The Christmas Party


It was time for the company Christmas party. Most of the women decided to go together, without their husbands or boyfriends. They figured that they would be able to just relax and have a good night out with the girls. They decided to pair up & stay at a nearby hotel for the evening so no one would have to worry about driving home after drinking. Everyone arrived at the hotel around 3PM and checked in. Grace decided to go at the last minute, so she was on her own for a hotel room, which she didn’t mind anyways. No one else to rush her in the shower, or, fighting for space in front of the mirror. The other girls were paired up as follows….Julia with Agnes, and Mary with Angie.

The guys also decided to share in on rooms, but, when they arrived at the hotel, they discovered that the hotel had overbooked. There was only one room available, and the hotel clerk said that they could only put four people to a room. They decide to draw straws and whoever got the shortest straw was on their own for the evening. Marcel went first, holding his breathe he withdrew the first straw. He quickly let out a sigh of relief when he saw it in its entire length. Next were Sam, and Ben. Both pulled the same as Marcel. It was down to Mark and Andrew. Andrew was next to pull when he pulled out a straw that was about half the size of the rest, Mark was quickly relieved!

The men went to their room and Andrew called Angie to see if he could stay with her in her room. Andrew and Angie’s families had been friends for a long time. So, this would not have been a problem if it wasn’t for Mary. Mary was very stubborn to the fact that NO men would be joining them in their room on this weekend. Angie told Andrew to just hold tight in the lobby and she would figure something out. She made a call to Grace, knowing that she had two double beds in her room all to herself for the weekend. After a little convincing and some bargaining, Angie had finally talked Grace into letting Andrew stay with her for the weekend.

When Andrew arrived at Grace’s room, he came in and she pointed out which bed would be his, and that she had already taken up the hangers in the closet, but if he wanted more, he could call down & request for more to be brought to the room. But, the dresser still had plenty of empty drawers in it. Grace told him that he could take a shower and have run of the bathroom until 5:00, but after that, it was all hers. Until then she was going to take a nap before getting ready for the party. Andrew agreed, and told Grace that he couldn’t thank her enough for allowing him to room with her for the weekend. Andrew went right to the shower, and Grace did as she said. She was out before she even heard him turn the water on.

At 5:15, Grace woke to Andrew tapping her on the shoulder. “Grace, are you going to get up and get ready?” She immediately jumped up and went into the shower. Andrew decided that since all he had to do is throw on his suit for the party that he was going to take a nap now. Grace spent the next hour and a half getting ready. After she had finished with her make up and doing her hair, she walked out of the bathroom in her towel relieved to find Andrew still fast asleep. She decided that since he was sleeping so well, that it was ok for her to get dressed right there instead of trying to put everything on in the small bathroom.

She wore a long, black, satin gown. With green and red rhinestone holly jewels holding up the straps. Her hair was done so that most of it was up, but she had a few curls hanging down the back, and a few soft curls framing her face. She was a beautiful girl, and needed no make up, but what little she put on Anadolu Yakası Escort made her look even more stunning.

Before she realized it, it was quarter to seven. She yelled over to Andrew that if he wanted to make it for the cocktail hour he’d have to put a move on it. She startled him with her yell, and when he looked up from his pillow, he was mesmerized by her beautiful bare skin on her shoulders and back. She was slightly bent over putting her shoes on when she called out to him. He heard nothing she said, but figured it was about being late when he realized what time it was. He told her not to feel obligated to wait for him, but she said that she would rather not walk down to the party alone anyways. Andrew was ready in a matter of ten minutes, and they were off.

On the way down to the party, and elderly couple shared the elevator with them. The old woman asked if they were on their honeymoon. Grace quickly responded with a big “NO”. Andrew then explained about their situation, and that they were on their way down to the company party right now. Truth was, as the minutes passed, Andrew was noticing a whole new side of Grace. They had always been really good friends at work, but, nothing more. Grace was a bit older, and married with children. Andrew was a young twenty one year old, still in school, living with his parents, trying to make some money to pay for grad school. They were always chatty on their lunch breaks together, and always spoke to each other in passing, but never thought of each other as anything other than co-workers before. Andrew was beginning to get excited about the evening ahead of him.

