The Bear and the Campground Wedding


Virginia woke up excited to check her private inbox that morning. She was expecting to hear from her good friend Mindy who was due back in the States yesterday after a month long vacation in Europe. Where the heck did she leave that damn phone. She remembered waking up in the middle of the night on the couch with the TV still on, stumbling around for her panties. She had fallen asleep with her vibrator and hand held mirror again and forgot to check her email. Damn she needed a man.. Oh there it is. She flipped through her messages, and to her delight found one from Mindy. It read:

‘Hey Virginia,

I have exciting news to tell u. I can’t tell u over email… Let’s meet me at our fav place Fri nite.

Your impetuous friend,


Well that was a bummer. She was hoping for something juicy to think about on her way to work. A story from Mindy normally qualified. But at least now she had something to look forward to. She considered the closing; it was a bit of an inside joke. Virginia had once called Mindy an impetuous little bitch during a fight. It had actually ended the fight, because Mindy had started laughing wanting to know what the fuck Virginia had called her. Hmm, Virgina wondered, what have you done now Mindy.

Finally Friday evening came, and Virginia met her BFF Caroline before heading over to the local IHOP.

“I can’t believe we still meet here,” said Caroline.

“Well you know Mindy, she’s always been fond of this place, ever since she got her first facial here in the men’s stall back in 1980 whatever it was.”

“She’s so sentimental,” quirked Caroline.

Mindy met the girls out front. She was overdressed for pancakes.

“Guys, we aren’t stopping in here tonight. Follow me, I’m driving,” Mindy said.

“Mindy, it’s great to see you too.. So, where are you taking us?” asked Virginia.

“You’ll see!” said Mindy.

Oh boy, here we go thought Virginia.

Confirming Virginia’s fear, they rolled into the parking lot of ‘The Y’, met by a gleeful scream from Caroline.

“Mindy, when are you going to grow up?” asked Virginia.

“Actually, that’s what I wanted to talk to you about,” said Mindy.

They walked in to the establishment where the three beautiful 40 somethings were treated like royalty. They had just sat down at a booth when three bottom-less girls showed up to greet them.

“Hi Ladies, have you ate at the Y before?” they asked.

Mindy answered, “Well yes, we have, especially my friend Caroline here.”

“Yeah, so tell me, how can I sample the fare?” Caroline asked, staring into the eyes of one of the strippers in particular.

“Sweetheart, you can do that right now. Ladies eat for free,” the tall brunette said as she sat down in the booth and cozied up next to Caroline.

Mindy and Virginia watched in surprise as their friend started making out with the young woman and groping her thighs. Her hand disappeared further below the table as the stripper spread her legs.

Mindy mouthed to Virgina, “What’s gotten in to her?”

Virginia just shrugged her shoulders and said, “I think they need to get a room.”

“That’s a good idea,” said the brunette, “You wanna come with me?”

Caroline looked at her friends who both gave her the evil eye. “Mmm, maybe later baby,” said Caroline.

Their table had been gathering some attention from the local patrons, but now things started to die down. They were finally alone.

“So Mindy, why are we here reliving Caroline’s college years?” asked Virginia.

“Well, I have big news, and this seemed like the right place, seeing as how there’s no time to plan a real bachelorette party.”

“Oh My God!” Caroline and Virginia shouted in unison.

“That’s right, I’m getting married!” she said as she raised her hands and stomped her feet.

There was a group hug, but the looks on Virginia’s and Caroline’s faces were that of utter shock. Neither one ever expected Mindy to tie the knot. She was a free spirit and had never been in a relationship as long as a year in her life.

“So Mindy, how could this be true?” asked Virginia as her eyes got a little puffy.

“Well you know how depressed I was before the vacation, right. I was just thinking I’ve had enough.. And Matt and I had such a great time. We talked about it a lot and thought it was right. He was completely in to the idea of it being kind of an open marriage, and when he officially popped the question I just said yes!”

“Wow Mindy, I guess we knew it would take something extra special for you to do it, sounds like you’ve found the perfect situation,” said Caroline.

“Yeah, and guess what?” Mindy paused. “Our wedding is going to be in one month. And it’s going to be a campground wedding weekend retreat!”

Virginia and Caroline were supposed to be cheering with her, but the word campground was like a splash of cold water. Campground? WTF was what they were both thinking.

