Dana’s Story Ch. 33

Female Ejaculation

Zoe was kind enough to invite Dana into a threesome with her and Bobby. Twice. So it’s only fair that Dana return the favor by sharing Randy with her. It’s a very enjoyable experience, and maybe even educational for Dana.

* * * * *

Dana’s threesome with Zoe and Randy was a revelation. She’d gone into it expecting nothing more than a few hours of pleasure. And she got that, but she got a lot more as well.

Randy showed up at their door at the appointed time. Dana let him in after a last glance at Zoe. They still hadn’t told him what they were planning. It seemed unlikely that he’d turn them down, but it still felt a little risky.

“Hey, babe,” Randy said when she opened the door. His gaze bounced down and back up, taking in her appearance. She wore a new pair of yoga pants and the colorful Christmas-themed sweater Zoe’s mother had given her.

“Hello, handsome,” Dana replied.

Randy stepped inside as Dana closed the door behind him. She didn’t miss his head turning to admire her ass. “That’s a good look on you,” he observed.

“Thanks.” Dana blushed, pleased by the compliment but a little embarrassed as well. The yoga pants left very little to the imagination, and while she didn’t mind Randy seeing her in them–he’d seen her naked many times now–she wasn’t sure about wearing them outside her room.

Randy pulled her into his arms to kiss her. His lips were soft and tasted of lip balm, and his nose was cold against her cheek. Nonetheless, the kiss grew rather heated before it was over. His hands slid down to fondle her ass through the tight fabric of the yoga pants.

“Good evening, Randy,” Zoe said from behind Dana.

Randy’s hands didn’t retreat, though he stopped actively groping Dana. She saw his gaze shift past her. “Zoe,” he said with mild surprise. “Good to see you.”

“You, too,” Zoe said.

Randy let Dana go, giving her a curious glance. Ordinarily, Zoe was absent when Randy came to see Dana, or they spoke in passing as Zoe vacated the room. Tonight she was sitting at her desk and making no effort to gather her things. She too wore a Christmas-themed sweater and yoga pants.

He unbuttoned his winter coat and turned to hang it by the door. Dana gave Zoe another conspiratorial glance, but was facing Randy again when he turned back to her. She saw his eyes roam, taking in the room.

Dana and Zoe had rearranged the room. Their twin beds, normally arranged along opposite walls, had been pushed together–as had the desks at their feet. The open space between the beds was reduced to a narrow aisle along each wall, each aisle partially blocked by a dresser wedged into the space.

It wasn’t a workable arrangement in the long term, but Dana and Zoe figured it would serve for one night.

Randy looked at Dana and she could see him drawing inferences from what he saw, and trying to read her intentions from her face. One cheek twitched as he worked to suppress a grin of anticipation. She understood: he didn’t want to embarrass himself or alienate Dana and Zoe by leaping to conclusions.

Dana could practically see him trying on various responses. In the end, he settled for, “What’s going on, babe?”

“You know I had a threesome with Zoe and Bobby, right?”

Despite a heroic effort, Randy’s poker face split into a grin. “Two, I think,” he said. “Yeah, you may have mentioned it once or twice. Bobby too.”

That was a thought. Dana and Zoe frequently discussed their sexual experiences in great detail. She felt her face warm at the thought of Bobby sharing the details of their threesomes with Randy.

Dana tried to speak, cleared her throat, and tried again. “Well, we–Zoe and I–we thought it was only fair to….” Her voice faded, her throat closing around the words. Why was this so hard?

“We wanted to offer you the same opportunity,” Zoe said, moving forward to stand beside Dana. “If you’re interested.”

Randy’s gaze shifted to Zoe, and Dana didn’t miss how it wandered, admiring her figure before he looked at Dana again. “Is that so?”

Dana smiled and nodded. “It is.” She draped an arm around Zoe, pulling them a little closer together. “What do you think?”

“I think I’d be a fool to say no,” Randy replied. He took a deliberate step closer, gaze bouncing between Dana and Zoe. “Both of you, huh?”

Dana nodded again, remaining silent. She didn’t want to jinx things by saying something that broke the mood. It didn’t seem likely, but better safe than sorry.

Randy pulled her hard against his body with an arm around her waist. His eyes were alight, and she could feel his arousal against her abdomen through the thin, tight fabric of her yoga pants. His mouth found hers and she closed her eyes, enjoying the feel of his body against hers, his lips on hers.

The kiss ended. Dana opened her eyes to see Randy’s attention had turned to Zoe. He pulled Zoe into the three-way embrace now, his gaze searching her face. For her part, Zoe was watching him just as closely, a escort izmir gentle smile of anticipation on her lips.

