Spying on sister and breaking some of Xhamster


Spying on sister and breaking some of XhamsterBack at the breakfast table on Monday morning, young Christine could hardlybelieve how much had changed since this same time the previous Friday.After being so sure that her weekend would be ruined by her struggle withher desire to touch herself, everything was suddenly and unexpectedlydifferent. First, her friend Laura, a year and a half (and one grade)older, had briefly explained masturbation to the curious seventh-grader.Then she had gotten the best education imaginable; she came home and caughther sixteen-year-old sister Beth masturbating to a porn flick. Afterlearning all she could from her older sister, Christine seized theopportunity to watch the movie and have her very first orgasm after Bethhad left. All weekend long, over and over, Christine recalled the imagesshe had seen as she touched herself — in her bedroom, in the bathtub. Sheeven got bold on Sunday morning while her parents were at church andfingered herself to a satisfying orgasm in their room! “I must haveclimaxed six or seven times this weekend,” the young girl thought. Alltraces of her previous inhibitions about masturbation were long gone, andChristine had only one goal for school that day. She had to tell Laura thatshe had finally done it.As Christine made her way to her locker that morning, she realized shewasn’t going to have to search Laura out to tell her the news; Laura waslooking for her. When their eyes met, Laura ran over to her. “Oh, Chris,I’m so sorry. I hate that I left you hanging like that,” she saidapologetically. Christine smiled and said, “It’s okay; I figured it outmyself.” Laura’s eyes lit up and her mouth displayed a wide smile as shesaid, “Really? Oh, wow! That’s great!” “What’s great?” interrupted theirother friend Jess, who had just found the girls. “Uh…nothing really,”said Laura. “Chris was just telling me about something that happened on TVthis weekend.” Jess looked confused for a moment before saying, “Oh,” andexcusing herself for class. Christine thought seriously about telling Laurathe rest of the story, about Beth and the porn movie, but decided againstit.School was a breeze that day for Christine. When the bell rung, she grabbedher backpack, said a quick goodbye to her friends and disappeared out thedoor. Sure enough, Beth was waiting for her, impatiently, of course. Whenthey arrived at the house, Christine said she needed a bath. Beth gave heryounger sister a funny look that the girl couldn’t quite make out, thenwent to her bedroom. Christine dismissed the look and grabbed some cleanclothes before heading off to the bathroom. There, with the door locked,she undressed as she turned the bath water on. The girl eased into thesteamy water and settled back, letting her thoughts wander. She made it apoint to wash her hair and body before she got carried away. After thosechores were done, it was time to relax. The girl sat back and began tocaress her budding breasts. She imagined herself masturbating in other,riskier places. She thought of touching herself in the bathroom at school,and in the garage. She pictured herself, jeans and panties around herankles, sitting on the steps and bringing herself to an orgasm in thebasement. Christine stopped touching her boobs and instead focused on heryoung pussy again. Spreading her lips, she found her clit, which wasalready hard with excitement. The girl began to massage the tiny organ.Before she could get too far, Christine was interrupted by a pounding onthe bathroom door. “s*s, it’s Laura on the phone,” said her sisterrudely. “Can you bring me the cordless?” asked Christine. With a loud sigh,Beth removed the key from the wall and unlocked the bathroom door. Shewalked toward the bathtub with the phone in her hand. Christine desperatelyhoped it wasn’t obvious what she had been doing, but her red face and stiffnipples were a little clue. Beth pretended not to notice and handed thegirl the phone before walking out, locking the door behind her.”Hello?” Christine answered. “Hey, it’s me,” came the voice on the otherend. “Sorry. I was just taking a bath,” said Christine. Laura giggled andsaid, “Yeah, I’ll bet you were just taking a bath.” “Stop that!” Christinesaid, trying to sound angry. Both girls broke into giggles and thensilence. “I just can’t believe that you had never done it before,” said theolder friend. “I started when I was 11.” Christine thought for a secondbefore