Kathy:Flashing and Sex Traveling the Highways

Ana Dearmond

Traveling the highways to different gigs, gives time for a lot of flashing. I especially like going into rest areas, waysides, and truck stops where the men get so close. Let me ask? What would you do if you seen a hot petite girl totally exposing her bare pussy, big cunt lips hanging down, juice dripping from her cunt. Would you just look or would you lose control and grope her? Well, that’s the decision you would have to make if you seen me flashing. My name is Kathy, I’m a nineteen year old brunette with a 5′ 2″ 95 pound 36C – 22 – 33 body. Besides having big breasts and always erect nipples, I have a flat tiny waist, thin shapely legs, a nice, hard little ass and in between my legs a nice pair of big cunt lips with a stiff, protruding clit. I normally dress in one of my low cleavage cut, mid thigh length dresses that opens like a robe and some type of high heels. I wear nothing else but the dress and the heels, otherwise I’m naked. After going through a few drivers, I found a retired marine, who was much older than me to drive. He wanted to travel, and what’s better than traveling with a girl that loves to be naked? After a couple of weeks I purchased a class-A motor home, which, believe me, is the only way to travel. I just love sitting in the passenger seat totally naked, flashing all the truckers in between stops. At times I even talk on the CB radio, my CB name being ‘Naked Beaver’. In the beginning, I had been traveling the highways and flashing a bunch. Yet, no one had ever touched me in any way. Several men had asked me if they could touch, but I made up my mind that I would never give permission to anyone to do anything. Why you ask? Because I wanted to get men so horny just from my flashing, that they would lose control and grope me in some way, or do a whole lot more. I was beginning to think that no man would ever grope me. Hah! It was a Thursday night and I must have flashed a couple hundred men already just inside truck stops. I’m guessing it was around two in the morning when we pulled into a rest area. I went into the building with rest rooms and vending machines. I squatted down next to the tourist pamphlet racks, my legs spread enough for anyone walking past to see. Only Escort Gölbaşı a few men came in over the next ten to fifteen minutes, all of them checking out and re-checking my exposed pussy. But all they did was look and eventually leave. Three men I was guessing to be truckers came in together, talking and laughing. Like all men they checked out the girl in the short dress and instantly spotted my hanging cunt lips. All of them kind of milled around, taking several good looks at my pussy. They went in the rest room and came back out in one minute, tops. What a surprise… they all started looking at those vacation pamphlets on the racks. Of course they were just positioning themselves to get a much closer look at my pussy. My excitement level was growing by the second and juice started dripping out of my cunt as they kept getting closer. Besides never talking, I made it a rule to never make eye contact either. Of course, I watched them out of the corners of my eyes and reflections in glass and mirrors. Hey, what good is flashing unless you know they’re looking, right? Well these guys were most definitely looking, that’s for sure. I had tried different things to get men to lose control and grope me. Like spreading my legs much wider after they’d been watching me for a while. It had been a few minutes since they came out of the men’s room and I decided that I should do something different. So I stood up, acting like my legs were cramped from squatting down so long. I kept looking at the pamphlets chest high and moved right in front of two of them. I bent from the waist, pulling out a pamphlet down low and looking at it still bent over. Most of my butt and all of my bare pussy were right there in front of them, just a few feet away. I saw the one man move towards me in the reflection from the window, but he stopped. I stood up, moved around the side of the second rack, back in the corner and again bent way over, really exposing my bare butt and pussy. Wham! Just like that the man reached in and grabbed a big hand full of my dripping wet pussy. I thought many, many times of what I would do if someone did actually grope me, and I did exactly that, I let out Keçiören escort a little yelp, “Oh!” and stood about half way up as though startled. Again, I had thought many times to stand up half way, and if they removed their hand, continue to stand up straight. But, if they continued to grope me, stay bent over. Well, this man was definitely not removing his hand; in fact, he did just the opposite. He slid a finger right up my soaking wet cunt hole and put his other hand on my back, getting me to stay bent over. I can’t begin to tell you how fucking excited I was at that very moment! Something I had been trying to get men to do for weeks had finally happened. I was really surprised when the other men quickly moved to each side of me and stuck their hands inside my dress, groping my breasts and squeezing my nipples. All three men were doing everything they could, their hands moving very fast. My dress only had one velcro stay at the waist, and it quickly pulled apart, opening up my dress. Juice was flowing out of my pussy, and my excitement level leaped from five to ten in an instant! “Ah… Ah… Ah… Ahhh,” I moaned softly as my cunt let go with several small orgasms. My dress got flipped way up over my head, exposing my full naked body. The two men bent over and started sucking my nipples, while rubbing my ass and squeezing my breasts. The man behind me reached around my leg with his other hand, rolling my clit around with his fingers. He also added fingers to my cunt hole and was giving me a high speed finger fucking, bringing me to a big orgasm. I moaned louder, “Ohhhh! Ohhhh! Oh my!” The juice poured out of my pussy. I came so much you could hear my juice splashing on the tile floor. This was all happening in just a few short minutes. I spread my feet wider apart, so he could get his fingers deeper in my cunt. I was surprised and wondering what would happen, when another man came in the building. I watched him out of the corner of my eye as he stood there, just watching the three men grope me. He went in the men’s room and came back out a few seconds later. He again stood and watched for a short time. That was when the three men making me orgasm Kızılay escort bayan like crazy noticed him. I was moaning, “Ahhh. Ahhh. Ahhh!” One orgasm after another spewed out of my cunt. They all slowed what they were doing as they stared at the man. He just smiled bowed his head and left the building. “We better go,” the man finger fucking me said. After several fast, hard thrusts of his fingers up my cunt hole and several super hard sucks on my nipples, the three men just let go and hurried out the door. I slowly stood up straight, my legs quivering, cum flowing out of my pussy making a fast dripping sound in the dead quiet room. I just stood there for a few seconds, a smile getting bigger and bigger on my face. This was one of the wildest things I had done and it all took place in just a few short minutes. I looked down and couldn’t believe the big puddle of cum juice on the floor. I went and used the ladies room and made my way to the motor home with a very excited bounce in my step. I was nearly laughing while thinking, “there are men that will lose control just from me flashing them.” After weeks of flashing it had finally happened, and I couldn’t be more excited about it! I got in the motor home and told my driver all about it. Bill said, “I don’t know about you,” while chuckling and shaking his head. “But what the hell… do whatever blows your dress up.” My god, how exciting that all was, not to mention the bunch of orgasms I had in just a short time. Well after that, I stayed and flashed in rest areas and truck stops a little longer than I used to. A couple of weeks went by and I must have flashed more than two thousand men. But the only physical contact was a couple of men at different places patting me on the butt as they quickly left. That is until I stopped at a truck stop, which was known as a rough place out east. No, I cannot give its name or location. I went into the truck stop and, if nothing else, it could have used a good cleaning. I first went to the pay phones and sat down, my legs spread pretty wide, pretending to be having a conversation. A few men walked by several times, getting a good look up between my legs. I got up, used the ladies room and headed for the store area. I went right to the magazine rack, standing at first, so men knew I was there. It didn’t take long before a few men came over to check out the girl looking at magazines. I bent over, flipping through a few mags on the bottom shelf, moving a little further towards the back of the store.

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