The Breakup

Big Tits

Collecting his drink from the barista, Cole sat down at a table near the door and waited for Zara to arrive. It had only been four months since she had dumped him for his longest friend, and he still thought about ripping her pants off and thrusting himself into her every day.As he waited, he thought about why she had called the meeting. Did she want to get back together? Was she pregnant? Or both, maybe?After waiting for thirty minutes, he was almost ready to get up and leave, when his tall, blonde ex-partner walked through the door. She instantly locked eyes on him and waved, then made her way to the counter to order a coffee.Cole’s kept his eyes fixed on her, and remembered the last time they had a hot night of sex. He felt his cock grow hard under the table, as he stared at her tight ass propped up by her tight blue jeans. As she walked towards his table holding her drink, he quickly cleared his mind to reduce his erection.Standing up, he stuttered out “Hello,” as Zara looked down at the obvious bulge in his pants. He quickly sat back down and blushed. “It’s so good to see you again, is everything okay?” he asked.”Yeah, things are good. I want to get straight to the point Cole. I’ve been missing playing with you, and wanted to know if you’re seeing anyone?” she said.Gobsmacked, Cole was lost for words. He finally mumbled out “Oh, so you want to get back together? I’m so glad you came back, I knew it wouldn’t work out with David, he must be a shit boyfriend, just like he is a shit friend.””No, no, David’s great. His cock makes me quiver for hours on end. We had sex last night, and I can still feel him inside me,” she explained.”I’m confused. So you want to cheat on him?” asked Cole.”No, he knows I’m here. While he’s a great lover, he doesn’t have much of a kinky side. I remember you were always asking to tie me up and put it in my ass. Well, David’s quite vanilla, but he’s happy for me to get my kinks off somewhere else. The only rule is no vaginal penetration. That’s reserved only for him. But that means you can do me anally and I can give you oral,” she explained.Coles cock was fully erect, thinking about penetrating her ass and seeing her beautiful naked body again. “But, you were never into any of that when we were going out,” he said. “Are you sure you want to be tied up, and take it anally?” he whispered, looking around the shop for people nearby.With a cheeky smile on her face, Zara nodded her head and stood up, holding out her hand, then leading them both outside. She hailed a taxi for them both to share.”So, David’s really okay with this? I’ll still not forgive him for what he did to me,” said Cole.”You don’t have to forgive him, or even see him. I’m taking you to a place we can hang out, where he won’t get in our way,” she said while giving the driver the location.After a fifteen minute drive, the taxi pulled over, and they both left after Zara paid. As the car pulled away, Cole realised he was standing outside a doctors surgery. “Come on, follow me,” said Zara, walking inside and through to a room with Reception written on the door.”Good morning, do you have an appointment?” said the receptionist.”Yes, it’s for Zara and Cole,” she said.The receptionist confirmed the booking on her computer, then said: “You’ll be in room seven, just down the hall to the right.”Taking Cole’s hand, Zara led him down the hall and opened Pendik Escort the door to their booked room.”What is this place?” asked Cole.”I guess you could call it a dungeon, for kinky folk. But it’s brighter and more modern,” she explained. “Basically, we can book a room and use any of the toys we want for the next couple of hours.”Cole’s cock was rock hard seeing this new side to his ex-partner. She had never opened up to him like this when they were going out, and his mind started playing over all the fantasies he could finally act out with her. As Zara opened the door, he saw what looked like a surgery, with a dental chair in the centre of the room. All around the room stood drawers and cupboards, then a small door with the word “Bathroom” printed.Taking off his shirt, Cole pulled Zara towards the chair and lent in to kiss her. Zara ran her hands over his chest, then rubbed over his pants feeling his hard cock. He pulled down his pants and removed his socks and shoes, then stood naked in front of Zara, ready to play.”I really want to give you a blowjob,” said Zara stroking his cock with her fingers, and licking her lips.Cole jumped up onto the chair, letting Zara bend over to suck his cock. Her wet tongue slid over the shaft of his cock, working from his balls to his cock head. She opened her mouth, and worked his cock down her throat, picking up speed as she thrust.”Cole, let me tie you up first, then you can do me,” said Zara. Without thinking, Cole complied, lying back on the chair and holding his hands out above his head. Zara fastened his wrists to the chair with some leather straps, then did the same to his ankles. She then took another large belt and secured his waist to the chair, preventing him from thrusting his hips.”Zara, I really never knew you had this side to you. You’re sexier than I ever remembered,” said Cole, breathless and she continued to stroke his cock with her hand.She smiled as she looked into his eyes and stopped stroking his cock. He struggled in the restraints, failing to thrust his body as his hard cock stood erect into the air. “Okay, you can come in now,” she called.Cole heard the bathroom door from behind him open, and some footsteps walk towards him until David appeared wearing a black suit and tie.”What the fuck David, get out,” said Cole struggling in his restraints.”I’m sorry Cole, but he really wants to speak to you, and you wouldn’t return his calls,” said Zara.David pulled a chair over from the side of the room and sat down in front of Cole who was still struggling.”Cole, I know you’re angry at me, but please hear me out,” said David. But Cole kept shouting and struggling, not willing to listen to anything. They waited until Cole had exhausted himself and realised he could not escape. “Now if you’re ready to listen. I know Zara said she left you for me four months ago, but this wasn’t entirely true. She had been talking to me for a while about how you never make her orgasm, and how she finds the sex with you boring. But she still wants to be with you, but it was just tough for her,” he started.”You slept with my girlfriend, I will never forgive you,” shouted Cole.”No, I didn’t. We have never slept together. Zara, undress for him,” said David.Starting with her white t-shirt, she undressed, revealing her perfect round breasts and flat stomach. Pulling Pendik Escort Bayan off her shoes, she was able to pull down her jeans, and pants, until she stood naked in front of the two