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Thankfully, at last, the final box had been unpacked. It was only when moving out of my parents’ house that I realized how much junk I’d accumulated. I was particularly pleased that my apartment was furnished and, therefore, I didn’t have to transport furniture. Moving boxes of my personal stuff had been tiring enough.I’d been looking for something reasonably cheap when I saw an advert in the newspaper for what was called a mother-in-law suite. It seemed the lady had passed away some time ago and the owners, seeking a few extra bucks, had decided to rent it out. The monthly rental covered all expenses and I thought it would be perfect.The couple who owned the place were quite elderly and I figured it would be peaceful there. In fact, I was told we needed only minimal contact. I was instructed to put my rent in their mail slot and, in the event of a problem with the apartment, I should leave a note in the same place.The suite had one bedroom, bathroom, a combined kitchen and living room with a gorgeous picture window. It was set back from the owners’ property, so we wouldn’t be bothering each other. I figured I could do as I pleased, live how I liked in the apartment with no interference. Mind you, as a homebody and happy in my own company, I didn’t socialize much. Inviting friends round for a party wasn’t my style.Because it was my first apartment, I looked forward to my freedom. Living with my parents, I had to be dressed downstairs. In order to be “comfortable,” I had to go upstairs to my room. Here, I could strip off my clothes and not worry about it.You’ve probably guessed that I love being naked. Sometimes, I slip on a T-shirt but I’m very comfortable with myself, with my body, and enjoy the freedom of nudity. I don’t claim to have a perfect body but it isn’t awful. Some people probably think I’m a bit on the curvy side but I say there’s just more to hold on to!Anyway, drinking my morning or evening coffee, I could sit naked by the picture window and enjoy the blistering sun or the moonlight. With nobody to bother me, the freedom was amazing,As the days passed, I began decorating my little apartment. I decided I didn’t want curtains or blinds on the beautiful picture window. I wanted the sunshine to stream in, to be able to look out at the flowers, listen to birds singing, and gaze at the moon and stars. Enjoy God’s natural beauty.I wasn’t concerned about anyone seeing me. I really didn’t care. Usually, when I got home, I immediately shed my clothes, showered and then remained naked or wore a T-shirt. It was a major reason for moving out of my parents’ house. Freedom!ooOOooIt had been a long day but, finally, I finished my shift and headed for home. I started stripping as soon as I got inside. All I wanted was a hot shower, and time to relax. I dropped the last piece of clothing and walked into the bathroom, turned on the shower, and stepped in.I soaped my sponge and ran it down my body. I have sensitive nipples and they became hard when I wiped the sponge over them. Then, I moved it down my tummy, over my smooth shaven mound, and between my legs.I started circling my hard clit with my fingers. I just couldn’t resist. I was already so wet – and not only from the shower water! My juices slid out like a squeezed lemon and I felt the warmth running down my legs.Putting a leg up on the side of the tub allowed me to slide my fingers deep inside my needy pussy. Pushing in and out quickly while I pinched my nipples with my other hand, put me on the edge. Furiously finger-fucking my hole and rubbing my clit in hard fast in circles, I soon erupted. But I kept drilling my pussy, aware that I had another hard orgasm on the way.I paused only long enough to grab my butt plug and push it deep into my ass. Yes! Head tossed back, I closed my eyes and I was off on that glory ride. I exploded again. I almost lost my balance, but I moved my leg off the edge of the tub and stood on both feet. I left the butt plug in place. Damn, it felt so good. I loved it – but it always made me I wish I had a boyfriend. It felt like the perfect time to have a nice big cock up my ass.Getting aroused again, I had to leave the shower. If I didn’t, I’d be a prune.Dried, with a towel wrapped around me, I walked into the kitchen/lounge. Reaching into the refrigerator for a drink, the towel slipped off. I shut the fridge door and bent to pick up the towel, not thinking that my ass was pointing at the picture window.To be honest, if anyone had been watching me, I’m sure I would have got off on it. Yes, confession time: I enjoy being watched.Sitting at the table, I felt the butt plug pushing deeper in my ass. I wiggled and squirmed, moving it around until it fit snugly and comfortably. God, it felt so good I almost came again.Sliding my hands over my breasts, I rubbed my nipples until they were erect. My mouth was dry and my breathing heavy as my arousal built. My nipples are truly that sensitive that I’ve actually climaxed by