“Yeah you know Matt is big time into the outdoors and camping, and I’ve been getting sucked into it. I was hesitant at first bahçeşehir escort but after he described it, it felt right. Its going to be so much fun you guys.” Mindy went on for a while describing how great it was going to be. Before long she had her friends warmed up to the idea.

“Now, you’re not thinking of inviting Rhonda to the wedding are you?” Virginia asked.

“C’mon, you know I’m still friends with her, of course I’m inviting her. I’m not gonna dis her just cause you two never made up over Kent,” Mindy replied.

“Yeah, like I’d ever make up with that bitch. Hello.. Recap.. that fat mouth slut stole my man by fucking lying about being pregnant… Ugh, she’s so stupid, I can’t believe they gave her a college degree,” Virginia said.

Caroline added, “Yeah, that was awesome how you exposed that bitch. I still can’t believe you did that. I definitely had the hots for you after that whole incident.”

“Oooh, you two still hot and heavy?” Mindy asked with eyebrows raised.

It reminded everyone how Caroline had been back in her college days. She would have admitted to being bisexual then, but not anymore despite her display with the stripper. Virginia had only once ever kissed a girl, it had been Caroline, a few months after Kent dumped her – and Rhonda for that matter. Rhonda had tricked Kent into sleeping with her one night after a frat party. At least that’s how Virginia saw it. A few weeks later Rhonda had told everyone that she was pregnant with Kent’s baby. Kent was so sweet back then, but that whole experience had changed him. Virginia had been sure that Rhonda was lying about being pregnant; she knew Rhonda never forgot to take her birth control. So one night, after some drunken fun at the sorority house, they got Rhonda smashed (the bitch wasn’t even supposed to be drinking). Once she was passed out, Virginia tried the hand in warm water trick, not knowing what would happen. But she had a pregnancy test ready, and sure enough Rhonda pissed all over the place, a few drops landing in the right place. Of course Rhonda was exposed as a liar to the whole sorority. It started a feud between the two that continued to this day.

But now the party was on. Somehow the strippers had overheard the news, and those test tube shots kept showing up at their table, along with about every stripper who was working that night. It wasn’t long before the three were in the back room taking turns with the girls. Virginia just watched at first, Caroline and Mindy getting dance after dance, each one getting more aggressive until they weren’t really lap dances anymore. There were fingers and pussies, and rubbing and kissing. Eventually Virginia got horny and drunk enough that her panties were off too, and her tongue tasted stripper pussy for the first time. And it seemed like each of the three had a stripper sucking on their clits continuously. Virginia wondered if this was routine there at ‘the Y’. Pussy was being eaten in both directions. One short brunette with a pierced clitoris got off so hard from Caroline’s probing tongue that she squirted in her face. Caroline was loving it. By the end of the night the friends were taking turns with each others’ cunts. It was probably good that none of them would have a great memory of what happened. They ended up in a taxi staggering into Virginia’s apartment since it was the closest to the joint. They didn’t remember anything after that, but they woke up in a kind of a triangle of long legs surrounded by Virginia’s collection of dildos.

It was an awkward start to the morning, even Mindy seemed a little abashed. But soon they were laughing together over coffee and trying to piece together what all had happened. Mindy finally admitted to setting up the fun beforehand; Virginia and Caroline had stumbled into a trap.

Time flew by the rest of that month til it was time for the girls to get their camp on. Virginia and Caroline had decided to rough it. They bought a nice sized tent and other gear that was listed on the invitation instructions. It was a two hour drive to the campground in the Smokey Mountains. All guests were to arrive by 6pm for sign-in and orientation at the lodge before dinner. The drive up was a blast for the two friends as they imagined what the weekend would be like. Before they knew it, they were rolling through the last mountain town before the park.

“Shit, Caroline, look at all the confederate flags.. “

“We ain’t in Kansas no mo, Dorothy,” Caroline said.

“Just help me keep a lookout for the park sign. I don’t want to get lost up here,” Virginia said.

A few miles further they spotted the sign for the campground turn-off. They went down a long road leading to a small toll booth. They stopped at the booth, where an old man with a few missing teeth stared out from the window. He wasn’t wearing the normal park service garb.

“You gals goin to the weddin?” he asked.

“Uhh, yeah, I guess this is the right place?” responded Virginia.

“Yeah,” he paused as he spat bakırköy escort out the window, just missing the front tire. “The lodge is straight ahead, park there to sign-in.”

Virginia drove off as the two stared at each other, both wondering what Mindy had gotten them into.

