My Exhibitionst Wife


To say my ex was an exhibitionist is an understatement. She loved to be naked and show off her body. Let me describe how she looked at the time. She was 5’5, in her early twenties with long blond hair. She had 34D boobs with no sag. They were about as close to perfect as you could get. With a bubble butt that could drive men crazy,  Chris was a model specializing in swimwear and nude modeling.Where we lived, she would dress conservatively but always sexy. When we traveled and she was in the right mood, look out! We were on a trip to Stockholm one time and Chris was in one of those moods. She had taken a long time in the bathroom getting dressed. When she walked out, my mouth dropped open.She had on a see-through blouse with a red very low cut bra. It looked like her nipples were ready to pop out at any time. This made her 34Ds really stand out. Her black skirt stopped about two inches from her crotch. She had on red panties that were very small and just covered her pussy. This was topped off by black five-inch heels with red soles. She asked if I liked. I said, “You are looking hotter than I have ever seen you. I take it you are very horny tonight.”Chris replied, “We will see what the night brings. I just want to dance my ass off and give some hard-ons.”I had heard of a night club that had a second floor balcony that overlooked the dance floor. The balcony had an iron railing around it so if a girl was standing along the edge the people on the floor would get a nice upskirt shot. Girls seem to like standing on the rail and showing off their crotch.The thing that got everyone’s attention was the sugar holders on the table; they were not filled with sugar, but rather with condoms. The balcony was dark with a bar at one end. It had high-top tables with long table cloths. If you were discreet you could have sex.The waitress seated us at a table in the back next to the railing. Gölbaşı escort Next to us was a couple sitting on a love seat. She was sitting on his lap facing him. She wore a semi long full skirt. And you could not see anything. When the waitress left she started fucking him. After a few minutes she was really fucking him. He held on to her waist, his body got stiff, he thrust his hips upward and shot his load in her pussy. They continued to sit there in the same position for several minutes.Chris finished her drink and said she wanted to go dance.I could see her moving around the edge of the dance floor and she was getting lots of looks. She stopped at the bar and stood between two guys and it wasn’t long before she had a drink. And in a couple of minutes she was dancing with one of them and then the other.At the table in front of me, a couple was sitting facing the front so they could watch for a waitress. The girl was sitting on a stool and the guy was standing beside her finger fucking her. She was moaning rather loudly and the closer she got to an orgasm the more she spread her legs. From where I was sitting I had a great shot of her pussy. When she came she received a hand of applause.I looked around for Chris and saw her still dancing with the same two guys.The next thing I knew she was beside me sitting on the stool putting her arms around my neck and giving me a big kiss.Well, her skirt was so short her red panties were clearly visible. I reached down and started rubbing her pussy. She just held on to my neck. I then moved her panties aside and slipped two fingers into a very wet pussy. I slowly finger fucked her. I asked her if the two guys were making her horny.Chris just said,”Maybe.”I then asked if she had given them hard-ons?Chris said, “OH yes.”I asked her if they had big dicks.Chris then said, “One of them might Keçiören escort bayan have.”I asked her if she had rubbed his dick and she answered not yet. Now I was finger fucking her harder and she was very aroused. I knew she was about ready to explode and she did. She had a body shaking orgasm.We sat for a few minutes while she regained her composure and repositioned her panties back over her pussy. Then she was ready to go dance some more.Next, a couple sat down at a table next to me. As soon as the waitress left, the guy stood the girl at the back of the table. Then he pulled his cock out and gave it a couple of strokes before lifting the girl’s skirt, pulling her panties to one side and gave it to her. She must have been very wet because he went all in on the first stroke. They just wanted a quickie and didn’t mind who saw them. And it was just a quickie.I sat for a while and was getting bored and very horny. I looked down and saw Chris dancing between both guys. One was rubbing his dick on her back the other on her stomach. Chris was gyrating between them. Her skirt had ridden up so she was clearly showing her panties. Her panties just had a tiny patch of material in the front, just enough to cover her pussy and just a string back. All the guys around her were loving the show she was putting on and she loved putting it on.The next thing I knew, Chris was back upstairs and she brought her two friends. She introduced them as Christer and Hans. Christer was in his early forties and Hans in his mid thirties. We all chatted for a while and Chris excused herself to go to the bathroom. When she returned all of our mouths dropped open. She had removed her bra and just had on her see-through blouse. Her tits were standing straight out and her nipples were rock hard. They looked like they were going to poke a hole in her blouse.The Escort Kızılay waitress came by and we ordered another round of drinks. The waitress told Chris she had some really nice boobs. We then drank our drinks. Chris was standing between the two guys and they could not take their eyes off of her tits. I knew they just wanted to suck on them. All at once she reached down and grabbed both of their cocks. Chris was looking me straight in my eyes and slowly rubbing their cocks.Then she said she would like to dance for just a few more minutes and then take the three of us back to our hotel and get naked. Looking at me she asked if that was okay. I said, “Do you think you can handle the three of us?”Chris said, “I am so fucking horny that will not be a problem.”Then her and her two friends went back to the dance floor. This time she did not have a bra on, just her see-through blouse. Chris had unbuttoned a couple more buttons so it was not hard to get a clear view of her nipples.There were guys crowding all around to get a look. She was dancing by herself, putting on a show. Her skirt had ridden up to about her waist. Her bare ass was clearly visible as well as her panty covered pussy. Her red panties looked very wet. Chris was in her prime. She loved dancing with everyone looking at her fantastic body. Her nipples were harder and more protruding than I had ever seen them.About that time I thought I should go rescue her before she got arrested.I went down and the four of us caught a cab. The cab driver could not stop looking in the review mirror. When we got to the hotel it was very late and the desk clerk could not believe what he was seeing. I picked up our key and we got on the elevator.Chris stood on one side, kind of by herself, and started unbuttoning the remaining buttons on her blouse. When she had all of them undone she held the blouse open and rubbed it across her nipples. They were really hard.When the door opened for our floor she stepped out walking to our room. She removed her blouse and tossed it on the floor. While I was trying to get the door unlocked she had pulled her skirt up around her waist and bent over showing her ass to Christer and Hans.

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