In the country

In the country
I’d turned and started to make my way back home when I saw in the distance a car parked up in a clearing. It looked a bit odd so far into the woods I though I would take a look. As I approached I saw a couple sitting in the car – they looked like they were just chatting. As I got loser to the car the woman, who I later discovered
was called Margaret turned and saw me walking towards them. She turned and said something to her husband – who was called Peter – but I couldn’t make out what she said as I was still to far away.

When I reached the car Margaret wound down the window and smiled. I inquired if everything was alright, given they were miles from anywhere. She said everything was fine and that they were simply enjoying some time to themselves on this beautiful afternoon. We struck up a conversation for a few minutes and I noticed that Margaret was dressed in what looked like work clothes. She seemed to be in a black top, light coloured skirt and heels. Her jacket was on the back seat. I couldn’t help noticing as we chatted that her skirt was ridden quite a way up and I could see quite a bit of her legs. She appeared to be wearing sheer dark tan nylon tights.
Being a sucker for a woman with good legs and wearing sheer nylon I decided I would keep up the conversation so I could stay a while longer and get a good look at this attractive mature woman. I got the sense that she was enjoying me looking at her as she kept moving and crossing her legs – she must have known I was getting quite an eyeful.

Her husband looked a little nervous and I wondered if they had been touching each other before I arrived. After a while he seemed to gather up the courage and said to Margaret – why don’t you just tell him what you really want? She looked a little shocked but said “do you really think I should?”

I was completely confused, I didn’t know what they meant. Margaret finally summoned up the courage, looked me straight in the eye and said “The reason we are parked here is that I have a fantasy in which I want to suck a strangers cock while my husband watches”.

I was completely taken aback, but already feeling the stirrings in my trousers. I looked at Peter and said “Are you okay with this?” He simply nodded and said to his wife “go ahead”.

Without taking her eyes from mine, Margaret opened the car door and swung her legs out. As she did so she gave me an incredible view all the way up her skirt. She was wearing sheer dark tan seamed nylon stockings and not tights as I had first thought. With what looked like white knickers underneath. I could see the seam down the rear of her calves as she swung her legs open.

She smiled and looked at me in a way that said it all. It was clear that she wanted to suck and fuck my cock. She sat on the edge of the seat with the door open and asked me if I liked what I had seen. I mumbled something about how amazing she looked and as I was talking she spread her legs wide so I had a clear view of the gusset of her knickers.

My cock was rock hard as she pulled me towards her. Margaret slowly unzipped my trousers and pulled down my underpants. My cock sprung out in front of her and she immediately wrapped her hand around it. Staring at her underwear up her skirt and seeing her slim hand wrapped around my cock was so horny I almost came straight away from her touch. She never broke eye contact as she slowly opened her mouth and took the bell end of my cock into her mouth.

Margaret was a greedy dirty bitch. She started sucking my knob like there was no tomorrow. She wanked my cock while she gobbled me and then dropped her hands to her sides while she simply bobbed her cock hungry mouth up and down on my dick. Peter had come round from the drivers side and was watching his wife sucking my cock as he slowly stroked himself.

I knew I wouldnt last long with this sort of treatment. I told Margaret that she was going to make me come but she just kept sucking me – looking alternately between her husband and me. I reached the edge where I could stand no more. I took hold of her head and pumped my cock in and out of her slutty mouth while I filled her throat full of spunk. The dirty bitch swallowed every last drop as her husband watched.

Margaret was still sucking my sensitive cock and to my surprise I could feel myself getting hard again already, which was unusual for me. She took my cock from her mouth but continued wanking me and said “now it’s your turn to do what you like to me”. “I’ve fulfilled one of my fantasies by sucking a strangers cock – now I will allow you to do what ever you want to me”

I said “anything?”. She said “anything”!

I told her to bend over the bonnet of the car and hitch up her skirt at the back.She did as she was told and she looked every inch the slutty PA in her business suit, with her stockings encasing her georgeous legs and her nylon covered arse pointing towards me and in her high heels. I told her to slowly lower her panties. She took them slowly down to her knees. I felt so powerful directing this amazing mature woman to take down her underwear and show me her most intimate parts.

I made Margaret spread her her legs as far as her knickers would allow – she looked so slutty from the back. I could see her hairy cunt coming into view and it looked so good that I couldn’t help kneeling behind her and sticking my tongue right up her fanny. She moaned as I licked her cunt from behind and I could feel her cunt lips open up.

I licked her from her clitoris all the way to her puckered arsehole. When I tongued her arse she shivered and I could tell she liked it. My mind was made up – I was going to fuck Margaret up her bum.

I made Margaret bend over and use her own hands to pull apart her arsecheeks. She exposed her holes to me completely. I took the end of my cock and rubbed it onto her already wet cunthole. She squirmed and tried to push back to get my cock in her. I pulled away, and with my slimy cock end I pushed against the entrance of her tight little arsehole. She gasped as I forced my cock into her tight bum until I was balls deep. Slowly I started to build a rythym as I fucked Margarets arsehole. She was moaning and grinding her arse back onto my cock. I could tell that she was loving being buggered by a stranger out here in the woods.

I could hold on no longer and gripped both her hips as I filled her with sperm. It was one of the most intense orgasms Id ever had – I could feel Margarets arsehole gripping my cock in spasms as she frigged her own clitoris to orgasm simultaneously.

As I slipped my cock out of Margarets bum I saw her husband wanking furiously. She walked over to him and finshed him off with her mouth – taking a third load of spunk that day.

As Peter cleaned up, Margaret pulled up her knickers and smoothed down her skirt. She got back into the car as if nothing had happened and I turned to walk away.

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