“This lodge better be nice or I’m going to strangle that bitch,” Caroline said.

Virginia looked at Caroline with a sarcastic smile. Then suddenly Caroline shouted out.

“Virginia, watch out!”

A man had stumbled out of the woods in front of the car. It looked like he was trying to stop them. Virginia slammed on the brakes and the car skidded to a stop. The man walked towards the door as Virginia starting rolling up the window. They heard the man say as they accelerated away, “You two know the way to Aintry?”

“No fucking way,” Caroline said. “What the hell is this?”

Their answer was moments away though, as they rounded the turn and saw the lodge. There were a bunch of cars parked out front, clearly the wedding party. Then they noticed the little boy on the porch of the lodge sitting in a rocking chair. He was playing a banjo.

“Ha, this is hilarious. We’re at a hillbilly wedding… Get it? That’s the theme,” Virginia said.

“Ha, oh yeah, this is all from that movie Deliverance!” Caroline added.

They were a bit relieved now, knowing Mindy was just having some fun with the wedding decor. They were sure she had paid the man in the booth and the man in the woods to scare the guests.

Mindy and Matt were inside greeting all the guests. But Rhonda was chatting with Mindy when they went in. So the girls decided to flirt with Matt instead, making sure to get Mindy’s attention in the process. After the girls were signed up and filled in on the details, they went to pick out their campsite and set up their tent. Of course that was an adventure in itself. The two were making no progress when suddenly they heard the roar of a chopper rolling up.

“Hey Virginia, look at the hunk of steel coming this way.” Caroline had noticed him first.

“Whoa,” Virginia said, as she stared dreamily at the man on the Harley.

He was a large bearded man wearing an American flag style bandana and leather jacket. He had a huge back-country style pack and guitar on his back. He noticed the two kneeling women staring at him and stopped.

“Hi ladies,” his voice boomed, “You need some help with that tent?”

Caroline waited a moment for Virginia to answer, but after an awkward length of time, she stood up and answered.

“Yes, we’d be glad for the help. I’m Caroline, and this is my friend Virginia.” She said it in her best schoolgirl voice.

He got off his ride, kicked the stand down, and slid off his pack. Virginia kept gawking. He was easily 6’5″”, with an enormous chest and arms. He walked over to the two and offered a hand. Caroline shook it.

“Howdy, I’m Jim, Matt’s friend. My friends call me Bear,” he said. “It looks like you forgot to slide the poles in. You just gotta work it with your fingers like this.. Til its all the way in. It looks tight at first but once it’s settled, it will loosen up and you’ll be ready to go.” He had the tent assembled in a flash. “Then you just pound these stakes into the ground like this…”

Virginia finally spoke up, “Can I take your jacket off?” She paused as Bear looked up at her. “I mean let me hold your jacket while you hammer.”

“Oh, I’m fine thanks, miss,” he replied.

Before Virginia could think of anything else to say, he had finished, given them a salute and was cranking his machine. Virginia blurted out something but it was drowned out by the roar of the engine. Then he was gone.

“Virginia, nice try on the jacket. I wanted to crawl inside it and latch on.. My God,” Caroline said.

“I think he was all muscle underneath,” Virginia said as she shivered inside.

They saw Bear again at the dinner, but he was sitting in the vicinity of Rhonda. So the two avoided that area of the room, and found seats next to Mindy. The dinner was great. There was a full service bar, and everybody enjoyed themselves. At the end of the dinner, someone was setting up a PA system. Mindy had hired a DJ for the evening’s entertainment.

“Welcome to Mindy and Matt’s wedding fantasy,” the DJ announced. “I mean festivities. Now I don’t need to tell you that this is the last night that these two lovely people will be single, so you know what that means… Time to get Wild!!” The crowd cheered.

“Oh no Mindy, what is this!?” Virginia shouted.

The DJ continued, “OK, listen up. I need all the girls on that side of the room, and all the guys on this side of the room.”

Then the lodge employees came in, and starting moving the small tables out of the way, positioning two long tables along the perimeter. The tables were lined up next to the lodge’s wooden columns, so that they could be used as campground style stripper poles. Then out came the entertainment on both sides of the room.

“It başakşehir escort cost a fortune to get these guys out here for this,” Mindy said, as the beefcake strolled out in front of them.

“Good grief. Only you would think of bringing strippers out to the woods,” said Virginia.

