The Club Ch. 05


Ch. 05 – The Gathering (Part 2)

Donna raised her hips and looked down at Gina’s face. The strong, confident athlete sucked in a deep breath and exhaled in a long moan. Gina’s lithe, muscular body writhed in ecstasy. With her arms trapped by Donna’s legs, she was only able to lightly caress Donna’s thighs with her fingertips. She moaned again, louder. Donna looked over her shoulder to see Melissa and Debra, her two most powerful subjects working together to drive Gina to unimagined heights of pleasure. Melissa was sliding two fingers in and out of Gina’s pussy, with excruciating slowness, twisting her fingers so as to excite every nerve. Debra was bent over Gina’s prone form from the side, teasing the woman’s clit with her tongue while massaging her large breasts with her right hand. She occasionally reached upwards to gently caress Donna’s perfect ass.

Donna lowered her pussy back onto Gina’s hungry tongue, eliciting the longest and loudest moan yet. Satisfied, she turned to Candace, sitting before a large bank of monitors, watching intently.

“Bring me up to speed, Candace.”

Candace’s fingers flew across the keyboard in front of her and immediately the large television screen opposite the bed lit up with a live image of the very room they were in. Donna was kneeling comfortably upon the face of Gina, the Club’s 10th ranked member. Donna’s legs pinned Gina’s strong arms to the bed, rendering the woman completely helpless. Melissa sat on the left side of Gina’s body, idly fingering the trapped woman’s pussy. Debra lay sprawled perpendicular to Gina’s body, enthusiastically licking her clit and occasionally sliding her tongue between Melissa’s fingers. She pinched one of Gina’s nipples and the woman’s legs writhed as an orgasm shook her body.

“You’re here in your lounge. You, Debra, and Melissa are toying with Gina for your amusement and mutual gratification. I’m also here, monitoring the Gathering.” Candace began, narrating tonelessly.

“Yes, Candace. Thank you. Please proceed down the list,” Donna replied dryly, glancing over her shoulder to share a knowing smile with Melissa. Melissa’s long hair was currently dyed a dark crimson. Her voluptuous body was tanned to perfection. Donna would have her later.

“Barbie is absent, attending a conference in Geneva. She returns in three days. Last night, she attended a function hosted by the Swiss Chamois. Unfortunately, we have no video, but the reports are that she chose five members, three men and two women, and left them in a predictable condition. One of the women was marked as a candidate, but Barbie removed her from the list this morning.”

The television abruptly changed, displaying an unfamiliar angel sprawled upon his back, writhing in great distress. A black haired beauty had the head of his cock in her mouth, sucking greedily as she pumped his shaft with one hand and massaged his balls with the other. As they watched, the angel came noisily and attempted to push the woman away. Ignoring him, she began to pump faster and suck harder. The angel’s cries echoed through the speakers.

“Nikki is well on her way to ruining a second Ruler in as many days,” Candace reported.

“What is Samael’s status?” Donna asked.

The screen flickered to a lower quality feed. Samael lay naked upon his bed, grimacing in frustration as he gripped his flaccid penis. “Nikki abused him for just under four hours. He technically orgasmed 23 times. He hasn’t had an erection since. Also, he failed to call in absent for the Gathering this evening.”

“Very good. I will speak to Nikki. Continue.”

Now the screen showed three women consumed in intense love-making. A curly-haired redhead was licking and fingering the pussy of a tall, athletic black-haired woman who was engaged in a furious and passionate kiss with a shorter, heavier, heavily-tattooed Asian woman. The black-haired woman was rapidly fingering the Asian woman as they kissed. “Lana, Lily, and Carla are playing Key to Rebecca. Lana and Lily have been trading control since the beginning. Carla hasn’t made a significant move yet. Lana is currently winning.”

Again, the screen changed. Five women knelt in a circle chanting and swaying. Inside the circle were two women passionately interlocked and hungrily licking each other’s pussy. “Claire and her Cabal are performing their usual rituals. It would appear that they will be concentrating their efforts on Amy to prepare her for her challenge against Sylla. That is Kym currently in the circle beneath Amy. Linda was with her previously.”

“Tamika is, predictably, late,” Candace continued. “Monique is absent.”

The screen now showed a pair of women riding a matching pair of angels while kissing and fondling each other. “Ash and Sunnye are enjoying each other’s company along with a pair of Virtues. Note that they did not pick Dominions, though Ash has the right to do so.”