playing with them.I Gölbaşı escort bayan pinched them hard, pulled and rolled them between thumb and forefinger. Pushing down on the plug, more thrills poured through my body. I was so horny. I pinched my nipples even harder until they ached and I flicked my tongue over my lips, wetting them, as I began grinding on that plug.Oh my God, the orgasm raced through me like the ocean crashing onto the beach. Floods of mini-orgasms washed over me, the plug went deeper into my ass, and I tasted blood on my bottom lip where I’d bitten down in ecstasy.Covered in sweat, I gradually calmed. Exhausted, I decided to remove my plug and get some sleep. I stood, smiling and feeling totally content. But I needed to clean up again. In the bathroom, I took out the plug and had another shower after which I climbed into bed. I was asleep almost instantly.The next morning, I sat at the table with my coffee, enjoying the morning sunshine. Someone was mowing the grass. Who is that? I watched him for a time. It wasn’t the guy who owned the house; maybe it was a son or grandson. Hired help? Anyway, I had to get ready for work.In the bedroom, I dressed in my nurse’s uniform, fixed my makeup and hair, and dashed out of the door. I hurried to my car, giving a quick wave of acknowledgment to the guy cutting the grass. Backing out of the drive, I got a better view of him. Not bad, not bad at all. Maybe I’ll see him again.I was in for another long day, a tiring twelve-hour shift. But pay and benefits were good and I didn’t need a roommate. I could afford my privacy and enjoy my leisure hours. Life was great.ooOOooWork finally over, but not feeling like cooking for one, I stopped to order a burger meal. Okay, it’s fast food and not healthy, but it was easier than cooking after a long working day.Pulling into my driveway, I was surprised to see the young guy still working in the yard. Must be a relative; no-one works all those hours on a yard unless they’re family. Unless, of course, he’d been away and come back to finish off.Whatever, I again offered a polite wave as I walked to my home. Kicking off my sneakers, I put my food on the table, ready to remove my uniform. Hospital smell: it seems to stay on you.After pulling off my top and pushing down my pants, I sat at the table in bra and panties. Shit, I needed a drink. I got some iced tea from the fridge and turned on the TV, although I wasn’t really interested in watching any program – I was more concerned about looking at the guy outside.Of course, I didn’t know if he’d seen me or not but I enjoyed watching him. I sat eating as he cleaned the yard tools and walked to the garage to put them away. What a nice ass. What I would love to do to that ass, and everything else. He was the full package and I felt confident that he had a nice cock to go along with his ass.There I go, getting myself all turned on again.It didn’t take much to get me going. I think it was because I lived by myself, without any worries. Being naked at home most of the time didn’t hurt either.After throwing away my trash, I stood looking out of the window for a few minutes. It was starting to get dark and not easy to see but he emerged from the garage and looked my way. With a smile on his face, he waved. I smiled and waved, too, not even thinking that I was virtually naked. Not that it bothered me. Hell, I wished I had been naked: he might have come in!Instead, he walked to the main house and entered. Yes, I thought, bet he’s a relation of the owners. I felt sure I would see him again. And his damn beautiful ass.Faced with another long day, I turned off the television and thought I should get ready for bed. I looked out the window again in time to see him getting into his truck. I guessed he saw me, probably thinking I’m some kind of nutcase parading around almost nude, wanting people to look at me. Well, he wasn’t too far off the mark. I certainly enjoyed being seen.In bed, I was really horny, but I needed sleep. So I shut off the light and eventually got him out of my mind and slept.Next morning, I was up early and there was more than work on my mind. I hoped those cute buns would be back before I had to leave. I sat at the table, drinking coffee, wearing a short T-shirt, when his truck pulled in. I stood at the window, hoping he would look over at me. Sure enough, he did, and waved. I smiled and waved back before I turned away to get ready for work.My shirt was so short, I knew he could see my ass cheeks as I walked away. I smirked and thought about ways of keeping his attention. I quickly took off the top and walked back into the kitchen. I didn’t turn my head in his direction but looked out of the corner of my eye, just to see if he was looking. I poured another coffee and, at the fridge, I bent over to get the milk, giving him a look at my ass. I opened my legs just a bit, not wanting to show too much this early in the game. Escort Keçiören Tease and keep ’em coming back.Heading back to the bedroom with coffee in hand, I tried not to look his way, but I sensed he was looking. I had his attention. I dressed for work, ensuring that my makeup and hair were perfect. I wanted to make a good impression.Having locked the door, I turned and almost bumped into tight buns guy. “Oooh,” I said, lifting a hand to my chest, my eyes wide open in surprise. “Good morning,” I gasped.”Morning.” He smiled, flashing white teeth. “Sorry, I didn’t mean to shock you. I’m Richard… and you are?””Oh, sorry, I’m Sandy. Nice to meet you, Richard.””Nice to meet you,” he said, his smile growing wider. “Though I have seen you a couple times.””Yes, of course, when we were coming and going yesterday.””And this morning, when you were having a drink.””You were watching me?”