Slave For You

Big Tits

“I want you to strip for me, slowly.” “Of course Master.”  Carmelle stepped backwards fractionally, her hands going to unbutton it slowly. The blouse strained over her breasts, covering her hard nipples that stood out like bullets on her full breasts. Shrugging off the blouse, she dropped it to the floor before tugging down her jeans. She stood in front of her Master in a small black lace thong and sheer bra. Her Master smiled. “Retrieve your leather collar with the loops and studs.”  Carmelle padded across the room to the aptly named toybox, kneeling in her stilettos, she opened the leather trunk. She selected the collar in question and returned to stand before her Master. He took the collar from her with a smile, “Kneel for your Master.” She dropped to her knees like a marionette doll. He placed the collar around her neck, tightening the leather to kiss her throat. “Now fetch your leash and cuffs.” Carmelle obeyed and returned to him, her Master placed the heavy leather Escort Tunalı cuffs around her slender wrists and ankles, he ran his hands over her calves, listening to her fevered intake of air as his fingers caressed her skin. Reaching her knee, he knelt to flick his tongue against the sensitive skin at the joint. She shivered; he always found a new way to titillate her senses. Hearing her gasped intake, he ran his tongue up her thigh before sending a stinging blow to her buttocks. Knowing better than to yelp, she remained silent. He smiled; she had always been a fast learner. “Lie face down on the bed.”  Carmelle complied, tensing slightly as she felt him attach a chain to the cuffs between her ankles, connecting them to the foot of the bed to stretch her legs out. He chained her wrists above her head as he reached for the hook.  “Do you know what I have for you?” “I don’t know, Master.” “Do you want to see what I’m going to give you, my slut?” ulus escort “If you will show me, Master.”  He snatched her hair and pulled her head up roughly, holding the hook within her peripheral vision. Seeing the thick hook, her vagina moistened. “Do you want lube, my little whore?” “If you would like to be kind, it’s a very big hook.” Carmelle screamed as he drove the hook into her tight arsehole. Her Master laughed as she thrashed against the chains, unable to move within her restraints. Her shaking subsided and she trembled as he hoisted her curvy arse into the air, connecting the hook to the loop at the back of her collar. Her back arched with the pressure of the link and she glared at the headboard. “Is that comfortable, my darling bitch?” “I’m comfortable if it pleases you Master.” “A little tighter then.” He increased the pressure, her arse began to sting with the tension of the hook pulling inside her. He stepped back to admire yenimahalle escort bayan the view of her round arse and neat vulva between her thighs. He couldn’t help himself; he ran a finger over her slick labia. She shivered at his touch but held her silence. He probed a finger inside her, slowly stroking her internally before entering a second finger, closely followed by a third. He listened to the hitch in her breath and slapped her left buttock. The sting robbed her of breath momentarily and her vagina pooled wetness, he increased his speed as he fingered her. He continued to strike her buttock on interval as his speed increased still. Carmelle panted lightly as he hit her g-spot, he was pummelling her pussy, his arm pumping as his fingers drove deeper inside her so that she moaned. A crop whipped her arse and thigh as she gasped; his punishments were the greatest pleasure. He pounded her pussy for a few more minutes before sliding his fingers out slowly, one by one until she dripped onto the mattress. Her juices trickling down her thighs, as her body heaved with each husky “You’ve made my hand sticky, slut.” “I’m sorry Master.” “Suck it clean.”  He thrust his hand into her mouth, he held her by the scruff of the neck as he forced her to suck his hand.

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