He Controlled. I Loved It.


It’s Friday night, the girls and I decide to meet straight after work and head down to the local bar. As it’s been a long week we don’t bother to go home and change, we just go as we are. We’re all dressed smartly but I like to feel a little sexy at the end of the week so my short black skirt and black heels go well with my bright pink shirt. Hidden underneath is my pink lace bra, matching pink bikini panties and black seamed stockings.We stand at the bar laughing and chatting and drinking the first of many. As we’re all single we make sure to keep looking around for any good-looking guys and it’s not long before we spot several potential candidates sitting at a nearby table. One of them, who is in a pink shirt too, catches my eye. He’s handsome and his cheeky grin soon has me making eye contact while I ignore all the others in his group.As we’re giggling over something one of the girls has said, I spot the sexy one coming over towards us. I make sure to move closer towards where he is heading to make sure that I am the one he is going to chat with. The other girls are much prettier than me and I don’t want them getting in the way! He says a simple “Hi” and I reply similarly, flashing my best possible smile. He stands near me and talks to all of us saying that he has been the one chosen by his friends to make an approach, and would we like to chat. He is full of cheesy lines and I can’t help but notice that he keeps looking at me while he talks. The girls tease him and question him, trying to get more information out of him but they fail because he’s acting as if I’m the only one in the room.I love it, so I pluck up my courage and ask. “Do you always do what your friends dare you to do?”“Of course,” he replies, “We’re good mates, we know what each of us would do and although we egg each other on sometimes it’s all good natured. Anyway, can I buy you a drink? A double maybe?”I am somewhat flattered but accept his offer gratefully.“I would like that, thank you, and a double is a bit risky but why not, it’s Friday!”I find myself flirting with him more as we stand next to each other at the bar. One of the girls nudges me which makes me smile and I give her a short stare which tells her to stop. Looking over his shoulder I can see his friends are waving and shouting at him to make the next move.He gets my attention again by asking my name, I tell him I’m Angel, and he introduces himself as John. He says how lucky he is to meet such a hot looking girl in a local pub and as I blush hard I tell him he can stop with the corny lines. He pays no attention.“I stopped being cheesy when you agreed to let me buy you a drink and I think you’re hot, especially in that little skirt and heels. That’s pretty much my kryptonite and what first made me notice you out of your little girly group.”“Oh please, I’m sure I wasn’t the first one you noticed”, I say, rolling my eyes and then shooting back, “Is that all it takes, a curvy girl in a short skirt and heels to get to you?”“Blond and pink also work well so you’re pretty much the perfect package for me, that’s why I’m so pleased you accepted my offer of a drink!” he replies, whilst smiling broadly and making me melt inside.I let him know that a man in a pink shirt flashing me the sort of smile that he has always gets me going but then he goes from being cheesy to being cheeky.“I hope a man out of a pink shirt will do even more to you later! Why don’t we leave our friends mingling here and head over to a quiet corner so that we can get to know each other better?”His suggestion makes me think that he’s confident and he leads me across the room before picking a booth right in the corner. He acts like a gentleman and lets me sit first. Most people would sit opposite their date, but he moves in next to me, facing me at a slight angle. Sitting in the booth I feel slightly nervous as I didn’t expect him to be quite so close, but I’m not going to complain. Fiddling with my fingers I ask him if he does this often as he certainly seems to know what he is doing.True to form he grins and gives me a funny answer.“What do you mean Angel? Coming to the pub with my mates or chatting with gorgeous girls?” and then he leans in close, whispering, “I come to the pub often enough but it’s rare I find someone stunning enough for me to ditch the rest of the lads…but you’re certainly worth it.”I hit his arm playfully. “You’re making me blush far too much John. I’m very ordinary so you can stop saying all that, Mister. I’m sure you’ve got a girl locked away at home anyway, haven’t you?”“You’re the only one I’d want to be chained to my bedstead, Angel!” he replies, winking.I giggle but I’m slightly unsure how to take his answer as I want to figure him out more and I need to find out what he’s really like. I try to get him back.“Why’s that John? Is it because you can’t handle a woman unless she’s tied kolej escort to the bed?”