responding, “Yeah, karşıyaka escort but you don’t have the same kind of parents Ido.” Laura admitted this was true.An awkward silence accompanied the scant conversation for the next fewminutes. Then, with Christine in the middle of a story about school, Lauraaccidentally yelped. “What was that? Are you OK?” inquired the concernedyounger girl. “Uh, yeah, I’m fine,” stammered Laura. Christine pressed herfriend to tell her what was wrong, until the older girl finally gave in andsaid, “OK, I was playing with myself. Are you happy now?” Christine didn’tknow what to say. She had certainly not expected that, although she hadbeen doing the same thing the entire time they had been talking. Almostwithout thinking, she replied, “Me too.” “Well, don’t let me stop you,”said Laura, and the phone fell silent again, as both girls sat andconcentrated on their young pussies.Christine broke the silence and innocently inquired, “Where are you?” Lauraanswered that she was home alone, so she was in the living room on theloveseat. Without any more questions, she confessed to her friend that shewas wearing only a t-shirt, which was pushed up above her breasts. Laura’smind conjured an image of her friend loving herself in the bathtub, animage that sent a thrill through her. This was very unusual; she had neverthought about another girl before, but the feeling was too wonderful topass up. She let the image run free in her mind as her hand picked up thepace.Meanwhile, Christine was facing the same issue in her bathtub. She imaginedLaura the way the girl had just described herself, and the mental picturebrought a whole new level of desire to the eager young girl. She, too,began to masturbate faster as she pictured her friend doing likewise in herliving room. She had not seen Laura naked before, so she was forced toconjure up an image of how her friend might look. Christine’s mental imagezoomed in on Laura’s soaking pussy, surrounded by dark blonde hair. Eachgirl imagined what the other was doing, and pretty soon, there were stifledmoans on both ends of the phone.As silence fell again, Laura thought she would break the ice thistime. “Wow, I had never done that before,” she said, kicking herself forsaying something so lame. Christine was still coming down from her climax;finally she gathered herself and said, “Me neither.” Laura brought upsomething about school, thinking that her friend may be a bit uncomfortableby this point. The two talked for a few minutes, then Laura said, “Hey, youwanna come over and watch TV tonight?” Christine replied, “Sure! But Idon’t think mom and dad will let me stay.” “That’s OK,” said the oldergirl. The girls set a time and said goodbye.When her parents returned, Christine convinced her mom to take her toLaura’s, promising to be home by 10. When she dropped her off, the girlnearly ran to her friend’s door and rang the doorbell. Laura met her at thedoor. Both girls had dressed modestly, still a little self-conscious aboutthe afternoon’s phone conversation. Christine had worn jeans and an oldsweater, while Laura wore a sweatsuit. “My folks are upstairsalready. Dad’s doing some work, and I think mom’s taking a bath, thenshe’ll probably go to bed.” The girls turned their attention to the TV fora minute before Laura asked, “Are you uncomfortable about…you know?”Christine shyly nodded before asking, “Does that make us lesbians?” Lauralaughed before replying, “No. Lots of girls actually watch each other dothat, and it doesn’t make them lesbians.” Christine was satisfied by thisanswer; at least it put her guilt to rest.Christine thought and thought and finally chose to tell her friend thetruth. “Laura, I want to know something. If I learned by watching somebody,would that be bad?” Laura again assured the girl that it was OK. “Well, Idid learn by watching somebody,” said Christine. Laura had figured thisfrom the question. “Who?” she asked. Christine paused for a moment andreplied, “Beth.” Laura’s eyes widened with surprise. She wanted to know allabout it. Christine spilled the whole story — she told Laura about themovie and what her sister had done while she watched it, and about how shelater watched it and mimicked Beth’s actions.Laura was both shocked and intrigued. She could feel her pussy growing verywet underneath her sweat pants. She tried to keep that to herself,promising herself that she would use karşıyaka escort bayan that in her bedroom later. Christinewas very bubbly all of a sudden; when she first came in, she