Randy leaned in to kiss her, and she met him halfway. It was a tentative kiss, a mere brush of the lips, almost chaste, and over very swiftly. They separated, looking at one with matching expressions of discomfort. For a moment Dana wondered about it, but then it occurred to her that they were acquaintances at best. Dana was intimately familiar with each of them, but they usually spoke to one another only in passing.

Randy had had no idea a threesome was on the table. Being invited to kiss a relative stranger on little or no notice was probably a bit disconcerting. Even a stranger as attractive as Zoe.

“Well,” Zoe said. “That was….”

“Underwhelming,” Randy said, filling the silence.

“Yeah,” Zoe agreed.

Dana watched them eyeing one another in silence for a few moments.

“I think you can do better,” Zoe said. Before Randy could object, she added, “and I know I can.”

“Yeah?” A sly grin that Dana recognized curled his lips.

Zoe gave a slow nod. “Yeah.”

“Excuse me, Dana,” Randy said to her, taking his arm back.

He pulled Zoe into his arms, drawing himself up to his full height. Dana looked away to hide a grin; he was no taller than Dana or Zoe, so the effort was wasted. Or maybe not. Zoe looked pleased by his reaction.

Dana watched them flow together. Randy’s arms tightened around Zoe’s torso, pulling her into a full body embrace at the same time that he kissed her again. It was some kiss, too–as if he wanted to devour her, and Zoe responded just as enthusiastically. Zoe’s arms enveloped Randy, one hand cupping the back of his head to toy with his blond curls.

The kiss went on, deepening as the seconds passed. The residual tension of that first awkward kiss dissipated. Zoe practically melted into Randy’s arms. He shifted his stance subtly to support her. It was incredibly hot.

Dana squirmed watching them, squeezing her thighs together, all too aware of the sudden hollow ache between them. She hugged herself, refusing to caress her erect nipples. She knew just how nice it was to lose herself in Randy’s arms, and in the intensity of his kisses. She’d never seen it before, though. It turned her on to see how focused he was on enjoying the experience.

She’d been excited by the possibilities of this evening, but now her body wanted action. She also wanted to see Randy fucking Zoe. She’d seen Zoe with Bobby and it had been incredibly exciting to witness, and to participate in, but the thought of watching Randy fuck her was intensely arousing.

“Wow,” Zoe whispered at last, her mouth barely parted from Randy’s.

“Yeah,” Randy agreed, sounding breathless. “That was definitely better.”

Dana rejoined them, putting arm around each of her lovers. She wanted to get them both into bed immediately.

Zoe looked at Dana, her eyes shining, looking like she wanted to devour Randy or Dana or both of them. “What did you think, roomie?”

“Oh my god, Zoe,” Dana said, “it was so hot watching you guys.”

“Turned you on, did it?”

Zoe didn’t wait for a reply, choosing instead to kiss her abruptly. After a moment’s surprise, Dana welcomed the kiss, leaning into it eagerly. It began aggressively but Dana opened up to it, yielding to Zoe’s desire, guiding her into a gentler, deeper kiss.

They turned to face one another directly, bodies pressed together as closely as their open mouths. Dana shivered, excited by Zoe’s palpable desire, and by memories of the pleasure they’d shared so recently. Her awareness that Randy was watching only added to the thrill.

“Yes,” Dana said, after the kiss. “It turned me on.” She turned her head to see Randy watching, flushed and wide-eyed. A downward glance revealed an obvious bulge in his jeans. “And I’m not the only one.”

It seemed only natural to change partners now, to step into Randy’s arms and kiss him thoroughly, to feel his arms pulling her tight, his hard cock pressing into her abdomen. It was delightful and exciting and all the while she was aware of Zoe standing inches away, devouring the sight with her eyes as eagerly as Dana had done earlier.

Randy’s hands slid down to her waist, then lower still to knead her buttocks. She smiled through the kiss and reached back to grab one hand and guide it up under her sweater. His hand was warm against her skin, and he needed no help to grab a bare breast, or to provoke a groan from her when he toyed with an erect nipple.

“You naughty girl,” Randy said, breaking their kiss. “You’re not wearing a bra.”

Dana grinned and held his gaze as she peeled the sweater off, tossing it onto her desk. She posed with her hands on her hips, ignoring her mussed hair. “No,” she said. “I’m not.”

Randy took the opportunity to fondle both breasts. “So I see.”

Dana sighed happily, enjoying his caresses. Randy continued to play with her breasts, looking absurdly pleased izmir escort bayan by the opportunity. Dana met his gaze, then aimed his attention at Zoe with a look. “I’m not the only one.”