“Normally I do alright” he smirks, “But sometimes I rather like them like that! Now, I see your glass is empty; we can’t have that!”He picks up my glass, as he winks at me, and walks off to the bar. I’ve not had a chance to answer, so I watch him as he buys another round and returns to the booth. As he places my drink in front of me I look at him.“Are you trying to get me drunk, John?”“I’ll only get you as drunk as it takes to get you to leave with me, Angel,” he replies, smiling back.Then he leans straight in, kissing me softly on the lips, just a quick, gentle kiss. I’m slightly taken aback but I don’t stop him.“I don’t need anything more drink to decide to leave with you. I’m ready when you are!” I whisper, our lips still touching.He moves in a bit closer our legs touch and he strokes my hair. He puts his hand under my chin and leans in for another kiss, a proper snog this time; I love how he’s just taking what he wants from me. I almost let out a slight moan as our tongues touch but I hold it back. I find myself moving just a little closer to him. He puts his hand on my leg as we’re kissing. I realise I’ve involuntarily opened them up a fraction. He slides a hand up my thigh and slips it round to between my legs, not too far up but just under the hem of my skirt and touching the tops of my stockings.His kisses continue, becoming deeper and longer and there are screams in my head telling me that I should stop as we’re in a public place, but I can’t help myself. My legs open a little further for him and I just go with it, enjoying the attention. Suddenly I hear some cheering from his mates so we stop kissing and look up. I blush and giggle and he sticks two fingers up at them.He stands up from the table. “Let’s finish our drinks and head off. I can’t have them watching us all evening”.“You’re very bossy aren’t you?” I reply, teasingly.All this attention and his touch are making me more turned on and more attracted to him. I finish my drink quickly, maybe a bit too quickly, then smile, saying that I’m ready. He stands, holding out his arm for me, which I find adorable. Slipping my arm through his we walk over to the little crowd where, by now, our friends are all drinking and chatting and I grab my coat.I speak quietly with my friends for a minute to let them know what is happening, and I can hear the guys wolf whistling and slapping him on the back. It makes me giggle. John walks over and rests his hand on my lower back, just inches from my bum. He explains to my friends, who are naturally worried about me leaving with him that it will be fine, and I will call them later. He holds my coat and helps me put it on, then slipping my arm back in his he leads us out of the pub. I just follow and it feels right. I smile at the girls as we leave and ask him where we are going but his answer leaves me a bit puzzled.“Eventually we’ll get back to my place, Angel, it’s not too far and if you’re worried you can message your friends with the address. It’s just a little walk from here to a spot I know.”I’m intrigued and I think he’s enjoying keeping me guessing with his answers. I don’t feel worried or the need to text the girls, but I tell him that I must call them later. He leans in and kisses my lips again, another quick kiss, but I don’t want it to end. He’s already got me wanting him more than when we were kissing in the pub.We don’t walk for long before we turn down into a little side street and he leads me into a little alley near the end. He pushes me against the wall and steps in close. My heart is now racing and my pussy is getting increasingly wet. Leaning down he whispers in my ear.“I noticed how you opened your legs for me in the pub, maybe you like taking a little bit of a risk. I certainly do!”As he speaks he runs his hand from my cheek down softly over my neck, then continuing over my tight shirt. I feel him linger, feeling the lacy pattern of my bra through the shirt and then his hand continues its journey downwards. As it passes over my stomach he steps in closer and kisses me, but his hand keeps going to just below the hem of my short skirt. Suddenly it reverses and moves back up my thighs under my clothes. I can’t help but stop kissing him and I feel nervous about his hand feeling me, and yet I don’t want to stop him.Suddenly his hand comes up hard against my pussy and presses on my panties. Again, I feel my legs part for him without me making them consciously do so. His fingers start to massage my pussy over my panties while he’s kissing me softly and his other hand has moved to hold my jaw so that I stay facing him. His tongue probes between my lips and strokes my tongue, and I feel as if I am frozen on the spot with his fingers pressing against my clit.Breathing hard, I sense sihhiye escort bayan my panties are getting soaked. I wonder how much of the dampness he’s feeling. I am so turned on