The Cheating Game Ch. 01


Jane sat before the mirror, applying lipstick to her rosy lips. Her fiancé Paul watched her thoughtfully.

“Why do you need all that, just to see your sisters?” He asked.

“Paul, you know what Emily and Lynn are like, they’d jump on me if they saw the slightest imperfection!”

Paul shook his head. He loved Jane but he would never understand her relationship with her sisters. The Clark sisters seemed to bring out the worst in Jane. He disliked how they inflamed her competitive streak. Once, they had dared her to dye her hair the colours of the flag. She’d done it, knowing full well that she’d lose her job for contravening the prohibition on ‘unnatural hair colorants’! She was the brain in the family, but even she could lose all perspective where they were concerned.

Actually Emily wasn’t too bad and Paul was usually able to get along with her. Unfairly God had neither blessed her with looks or brains. The combination meant that she was vain, insecure and apt to follow either of her sisters’ crazy plans.

Lynn was the one he disliked. She knew she was the hot one. Jane, the youngest sister, was classically beautiful but Lynn, even at 35, always looked as if she could have just come in from nude modelling at the beach or something. She had come tops in the height and breast department too. In Paul’s opinion, she dressed like a tramp. She ran her own business and was very successful too. He had heard somewhere that some business people often tested with mild symptoms of psychopathology and he could believe it of Lynn. Her determination and drive were scary and there was a hard look in her eyes sometimes, like no one else existed.


When Jane got to the house she found Emily trying to console a tearful Lynn.

“What’s the matter?” Jane asked Emily, after Lynn had been unable to answer her due to the floods of tears.

“Graeme is cheating on her, she thinks.” Emily replied quietly.

“I think he’s been having an affair since he found out he was sterile. All the heat’s gone from my marriage and I can’t do anything about it.” Lynn sputtered between sobs.

“She’s not going to ask Graeme about it. She’s too scared what his küçükçekmece escort answer will be!” Added Emily.

“Paul would never be unfaithful to me.” Jane added, a trace of smugness in her voice.

Well, thought Lynn, if you can’t count on family for support, who can you count on? She stopped crying at once and fixed a steely gaze on her sisters.

“Time for liquor I think!”

After a short while, and several shots later Lynn leant over to Jane,

“What do you mean that Paul would never be unfaithful?”

“Me and Paul tell each other everything right? I think I shocked him when I told him I’d cheated on Brad Carmichael, remember him?”

The sisters nodded; casting their minds back to the pimply teenager Jane had dated.

“I was a bit puzzled by how upset Paul was. He only settled down when I told him I was 16 and I’d never done anything like that since.” Jane continued,

“Well then he told me that his father had cheated on his mum, left her for another woman and broke her heart. He swore at the age of fifteen that he would never be the type of man that let his penis rule his heart. He’s never cheated on a single girlfriend.”

“Jane, do you have to say penis? It’s so middle-class respectable.” Complained Lynn, “what about Simon, Emily?”

“Oh, I don’t know. Ummm possibly…”

“Possibly? God Emily” Jane muttered.

“Well! Come on, you know Simon. I doubt he has the brainpower for an affair! If a woman came on to him it might be a different story…. how likely is that, though, really?” laughed Emily.

Jane and Lynn both brought up an image of dependable Simon. He didn’t have a bad face but he was bald, wore glasses, and was of average height and skinny. They couldn’t help joining in with Emily’s laughter.

“All men want to cheat. If they think they can get away with it, they will,” Said Lynn, “most of the time though they’re too scared of getting caught.”

“That’s not true! Come on, I’m the only woman that Paul wants!” Jane interjected.

“If you gave him permission to cheat, I’m sure he’d do it, I don’t have a doubt!”

“He wouldn’t.” şişli escort Jane replied angrily.

Lynn leant forward conspiratorially.

“Care to wager?”

Jane couldn’t help being intrigued. Emily just sat there, bewildered.

