Summer In The Trailer Park


So far, Cal had no regrets about moving into the West Virginia trailer park he now called home. He enjoyed his comfortable, well-built trailer that was insulated well from the heat and cold, and also from any sounds from the outside (or from the inside getting out!). He’d gotten laid more in the first two months in the park than in the last ten years of his marriage, and he was enjoying a milf and a very hot high school teen. Life was good. His little teen friend Kaylee had been visiting once or twice a week after school and would have come every afternoon if Cal had not decided he wanted to keep his options open, and he did not want her to become too “in love” with him and want him to be exclusive with her. After eating her teen pussy, and fucking her vise-tight teen pussy to multiple orgasms one afternoon, he explained to Kaylee that it was better they stay as “friends with benefits” than become a couple, as that would complicate things for her, and raise suspicions that might put an end to their fun. Kaylee had sighed in agreement and said as long as he would keep fucking her, they would just be “friends with bennies” as she put it. From Cal’s perspective, he also was having fun exploring all the possibilities in this trailer park. The isolated community was brimming with raging-hormone teenage girls seeking new experiences and experimenting with their budding sexuality, not to mention the many hot young moms who were reaching their sexual peak in their late twenties and early thirties, some without a man to satisfy their stronger sexual appetites – like his friend Shelli. Others had husbands, but if he was a trucker or similar, he was often not around nearly enough to satisfy their cravings. Why limit himself to just one hot fuck partner, when there were dozens more to sample? Cal loved the super casual dress style of the trailer park, which bordered on “hillbilly” style. Isolated as they were from the city, and even several miles from the nearest shopping center, people didn’t bother dressing up, and they tended to wear as little Escort Gölbaşı as necessary to keep covered and covered even less as the summer heated up. For everyone, that meant shorts and a t-shirt was plenty, and for the girls, they seemed to like to minimize even those. Whether intended or not, the girls dressed so that there was not much of their body left to the imagination, and they seemed to understand how to best display their bodies even in the old and worn tees and shorts they favored. Sitting on his tiny porch that stretched half the length of his trailer, Cal often sat outside with a cool iced tea and watched the girls of the trailer park as they walked, biked or drove past on their daily routines. He now knew at least eleven or twelve of them by their first names, plus Kaylee and Shelli, whom he knew considerably better. There were two others he decided he wanted to get to know, and he set out to make it happen.The first was Kelly, a late-twenties redhead who rode her bike around the park all the time, keeping herself in great shape. He had chatted a few times with her and understood that she had married her high school boyfriend eight years ago. He was an over-the-road trucker, gone for a week at a time, as she stayed home and took care of their five-year-old daughter. She had begun biking, after the baby, to get back in shape, and as far as Cal was concerned, it was working. Kelly’s long lean legs looked to be about half her five-foot-ten height, and her bike shorts showed off her strong thighs and her tight little ass. The biking shirt she wore tended to flatten her breasts against her chest to keep her aerodynamic, but from the substantial mounds, it was clear that the shirt was hiding some lovely tits. She wore her dark red, almost mahogany-colored hair pulled back and tied into a single ponytail in back. She often stopped to chat when she saw him on his porch, usually just stopping and stretching her long legs on either side of the bike, the stretchy bike shorts outlining every Keçiören escort inch of her flat tummy, slightly bony hip bones, and the slight mound of her pubis between her lightly muscled thighs. Cal was never sure if she was intentionally giving him a show or just being natural, but he enjoyed looking, whatever the case. Kelly must have noticed his look of appreciation, as he didn’t hide it and occasionally remarked on her great shape. She had also complimented him on his fitness, as Cal had indeed kept himself fit with thrice-weekly early morning gym visits.On a bright June morning, Kelly rode up, smiling, and said she had just taken her daughter off to summer camp, and so would have some more free time. Cal couldn’t help noticing that instead of the usual bike shorts, today she had on a pair of the looser-fitting jersey-type shorts popularized by Victoria’s Secret– bright pink with the word “JUICY” in stitched on letters across the ass. Cal thought they were called “booty shorts” since they tended to show off the booty. On the bike, the shorts rode up to the point where the firm round contours of Kelly’s ass peeked out from the pink fabric on the sides, and her legs looked even longer and sleeker than usual. The “JUICY” shorts were probably about six or seven years out of date, and Kelly had likely owned them for at least that long. But if they were a little worn, and thin, they still looked amazing on her. Instead of the biking shirt, today Kelly had on a thin tank top, white with the word “PRINCESS” across the top, pushed out by the firm swells of her breasts. She really looked breathtaking. “Wow,” said Cal, “don’t you look super cute on this lovely summer day?”“Thanks,” she said, smiling as she dismounted from the bike and stretched her legs to each side of the bike. “I like your plaid shorts, Cal,” she said as she looked him over, noticing the lump in the plaid shorts. Cal, licked his lips inadvertently, as she stood over the bike with the slightly too-small pink shorts revealing the outline Kızılay escort bayan of her pussy as she stood before him. “Why don’t you get off your bike and join me on the porch for a few minutes?” Kelly, smiled and leaned over the bike to put down its kickstand, giving Cal an eyeful of her firm butt cheeks peeking from below the booty shorts. When she stood up, her firm tits pressed out the thin top, and he could clearly distinguish the puffy nipples atop each lovely boob. As the shirt was a bit tight, it was stretched between the tits and suspended from them at the same time. Breathtaking was not an adequate word, Cal thought. Fuckable was probably more accurate. He quickly went in to get Kelly an iced tea, and when he returned, she had taken a seat in his second lawn chair, and he noticed that her lightly freckled skin was glistening with a thin veneer of perspiration from her bike ride. “Looks like you had a good ride this morning, eh, Kelly?” observed Cal, smiling at her and looking with obvious appreciation at her tits and long legs. “Well, I had a good bike ride, I guess,” she replied, emphasizing the word ‘bike.’ “But, can I be honest with you, Cal?” “Sure,” he said, with some curiosity. “I really am needing a different kind of ride,” she continued, quietly. “My husband, Jason, has been gone for almost two weeks and doesn’t get back till the end of this week.” She looked down and crossed one delicious long leg over the other, allowing her foot to sway back and forth. She continued, “And when I ride my bike, it rubs me — down there, you know — and I get frisky. Know what I mean?” Cal smiled with a leer and said, “Yes, I think I do. Sometimes, when you ride your bike around here, I get frisky too!” Kelly looked up, smiled and winked at Cal, and stretched her long leg toward him, placing her little tennis shoe right up on his lap. “What can we do to deal with all this friskiness?” she giggled. “Step into my office, and we’ll discuss it,” Cal said, winking back at her. He rose and held the door open, letting Kelly step in front of him. She walked slowly and with a distinct sway in her hips as she stepped through the door. Cal’s eyes were glued to the smallish pink shorts that were pulled seductively into the crack of her ass, distorting slightly the embroidered word “JUICY” that swayed delightfully as she walked.

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