“Well, you make it kinda hard not to.”“Ah yes,” I said, smirking, “was I bothering you?”“No, Sandy. No bother at all.”I glanced at my wristwatch. “I need to get to work. Perhaps we’ll get the chance to chat again soon.””I’m sure we will.”As I reversed out of the drive, I noticed Richard was watching me. I’d definitely got his attention…ooOOooOne evening, I posted a note in the owner’s mailbox requesting permission to plant some flowers in the garden outside my window. See, I’m nothing if not polite!A couple of days later, I returned home to find a note saying that planting flowers would be fine. And, to help me, their nephew Richard had volunteered to turn the soil and prepare the ground for planting.When I saw Richard early the following morning, I thanked him for his offer to help create my flower beds. He smiled, said it was his pleasure, and he would probably start later that day. I noticed that his gaze constantly flicked between my face and bust. Oh yes, I’d definitely got his attention.On the drive to work, I thought about Richard and his motive for doing the extra work. Okay, he was obviously a nice, helpful guy. I also suspected he hoped it would somehow enable him to get closer to me. Maybe I was flattering myself, but I know he’d enjoyed my teasing displays. And that was good. But, despite my exhibitionist tendencies, it doesn’t mean I jump into bed at the flick of a switch or click of fingers. Definitely not. Then again, Richard was a hunk and, if he played his cards right, who knows? Turning the soil for my flower beds was certainly a good start! Hmm… I hope to see him after work.I was late home. I had to work an extra hour and then make a stop at the store. Richard had left by the time I got there. Damn, I’d really looked forward to seeing him, perhaps even having a chat over a cold drink. Well, I consoled myself, I’m not working tomorrow and maybe he’ll be coming round. It was then that I noticed my flower beds were ready for planting. Fast worker, Richard! At least I could plant my flowers on my day off.After stripping off my uniform in the bedroom, I ran a bath. I wanted to lay back and relax. I put a book on the stool next to the tub and stepped in. The water was beautiful: right temperature, full of bubbles, and a beautiful lavender scent. I slid down and closed my eyes.My thoughts homed in on Richard. As I wondered what he might be doing, my hands moved over my body, caressing my breasts, sliding over my tummy too… Wow! What’s happening? Have my hands got a will of their own? Of course not. But I was amazed that just thinking about Richard had got me so aroused. Let’s face it, I hardly knew the guy.Ahh, to hell with it, I thought and continued to drift off into my own little world of arousal. Then I heard something, a noise very close. Usually, everything is so quiet. I opened my eyes just in time to see someone go past the window. Who was it? Richard?ooOOooGetting a pack of smokes was just a quick hop to the store. Little did I know what I would find when I got back. I’d parked my truck and was walking up through the side yard when I caught a glimpse of Sandy in her window. She’d been making a habit of displaying herself half-dressed ever since she moved in. Who could blame me if I took a peek that night?What I saw caused my stomach to clench and my cock instantly began to harden. Looking through the window, I had an unobstructed view into her bathroom. Sandy was running water into the tub.It was so wrong, but from that moment, I was captivated. I watched as she stripped. It was almost as if she was taken her clothes off just for me. The sight of her bare breasts, large and full with prominent thick nipples, had my cock swelling in my jeans.I swear I’ve never been the type to peep but, damn, it was almost like she wanted to be seen. I mean, she left that huge window uncovered while she danced around her apartment in the nude. I’d caught glimpses before, but fear of being seen kept me at a safe distance. It wasn’t until I saw her getting ready to bathe that I had the courage Kızılay escort to get closer. She was stunningly beautiful and when she slipped into the tub, I put a hand to my crotch.I knew I should leave, but just as I summoned the willpower to turn away, Sandy’ slid a hand between her thighs. As she relaxed in the