Surprise Lover


Matt awoke with a start, as he felt something shift in his dark bedroom. Light seeped through the crack beneath the door, golden yellow and welcoming. He sat up out of bed and made his way towards the light, stumbling as he tripped on some magazines scattered around the floor. The door opened with a slight creak, leading him directly to the bathroom, where the light was coming from. The walls along the hallway were bare and pale green and he placed his hand against one, steadying himself. Trying not to make any noise, he crept along the hall, stopping just before the bathroom door. He placed his ear against it, Ataşehir escort bayan listening for anything that might inform him of who was in there. A light moan escaped from whoever was occupying his bathroom. He pushed the door open with sweaty hands. There was a woman in his bathtub. Naked and wet, with long caramel colored hair that swept along her shoulders and she had deep green eyes. Her skin was creamy and pale and she had large breasts which were perky and dripping with water. She gazed at Matt longingly, inviting him in with her large eyes and she stood up from Escort Ümraniye the tub, splashing water against the sides and onto the floor. He was stunned at the sight of this beautiful, naked women, bathing in his tub and he carefully walked towards her, hoping it wasn’t just a dream. She too, crossed the room towards him and when they had reached one another, she pressed her wet body against his. She grabbed Matt’s hand and began leading him back to the bedroom, where she lightly pushed him onto the bed. He fingered with her nipples and placed one inside of his mouth, tonguing Bostancı escort it and biting down on it softly, as she quietly moaned. Removing her breast from his lips, she slid her body down his, lifting off his shirt and pushing her breasts against his bare chest. She began leaving soft, wet kisses on his lips, trailing slowly down to his neck, where she lightly licked and bit down. She slid her tongue down his body, stopping just before she reached his already massive cock, which was protruding from his pants. Matt could only lie there, absorbing the pleasure. She slowly began to pull his pants down until his throbbing cock appeared. She smiled up at him and placed her lips around the head of his cock, slowly sliding it deep into her throat. Matt gasped at the intense pleasure of it all and grabbed handfuls of her hair, moving her head back and forth, while her warm tongue pressed against the sides of his shaft.

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