Taking it to RL


All day I have been closed up inside rooms, speaking of trivial matters. Now at last I have come out into the night, myself a center of darkness. Beneath the clouds the low sky glows with scattered light. I can hardly think this is happening… I am meeting my lover, the man who touched me deeply… smile… with out even using his hands, ironically. I don’t have a picture, at least other than the one he drew in my mind. How will I know him? He assured me that I will… “just keep waiting for me, you’ll know when I’m near”. Strange words coming across my computer screen, they were. Strange words glowing at my eyes in my darkened room, in a chilly lime green font. Those words hit me like tongues of fire in my belly.

Obediently walking through the raining park, inhaling the fresh scent of this unfamiliar place, I am far away from home, in a strange land drenched with rain showers and violent thunderstorms. Here on my Spring Break, recklessly only coming here to meet him. Shivering, I feel the hair on the back of my neck prickle up. I inhale deeply… masculinity… deep woods… smell of cedar wood and fire. I turn, but there is no one around. Sigh… I open the letter I have in my bag, the one and only you sent and let go of another jagged sigh. If it were only real…

My body is thoroughly soaked to the skin, but I am radiating a warm glow of pleasure as I walk over to the swing in the playground. Careful not to get the letter wetter, I open my flimsy umbrella I hastily bought at the airport, and start to read…

His words bespeak of a brilliant mind, a tender heart, and a passionate body. Inhaling deeply again, I catch the scent, but am too wrapped up in the words to look around. You have been standing, leaning against a big tree, watching me. Your movements are so soft and catlike, I never heard you approach… you are only 10 feet away now, as you watch my arousal return.

I am reading aloud, in my Irish laced accent, from your letter now… as your write about touching me, I unconsciously let my hand move down to my soaked jeans. With middle and ring fingers reaching down, I rub myself through my jeans… and feel the source of heat. Kicking my feet back, I take the swing for a ride, back and forth, flying through the air softly, while my hand is sending shards of electric current up my spine and downward, radiating through my thighs. This letter is describing your tongue, tasting me… I climb higher into the air with my swing, butterflies in my tummy now tightening the pressure of my hand… Now you are making love to me, grinding against the wall…

I toss my head back and let the letter fly through the misty air as I take the swing to the next level. My legs are opened widely as I thoroughly lose myself in the feeling, the intimate climax… my muscles CRYING out for something to enter me, something for them to cling too. I throw my head back and cry out in ecstasy as I cream in my jeans….. “Rafael, oh where are you, luv?” I scream out into the air. Here in this bright absence of day, I feel myself opening.

All around us the soft rain is whispering, thousands of feet of air invisible to us. You watch with blazoned yes, swollen manhood crying out “Shannon, here I am!” , yet, your lips remain silent. With the self control of a hundred gods, you inhale smelling my scent, and wait…

My swing slows it’s rhythm as my head collapses on my shoulder. My soft tears blend in with the rain, I say aloud, “Aw, Shannon, luv! You should know men by now, full o’lies and disappointments..” You come forward and walk behind my swing, still keeping your distance, you finally say: “I’ve never been known to disappoint a woman in my life.”

I etiler escort jump off clearing 5 feet off the swing, and take off in a bolting run, not looking back. Dashing to the safety of my rental truck, I hear you running to catch up, hollering, “WAIT a minute!” Diving into the truck, slam locking the doors, I struggle with the ignition keys with wet shaking hands. You catch up and put your hands on the hood and say, “Shannon, WAIT!!!” At the sound of my name my eyes flash up, “Who the hell are you?” I scream. “It’s me you crazy Irish woman, Rafael!”

Through the rain soaked windshield, I see a distorted figure of young man, very tall, shoulders for days… I turn on my headlights and hit my wipers, and … flash… there you are…just as you had described yourself… aye, lad, but you never told me that you me that you’d be the most magnificent male I’ve ever seen in my life. Instantly I become shy, thinking… “oh Christ, I cybered with HIM? He knows my fantasies…” Blushing a hot crimson, you walk around to the passenger side of the car, and tap on the window saying: “Mind if I get out of this rain?” I quickly release the locks and you climb into the Durango.