men wearing nothing but a small metal cup attached to her genitals.”David took me to this same place we are in now, and he gave me an offer. They have a treatment plan here which allows you to have the biggest, pleasurable orgasms you’ll ever experience. It took some convincing but eventually, he booked me an appointment, and I had a small operation. After the surgery I played with myself on that very chair you’re strapped to until I came harder than you or anybody had ever made me before. It was over a hundred times stronger than when I masturbated before,” explained Zara.”Wait, so you two haven’t actually had sex? But you are a couple, no?” asked Cole, getting very confused.”No, I have not had sex with your ex. That would make me a pretty shitty friend. But I want to help you both out. Cole, I can do the same for you, as I have done for Zara. You two can have the most amazing sex, bringing you both to an exploding orgasm every time,” said David.”Well it sucks that Zara couldn’t orgasm, but I have no problem with that. So I don’t really see the point,” said Cole.”I know, and it’s hard to explain until you’ve actually experienced it yourself. But imagine the orgasm you have when you jerk off. It lasts for a few seconds, right? Maybe ten at the most? Well with this operation, your orgasm can last hours, and feel magnitudes better,” said David.”It does sound interesting, but I’m still so confused. Did you or did you not steal my girlfriend?” said Cole angrily.”No, he didn’t steal me, Cole. You weren’t doing it for me anymore, and he offered me a solution. He did it for us, because he’s your friend and because I confided in him about our problems,” said Zara.Starting to feel a little better, Cole calmed down although was still feeling vulnerable being exposed and tied to the chair. “But David, I know you. You aren’t a doctor or surgeon, what is all this about? Some new invention?” he asked.”No, of course not, don’t be silly. There’s a properly qualified surgeon here who will meet us for the appointment in five minutes, should you agree to go ahead,” said David.”He’s excellent Cole, he did my operation. It doesn’t hurt at all, and the feeling is out of this world. I want us to be together again, and this is the only way I can see it working,” said Zara.After a few more questions Cole was slowly coming around to the idea, but still wanted to know more. “Look, can you untie me, and we can talk about this properly. What exactly does this operation do? Is it safe?” asked Cole.”Sorry, if we untie you then you’re chance for the operation and to be with Zara disappears. This is a one time offer, your choice is we let you go now, and live without ever getting to have sex with Zara again. Or stay and get the operation, allowing you to be a couple again,” said David.Before Cole could ask his next question, the main door opened and a man wearing a green pair of scrubs entered the room. “Hello, I’m Dr Adams. I see you are prepared already?” he said.”No, not quite. He still has some more questions, maybe you can help explain,” said David.Dr Adams picked up a leaflet from a table on the side of the room and sat down beside Cole, Escort Pendik who’s cock was now flaccid from the embarrassment of being exposed to all these people. “Okay, basically the operation consists of two parts. The first is a small biochip that attaches to your prostate. It can intercept and amplify hormones that your body produces. It can do things like give you a stronger erection, increase the amount of ejaculation produced, increase the length of an orgasm and much more. It has a tiny computer onboard which can be remotely accessed by your phone, giving you important information about your health and the status of the device. It can even detect and help prevent certain types of prostate cancer too.””Oh okay, that doesn’t sound so bad. So it’s basically like a health monitor that has the benefit of a better sex life?” asked Cole.”Exactly, now the second part is a small device that…” continued the doctor until he was interrupted.”And Zara, this means you want to get back together. If we do this today?” asked Cole.”Yeah, well get back together thanks to David, and can pick up where we left off,” said Zara.”Okay but Cole, the second part of the operation is a small metal device…” continued the doctor, but he was interrupted again.”No need for any more explanation, I’ll do it,” said Cole, actually excited by the idea. “What do we do next?”The doctor untied one of Coles’ hands and handed him a long contract to sign, which he did so without reading. David then signed the contract too and offered to pay for the device, which Cole was extremely thankful for. Finally, the doctor secured Cole’s hand back to the chair via the strap, then went to the sink to wash his hands. When he returned, he had put on some surgical gloves and quickly placed a small, mildly painful injecting under Cole’s ass.”Lie back and try to relax. I’ve given you a strong local anaesthetic, so you shouldn’t feel any pain,” said the doctor as he pressed a button on the chair that forced Cole down on his back.After a few minutes, Cole lost all feeling of his pubic region, and the doctor began the surgery. He attached a clean needle, biochip and camera to a metal snake arm beside the chair and applied a generous amount of lube to the device and Cole’s anus. Inserting the metal arm, a camera above the chair showed the inside of his rectum as the doctor made his way beside his prostate.Once he was beside the prostate, he rubbed the metal arm for several minutes to find the exact spot. This rubbing had the unintended consequence of releasing a small about of precum from Cole’s cock. Zara and David noticed this, but Cole couldn’t feel or see a thing.The doctor was happy with the position, he made a small incision then inserted the biochip into his prostate. Using tiny movements with the metal arm, he was able to stitch up the entrance and pull the arm out of his anus. The operation only took thirty minutes, and the doctor was ready to clean up and perform the second part.While Cole was laid back, trying not to think about the prodding that was happening, the doctor started the next stage of the surgery. He prepped the pubic region using an antiseptic cleaning wipe, then massaged a solution with iodine over his skin. Using a fresh incision tool, he made an opening under the skin of his pubic region. After picking up an oval stainless steel round ring with a slight curve, from a sterile package, he detached it into two halves and inserted the first under Cole’s pubic skin. He made a second incision on the other side of his pubis, and inserted the other half, connecting them both to form a circle that wrapped around his cock and testicles.

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