Candace began flicking through the screen more quickly, noting Donna’s Maltepe Escort growing impatience. A large-breasted blonde, with a tattoo of a serpent covering her entire back, servicing three angels. A dark, mysterious woman of American Indian descent with two of her own. A thin, Spanish beauty coupled with a pale dark-haired woman. The screen flashed rapidly, punctuated by Candace’s terse descriptions until they reached Sylla.

Candace remained silent for a long moment as Donna studied the Club’s newest Member. “Sylla has had a busy evening,” she said carefully. When Donna didn’t reply, she continued. “She began by binding Annie to a sofa and setting two Rulers on her. Then she jumped Gadreel, finishing him in about 20 seconds.”

“Do not exaggerate, Candace,” Donna interrupted testily. “How long did he last against her?”

The screen went blank for a moment. When it re-appeared, Sylla was standing naked on the arena floor, slowly scanning her surroundings. She grabbed a nearby angel, shoved him onto his back and began riding him furiously. As she climbed off, the screen froze, capturing the angel’s shocked look of defeat and Sylla’s victorious grin. “18 seconds, Mistress Donna,” Candace reported.

Donna stared at the screen, her eyes narrowing.

“After that she selected Ambriel. She enjoyed his talents for a bit, but then grew bored of him and lined up more angels. She defeated him, then Kamuel, and then both Harut and Marut.”

“She defeated the Twins together?” Donna demanded.

“Yes, Mistress Donna. She appears to have settled on Leliel for the remainder of the evening.”

“Is that all?”

“That leaves only Annie. Another Ruler joined the other two, but she has taken control.” The screen flickered a final time, showing Annie free of her restraints, riding one angel while sucking the cock of another with vigor.

Donna took a deep breath. “Signal the start of the Challenge. When it is over, present Sylla with our gift. See to it personally.”

She raised her hips and glanced down at Gina. The woman gasped for breath and shook her head from side to side. “Mistress…please,” she begged. “I don’t know how much more I can take.”

Donna stroked Gina’s beautiful face tenderly before lowering herself back down. “That’s ok, dear,” she assured her. “I know exactly how much more you can take.”

* * *

“Two minutes until you’re on.”

Michelle nodded in response to Candace’s disembodied voice and took a deep breath, looking herself over in the mirror. She was of medium height with a thin, petite body, but blessed with large, pert breasts which were all the more impressive contrasted with her small waist and limbs. She turned from side to side, examining herself in the mirror for any signs of imperfection, but her 23 year old body remained free of blemishes. Her long, brown hair flowed freely over her shoulders. Her eyes twinkled and she flashed her best girl-next-door smile at the reflection.

Michelle nodded again. She was ready for this. She was young, hungry, and undefeated in The Club. With tonight’s victory over Kara, she would be ranked 29th, only a few challenges away from moving up to the next tier.

She drew an ankle-length red silk robe over her naked body. Undressing your opponent was often used as a tool of domination, but Michelle did not plan on ever being on the defensive in this match. Kara had a reputation for being submissive, but insatiable. Michelle would go on the offensive from the very beginning and not let up until Kara admitted defeat. Just like how Sylla had destroyed Annie in her first match.

Michelle felt a thrill run through her body as she thought about The Club’s newest member. She has spent much of the day watching Sylla’s match over and over when she should have been studying Kara’s videos. But it had been such a delicious performance, she couldn’t help herself. After Sylla defeats Amy, she can challenge me. Now, that will be a match.

Michelle took a deep breath, focusing. The eyes of nearly every Member would be on her. It was her time to shine.

“It’s time,” Candace said through the speaker. With a final glance at the mirror, Michelle walked out of the preparation room, turning left down the hallway.

The arena was near completely dark, except for the lights centered upon the stage. As she emerged into the massive room, a single spotlight lit her up. A pair of Rulers fell in step to either side of her, escorting her to the stage. She walked calmly and slowly, feeling the anticipation of every Member pressing down upon her. She looked around the bottom tier as she made her way forward, wondering what excitement she had missed at the Gathering.

Belle was lounging comfortably on a couch, a look of profound satisfaction written across her face. Three angels, clearly spent, stood a few feet behind her couch, where they would remain as her trophies, until she dismissed them. Belle gave Michelle a sly wink and blew her a Ümraniye Escort kiss.