seemedincredibly uncomfortable, but now she was talking incessantly. Then, out ofthe blue, she asked Laura, “Do you think Jess does it too?” Laura wasfairly certain that she did; one time she had spent the night with Jess,and the girl had disappeared into the bathroom for about half an hour aftershe thought Laura was asleep. Instead, she answered, “Maybe. I know how wecould find out.” “How?” Christine asked, a little suspicious. “Let’s have asleepover here Friday night — we’ll invite Jess and we’ll ask her.”Christine was a little pessimistic. “We’ll just ask her?” she said with afrown. “You think she’ll tell the truth?” Laura smiled at her friend. “Ifwe do, I think she will.”The week came and went quickly. Christine continued to masturbate daily, asdid Laura, although they didn’t have any more phone adventures. Laura toldboth girls about her sleepover at school the next day. Finally, Fridayafternoon came. “Can your mom pick me up when she takes you over, Chris?”asked Jess as the girls walked home; Beth had cheerleading practice againand couldn’t pick her sister up. “I’m sure she won’t mind,” saidChristine. The girls said their goodbyes as they split up to go to theirrespective houses. After a couple of hours of homework, it was time to goto Laura’s.At her house, Laura was preparing for her friends’ arrival. She had seizedan opportunity while she was home alone to snoop around her parents’room. Sure enough, she found what she had always known was there — acollection of pornos. With no boxes, she had to guess which one would begood. Finally, she chose one and hid it in her dresser. She thought toherself how funny it was that the three of them had never slept overtogether; she had stayed with both girls at different times, but they hadnever all spent the night in the same house at the same time.Christine and Jess arrived at 6 p.m., just as they were supposed to. Laurahadn’t had time to change out of her school clothes yet, so she let them inand disappeared to her room to change. She returned wearing shorts and at-shirt, and it was obvious to both friends that she wasn’t wearing abra. Laura’s parents arrived soon after that, and the girls did typicalsleepover things — watched movies, ate, and talked about boys — untilLaura’s parents said good night and retired for the evening. Laura thensuggested, “Come on, let’s move this party upstairs.”Christine was shocked when she saw her friend’s room — immaculately clean,for once. She and Jess took turns changing into their night clothes in thebathroom, and soon all three girls were sitting on Laura’s bed, clad onlyin loose shorts and oversized t-shirts. Christine was wearing no panties,but she wasn’t sure about the other girls.As they talked and watched television, Christine and Laura each searchedtheir minds desperately, trying to think of a way to bring up the subjectcasually. They were both pleasantly surprised when Jess suggested a game oftruth or dare. The other two tried to contain their excitement as theyagreed to play. Jess started the game by asking Laura, “Truth ordare?”. Laura thought before responding, “Truth.”Christine was disappointed when Jess asked Laura a not-very-personalquestion about a boy she had kissed. Laura glumly answered the question andproceeded with the game. She skipped Christine and went back to Jess, whoselected truth. To Christine’s surprise, Laura asked their friendpoint-blank, “Do you ever play with yourself?” Jess’ mouth dropped open andher face turned three shades of red. “Well, I’m not going to answer thatunless you two answer it also.” Both girls didn’t blink before replying,”Yes, I do.” Jess was shocked at their forthrightness, but she, too,admitted that she masturbated. “How often?” asked Laura. Jess frownedthoughtfully before answering, “About every other day. Sometimeseveryday. What about you?”