The Cuckolded Reviewer – Part VI


When we arrived back home I half expected Trish and Abe to head straight upstairs to the bedroom, but they didn’t. Trish took my hand and led me into the sitting room while Abe went upstairs alone. Trish closed the door and put her arms around my neck and kissed me. It was more than welcome. I was nervous as well as hurting with jealousy. “I love you Tim,” she told me. I ran my hand down her back feeling the outline of her undergarments. I recalled another excerpt from a story I had once read. “Always remind your husband that you love him,” she had written. “Let him know that he is still yours even though you are about to let another man fuck you. Your husband will be feeling hurt and jealous. He will feel insecure. Reassure him that you love him.” I pulled her close to me, “You are going to bed with him, aren’t you?” Trish nodded, “But not for sex,” she told me. “We are just going to sleep together like we did at first, share a bed, but no sex.” I remembered those days. I remembered how we used to share a bed when her parents were away. Naked inside her single bed. Naked, pressed up close together. There was something highly erotic about being so close and yet unable to have sex. I had an erection the whole night and I would leak pre-cum. Trish would wake up with her bottom all wet and sticky. “I see,” I told her. “You don’t mind do you?” “What if I said I that I did?” I asked her. She kissed me, “Then I wouldn’t do it,” she told me. “But then you would never know what it would be like to sleep alone, like a cuckold does, while his wife is in the marital bed with her lover.” Trish was playing me. She may as well have held my cock in her hand as she said that. “You do want to know what it is like don’t you?” she told me. “You want to think of me lying there with Abe, don’t you? Escort Karşıyaka Lying there with horny Abe with his arm around me; pressed up against me with his enormous cock!” I groaned. “You do don’t you?” I nodded. “Why don’t you take me upstairs and undress me? Strip me and dress me in that nightdress you bought for me to wear for him. Abe will like that. He likes to see a husband undress his wife ready for sex with him.” I followed her upstairs and into our bedroom. Abe was already naked and under the covers on my side of the bed. ‘Bulls’ liked to do that, they’re not just content with taking your place in the marital bed but sleeping where you usually sleep as well. It was all part of the humiliation process. As I stood there looking at him, Trish went to a drawer and took out the nightdress I had bought her. It was just a flimsy piece of silk that would rest on her hips. It would cover her breasts but that was all. “Tim bought this for me to wear for you Abe,” she told him as she held it up. Abe smiled, “Is it worth even putting it on?” Trish laughed, “I need to wear something for modesty and decency.” Abe laughed. Trish then turned to me and asked me to undress her. Abe settled back with his arms under his head and watched as I stripped her. He had already seen her naked for the first time earlier but I knew that he was finding this undressing special. Men like him do. They like to see a husband strip his wife for sex with them. I was surprised that he didn’t uncover himself to let me see his aroused state. It was another thing that men like him liked to do. Sit or lie naked watching as the husband stripped his wife for them, making sure that the husband can see how horny he I was getting. Abe, however, just lay there and watched bornova escort as I undressed her and then helped her into her nightdress. Trish then walked to her side of the bed and stood there for a moment. She was waiting, waiting for me to lift the covers for her. Again, it was all part of the cuckolding ritual; the cuckolded husband tucking his wife into the bed beside her lover. I lifted the duvet for her and Trish gave me a quick kiss before slipping into bed. I watched as Abe cuddled up to her and then I turned away. As I closed the bedroom door behind me I leant against it for a few moments trying to gather my senses together. Behind me was my wife lying in my bed with another man. It was something that I was finding hard to grapple with. I knew that ordinarily in these cases the husband would be hearing the sound of his wife’s soft moans by now. Her lover would be kissing her; touching her; arousing her, preparing her for fucking. I had once read a story of a ‘Bull’ making the cuckold sit on a chair outside the bedroom while he fucked his wife. I remember well his description of the sounds coming from the wall behind him. The moans growing louder and louder and then the loud shout as her lover penetrated her. He could hear the bed rocking against the wall; the straining of the bedsprings. He could hear her lover’s grunts and groans as well but above all he could hear his wife. Cries, screams and yelps as she was being fucked. Loud verbal praise of her lover’s size and prowess. Then finally the cries of orgasm, his wife’s first and then her lover’s. There was no immediate silence but a long series of soft moans that gradually settled into a silence as his wife and her lover relaxed after their bout of lovemaking. The next sounds he heard üçyol escort bayan were the bedsprings briefly creaking as her lover climbed off his wife’s spent body and then he heard his name being called out. It was time for him to perform his next humiliating cuckold duties. As I leant against the door I heard none of that. I only heard silence but I knew that in that silence there would be touching and intimacy taking place. We used to do it back in those early days together, Abe would be no different to me in touching her; stroking her; feeling her. Abe would be exploring her body just as I had done. I didn’t wait around for long. I heard them kiss and I heard Trish say ‘Goodnight’ to him. It was also time for my bed and time for my next stage in cuckolding, sleeping alone in the spare bedroom. I don’t know how many accounts I had read of this part of the cuckolding but by all accounts it was probably the most enduring. Lying there alone in bed while your wife was next door with her lover was a true test of endurance. You can hear your wife and her lover making love. You can hear their sounds of pleasure. While you pleasure yourself to sleep they are fucking themselves into a sleep. While you are reduced to cumming in your hand your wife’s lover has the luxury of cumming deep inside her. That should be your place to cum inside but instead you were alone. I, of course, did not have that luxury. I was caged and unable to pleasure myself. Eventually, I turned over and went to sleep. I awoke next morning to find Trish sitting in the edge of my bed. She leaned over and kissed me. “Sleep well?” she asked me. “So so,” I replied reaching out to touch her thigh. “You?” “We slept fine.” She was still dressed in her nightdress. I caressed her thigh again, “Did you?” I asked her. She smiled and shook her head, “No, but I do want to.” My heart sank. I ran my hand between her thighs and she parted them to allow me to touch her. She was quite wet. “You’re horny,” I told her. She nodded, “I know,” she said, “Abe’s been touching me all night.” “I knew that he would,” I replied.

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