

As they walked into the restaurant she took his arm and she whispered to him “that he was in for a special treat.”

“Oh?” he said pretending not to know maltepe escort what she meant.

She said, “Yes, just wait”

As they approached the maitre’d , she gave him the name she had made the reservation under the night before. He looked at his book and said, “Right this way.”

The place was impressive. It had a formal dining room with dark wood tones and many tables with white tablecloths. Around the perimeter there were several booths. There weren’t many people there yet as it was early and it was a weeknight. They followed him to the far back corner of the dining room where there were several secluded semicircular booths. He pointed them to the last one.

As they approached she whispered to him that he should tip the man nicely.

He palmed him a twenty as they shook hands as he left.

She slid off her coat and leaned in and put it on the booth seat and then slid in after it.

As he watched he was speechless. She had on a beautiful white sequined sweater with a not to low V-neck front and a plunging back. Below that she had on a not so short but not so long black leather skirt.

He slid into the booth next to her with her on his right and both of them facing the restaurant with their view mostly blocked by the high dividers between the booths put there to provide privacy. Privacy he would soon discover would be needed.

Their waiter was there in seconds and they ordered a bottle of wine and said they were in no hurry. As he ordered she took hold of his hand under the table and squeezed.

When the waiter left she leaned into him and kissed him gently on the neck and ear and said, “Baby, this night is for you.”

He smiled and breathed deep. He asked her, “ what, how?” before he could say another word she put a finger to his lips silencing him.

She put her hands by her side and lifted slightly and then leaned forward. When she leaned back upright she again took his hand and this time squeezed something into his hand. He could feel it. It was a small soft ball of satiny material.

She smiled at him. When he was about to ask “ What?” she again put her finger to his lips to silence him.

At that moment the waiter returned with their wine and after the normal ceremony poured them each a glass and set the bottle in the ice bucket.

She took her wine glass and held it up in to toast his. “To fantasies fulfilled” They touched glasses and drank the wine.

She leaned over and said, “What you have in your hand is my panties. You know how I hate clothes. But this skirt was so short I had to wear them in. But now that’s its just you and I, I won’t be needing them anymore. And if you unfold them you Will find that Yes, they are soaking wet. I thought you might be able to hold them for me.”

He looked at her and said, “ If you were dressed like that today, you must have had some kind of meetings.”

She replied, “ I had on a different clothes, silly. I changed quickly pendik escort when I got back to my room early for a shower”

He asked her, “How did you find this place?”

She explained that she had been here the night before with a large group and knew it would be perfect.

She had slipped away from the group and found the host and slipped him a tip for making the reservation for this private space for tonight explaining she and her guest were celebrating a ‘special’ occasion.

She now placed her hand on his, which was now on her upper thigh. Knowing she had nothing on under her skirt was driving him wild, and she knew it.

“Easy” she said. “We have plenty of time. This is for you darling, your fantasy. To take me to a private yet public place like this teasing me, playing with my pussy, taking me to the edge over and over. It’s all for you.”

He was speechless. They had discussed this briefly he didn’t think she even remembered. Yet here they were.

He kissed her deeply and at the same time reached higher up her legs to find her pussy, which as she said was already soaking wet. With their location, the dim lights and the long tablecloth she felt somewhat relaxed and spread her legs wide to give him easy access.

At the same time she lifted slightly again while putting her hands at her sides, this time to lift her skirt high up almost to her waist. This later would prove to be wise as she would be soaking wet and would leave a considerable wet spot behind when they left. Fortunately the booth was dark leather.

She found it to be an incredible turn on sitting there in a beautiful restaurant, in a secluded booth next to a very sexy man who at this moment had several fingers working her soaking wet pussy into a hot frenzy. It was all she could do to keep from crying out or moving around violently.

He worked the fingers of his right hand in and out of her and kept pressure on her clit with his thumb. The whole time keeping his left hand on his wine glass.

She leaned over to him and moaned her approval. She asked, “ Is this what you wanted baby? Does it feel good?”

He didn’t respond with words, he simply increased his attack, which caused her to almost fall back in the booth.

Just then their waiter returned with the menus and the normal speech about specials. During this she sat up and tried to pay attention. But this was impossible. He had not stopped his assault on her wet pussy. He had only slowed it down.

She tried to get him to stop by squeezing her legs together but he simply increased the pressure on her clit. She smiled but did not hear a word that was said.

When the waited left he turned and kissed her deeply and told her “ This is fabulous, thank you so much!”

“Oh” she whimpered, “ nothing, nothing at all, you naughty SOB!” How am I supposed to control myself long enough to even order with your hand on my ‘button’?”

He laughed out loud and she smiled. kaynarca escort He said not to worry, he would order for them, and that he had told the waiter to give them some time, they were in no hurry.

With that she relaxed a little and he turned full towards her and kissed her deeply pulling his right hand from between her legs and replacing it temporarily with his left. He now gently stroked the soft skin of her inner thighs as she again spread her legs wide for him. He now was able to slip his right hand in the side of her sweater and cup and caress her beautiful full breast and of course squeeze her already hard nipple. As he did so she shuddered and moaned into his mouth.

He broke off their kiss and asked her, “ Was that what I think it was, a small orgasm?”

She smiled a sly smile and answered, “ No, no of course not…”

He looked at her and simply said, “Liar”

Since she had just cum he decided to let her ‘cool’ down awhile. He turned reluctantly taking his right hand away from her soft left tit. He also removed his left hand from between her legs. He got the waiter ‘s attention and called him over to the table. He placed their order. As the waiter was taking their order he felt her hands all over his rock hard cock. In an instant she had his pants undone and his cock and balls in her hands.

She casually looked up and smiled.

When the waiter left she said to him, “Two can play at this game you know”

He groaned his approval.

She was stroking his hard member with one hand while working his balls with the other. She would occasionally stop her stroking motion to run a few fingertips across the head to gather up all the pre-cum. She would then bring her fingertips to her lips and slowly and seductively lick them clean whispering in his ear, “mmmmmmm, I love the taste, the smell of you.” just loud enough for him to hear.

Again he heard a moan coming from his lips and throb deep down in his cock. Not to be outdone, he reached over and slid his hand quickly between he legs and ran the tips over her wet lips, she gasped at the attention, and then returned them to his mouth to suck them clean.

She kissed him mingling their tastes together. She, at the same time increased the speed and intensity of her attack on his cock and balls. He could feel it and so could she. He was on the edge.

She looked around quickly and then quickly bent over and gave the head of his cock, which by this time was almost at table height, a quick kiss and lick, and then released her grip and slowed her attentions.

He moaned this time in agony.

She had brought him to the edge and stopped, on purpose.

So this was how it was to be.

She didn’t want him to come just yet.

He couldn’t believe she stopped. Although, he really couldn’t believe anything about the whole evening. His cock was throbbing under the tablecloth. Just the small change in pressure of her letting go and the cool air around it was noticeable to him in his state of heightened arousal.

She had turned the tables on him, in his own fantasy.

Soon their dinner began to arrive, which gave them both a chance to calm down a bit. He was not through with her yet and he was sure she had more in store for him also….

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