They just started laughing. Nothing like a bunch of naked hunky guys with cock rings on to get women laughing hysterically. By the end of the night, most of the women had taken turns stroking all the strippers, and a few lucky guests had received facials, including Mindy. She got up on stage with cum dripping off her chin, and danced with the men, pretending to swallow all their loads. It was hilarious, and it was so Mindy. One last memorable night of Mindy style fun. They had a blast. Virginia had almost forgotten that Rhonda was only a few feet away, on the other side of Mindy of course.

“Yeah, Mindy, you go girl, suck those cocks,” Rhonda shouted. Then she climbed up on stage to join Mindy. Virginia got real uncomfortable when it seemed like Rhonda tried to steal the show. Rhonda jumped one of the strippers and started trying to fuck him right in front of everybody. But it was beyond the call of duty even for a male stripper, and Rhonda was rejected.

“Hah, that’s right you stupid bitch, get off the stage,” Caroline shouted.

Rhonda retaliated. “Shut the fuck up or I’m gonna bash that pretty little head of yours in.”

“C’mon and try it bitch,” Caroline shouted back.

Rhonda who was still standing on the table grabbed a chunk of Caroline’s hair. Virginia quickly reacted and grabbed Rhonda’s leg, pulling it out from underneath her. Rhonda fell back on her ass. A couple of the strippers came over and broke up the fight before it escalated. After that Mindy made sure that there would be no more ugly scenes to detract from the fun. Things calmed down, and attention turned back to the cocks.

Slowly the evening wound down, and most guests headed for their tents or cabins. The women that brought men with them were the first to leave, as they had an easy relief for their horny ambitions. Nothing like simultaneous bachelor/bachelorette parties to bring a couple together afterwards for some serious love making. After Mindy left with Matt to ‘go get her brains fucked out’, Virginia and Caroline were left with only a few friends and Rhonda. Since Rhonda didn’t seem to be getting tired, it was an easy decision for the two to get out of there. They decided to call it a night, and they got settled in their tent for a good night’s sleep. Thankfully, it was a very comfortable summer mountain evening. They didn’t have to worry about cuddling together in their sleeping bags to stay warm. Virginia laid there listening to the sounds of the woods, happy that the night bugs were loud enough to drown out most of the younger revelers. The sound was enough to put Virginia gently to sleep.

However, some time in the middle of the night, the forest got quiet. The hoot of an owl in a nearby tree was enough to wake Virginia. Now her mind was awake and she sensed her mid night insomnia taking hold. She felt a bit sticky from the warm air and party residue, so she decided to grab a towel and check out the campground facilities. She had been told the bathrooms and showers here were top notch. The night air still felt nice against her skin as she made her way to the showers with the help of a flashlight. The campground was quiet. It seemed everyone was finally asleep, except she thought she heard the sound of splashing water as she approached the bathrooms. The women’s door was ajar, and she slipped inside.

Indeed it felt relatively fresh and new inside. The path to the showers led past the toilets and sinks. To her dismay there was definitely someone showering. She poked her head around the corner and saw three shower stalls; one was occupied. She was staring at some woman’s ass; they hadn’t even bothered to pull the curtain closed. Then she noticed the woman wasn’t alone, a man was with her in the stall. She had her arms around him. As they turned a little she recognized the pair. Virginia felt her blood beginning to boil. It was that slut Rhonda, and to make matters worse, she was with that mountain of a man Bear. Virginia turned around and started stomping away. She was so pissed to have to be reminded of Rhonda again, not to mention seeing her naked fat ass. But then Virginia stopped. The thought of getting an eyeful of Bear was too enticing, so she crept quietly back to the shower entrance. She knelt down and peered around the corner.

He was now standing so she could see his face and chest plainly. She had been right about him. He was extremely muscular; his biceps were thick, ripped and tatted up. But Rhonda was obscuring the parts Virginia now craved. The bitch seemed to have her hands on his junk now. A moment later Bear turned to brace himself against the side of the stall as Rhonda descended to her knees. Virginia had to place her hands over her mouth to cover the sound of her gasp. Bear’s cock lived up to its billing and then some. On her knees, Rhonda had to straighten her back fully to get her mouth level with his upper thigh area. She reached up and put two hands on his manhood. There was still plenty left for her to hungrily devour as she worked to get him hard. Rhonda had to open wide just to fit his soft head in her mouth. Virginia shuddered and shivered at the sight of it.

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