The Boss


After a quick shower to freshen herself up, Emma-May applied her make-up and made her way out of her riverside flat. She loved where she lived, close to town and directly adjacent to the canal where on hot summer days she would relax and enjoy the distant company of swans. Although, very typically of Emma-May, she would also enjoy a slow wank in the sunshine on the balcony with the added thrill that her very sexy neighbour may catch her in the act and give her a hand.Driving through town, her mind cast back to last night’s action and her morning fuck, God she wanted more. Emma-May was insatiable, with a desire for cock or pussy, depending on her mood, which could not be satisfied. After parking her little fiat 500, aptly labelled with the name ‘fitty’ she walked the two flights of steps to her office. She said good morning to Val and sat at her reception desk waiting on the first call of the day. The phone rang on extension five, which was the boss or more commonly known in the office Ankara escort as ‘sexy Steve’. She picked up the phone.“Good morning, Steve, how can I help you this morning?” she said in her soft voice“Em, there is something I need you to look at, it may need some special attention.” There was an element of playfulness in his voice that Emma-May picked up on. She knew where this was heading.“Mmmmmm, I’m a little busy at the moment. You may have to attend to it yourself,” replied Emma-May with an equal amount of playfulness in her voice. “I have a hard task to do before lunch.”She knew Steve loved this back and forth, he told her it made his cock twitch with anticipation, so he couldn’t wait to get his thick member deep into Emma-May’s pussy. “Well, I have a hard task for you that is a little more important.”An image from the last time she fucked Steve flashed through Emma-May’s mind and a light throb went through her pussy. She knew she could not Ankara escort bayan make this game last, she wanted filling again and she wanted it now.“Well then, maybe I should come to your office and attend to it then,” she said with a slight quiver in her voice.She got up from her desk and walked across the office to the room where Steve was. She opened the door, and he was sitting behind his desk. “Emma-May, there is something I need you to take a look at,” said Steve as he stood up from behind the desk.Emma-May stood by the closed door and allowed her eyes to scan his body. She took in his striking blue eyes and his model-like features. Steve went to the gym regularly, and she could see the outline of his biceps and chest through his slim-fit white shirt. Lowering her eyes, she looked at his crotch and could make out the outline of his cock, thick and long, she knew it well and could not wait to get the full nine inches in her and stretched Escort Ankara to the maximum by the almost seven-inch girth.Emma-May knew she looked good; her tight black dress showed her figure perfectly. She didn’t put knickers on this morning in anticipation of what was to come. She knew Steve loved the dress.Steve walked to the front of the desk and stood in front of Emma-May, he unbuckled his belt. “Well, Miss Hunter, how about attending to the task in hand,” he said.Emma-May did not wait for another invitation and knelt in front of him, sliding her hand up his thigh, brushing his cock on the way up, she unzipped his trousers and slowly pulled them down. She gently kissed his cock through the tight Calvin Kline boxer shorts while cupping his ample balls. She loved his balls, big and full, she could not wait to have them banging her from behind. She pulled down his boxers and allowed his penis to spring free. Emma-May looked up into those light blue eyes, stretched open her mouth and sucked with gleeful delight on the tip of his exposed head. Steve moaned and stroked her hair, as a hand found her tits and brushed against her rock-hard nipple.  Emma-May licked his shaft from top to bottom and slowly wanked his erect cock. Her pussy was wet and begging for attention.

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