The moment our eyes meet, passion explodes as I fold myself into your embrace. That was the scent I caught earlier. Cool, green eyes look up into yours as you take in the features of my face. You say, “You are even more beautiful than I imagined, Shannon”. I look at you with eyes of bewilderment, “Lad, I look like a drowned cat!” My long hair clings to my wet clothes, soaking my wild curls into soft waves. The color is deep dark wine now. As your gaze follows my hair past my shoulders, curving past my breasts and ending at the vortex of my thighs, I quickly turn on the ignition and ask, “Where to, luv?”

You guide me out of the park and on your way to your house. With my eyes concentrating of the unfamiliar surroundings, you lean your chair slightly back and we fall into soft comfortable conversation; like two close friends. I ask you to tell me about your job, and listen intently as you tell me how you started, what you’ve done; I marvel at all the places you go to and am genuinely interested. You have a perfect voice, clear deep and strong, with what you call a slight southern accent—what sounds like a complete foreigner to me, smile. Listening to the timbre of your voice guiding me through the suburb and telling me about the training classes you are in, I feel myself warming and melting for you.

Pulling up, I see your beautiful house, I remark, “Everything around here is so new!” You get out, walk around and take my hand, guiding me quickly through the hard rain up to your door. In a romantic gesture, you sweep me up off my feet, open the door and carry me in. We both rock with laughter at your playfulness. Eye to eye, you say “Hi!” and I repeat in return a shy “hello, luv”.

Immediately our mouths come together in an eternal kiss, soft lips touching at first, the bold tongue taste the honey softness of my lips, which part for you. The tip of my tongue slides up to meet yours, gently accepting your intimate caress. Still holding me, you squeeze me tighter! My head leans over to one side, encouraging you to come in and take me deeper. Feeling that invitation, the hand supporting my shoulders, snakes up into my head and holds me tight for your onslaught. Your kiss devours my senses, inspiring me with life and sexual energy as our tongues roll in a battle of wills. I softly grab your tongue, and suck on it, stroking it in a promise of what will come. The vibrations of your moan in my mouth send chills up and down halkalı escort my spine. My eyes fly open to watch your expressive face. Liking what I see, but, I want to see your eyes. Gently I slow my sucking and nip your tongue with my teeth, you slightly startle and your eyes open and are met with mine, fiery green now. My bite slowly drags down your tongue, to the tip, and I kiss it with my lips. I take your bottom lip and softly suck it and nipple gently, moving down to your chin, I snake my hands into your wet hair and suck on your chin, biting it softly. Leaning your head back, my mouth goes to your neck and I so the same thing, but deeper.

Not paying any attention to my surroundings, I find my self up in the bathroom having my wet clothes removed. Your clothes follow as we jump into the steaming shower. You are kissing me and exploring my body in fascination. I take the soap and begin washing every part of you I can reach. As my hands go to your belly, you stop kissing me and stand tall watching. I lather my hands and work into your pubic hair, keeping my eyes locked to your face, a wee bit afraid to look at what is growing longer for me. With silky soapy hands, I stroke your manhood and take you balls into consideration too, feeling them tighten and hearing your moan. I stroke you firmer, circling my belly with the tip of your head. You are looking at my hands now, and watching your beautiful body grow to its full length. You want to explode, but try to hold back. With nerves of steel you grit your teeth and try to calm yourself and close your eyes.

But, alas this beautiful redhead has gotten down on her knees, still stroking this time with shampoo in my hair, I am washing you with my long hair. You let go of a loud moan, as your eyes fly down and search questioning into mine and feel the shower’s pressure wash the soap away from your throbbing cock, the water feeling like a thousand kisses. With more soapy lather I wash your legs, and reach up behind your balls and lather your firm ass, feeling you tighten at this intimate touch. I guide you to lean against the wall and lift one of YOUR legs up to rest on the side of the tub. Standing there thighs open for my view; I finally tear my eyes away and search your body.

You tower over me, seeing this woman with dark hair, white body, full round breasts, nipples looking straight up at you, slim curving waist curving out to firm hips, shaven pussy, down to slightly parted thighs… and yes, I am still on my knees. While looking at your body, my hands wander up caressing my breasts. You move to lift me up, but my hand goes to your flat belly and I shake my head, no.