water, she clearly began to rub her fingers over her pussy. I couldn’t actually see her hand, but I recognized the motion well enough. When her other hand cupped her breast and she started flicking her fingers over her nipple, I lost whatever will I possessed.Opening my fly, I pulled out my cock and began stroking it, secretly joining her in masturbatory fantasy.ooOOooWhy doesn’t he just come to the door? Maybe he’s shy, maybe he only likes to watch. Maybe I should give him something worth watching. That won’t be a hardship at all, since I love being watched. It really does turn me on to know that I’m exciting someone, to know he’s stroking his cock at what I’m doing.I lay back and, through half-closed eyes, I can see his reflection in the window. I slide my hands over my body. My large nipples are begging to be touched. I rub them and they get harder, if that’s possible. I pinch and pull them. It stings but it feels good. I want more and I set my hands roaming all over my body. I’m on fire. I need a cock, I need this cunt filled. Does he see how badly I need him? I need a big cock. Bet Richard’s got a big cock. I need him to thrust through my silky layers, get right inside me.I need to be stretched, fucked like never before. Suddenly, I’m pushing a big fat cock inside my pussy, stretching it. I feel pain but I push harder. The pain is pleasure. I begin to pump my cunt with this nine-inch cock. I want it all, I need it all. I shove it in deep, again and again, pumping it faster, in and out, deeper with each penetration. Oh my god, I can’t even get this huge cock deep enough.He’s watching me, I can see him. I see his cock in his hands. Yes, it’s big and he’s stroking hard and fast, watching me. I have to make him cum. Fucking my pussy harder… yes, yes… I yelp. I’m on the edge, so near to coming. No, I can’t, not till he does. I want to watch his face as he comes. Yet I can’t really see his face, only his hand moving. Damn, I must see his face.Stepping out of the tub, with my nine-inch cock in my hand, I walk to the window. I pull out a chair, sit, and look into his face. I drape my legs over the arms of the chair. My cunt is exposed.“Now, fucker, watch me explode!”ooOOooHoly shit, I’ve been caught. I’d convinced myself that standing there in the dark, she couldn’t possibly see me.I almost lost my erection when she looked me in the eye. A flash of fear raced through me as visions of her calling the police played out in my mind. I was about to run for it when she pulled up a chair.It was a surreal moment and my balls sac tightened when she sat down and draped her legs over the chair arms. Any chance that my cock would soften, vanished as she licked that monster cock. I clenched my fist around my shaft as she pushed her toy into her gaping cunt.Fuck, that thing was thick. I saw the strain it put on her as it stretched her. Now there was no more concealing what we’re doing. She wanted me to watch, and I wanted her to see me as well. With renewed effort, I resumed stroking my cock, running my fist up and down its length.It was incredible. We soon matched pace, my hand moving in time with Sandy plunging that monster toy in and out of her hole. She was just oozing juice, coating that shaft so thickly it looked like cream. What held my gaze most was the heat in her eyes. They glowed with lust. A look of what I can only describe as a painful joy graced her radiant face.I feasted on the sights: how hard her nipples were, how her breasts jiggled as she worked that toy in and out of her pussy. I must have been an exciting sight for her, because her gaze concentrated on my cock, briefly flicking to my face, and then back down. Stripping off my shirt and dropping my pants, I edged closer to the window, offering her as good a view as she was giving me.It wasn’t long before my balls began to ache and a heat formed in the head of my cock. I was reaching my point of no return, and I mouthed, Come for me.Sandy swallowed and nodded, and her eyes became slits as she rolled her hips. I could see she was ready and, with a groan, my body shuddered and my balls contracted. Hot ropes of cum streaked out and splashed the glass. All the while, I pumped my fist, sending shot after shot right at her.Her eyes grew wide as I came, and then her body spasmed. I watched her abdominals ripple and her legs quiver uncontrollably as her orgasm consumed her. She plunged the toy deep into her pussy and clamped her thighs, juddering through to the conclusion of her climax.Fuck, it was so hot and my legs were weak by the time my balls were drained. Sandy too must have been exhausted. Her chest heaved as I stood there in shock, naked in the moonlight. We shared the moment but I wasn’t sure what I should do next. I thought about going to her door but, at that moment, Sandy smiled and mouthed, Thank you, got up and casually walked to her bedroom.I was dumbfounded as she turned out the light. I laughed, left out there in the dark.ooOOoo

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