Directly between herself and the stage, Annie was occupied with a pair of angels, riding one while sucking the other’s cock with equal intensity. A third angel stood nearby, already defeated. Michelle paused next to the couch as Annie and the angels came to a thunderous conclusion. Michelle clapped politely as the angels took their place behind the couch. “Cutting it a bit close tonight,” Michelle observed in mock disapproval.

Annie favored her with a huge grin. “I was hurrying! I started off at a bit of a…disadvantage. But, good luck! I know you’re going to be fantastic,” she bubbled happily. “Win one for us local girls, alright?”

“Guaranteed,” Michelle replied, and turning, stepped to the stage. Her two escorts offered her their hands and she climbed up onto the cushioned stage.

A hush fell over the arena as she walked in a slow circle. Sylla was riding Leliel, one of The Club’s newest angels, adjacent to the stage. At the edge of the light, Michelle could just barely make out the forms of four… no, five angels lined up behind Sylla. Michelle’s eyes widened in appreciation. She favored Sylla with a lustful look, which was returned with interest. Lots of potential there, she thought to herself, and felt her libido crank up another notch.

Stepping to the center of the stage, she allowed her robe to fall off her shoulders. A sigh of appreciation murmured through the arena. She revolved once, allowing everyone in attendance to get a full view, before moving to one edge of the stage and kneeling to wait. She just happened to kneel next to Sylla.

“Hey, new girl,” she said nonchalantly, glancing casually over her shoulder at The Club’s newest Member. “Looks like you’ve had a busy night.” Michelle flicked her eyes back to the fallen angels. Holy shit, she defeated the Twins, she realized.

Sylla followed Michelle’s glance and seemed surprised to see her evening’s handiwork standing by. Leliel grunted through his gag and pantomimed waving them away. Sylla dismissed them and turned back to Michelle. “I wanted to make a splash,” Sylla admitted, innocently batting her eyelashes.

Michelle laughed warmly. “I’d say you did. And how are you, Leliel?”

Leliel gave a thumbs-up and rolled his eyes. Sylla and Michelle giggled like teenage girls. The playful banter with Sylla was relaxing her. “I wish I could join you two. But I have another date, I’m afraid.”

Sylla nodded seriously. “I’m otherwise occupied, as well,” she replied dryly. Sylla and Michelle stared at each other for a long moment before erupting into another prolonged fit of giggling. Leliel heaved a deep, long-suffering sigh sending them off again. Abruptly, Sylla straightened. “Your date has arrived.”

Michelle turned to see Kara stepping onto the stage, surprised that she had been so thoroughly distracted.

Kara had been a member of The Club for a very long time. She had been ranked as high as 18th in the earlier days when there were fewer members, but her victories had been few and far between. She had settled in as a gatekeeper for the top 30. Her weakness was a lack of aggression. She was known to have an insatiable sexual appetite, but that could be said of every member. To win, you have to aggressive and hungry. Like me. Like Sylla.

Kara wasted no time on theatrics, but walked to the opposite end of the stage and turned to face Michelle. Kara was wearing a long black robe, causing her pale skin to appear milky white by contrast. Looking directly into Michelle’s eyes, Kara slipped the robe off her shoulders and let it fall to a puddle at her feet. She was wearing a leopard print bra and panties which Michelle found inexplicably, yet incredibly sexy.

Unlike many of the members of The Club, Kara did not have the type of body that was found in fashion magazines. She stood only a tad over five feet tall, with short limbs and a slightly too-large nose. What she lacked in supermodel looks, she more than made up for in curvaceous femininity. Her large breasts strained against confinement. Her finger and toenails were painted a fiery shade of red, matching her long hair which hung past her waist. She had an air of sexual confidence surrounding her that was intoxicating. Michelle felt herself begin to grow wet and licked her lips in anticipation.

Kara knelt with her hands on her knees and closed her eyes. Taking a deep breath, she moved her hands slowly up her thighs. Her fingers traced the edges of her panties. As her left hand continued up her body to cup one magnificent breast, the fingers of her right hand slipped inside the front of her underwear and her lips parted in a silent moan. Slowly, Kara traced a line up her belly with a single finger, leaving a thin trail of wetness along her skin. She brought the finger into her mouth and sucked, opening her eyes to stare directly at Michelle.

Michelle shivered and fell to all fours. Kara followed İstanbul Escort suit, crawling towards Michelle with languid feline sexuality. The Challenge had begun.