“Well…”Lynn elaborated, “how about…each of us tells her man that she’d forgive him if he were to cheat on her…. then we try to seduce them…”

“Yeah, that’s all well and good, but how far would we have to go?” Said Jane.

“Come on, don’t be prudish, I know you both enjoy sex!”

“What if Paul or Graeme told Simon?” Emily asked, worried.

“They wouldn’t. Don’t you see? They all have too much to lose. Look, if we all promise not to get uptight about this it could be interesting.” Said Lynn, glancing at her sisters, knowing she had them on the hook.

“Okay.” Smiled Emily, dumbly.

“Wait,” Jane interrupted, ” you said something about a wager….”

“Yeah, okay. How about I gave each of you $10,000 if you snag one of our men, and a further $10,000 if your man stays faithful….” Explained Lynn.

“What do you get out of this?” Queried Jane, suspiciously.

“Nothing, ‘cept that I’d be comforted by the fact that I wasn’t the only one of us with an bastard unfaithful husband.”

“Jane’s not married to Paul, yet….” Exclaimed Emily, smiling at her own cleverness.

Her sisters both rolled their eyes.

“Okay…”Replied Jane thoughtfully.

“You sure?” Responded Lynn, eager for confirmation.

“That $20,000 sure would be handy.” Said Jane.

“You’re that confident that Paul won’t take one of us offered to him a plate?” Added Lynn.

“Absolutely!” Said Jane, and she was.


“How’d it go with Lynn and Emily” Asked Paul when Jane returned home.

“Lynn thinks Graeme has slept with someone else.”

Paul was shocked. He didn’t know Graeme well, but had seen the way his soon to be brother-in-law had an eye for the ladies.

“God, is she alright? Is she going to confront him? Divorce him?” Paul asked his fiancée. However he felt about Lynn, she didn’t deserve this!

“Hell no, she’s şirinevler escort just going to pretend that she doesn’t know anything.” Jane answered.

“I can’t understand how any one can just forget about something like that. I’d be devastated if you cheated on me.”

“Aw baby, you know I’d never cheat on you, but it’s different for women. We understand that it’s sometimes just about sex with you guys and that you can love us and still sleep with someone else. I’d hardly bat an eyelid if you made a silly mistake, if you couldn’t help yourself.”

“God Jane! Really? It’s all about decisions, whether you’re a man or woman. You can decide to stay faithful or to cheat. I know that I’d never cheat on you; I just wouldn’t decide to stray. A man can keep his penis in his pants, if he wants to, you know?” Paul said honestly. He was a little shocked at Jane’s attitude towards fidelity, sure that he’d never given her any reason to doubt him.

“Oh I know you wouldn’t cheat. I guess I meant that our marriage, when we get married, will survive anything.” Jane had added hastily.

She kissed him to appease him. She leant over and turned off the lamp and pushed him on to the bed. In the darkened room she pulled of his vest and ran her fingers over his chest. She loved how smooth he was, muscled but not solid, soft really, but hard in all the right places.

Her hand was there now, stroking him through his pyjama bottoms. She continued to idly masturbate him as she kissed his neck and nibbled on his ear. He whispered sweet nothings to her, his breath becoming shallower.

“Make love to me, Paul.” She sighed as she lay down.

He ran his hand over her satin-sheathed body, getting excited as her nipples responded to his light touch. He cupped and kissed her breasts in the darkness.

He passed her musky crotch, only glancing it with his mouth, smiling as she groaned as he passed on.

He kissed her toes provoking soft giggles from a ticklish Jane. As Paul began to creep back her body he glided up the long fabric, touching her now naked legs as he went. Pushing her legs apart rested above her, supported by his arms. She pulled her gown over her head and Paul lowered himself onto her, and into her.

Kissing the whole time he was stroking into her, they came together and feel asleep in each other’s arms, happy and blissful.


Over the next week Emily and Lynn also told their men that they’d forgive them if they cheated.

The game was on: all it needed was someone to make the first move!

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