with what he is doing to me, not just rubbing my clit but the control he has over me. I want to touch him but wonder if I should. I feel lost, I’m not sure what to do next as I have conflicting feelings. Do I just reach out and grab what I want or should I ask him first? So much is going on in my mind as he’s playing with me. I have never been this wet so soon from meeting someone new. I feel paralysed and unable to move but my body is giving away how I feel. There’s no point in denying that I’m not enjoying what he’s doing to me.My rock-hard nipples are sticking out through my bra and shirt, my pussy is, of course, soaked. I can feel my legs begin to tremble just before he pulls his hand out from under my skirt. His hand comes up to tweak my aching nipple leaving a small, damp mark on my shirt.Breaking our kiss, he looks me in the eye. “Do you want to touch my cock, Angel?” he asks in his sexy voice.Breathing heavily from the excitement that he has stirred inside me I nod my head showing him that yes, that is what I want. He stands there unmoved and looking at me.“Can I touch you there please?” I ask shyly and at the same time starting to reach out and wanting to touch him. I’m a bit hesitant and he quickly catches my wrist.“If you want to touch me then kneel right here and kiss it through my trousers. You can see how horny you’ve made me because it’s straining hard to get out. I’m not teasing or playing, you’re hot and you’ve made me horny but if you want to touch it you have to get on your knees and kiss it first, right here, right now, in this alley, here in public.”Standing there staring at him my mind is still questioning everything he’s saying. A tiny part of me is telling me to run but the rest of me is demanding that I kneel, and before I know it I’m slowly sinking to my knees before him. My body has ignored my mind completely.I don’t take my eyes off his as I kneel but once I reach the ground I can’t help but stare at his hard cock. I’m impressed by the swelling I see in front of me, and it makes me want to touch it even more. Closing my eyes, I lean in and softly nibble the bulge in his trousers.As I’m doing this John reaches down and strokes my hair so I look up and see him still smiling at me. He gently pushes my face into his cock, so I start biting the shaft through the material, just enough to feel him get even harder. We stay like this for a minute or so and then he steps back, takes my hand and helps me up.I can’t hide the mixture of worry and disappointment on my face. He sees it and kisses it away.”You were wonderful Angel, but now it’s time we took this inside.”My face now shows a look of confusion until he reaches into his pocket and pulls out a bunch of keys. Reaching over my shoulder he unlocks a door, a door which I hadn’t noticed before. He opens it and signals to go inside.Giggling at how smart he is I think he must do this often to have everything worked out so smoothly. I shiver slightly as I walk into his flat and looking around I see that it’s a nice size but obviously belongs to a bachelor. There is nothing girly or pretty but it’s still clean and functional. I don’t know what to do or say so I just stand quietly as he locks the door behind us. Hearing the key turn makes me more nervous but I push the emotion away.I stand in the middle of the lounge looking at the sofa and big armchair sofa and notice that they don’t match. Then, as I start to wander around I suddenly feel a smack on my arse. It isn’t too hard but not gentle either so I turn to look at him with a shocked look. I find his face an inch from mine and can feel his breath on me.“Naughty Angel,“ he scolds. “Don’t you know that it’s polite to be invited before having a look around a person’s home?“He kisses me hard and long, then offers me a drink and heads to the kitchen to get it. As he turns away he gives a quick glance back.“You can have a look around now if you want but you’re on no account to open the cupboard in the bedroom.”I swear he winks at me as he says this and instantly I want to know exactly what he has to hide. Ignoring all the other rooms, I search for his bedroom straightaway. I know this is a test and there could be nothing interesting in there but I still need to see. I am a girl after all!Very quickly I find the room containing a big, neatly made, double bed. Then something shiny on the bedside cabinet catches my eye and when I look more closely my mouth drops open as I see that they are handcuffs. They are on chains and ready to be used.Once again, my body betrays me as I feel my pussy getting wet and tingling. I tear my eyes away from the cuffs and look towards the Escort sincan forbidden cupboard, just staring at it and wondering what it contains. I yearn to open it but I also have a compelling need to do as I’m told, something I’ve never really experienced before, but I like the feeling. Moving away from temptation I lean against the wall by the door, still staring at the handcuffs.John walks in and sees where my eyes are looking and he hands me my drink.”Why are you so surprised Angel? I told you earlier I sometimes like to chain my girls to the bed!”Holding my drink I sip it slowly, my mind is racing, churning over everything he has said tonight, taking in everything that’s happening right now and what I see. Walking over to the cupboard I stand in front of it. I’m aching to see inside and now it’s really bugging me.Suddenly I feel it again but harder this time as he spanks me. How does he move without me even knowing it? Shocked and yet extremely turned on I just about manage to not spill my drink as I feel the sting fade away.