Randy looked at her. “Zoe, is that true?” he asked.

“You tell me, lover.”

Randy gave Dana a look that promised renewed attention shortly and turned toward Zoe. His hand slipped under her sweater, dragging the edge up to expose a few inches of bare skin. He gasped as if shocked. “It’s true! You girls are shameless!”

Dana and Zoe shared a look of their own. “You say that like it’s a surprise. Surely you know better,” Zoe said.

“Yeah,” Randy admitted, “I guess I do.” He kissed Zoe again, his other hand slipping beneath her sweater.

A moment later, he was dragging it off over her head. He tossed it aside, leaving Zoe topless, her hair in disarray. She looked adorably tousled, and sexy as hell. Randy caressed her newly revealed breasts for a few moments before she pulled him into another heated kiss.

God, they looked so hot together. The initial awkwardness between them was long gone, replaced by unmistakable desire. Dana’s desire to move things along grew more urgent. She wanted to drag them both into bed immediately. To that end, she struggled out of her yoga pants, which left her the only one nude, which wasn’t acceptable.

She crouched behind Zoe, reached up to grab the waistband of her yoga pants and yanked them down. “Dana!” Zoe laughed, stumbling a little. “A little warning next time, okay?”

“Y’all aren’t getting naked fast enough to suit me,” Dana replied.

Zoe helpfully lifted each foot in turn, allowing Dana to accomplish her mission. The yoga pants went flying. Dana stood. “Now you,” she told Randy.

She and Zoe worked together to unbutton and remove his shirt while Randy kicked off his shoes. They knelt in front of him, Dana well aware of the image they presented him. They made short work of removing his jeans and boxers. His cock sprang up when they did, fully erect, the pink head exposed.

Dana couldn’t resist wrapping a hand around the shaft and taking the head in her mouth, caressing it with her lips and tongue. Randy groaned loudly and thrust his hips forward. Dana happily swallowed another inch or two as she smiled around her mouthful.

When she drew back, she offered Zoe a taste. Zoe’s fingers brushed hers as she handed him off. Zoe stroked him a few times, seemingly curious about the way his foreskin slid back and forth. It occurred to Dana that she probably hadn’t encountered an uncircumcised cock before.

Zoe smiled at Dana before wrapping her lips around the head. Randy shivered and groaned again. Zoe licked and sucked him for a moment before taking the whole length of him in her mouth. “Oh god,” Randy muttered.

Dana watched, fascinated and turned on, as Zoe fucked him with her mouth. Randy wasn’t as long as Bobby, but definitely thicker. Zoe had no trouble, though.

Zoe pulled away to take a deep breath, though she kept hold of the base of Randy’s cock with one hand. She turned her head to run her tongue along the length of him, silently inviting Dana to join her with a look. Which she did.

The two of them spent a couple of minutes licking him like a Popsicle, with plenty of eye contact as they watched his reactions. They took turns engulfing the head of his cock in their mouths, using lips and tongues to wring groans of pleasure from him, pausing once to kiss one another thoroughly while they stroked him.

“Oh god,” Randy said again, louder.

Dana felt his hand touch hers, stopping her. She looked up. He was flushed and breathing heavily.

“As much fun as this is, I don’t want to pop yet,” Randy said.

“Time for bed, then, I guess,” Dana said.

“Definitely,” Zoe agreed.

The three of them piled onto the makeshift double bed. Dana and Zoe lay facing one another, Randy between them. He lay there looking from one to the other, grinning madly, his cock standing upright. Dana leaned in to kiss him. When she slid her hand down to grab his cock, she found Zoe’s hand already stroking him.

A moment later, Randy reached down to grab their hands. He turned away, breaking their kiss. “Enough,” he said in a strangled voice that communicated just how close he was to coming. Dana relented and rolled onto her back, letting him recover his composure. On his other side, Zoe did likewise.

Randy scrambled up onto his hands and knees. He crouched there, flushed and grinning. He leaned over to kiss Dana thoroughly, fondling her breasts as he did. She resisted the impulse to fondle him, or to pull him down on top of her despite how badly she wanted to feel him slide into her.

He kissed and fondled Zoe next, and she restrained herself as well, though she clutched his face in both hands, breathing him in with obvious passion. It was exciting to watch, and Dana looked forward to seeing them fuck.

In fact, she reached out to stroke Randy’s hip. When izmir escortlar he looked at her, she mouthed, “Fuck her.”

Randy held her gaze for a moment, perhaps trying to be sure she meant what she’d said. Dana nodded at Zoe, who was watching them, giving Randy a sterner look. Do it.