“This weekend will start with you feeding me, luv. It has been a long trip and I am very hungry,” grabbing the base of your cock. In slight protest you say “But, Shannon… I want to give you pleasure…” I say, “Shhhh, you know what will give me the most pleasure now?” You ask, “What?” I respond, moving my head close to your cock’s swollen head, encircling it with my wet hands, gliding my tongue around in circles, diving the tip in to the hole at your tip, tickling slightly… saying “…cum here, luv… cum on…mmmmmm”, tasting your pre-cum as your cock releases pearls for me.

“What I want… is for you to feed me, luv.” I say locking my eyes to yours.

“I’ve imagined the taste of you, but I want the feel of you exploding down my throat. Now, I want you to let go of those damned nerves of steel. I want you to release yourself into me. I if feel you holding back, I will stop, get my clothes on and go back to the airport! This 1st cum is strictly for me, no holds innovia escort barred, aye luv?”

You nod and brace yourself as my tongue slides down your penis, sucking and flicking every groove every pulsating vein. With my hands stroking you with my slick saliva, I nuzzle your balls with my nose, then take them into my mouth… this time I hum Ravel’s “Bolero”… dumdadadadum … dumdadadadum… dumdadadadum… dumdadadadum. The vibrations send shock to your senses, deeply vibrating your glands. My slick hands slide up behind your balls and massage up and up… small finger encircling your nether regions, such an intimate touch, mouth still humming, dumdadadadum… dumdadadadum… dumdadadadum…

I feel your semen gathering up into your balls, tightening their hold in my mouth, but I softly suck them pulling them back, slowly guiding my finger past the tight muscles of your ass. With that, you are ready to cum. You say “Oh Shannon,” as your first shot goes right over my head and hits the other end of the shower tile! I quickly take your cock into my mouth hungrily and suck the rest of your semen deep into my throat. You look down and see my whole head stroking you and feel the orgasm slamming your senselessly, releasing more cum down my throat. I drink like someone who’s not had water for weeks. Sucking….noisily…. still humming into your shooting cock…. Finger working in and out of your ass…

In a moment of animal instinct, you quickly move and put my head against the side wall, and grind you cock into my throat to let the last drop of cum slide down my throat… you let go a loud moan, “Ahhhhhhh!!!!!!” My eyes take in everything as I cum without even touching myself…. The power the reverse of power… enough to send me into fits of ecstasy. Your eyes look down and see my hands cling to my breasts and watch my body rock, back arching, nipples reaching up, cum on my lips, mouth opened into a moan of orgasm. “ohhhh!” You get down on your knees with me and hold me tight as my body shakes, the shower water still running softly over head. You reach and turn it off.

My eyes slowly come back into focus and smile into your awed face. I bit my lip, taste the semen, still clinging and you do something incredible… you reach up and lick my lips, still looking into my eyes erotically and say….. “Mmmmmm”. Then you kiss me full in the mouth, passionately and hug me tightly to your chest.

We rise together and you step out and hand me a big fluffy towel. Totally speechless, we dry each other off, softly. You wrap your towel around your waist, but I reach out and playfully grab it. Spinning around, you let me have your towel as I take in your incredible body with my eyes again. I bend over to wrap my hair in that towel, into a turban and flip it back. You grab the towel wrapped around my body now, and finish drying your hair with it, then wrap it around your waist.. I grab your robe hanging on the door and put it on. It hangs off my body, ridiculously too big, but I love it… inhaling your fragrance.

Taking my hand, you give me a tour of your lovely house, room by room… until we make our way down to the kitchen. I hop up on the counter and push you away with my foot, then slowly open my robe. Then, I take the towel off my head and let my long wet curls hang over my shoulders. Shrugging off the robe, I lean back and let your eyes devour me.

At that moment, your roommate comes in with a six pack of beer and a pizza, saying…”Hey, Raphael …. whoa…” You quickly step in front of me and turn around to face him and say, “Hey, man, you could knock before you enter….. ummmm… well, the kitchen!!” All 3 of us burst out laughing!!! I hop off the counter and say, “I’m Shannon, nice to meet you… can I have some of that pizza, luv?” The three of us, settle down in comfortable chatting, drinking pizza and trying to convince me that American beer is good! Three friends enjoying each others conversation and closeness and I think… “Yeah, I could come to like America…”

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