When they arrived in the grand ballroom of the hotel, they quickly split up and went right to their groups of friends. The girls had already ordered Grace a drink, and it was sitting on the table right next to her name tag. All the tables held ten, and she quickly noticed that all the girls’ name tags were at every other spot on the table. The company boss decided that since they all worked the same shift, they could all sit together, which Grace had already assumed would be the case anyways. But, she didn’t expect them to pair the men and women up like this. She immediately said to Agnes… “Why don’t we just switch them around so that we can all sit together”. Agnes told her that she had already suggested it to the group, but the other girls were quite happy to be paired up with a male for the evening. She did mention however that Angie had switched some of the mens’ names around to accommodate who she preferred to sit with for the night. Grace took a look around the table and found who was paired with whom. It was Angie with Marcel, Julia with Ben, Mary with Sam, Agnes with Mark (which Grace knew that Agnes had a huge crush on anyways), and Her with Andrew. “ANDREW!, Oh great! Now, not only do I have to come up with conversation all night, but, I have to baby-sit too!” Agnes told her to relax and just try to have a good time. She definitely intended to have a good time. She picked up her drink and it was gone in a matter of seconds.

As cocktail hour reached it’s end Grace had already downed quite a few drinks and was feeling the effect of the alcohol take place. She knew she needed to eat something or she would be back up in the hotel room before ten o’clock, passed out. Dinner arrived on the table just in time. Everyone was actually quite impressed with the meal. Small conversations took place while everyone was eating, but nothing too impressive. Mark & Agnes seemed to be getting along pretty well though. Mark would make little jokes, and Agnes would just giggle at everything he said. Pendik Escort Grace ordered another drink with dinner. When the waitress returned, Andrew decided that he was going to outdrink Grace that night & made a challenge with her. She accepted that challenge, and ordered another round for the both of them right away.

Angnes heard their conversation and said to Grace, “great babysitter” as she let out another giggle. “Looks like the two of you found something in common after all.” The music started as dessert was served. Mark & Agnes got up right away to dance and Julia and Ben followed right behind them. About a minute later, Mary and Sam joined them out on the dance floor also. Everyone seemed to be doing just fine with the arrangements that Angie had made for them with the seating and all. Angie and Marcel were still seated at the table with Grace and Andrew when the waitress came back and Andrew ordered another round for the two of them. Angie seemed to get quite annoyed at the “challenge” that the two of them were overtaking. She quickly spoke her mind on the matter too. Andrew told her to relax and try to have a good time herself. Although, it didn’t look like any sparks were flying between Marcel and her.

By the time 10:30 rolled around, Grace and Andrew were pretty well lit, and Grace was even out on the dance floor with the girls. Grace was by no means a dancer, she was pretty good at it, but really didn’t make a habit out of dancing anywhere. When the next slow song came on everyone seemed to couple up and start dancing. Grace started making her way back to the table as Angie and Marcel passed her on their way out to the floor. Finally the ice broke between the two of them, and Grace was glad for Angie, she didn’t seem to have too much luck in the man department. Just as she got to the table Andrew stood up and asked her where she thought she was going. She said she figured she would sit this one out and have another drink, but he took her by the hand and led her back out to the floor. By her surprise, she didn’t resist. She was even beginning to feel an attraction towards him now. She told herself that it was probably just the alcohol, and let it be at that.

Out on the dance floor anther slow song started right after the first, and everyone just kept dancing. Andrew pulled Grace in a little closer, and she rested her head against his chest. She looked up at him and said, “I really shouldn’t be doing this with you.” “What, we’re only dancing” Andrew said.

“Yeah, but I want to do more than just dance with you”

“Oh, really, I’ve wanted to more than just dance with you for months now.”