He smiled and winked at Dana then turned his attention again to Zoe. “Looks like it’s you and me, beautiful.”

Zoe’s smile of anticipation was breath-taking. She pulled him down into another passionate kiss. As they kissed, Randy’s hand moved slowly down Zoe’s body to her hip and between her thighs, which parted for him.

Still kissing one another, eyes closed, Randy carefully maneuvered himself to kneel between her legs. Only then did he pull away from Zoe’s clinging lips. He nuzzled her cheek, her jaw, and her neck. Inch by inch, he kissed his way down her torso with lengthy detours to kiss and lick and suck at her nipples.

Zoe lay with closed eyes, head tilted back, hands on his shoulders, enjoying Randy’s attentions, beaming with pleasure.

Dana lay on her side, watching, one hand between her legs, stroking herself. God, they were both so hot, and hotter still together. It was odd–and oddly arousing–to know that they were both her lovers, and to know exactly how both of them felt in this moment.

Zoe twitched once and giggled when Randy teased her with a sudden tongue in her navel. He laughed softly before continuing his quest.

Dana rolled away suddenly, turning over to open the dresser facing the bed. She groped around until her fingers closed on what she sought. She pulled her dildo and bullet out of the drawer and rolled over again to resume watching.

Randy knelt now at the foot of the bed, his shoulders out of Zoe’s reach as he breathed in the scent of her sex. Her hands toyed with the curls on top of his head. As Dana watched, he rubbed his cheeks over her vulva.

“You smell good,” he said.

Zoe didn’t reply. She lifted her hips, silently urging him to use his mouth on her. Randy smiled widely, then lowered his head to do as she asked.

“Oh,” Zoe whispered, “that’s very nice.”

Randy didn’t reply, busy putting his lips and tongue to better use. “Ohhh,” Zoe sighed, eyes closed. “That’s very nice….”

Dana watched, fascinated and aroused as Randy eagerly ate Zoe out. Dana knew exactly how good he was at it, and just how much pleasure he gave Zoe now, but she’d never watched him do it before, save for a moment now and then when she lifted her head to see him kneeling between her thighs. Watching him this way, playing the spectator, was very exciting.

Zoe squirmed slightly, fingers flexing in Randy’s hair, toes curling repeatedly. Her breathing quickened and the first hints of a flush appeared on her neck and chest. The soft liquid sound of Randy’s tongue stroking her labia, sliding between them, occasionally caressing her clitoris filled the room, as did the scent of Zoe’s arousal.

Dana teased herself with her dildo as she watched. It was cool, smooth and rigid. Very soon it was slick with her juices. Zoe moaned her pleasure, the tension in her body unmistakable now. It wouldn’t be long now, Dana knew. She sighed out her own pleasure as the dildo slid deep inside her, closing her eyes for a moment.

It felt so good. Dana fucked herself with the dildo, watching Randy and Zoe with half her attention–until Zoe’s ragged gasping signaled her imminent orgasm. Dana pushed up onto one elbow to witness it, stroking herself slowly all the while.

Zoe’s body was drawn tight as a bowstring, a flush darkening her chest, neck and face. Her expression was so intense she might have been in intense pain–until she cried out, her whole body shuddering. A look of utter joy replaced the grimace of concentration, her cries of pleasure filling the room.

Dana’s attention shifted to Randy, his face still buried between Zoe’s legs. He had an arm wrapped around her thigh, doing his best to steady her. Two fingers of his other hand were deep inside her, adding to the intensity of the pleasure his mouth was giving her. Dana grinned, knowing just how good that felt, and anticipating Zoe’s reaction.

Zoe did not disappoint. Her first orgasm subsided, but in the span of only a few breaths, she was writhing and crying out again, her fingers wrapped in Randy’s curly hair, arms rigid, as if trying to hold him in place–or push him away. Dana counted two more orgasms before she asked Randy to stop.

She sprawled bonelessly, breathing hard, occasionally quivering as a faint echo of the pleasure she’d experienced rolled through her body. Randy uncurled to lie beside her, watching her with obvious satisfaction. Dana remembered looking up many times to see that expression on his face as she recovered from multiple orgasms.

Oh God, Dana thought, and began fucking herself with the dildo once more. She wanted–she needed–to come, and soon. It wouldn’t take long, not after the show she’d just witnessed.

She could feel herself moving inexorably toward climax when she glanced up and saw Zoe and Randy watching her. Zoe lay with her head turned, smiling as she watched. Randy was propped on one elbow, idly fondling Zoe as he watched Dana.

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