. Laura again answered honestly, “Gosh, everyday.What about you, Chris?” The younger girl gave a bit more detail, which wasno surprise to Laura. “Everyday for the past week,” said the girl.Laura, pretending that she hadn’t heard the details before, pressedChristine for specifics. Christine held a quick debate in her mind aboutwhether or not she should share the entire story with her escort karşıyaka much moreconservative friend Jess. Finally, she decided to forge ahead and spilledthe whole story, about Beth and the porn flick. She left out the part abouther phone conversation with Laura, however.Jess couldn’t believe what she was hearing. For several months, she hadsecretly been fantasizing about girls, ever since she had stumbled uponsome lesbian porn magazines in her father’s closet. The pictures had filledher head with thoughts, many of them about the two friends she wascurrently talking to. She said to Christine, “I’ve never seen a pornmovie. What was it like?” Christine grew very animated as she explained thethings she’d seen to her friend.By this point, the stiff nipples poking out from the t-shirts the girlswore made it quite obvious that everyone was quite a bit aroused, none moreso than Jess, the “innocent” one. All three girls had totally forgottenabout their game, and each was secretly trying to formulate a plan to watchthe other two masturbate. While Chris and Jess were trying to think of asubtle plan, Laura opted to be more direct. “Is anyone else here as workedup as I am?” she asked. Both girls admitted that they were indeed horny. “Ithink we should all just take off our clothes and do what we all want todo,” she suggested. “Wait. Would that make us…you know…lesbians?” askeda concerned Jess. Fantasies were one thing, but to actually have themrealized was quite another for the girl.Laura answered Jess’ question with one of her own, this one addressed toChristine. “Chris, when you watched your sister, did it make you feel gay?”she asked, hoping that Chris had the right answer. “Not at all,” repliedthe girl. “I was just learning how to do it.” Laura replied, “Exactly. Andmaybe we can all teach each other some position or something that we’venever tried before.”This satisfactorily answered Jess’ question, and soon all three girls weretimidly removing their clothes. None were more nervous than Christine, whohad never seen the older friends naked before. Laura and Jess had changedclothes together on numerous occasions, but of course, this was completelydifferent. After the girls were naked, each girl scoped out theothers. Laura was a tall girl with dark blond hair. Being the oldest of thegroup by a few months, her breasts were slightly larger than Jess’ andquite a bit bigger than Christine’s. The other two girls were intrigued byLaura’s crotch, which was completely shaved; neither of them had seen ashaved pussy before in real life. Jess was a brunette with a bush to match,similar in build to Laura, but with smaller breasts; however, what shelacked in tits, she made up for in her fantastic ass. Even as aneighth-grader, she had caught high school boys checking out her rear at themall. Christine stood shyly in front of the other girls, her small breaststopped with nipples that were erect with excitement. Jess was veryintrigued with her young friend’s red pubic hair; something about the redhair really turned her on.After sizing one another up, Laura took the initiative, settling backagainst the head board and parting her legs. Jess pulled up Laura’s deskchair and sat down, while Christine positioned herself at the foot of thebed. Soon, all inhibitions were gone as each girl made no effort to hidethe frantic action between her legs. Jess was trying to be as casual asthe other two, but her secret desires were catching up to her and she wasfinding it hard to stay calm; she couldn’t deny that her two friends werehot!Under the circumstances, Jess was moving much quicker than the other two.Laura and Christine were still rubbing the outside of their young pussylips when Jess first inserted two fingers into her vagina and startedmassaging her throbbing clit with her thumb. Christine followed suit, asdid Laura, who also began rubbing her tits with her free hand. Jess allowedher silent thoughts to roam free. As long as she had been fantasizing abouther friends, she had only imagined them masturbating together, as they werenow doing. Now, she began picturing them doing other things the women inthe magazine had done; she imagined Laura on her knees, eating Christine’syoung cunt. She pictured the three of them eating each other outsimultaneously.On and on went the horny teen’s thoughts until she could hold it back nolonger. She began to moan softly and couldn’t stop herself, moaning on andon until the last waves of her climax subsided. Christine was not farbehind; her orgasm began just as Jess’ subsided. Laura, however, had morerestraint. She continued fingering her pussy and playing with her breastsfor another two or three minutes before she started moaning (not toosoftly) and experienced her own orgasm.

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