Tuttut meets Nylonm6768


Tuttut meets Nylonm6768He knew his semi was noticeable to anyone who cared to have a look but the agreement meant he had nothing to keep it under wraps beneath his thin white linen trousers. He was knew that the brunette in the adjacent seat had clocked it and she was sure it was for her. She could keep thinking that. The Aer Lingus flight to Ireland was taking him to the reason for this unrelenting stiffy so it was a relief that it was not causing embarrassment but stimulation in his co-passenger.Twice she had found it necessary to squeeze pass him to spend an extended time in the loo. Each time her contact against his crotch lingered longer than the last. Her rosy cheeks betraying how her time was spent.Even though he found her interesting and witty as well extremely pleasing to eye, his mind was firmly on his destination. He could think of nothing but the meaty hairy wet pussy, the full breast and tight arse all wrapped in sheer nylon. So when his twitching cock became too much for his adoring companion who, without much attempt to disguise it, clasped it in frustrated hands, he gasped “Nylonm!”.”Sounds like you are on a promise”, she said. “Well if it falls through hears my number.” With that she rose once more, exiting her seating facing him. Thrusting her pert puckered breast in his face and ensuring maximum contact on his throbbing cock.”One more for the road”, she whispered hotly in his ear.Walking through passport control was a nervous affair, even the intimidating glances to his passport photo and then up to his face could not quell the excitement in his loins. He could feel pre-cum dribbling down his legs and the thought of Nylonm suck it off his tumescent black cock made him twitch all the more.There she was in royal a karşıyaka escort blue velveteen dress that gave way mid-thigh to fishnets and stilettos. There was no hiding it now, he knew that beneath that dress was nothing but suspenders and wet pussy, even at this distance he could see the cupped breast had erect nipples which were desperate to be sucked, and his cock swung between his legs in his loose fitting linen trouser for all to see. Nylonm’s and her hubby’s eyes were fixed on it. His eyes were climbing up her legs burning a hole through her dress to her pussy that he was craving. He walked directly to her, they embraced fully, making sure that his cock pressed against her pussy and her nipples rubbed against his chest. Although they gave each other pecks on the check neither could resist a casual hand over the other’s arse.”I am going to dig my nails and spank that arse good and hard as you fuck me”, she thought.”I am going to fill that arse with a load for sure!”Hubby manages to drag his eyes from Tuttut’s crotch as they shake their hellos. As they walk to the car Nylonm leads the two men, whose eyes can’t wrestle themselves from her tightly packed swaying blue arse. Occasionally she would throw a glance back to see what effect it has had on both their crotch, then slowly and deliberately walking her smiling eyes up to meet theirs, pleased with her work.Climbung into the spacious Land Cruiser, he was not surprised to see tinted windows in the back. He gathered there had been a lot of action in these back seats and before they could fully exit the car pack Nylonm had release his cock.”Where to?” Hubby asked.”To the woods, I had my first of everything there, drink, smoke and cock and now karşıyaka escort bayan I am going the christened this black cock there as well.”Before she had finished her sentence her hot wet mouth had engulfed his cock. They both moaned with a mixture of delight and relief as she push her head down until he could feel the back of her throat.Every time he rose from his ecstatic reverie, he could see Hubby peering in the review mirror or stroking his cock between gear shifts.”Well, if I am going to die in a car crash, there couldn’t be a better time”, he thought to himself.”Ahh…urrgg!” he breathed in pleasure and pain as she dug her nail into his balls. His cock wasn’t his any more. She had taken it. It existed purely for her pleasure. It was a thing in itself and its connection to him was an inconvenience. She oscillated between gently licking the tip to biting and clawing at the solid stem to once again full-mouthed soothing sucks. She knew what she was doing as the swapping between treatments would break his climb to orgasm but kept him rock hard. Soon after the road changed beneath them, they pulled up. Seconds later their door opened and there was Hubby cock in hand, pre-cum making his pink head glisten. Nylonm climbed out, grabbed his cock firm and kissed him hard on the lips. “Thank you”, she whispered holding him firmly with her hand and her eyes.Tuttut pulled her away, hitched her dress up and bent her into the open door onto seat. Her pussy was drenched and dripping. Not needing to guide his rigid cock, he held both arse cheeks and arrowed it into her pussy. With one long slow stoke he pushed it in until his groin was smack against her arse. Nylonm give a long unbroken moan as each escort karşıyaka inch slipped into her aching pussy.”Fuuuckkk!” she streamed as he slowly pulled out and repeated the elongated entry.Tuttut knew he had her. He had taken control and she was his now. With each of the next strokes she arched her back in and pushed her arse up as he pulled out as if desperately trying to hold him in, and then bowed her back up trying to escape his never ending inward thrusts.Tuttut was only vaguely aware of Hubby to one side furiously beating his cock, muttering encouragement.”That’s it, fuck her good….she needs a good fucking…the naughty girl that she is….yeah fuck her good!”Then Tuttut began doing short in-out thrust with only the head of his cock at the lip of her pussy. Nylonm moaned. Then bang he hit her with a full hard deep thrust. Nylonm exploded vocally and sexually. Tuttut could feel her pussy pulsating around his embedded cock.”Come here, bring that cock!” she shouted at Hubby. He sat on the seat and soon his cock was lost in her mouth and his balls clasped by her nails. He knew what was coming and though it was probably ill advised, the anticipation made his cock harder and his balls tighter. Tuttut was doing his gentle thrusts. His head was delirious with pleasure. This pussy was so sweet. Tight moist and hot.Smack! He slammed her again. Her cry came out of Hubby like a ventriloquist dummy as she bit on his hard member and dug her nails into his balls. She writhed against his groin pushing as hard as she could against him. It was delicious. Tuttut was fighting back his orgasm as he didn’t want this to end. As Nylomn’s climax subsided she lifted her mouth off the near purple cock of Hubby. He gave Tuttut and knowing glance as he also managed to win his battle and kept his load back. Nylonm whacked his cock which pulsated and throbbed, she slipped off Tuttut’s and stood up. Turning to him, eyeing is hard shinny cock with pleasure and admiration. She smacked its head as well.”Well done boys, that will do for now. Lets get home.”

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