They met in the center of the stage and kissed passionately on hands and knees. Slowly, they rose together to a kneeling position, their hands coming off the floor to grope at each other. Michelle hooked one hand around Kara’s neck for control. Her other hand squeezed one of Kara’s large breasts through the velvety fabric of her bra. Kara rested her own hands on Michelle’s small hips, pulling their bodies together until their skin touched. Michelle’s head fell back and Kara covered her bare neck in kisses.

It was time to get Kara out of that bra, Michelle decided, and stretched her hand around the larger woman’s body, reaching for the clasp. Kara shifted her body slightly, frustrating Michelle’s attempt to undo her bra and trailed kisses down Michelle’s neck and onto her bare chest. Michelle stretched further to the side, switching her weight to one knee. She could just feel the clasp with the tip of her outstretched fingers.

Suddenly Kara’s fingers were sliding easily inside of her. Michelle let loose a surprised yelp of pleasure. She could rarely remember being so wet, so fully aroused. She abandoned her quest for Kara’s bra clasp and gripped the woman’s wrist, trying to pull her hand away, but Kara was surprisingly strong and began fingering her with unstoppable intensity. With her other hand, Kara grabbed a fistful of Michelle’s hair and forced her to fall sidewise, writhing against Kara’s fingers.

Kara wasted no time in moving around to Michelle’s side and pinning her back to the floor with her weight. All the while, she fingered Michelle with increasing ferocity.

Michelle writhed beneath the concentrated onslaught, but was unable to slip away from the heavier, stronger woman. She growled in frustration. This was not going the way she had planned. She should have Kara naked and on her back by now. Instead, she would now have to wait for an opening to make her move. Sylla was just a few feet away, watching. She had so badly wanted to put on a perfect performance of domination for her.

But she could put on a hell of a performance even while at a disadvantage, she reminded herself. And it may open up some opportunities to reverse the situation.

Rather than resisting, Michelle accepted Kara’s domination. She relaxed her body, letting all of the tension flow away. Immediately, the pleasure shooting through her body from Kara’s fingers doubled and she moaned encouragingly. She gripped Kara’s wrist in both of her hands and pulled her opponent’s fingers deeper inside of herself, squeezing the woman’s hand between her thighs. “Make me cum, Kara,” she whispered sultrily. “Please.”

Kara shifted her weight carefully, allowing herself better access to Michelle’s body, while keeping the smaller woman effectively trapped. She pulled her fingers out of Michelle’s dripping twat. Her three middle fingers glistened with the juices of Michelle’s pleasure. She held her hand between their faces, turning it to and fro. She stuck her fingers into her mouth and sucked, moaning audibly at the taste. She took her time, twisting her fingers and sucking every last bit of flavor out while Michelle writhed beneath her. “Please, don’t stop,” Michelle begged.

Kara raised an eyebrow and trailed her hand back down Michelle’s body until she reached the small tuft of pubic hair. She ran her fingers lightly through and over the fine hair. She took a pinch of hair between her fingers and tugged gently. Michelle whimpered softly.

Again her fingers slid inside of Michelle, who moaned loudly and began to writhe sensuously. Michelle gripped her own breasts, teasing and pinching the nipples between her fingers as Kara fingered her pussy. She felt the orgasm begin to build deep inside of her and fanned the flames in every way possible. She imagined it was Sylla’s fingers inside of her. Sylla’s hands on her breasts. Sylla bringing her to a thundering climax. Her body tightened as the orgasm welled up, her moans growing louder and louder.

Kara pulled her fingers out and held her hand between their faces again. A sob-like moan escaped Michelle’s parted lips. Kara stuck her fingers inside of Michelle’s mouth this time. Michelle sucked greedily. She had been with very few women who tasted as good as she herself did. She licked Kara’s fingers clean and looked hopefully up into the redhead’s eyes. “Please, fuck me with your fingers,” she whispered.

Smiling, Kara again ran her wet fingers down Michelle’s flat stomach and over the small mound of brown hair. With her middle finger, she drew tiny circles around Michelle’s clit. Michelle writhed and shifted her body, attempting to guide Kara’s fingers inside of her. Kara shook her head and continued teasing her clit, staring down at Michelle expectantly.

Michelle moaned in frustration. She was frustrated that she was being toyed with. Frustrated that she was being made to look like an amateur in front of Sylla and all the other Members. And frustrated sexually. She wanted to cum. Needed to cum. So badly she could hardly think straight. “Please, Kara,” she begged. “Finish me.”

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