The Company Christmas Party


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My name is James and I work at a medium sized manufacturing plant outside of Detroit. It makes parts for Ford. I am a production supervisor. Well, it was about two weeks before Christmas and our company party was going to be in a week.

I was sitting at my desk when my phone rang. It was the head of our department’s secretary. She told me that I was to report to Mr. Dickson’s office right away. Being called to the boss’s office is a lot like being stopped by a cop. Your first thought is if you are in trouble. I could not think of anything I had done wrong as I walked down the hall to his office.

His secretary told me to go right in. Mr. Dickson shook my hand he greeted me. He did not look or sound angry so I relaxed a little. “James, first let me tell you that you are doing a good job. Are you coming to the Christmas party? Sit down.”

I said that I was as we sat.

“I have a favor to ask. Most of the employees are married with families and will be bringing their families to the party. I know that you are single and I wanted to ask if you would be willing to be Santa at the party. It would only be for an hour or so, so the kids can sit on your lap and tell you that they have been good and what gifts they would like. We will rent a costume for you. Will you do it?”

It actually sounded like it could be fun but even if I had not liked the idea it would have been company suicide to turn down the boss’s request so I said sure.

A couple days before the party, Mr. Dickson sent me to get my costume and be sure it was the right fit. It was exactly as you would expect. Red pants, a red jacket trimmed in white fur, a red Santa hat and a big white beard. They also gave me belly padding as I am thirty Anadolu Yakası Escort two and in good trim shape. I tried it all on and as I stood in front of the mirror I let out a big deep Ho, Ho, Ho. I was Santa.

Santa was going to be introduced near the start of the party because we knew that many of the families with little kids would not be staying very long. They had set up a big chair and decorated around it. There was a bag of small gifts for me to hand out then and I had a Santa’s Helper to take photos and write down what the kids asked for and give that info to the parents.

I did not count the number of kids but there were quite a few and they aged from about three to maybe twelve. I and they had fun with the Santa visit. Finally the last kid had sat on my lap and I was about to go change back into my regular clothes when Jessica from the accounting department came over and planted herself on my knee.

I knew Jessica but not to talk to. I just saw her around the office when I had reason to go there. She was probably around twenty, short, slim and small breasted. She looked like she had some Asian blood somewhere back in her family tree. She is a really cute little thing.

She leaned in and in a very soft sexy voice spoke in my ear. “Santa I have to admit that I have been naughty a few times this year. If you want to go someplace alone with me I will show you gust how good I can be. But you have to leave your Santa suit on.” Then she kissed my cheek.

I could not pass up an offer like that. As we stood up I said, “Ho, Ho, Ho, let’s go.” Jessica followed me as I went out to my car. Before we were out of the parking lot she had her head on my shoulder and her hand between my legs rubbing my crotch.

“I’m really looking forward to opening your Christmas Bostancı Escort package, Santa.”

We arrived at and went into my apartment. I held her and bent down and kissed her thru my fake Santa beard. “Oh Santa, your beard tickles.” Then she dropped to her knees in front of me. “The one thing we do not need is this pair of Santa pants.” She unbuckled the belt and pulled the pants and my shorts down. I stepped out of them.

Jessica held my balls in one hand and planted a little kiss on the tip of my rapidly hardening cock. Then she put her other hand around the shaft and her lips over the head. I knew it had to be wet with pre-cum but she did not wipe it off first. She tickled the tip with her tongue and then took her hand off my North Pole and slid her lips down over my now candy cane hard rod, taking most of my seven inches into her mouth.

She bobbed her head up and down on my prick while gently squeezing my sack full of nuts till she had me ready to explode. I warned her that she was about to make me come. She only paused a minute to ask me if I could go twice. When I said yes, her lips quickly slip back over my man meat. Sucking hard she rapidly took me deeply into her mouth over and over again. I could see her cheeks pulling in from the sucking.

I closed my eyes, rested on hand on her head and moaned loudly as I sprayed several shots of sauce into her mouth. After nothing more would come out, she pulled off and showed me that she had swallowed every drop. “Well Santa, I bet I am on both the naughty and the nice list now.”

Then she stood up and stripped out of her clothes. It was a beautiful sight to see this young lady standing naked in front of me. I noticed that her nipples were big and hard. I started to strip off my costume but she told me not to. It was Erenköy Escort obvious that she was having fun playing out her Santa fuck fantasy. I took her by the hand and led her to my bed.

She jumped up on the bed and lay on her back with her lags spread wide. I dove face first to the point where her legs came together and her cleanly shaved snatch beckoned me to come have a snack. It wasn’t Santa’s milk and cookies, it was even better.

I licked and sucked and probed with fervor. It did not take long to bring her to a hard climax. She grabbed the sheets. Her head rolled from side to side. Her eyes rolled up into her head and she screamed out; “Yes, Yes, Oh Fuck Yes. Do it hard. Fuck me hard, Santa.” My cock was hard again so I wasted no time shoving it balls deep into her soaking wet toy box. Damn she had a tight pussy. She let out a loud, “Ahhhhh.”

Jessica thrashed around and fucked her pussy up to my cock to match my every thrust. She went wild. After more than five minutes of hard pounding she screamed out one last time and then went limp, collapsing down onto the bed. I had not come yet. I had her put her legs tightly together inside of mine and I slowly continued pleasuring myself inside her. With one final shove I pushed deeply into her, held still and felt my cock pulse as it emptied its load of baby cream deep into her. She softly moaned as she felt me filling her. It never even entered my head to ask her if she was on the pill.

I rolled off and lay next to her. Jessica sat up and bent down and sucked my softening prick clean. Then she cuddled up next to me. We almost fell asleep but finally got up. One more time I kissed her as Santa. “Thank you for the wonderful present, Santa.”

I dressed back into my normal clothes and we drove back to the party. She had her head on my shoulder and her hand on my crotch. When I pulled into a parking space she kissed me on the cheek, jumped out of the car and almost skipped back into the building to rejoin the party.

I sat in the car for several minutes savoring what had just happened.

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