The Bar


I walked into the place thinking a nice, light Miller Draft was what I needed to chase away that little bit of dust in my throat. First time in this town, I decided to come down to Phil’s, as I was staying at the Regency up then street. I always liked the local pub shops. The ambiance of these places is always friendly and comforting while away from home, Wisconsin.

I ordered from a table, as the bar was just a bit too crowded that night…I wanted a little relaxation, not necessarily talk and chatter. I ordered from the waitress, and paid her plus a tip when she brought back that cool, tall bottle. “No glass,” I’d asked her, and she complied with a smile. Like I said, I like the friendliness and comfort of these places. I sucked down half the beer before I realized it. As I set it down on the table, I looked around the room for a pool table…again, to relax.

I noticed some of the folks here. Plain and ordinary patrons with the same plan as me to just sit and let their hair down with a laugh or talk of local events. I saw you, then, with you female companion. I looked at you again, and noticed you were looking my way. You looked away, seemingly nervous that our eyes met. So, I thought I would just see if you were scanning the room same as I, or if had already noticed me prior to that and had to get a second look. I kept my glance in your direction, and you did look again. I matched your stare, and your eyes latched on this time. I had seem that there were just enough people here to not notice too much extra activity, as they were all into their own instances of life. I took a chance next.

I moved my eyes to the facilities that I had seen a moment ago, for when I would need them. You followed the look and went back to your friend for a moment, and then you were on the move. I know you had excused yourself, so I waited until you were in the ladies room. avcılar escort I made my way unpretentiously in that direction also, but snuck a peek over my shoulder. No one was paying any attention, so I slipped into no-man’s land. Like it had never been done before, eh?

As I came into the room, you had your back to me with your elbows resting on the sink. I locked the door behind me with a click. You didn’t move. That was plenty of acquiescence for me. I slid my hand into my left blazer pocket for a little something I had picked up for the girlfriend back home. The scarf would prove to be good for a clandestine affair such as this, to keep both our true identities unknown for that added little thrill. I slipped it over your head and onto your eyes, then gave it a slight knot to keep it in place, but not too tight, yet to remain comfortable.

It was then that I started to lose control. I hadn’t done anything like this before. My pulse raced; I could feel my veins pulsating under the skin of almost my entire body. I leaned up against you to smell for perfume. You had a wonderful scent of Love’s Baby Soft…My favorite! My heart skipped a couple of beats as I pressed against your body for a full feel of you, all the while inhaling the intoxicating smells of your perfume and natural body scent. It was sweetly heavenly and completely erotic at the same time.

I wrapped my arms around your body, gently at first, but the passion pushed me into a more aggressive sense of strength than I had intended. I had to draw my arms up and reach for your beautiful breasts, as I had seen a few moments ago outside. I felt your lacy brassiere and immediately pushed it upward to release your lovely assets, and found your newly-exposed nipples. Oh, they were already SO hard. This was a cue that your were as intensely ataköy escort turned on as I. I rubbed and rolled what were now large, hard pieces of womanly flesh. You let out a gasp of pleasure, so I kept going, pushing the envelope a bit further. I tried to whisper in your ear, but came a little rough, teasing “You like that?” You replied “Yes Sir.” Oh, you were giving me respect? Was I that pleasing? It only proved to excite me even further.

I lunged my body a little harder against yours and gave one last pinch before lowering my hands to your other arousing areas…arousing for the both of us. I gave a bit of a tease by going once over your fine ass with my now trembling hands. I had to at least touch it! It itself was causing such a stir between my own legs, the same as I had hoped I was giving you. I lifted your sexy skirt to allow me to view your impressive rump that was wrapped in black-laced thigh highs and a matching G-string. That was the end of self-control!

I ripped the underwear off you and push my fingers along the soft, sensual separation of your ass and down to find your freshly-shaven mound. I pressed on to find your very wet and oh-so-tight opening to your pussy, which indicated to me that I was finding your pleasure areas and treating them the way you wanted. I knew you were ready for more, and you gave no indication that you wanted me to stop. Instead, your body told me to please go on.

I quickly undid my trousers, as I was more than ready to meet your desires with mine. I brought my hard cock to the opening of your love channel, and when I pressed my erection into you; your cunt gave way with only slight resistance. Once started I could not hold back at all! I shoved myself all the way up into you. I reached around to find your clitoris very hard, so I complied with the invitation bahçelievler escort to give it loving as well. With the combination of fucking you hard and rubbing your clit, I noticed that your body was starting to buckle from the wonderfully intense pleasures that we were both experiencing. That idea of pleasing you SO MUCH caused me to pump my cum into you without any more hesitation. God it felt so good! Then, as I slowed my pumping of your body with my hot semen, I enjoyed the most physically and mentally pleasurable feelings that I could remember having, well, ever! I could feel you cumming with such deep, strong contractions of vagina.

I had to stand still for a moment to savor the most gratifying and complete sexual experience of my life. Then, as quickly as it started, I felt I show withdraw. It was only to keep the few moments of our encounter so memorable – without any of the perfunctory apologies, thank-yous, or fake promises of later contact. I quickly gathered my composure, if only slightly, to thank YOU with a soft kiss on the neck, so as to keep our anonymity. Oh Hell! I spun you around and kissed you on the lips like you really deserved for giving me the pleasure of pleasing you, and for you returning in like kind. I was a long kiss, as I found you mouth to be as hot and satisfying as the rest of your steaming body. I had to go though. I didn’t want this to end in any kind of future disappointment for either of us. What happened was fabulous, and I wanted to keep it that way. So, I returned you to you rear-facing position.

I refastened my pants, and then you said something truly heart-warming…”Thank you Sir.” Again with the “Sir”. And thank you? No, my sweet, thank you. I had to go before I lost my mind. I wanted you more, then. But, I made up my mind. I turned and left you there. I left the bar without hesitation, but still without drawing attention to either of us; at least I tried to be nonchalant. My heart was still pounding in my temples, and my cock, as I went out the front door. I walked back to my hotel, took a long, cold shower, the whole time reliving that short-lived affair of ours.

I will always cherish the unknown woman who made me feel like a man should feel.

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