As soon as the song ended, Andrew went to Agnes & told her that he needed to take Grace back to the room because she was a bit too loaded to stay here. He even went as far to tell her that he had to hold her up on the dance floor. Hoping that he left nothing to be suspicious about, he then turned to Grace and pretended to lead her back to the elevator.

In the elevator, no sooner had the doors shut, Grace pushed Andrew up against the wall and begin to kiss him passionately. Andrew could hardly believe what was happening. He had wanted Grace so badly now for months, but never had imagined that she would ever feel the same way, and yet, here they were. They ran to the room from the elevator, and Andrew dropped the key card while trying to open the door. Grace bent down to pick it up & told him to calm down.

As they entered the room, Andrew swept Grace off her feet and carried her over to the bed. Grace dropped her purse to the floor, and wrapped her arms around Andrew’s body. As he gently Kurtköy Escort kissed her she slid her hands up the back of his shirt and then slowly down the front, unbuttoning one button at a time, feeling his hard body. She then slipped his shirt off over his head. Andrew lifted himself on one arms, and brushed her hair back with the other hand telling her how beautiful she was. Grace pulled him down to her and whispered in his ear that she wanted him, and she wanted him right now! Andrew kissed her much deeper now than before, and slid her further up on the bed so that her head rested on the pillows now. He pulled the covers down from underneath her, and slipped her shoes off. Luckily for Andrew, Grace didn’t feel that she needed to wear stockings with a long gown. He slowly slipped her dress up and over her hips, then her chest, and finally over her head. Andrew began to gently kiss Grace all over. Starting at her neck, and slowly moving to the top of her breasts that hung out the top of her bra. He moved down to her stomach& back up to her mouth.

Grace couldn’t believe that she was allowing herself to do this, or even more that she was enjoying it so much! She couldn’t handle the tension anymore, as Andrew kissed her, she reached down, and undid the button of his pants, then slowly the zipper. Andrew quickly responded and removed his pants and boxers. Grace gripped his hard cock in her hand and was shocked to find that he was so huge! She figured he would be a good size, but never this big! She was even more excited now than before. She had never before had an earth shattering orgasm, and immediately thought……this could be the night. She wanted him inside her right now. She started to kiss his neck and whispered in his ear.. “Andrew, I want you to fuck me. Fuck me now, please.” Andrew needed no further encouragement. He slowly slid the head of his cock into Graces, now very wet, vagina. He was a little hesitant to continue without asking if it felt ok for her first. But, Grace grabbed his ass and pulled him into her before he could finish the question.

Andrew couldn’t believe how hot and wet Grace was inside. It was a good thing that he was an experienced young man, or he would have cum right then & there. Andrew knew what he was doing. He grabbed Grace’s hips and slowly but firmly started to thrust himself in and out of her. Grace couldn’t believe how good he felt inside of her. She now KNEW that he would be able to give her the orgasm she so longed for.

Andrew was a very passionate lover. He would lower himself to her face every so often and gently kiss her, or whisper how good she felt inside. For a young man, he definitely knew what he was doing. After only a few minutes of his passionate thrusts Grace started to feel herself tensing with an uncontrollable rush running through her. She yelled out Andrews name and told him that he was going make her cum any second now. With that, Andrew began moving harder and faster, Grace moaning a little louder with each thrust, begging Andrew to make her cum. It didn’t take long before her pussy starting gripping on to his cock and her juices went rushing around him dripping out of her pussy onto the bed. Just as she screamed “Andrew, I’m cumming”, Andrew started to fill her up with his own juices. He then collapsed onto the bed beside her, and wrapped his arms around her. Kissing her forehead, he looked into her eyes, and told her that she was the most beautiful women he had ever met, and that he hoped this wouldn’t be a one time thing. She assured him that there was no way she was going to let him NOT do that to her again. They quickly drifted off to sleep.

The next morning Andrew awoke only to find a note from Grace on the pillow beside him. “Andrew, thank you for the wonderful night. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. I look forward to out next encounter. You know where to find me, don’t make me come looking for you.”

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