“You’ll be coming back here later if you’re a good girl but for now we’re going to the sitting room and we’ll get to know each other a bit better,” and then he takes me by the hand.Admittedly, I feel slightly disappointed but follow him and sit next to him on the rather worn blue sofa. I look at him and have so many questions inside me that I want to ask but they won’t come out. I simply tell him how nice his flat looks.He gives me another cheesy compliment back about how lovely I am and then moves in and kisses me again with his hand forcing its way up between my legs. This time, as we’re in private, he pushes my skirt up around my waist, enjoys the view of my lacy stocking tops and then feels my panties which are absolutely soaked. As he rubs my labia through the wet material they are throbbing to his touch.My lips respond to his and our tongues are probing and exploring. My legs respond also as they open wider allowing his hand greater access to my sex. I grip the sofa cushion underneath me firmly as I feel the need to move my pussy against him. I’m unsure as to what to do with my hands as normally I would just grip a guy’s cock, but this time I don’t believe I should. Instead, I show him what I want and need by grinding my hips so that my pussy rubs against his fingers.Unexpectedly, he stops just as I am really getting into it and starts unbuttoning my shirt. I want to moan but hold back and lay little kisses down his neck and throat, nipping his skin teasingly as I go. My nipples are still rock hard and are now poking through the lace of my bra. While he kisses my cleavage his fingers grip and twist my nipples hard making me feel both pleasure and pain, with an added mix of frustration. These are feelings that I have never really had before, I’m enjoying them more than anything and feel incredibly sexual, so I start to question all my previous sexual encounters.I can’t resist any longer and grab his cock, needing to feel it so badly. I caress it through his trousers and squeeze the head between my fingers.“If you’re so keen to get hold of my cock then maybe we should see what you can do with it. Kneel in front of me again,” he demands.He strips off my blouse and sits on the edge of the sofa, leaning back, watching me. I set myself between his legs, sensually running my hands along his thighs although still a little hesitant with what I’m doing. I find the zip and undo his trousers and reach in. Holding his cock firmly I stroke it and the feel and the thickness of it makes both my mouth and my snatch moist. I pull out his velvety shaft and lean forward, licking from top to bottom, sucking the smooth circumcised head into my mouth and then letting it slip out. I suck again, taking as much of him as I can in my mouth and then hear that perfect groan as I suck him deep. I lick from the tip down to his balls and then up again, stroking his cock a little as I take a breath before sucking him deep once more.I feel as if I’m doing a good job as I continue to pleasure him, fellating him slightly harder and faster. I let his cock fall from my mouth so that I can move to his balls, a big pair of balls that I suck into my mouth and savour. I want to hear more of his moans and groans so I move back to his cock, teasing the shaft before taking it deep down my throat.As I’m blowing him I feel his hand on the back of my head, resting it there. I know what he wants so I try and take more of him in my mouth as I haven’t yet taken his whole length. My instincts were right and he pushes my head down on his cock the next time I go down, making me take him deep and I feel him hit the back of my throat. I start to gag but he strokes me to help calm me down and I try swallowing which always helps a little too. As I start to slide off his length I don’t get to the end before he’s pushing me back down and thrusting his hips up, forcing his shaft down my throat. After a few moments, he relents and I come off his cock but my eyes are watering and there’s drool on the side of my mouth. I take a deep breath in and continue my work.My hand moves sneakily to touch my aching, soaked pussy.

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