Tell me a dirty story


Tell me a dirty storyI really missed Angela. Ever since she had gotten ‘all grown up’ (meaning ‘turned 18’) and moved into her own place, I hadn’t seen her nearly as often as I used to. We were only one year apart and had grown up in a very close-knit family. We really were best friends. I was home alone on a Saturday night; I was bored. I hadn’t talked to Angie in a few weeks, so I decided to give her a try and see if she was home. Doubtful on a Saturday night, that a girl as pretty as my little sister Angie would be home alone, but I’d still give it a try. Angie was a real cutie; 5’8, long legs, long curly dark-brown hair, probably 36-C breasts; a real high school knock-out. But she was a ‘good girl’, with a reputation as such. Maybe even still a virgin…If there was one thing about Angie that she’d never shared with me, it was her sexual side; we’d just never spoken to each other about such things. I figured either she had nothing to talk about, or, if she were actually sexually active, was just a very private person. That was OK with me. I, on the other hand, was a complete dog. I grew up with a rich hidden fantasy life that included Angie, to my everlasting shame; after all, she was a very pretty girl and I had lived in the same house with this sweetie for my entire life. Growing up a red blooded teenager, I took a guilty sneak-peek at Angela every so often; but now that she had moved into her own place, chances of that were gone. Oh, well…I’d call to check in and say hi. She was home! We chatted. She asked me about my recent break-up. We reminisced about past relationships for a little while. My last girlfriend had a reputation for being…a ‘not-so-good’ girl; Angela had actually walked in on us once downstairs at our parent’s place last year. She was giving me a handjob; Angie didn’t ‘see anything’, but she was still stunned. She referred to it as ‘that time…”Hey, come on…it’s totally natural, right? You know what I mean, you and Harry, you guys must’ve …I mean…’She chuckled. ‘Well…I guess so.’ So! She did have some experience! ‘But the time we were at the summer house…That was something else.’ I was intrigued. ‘What do you mean “something else”? Out with it!’She paused a minute. ‘Just take my word for it. Beleive me Alex, I’m no slut, but I’ve a bit of experience…I just turned 18 years old, remember!’ Well, well…perhaps I’d misjudged my goodie-goodie sister. I was intrigued, to say the least. I had to hear more! ‘No way, Angela. You have to tell me what you meant by that! It’s so not fair to leave me hanging like that! Tell me! Come on! It’s just me! Your brother!’ Angela paused again. She was thinking it over. ‘Oh, all right. Me and Harry, when we were together at the summer house last year…we…did it in the backyard on the grass. There, I said it.’ ‘Were Mom and Dad there? Was it daytime? Jeez, right in the backyard…’ Well, she wasn’t a virgin after all. I visualized Angela and Harry fucking in the midday sun in our summer house’s back yard. Man, I wish I would have caught sight of that by accident, Angela was so hot; but last year I hadn’t even gone to the house at all. I had a girlfriend last year and I vacationed with her and her family. Not this year, though. I was single. And horny, of course. The mental image of my sexy young sister screwing on the grass involuntarily started my cock buzzing. Guess the ‘nice girl’ was actually a little naughty…We were enjoying ribbing each other. Angela sounded playfully annoyed. ‘See? You men…it’s all you can think about! I give you one sentence, and…”Oh, come on, Angie! Sounds like you may have thought about it a little last summer, too, right? It’s only natural! You women are just as horny as us; we men just aren’t afraid to talk about it like you women are!”I am not ‘afraid’ to talk about it! Not one bit!’ Angela argued. ‘Ahh…OK, but you are willing to admit that women are just as horny as men? Hm?’ ‘Well, I guess, maybe…Yeah. Yeah, we probably are. We just aren’t as vulgar and direct about it as you are. That’s how I see the difference. Jeez…all of a sudden I’m talking about sex with my brother! How’d we get here?’ My dick was slowly getting harder. ‘You’re the one who mentioned last year at the summer house! You started it! But since you’re not afraid to talk about it, tell me the story!’ Would she actually tell me?She snorted. ‘I can’t tell…Why do you want to hear this?’ She paused, thinking hard. ‘OK. Me and Harry had just gotten back from the beach. We showered together, but we didn’t…fool around or anything. He wanted to, but I wasn’t sure when Mom and Dad would get back. So anyway, we just showered…and…’ She paused again. I was fully hard now; imagining my sister Angela in the shower with big, burly Harry, soaking wet, trying not to get too carried away…’Yeah…go on…’ ‘Um, well he…his…penis was…hard throughout the shower and he kept saying he couldn’t help it, he was excited…I shouldn’t be telling this to you…You better not repeat this, Alex! I’m trusting you!’ God, this was great! ‘Don’t worry! I’m cool! Go on!’ My cock was painfully hard as I listened to Angela’s clumsy story. I thought it might feel better if I opened up the front of my pants…I reached down and unbuttoned and unzipped my jeans. Ahhh…better…’OK…So we showered and he was hard and…we finished up but…I…I mean…I wanted him, too, you know? I wanted…’Part of me still couldn’t get over the fact that Angie had a sex life; let alone was talking to me about it! I needed more. ‘You were horny. You wanted to have sex. Just say it, Angie! Relax!’ ‘Yes. I wanted sex, too. But like I said, we knew we couldn’t, so we finished up and went out onto the back deck to sit in the sun together. But Harry’s cock…um…penis…’ She giggled. ‘It was still really hard and you could see it from a mile away…’I laughed and as Angela continued, I could hear the smile in her voice. ‘If Mom and Dad came home and saw the front of Harry’s shorts…I mean, you know…So I was worried. We needed to do something about it, right?’ I listened intently, stroking my erection through the breifs I wore. ‘So we went behind the upper part of the deck, on the grass, so we’d be out of anyone’s sight if they came home. And I…took care of it.’Oh, man…’Took care of it? What do you mean?’ I caught myself raising my voice and willed my self to calm down. I didn’t want Angela to stop, as I was now jerking off as she spoke. Her stopping the story there just wouldn’t do. ‘You know perfectly well what I mean; I’m not afraid to talk about sex but I’m not going into the microscopic deatils with you!’ She sounded pissed, but I could also hear a playfulness in her voice; as if maybe she wanted to tell me more but she needed to be pushed. So I did. ‘Aw, there’s alot of things that could mean…’ I sighed heavily. ‘Wow, for a minute there, I really thought you were comfortable with sex, but I guess not…’ ‘I gave him head, OK? How’s that? I can talk about it! I can say it!’ I was really going at it now, visualizing Angela sucking Harry’s big dick. Then: ‘Hey, what are you doing?’ Shit, she must be able to hear me breathing heavy or something…I stopped beating my meat and tried to sound annoyed.’What? What do you mean? I’m not doing anything. Go ahead. Continue.’She paused, listening…’Well…OK. That’s sort of it. I gave him head; and thennnnn, you know, his penis went back to normal.”Sort of it? Nothing else happened? Doesn’t sound like “really something” to me…’ I was trying to stroke my dick as quietly as I could, breathing as quietly as I could as well. ‘Alex…well, um…he did some stuff to me, too…I mean he did the same thing to me as I did to him. When I was done sucking him, Mom still wasn’t home yet and I was…horny and it was really nice out in the sun, on the grass…’I was working my cock feverishly now. I had to hear more. ‘What did he do to you?’ I asked, trying not to sound too worked up. I guess I failed. ‘I told you, he…Alex! What the hell are you doing over there!? Are you sure you’re…’ Then she stopped and listened for a moment. Before I could answer, she continued. ‘He went down on me, you know…I just pulled my bikini bottoms over a little and he licked me. How’s that? Is that enough, Alex? Or do you want to hear more?’ ‘Um, more…’ Damn, I could hear the tremble in my voice as I said it. Did she know? ‘OK…He licked me…He licked my cunt until I came.’ Man. Hearing my usually prim-and-proper little sister Angela say ‘cunt’ really sent me into overdrive. I swallowed hard. ‘He licked your what?”My cunt, Alex. My pussy. I was so turned on that I asked him to eat me out.”HHHwhat did you say to him?’ I was quickly giving up on trying to sound conversational.’Well, I said “Eat me, Harry. Eat my pussy.” And he did. Are you sure you’re not…doing anything, Alex?’ I didn’t even answer this time. There was no point. She knew. If she wanted to, she could stop at any time. But she didn’t. ‘He licked it and put his tongue inside it and everything. It felt sooooo good; he made me come that way alot. I used to give him head alot, too. Sometimes, hhhhhh….when we first started going together, I would suck his cock 2 or 3 times in one day.’ She was trying to get me hot. No doubt about it. ‘Did you like…sucking…mmmmhis cock?’ I asked while panting into the phone. ‘Oh, yes, Alex. I loved blowing Harry…He had such a beautiful, big dick…The biggest one I’d ever seen…Ahhh…I loved to put it in my mouth…hhhhand suck….’ Wait a minute…was Angela’s breathing getting heavier? Was something going on at the other end of the phone, too? I was near orgasm. I had to come listening to Angela. I was convinced she was playing with herself, too. ‘Did you…hhhever…uh…swallow?’ She laughed, low and sexy. ‘Swallow what Alex? Say it for me. Go on.’ Her voice was intoxicating. ‘His cum….When you sucked his cock….ohhhh….did he ever cum in your mouth? Ever swallow his ahhh…come?’ ‘Mmmm…I did, Alex. I did. I liked the taste of it. I swallowed his cum every time I blew him. And there was so much of it, too…I miss his big fat cock…Oh…that day…I wanted him to fuck me, that afternoon too, but we had no protection…We fucked later that night, though, when Mom and hhhhhh Dad were asleep…Alex, what are you doing right now? Tell me!”Nothing you aren’t doing, too…’ I was seconds from coming onto my belly. I continued. ‘Did he FUCK you hard? Hm? Did he FUCK you HARD, Angela?’ Tell me! TELL ME!’Her harsh breathing was crystal clear over the phone. She was close. ‘Ohhh…Yes! He FUCKED me so hard…with his big hard COCK and my wet CUNT felt so fucking good and….and…I …ahhhhh…AAAHHHH!!! OH! OH! OOOOoooohhh……’ We came together and I shot a wad of hot white goo onto my stomach and chest. We lay together, miles apart, and listened to each other catch their breath. There was an unspoken understanding between us; we both knew what we had just done, but we didn’t acknowledge it. I spoke first, unsure of how to handle it. ‘Um…man…well, listen…I haveta go, I’ll, uh, see you when you visit next month…OK? You OK, Angela?”Yeah! Fine! Fine…’ She took a deep breath. ‘I’m glad you called…Um, this is a private conversation, right Al? I mean…”Don’t worry, Angie. I won’t say a word. I promise. I’ll see you soon.’ ‘Bye.’ And we hung up. Angela called me just a few days after that. She said she had just called to say hello, but the conversation quickly led to our previous phone call. ‘Listen,’ she began, ‘I’m not sure how you’re feeling about that last phone call…I just wanted to ask if you were…um, freaked out, or anything…’Hmm…’It was pretty wild…I mean, I really don’t feel like we did anything…wrong, really…do you?’ I wasn’t sure. ‘I think…It’s not like we’re…you know what I mean…’ This was pure rationalization, but I didn’t know how Angela felt yet, and I didn’t want her to be upset over it.’Yeah, I agree. We were just talking, which is harmless; and ….pleasuring ourselves, which is something most people normally do, I’m assuming…I just don’t want you to think I’m some kind of slut, or something.”I bursa escort would never think that, Angie!’ ‘Good’. She sounded OK about it. What a relief. We had both lost it for a bit; I had desperately hoped it wouldn’t jeopardize the close relationship we’d always had. We decided we were OK with it and that was that.We small talked a little more. After just a few minutes, Angela seemed a bit…anxious. ‘I was…I was wondering. I…I don’t know how to say this, Al, so I’m just…Um…Would it be OK if I asked you to tell me a …dirty story?’ The last two words came out meekly and were followed by a low girlish giggle. ‘You know, like the one I told you the other day?’ Holy…She was initiating another mutual masturbation session! Instantly my heart began to pound. My cock stirred in my jeans. ‘Oh…um, sure…Like what?”How about something with you and Tracy?’ she asked. Tracy was the girl I was going with last year. Man, Angela wasn’t beating around the bush with this…’Were was the weirdest place you ever did it?’ she asked. I thought about it. ‘That’s easy. I guess it was at the Norwich’s Halloween party last October.”OK. Tell me about that’. Man, she was anxious! I imagined her laying on her bed, in her pajamas, relaxed, listening intently.’Right. Well. You know how we were really hot for each other all the time…”Yeah.’ Actually, Angela never liked her; she called her a slut on more than one occaision…’Um, we were hanging all over each other all night; we’d been drinking, and…one time I had to use the bathroom and Tracy came with me. After I peed, Tracy…she was dressed as a pirate and had a black skirt on, and knee-high boots…”I remember…’ The memory gave me a semi. Angela’s voice, breathless with anticipation did the rest of the job. I was hard as a rock in no time flat. ‘Well, after I finished, she pulled up her skirt, I mean all the way up to her waist…she wasn’t wearing any underwear.’ ‘She showed you her…pussy.’Wow. ‘Yes. She said “Let’s do it, Alex, quick!” but I was way too afraid someone would need to use the bathroom; I went over and started to feel it, instead.’Angie was getting hot. ‘Feel it? What do you mean?”I mean I put my hand on her pussy and, um, fingered her for a little bit while we made out. I told her I didn’t think we should fuck there. I asked her to wait ’til we got back to her place, but she pushed me down towards her…cunt and I knew what she wanted.”What, Al? What did she want?”She wanted me to eat her pussy. So I did. I started–”Was it wet?’ Angela breathlessly asked. ‘Um, yes! It was very wet. She was a very horny girl. So I started –”Did she have a lot of hair there?”Jeez, no, I guess…average…So I started to lick her, and I tried to make her come as quick as I could. After a few minutes, she started to come and someone knocked at the door! She came harder than ever ’cause she was startled. She talked about it for weeks after, how intense an orgasm it was. She loved the thrill of possibly getting caught, I guess.’ I could hear Angela’s breathing; it was getting harsh and short. ‘Did you FUCK her when you left the party?’ Man, she was really turned on already. I struggled to remove my jeans as I continued. ‘Well, not exactly. About a half-hour later, she had to use the bathroom and we went back in. And as she sat on the toilet peeing, she took out my dick and…”She blew you while she was peeing? Oh…OH…Alex…’ Angela was really into it now. I pictured her frantically rubbing her pussy mound through her panties…’Yes…and when she finished peeing, she reached down and started fingering her pussy. She was–‘Angela loudly interrupted. ‘Like I am right now! Ohhhh…Alex, keep talking…make me come…MMMmmmm….’ Sure thing, I thought. ‘So she’s sitting on the toilet, sucking my hard cock, and rubbing her cunt, just after peeing, and it’s just so hot.’I pulled down my briefs and began jerking off, not bothering to try to hide the sounds of my excitement. ‘Mmmmyeah….keep going?”And I feel myself start to come and I pull out quick. I was liking this ‘little bit at a time’ stuff and wanted to save some for later, you know?’Ahhh…Uh-huh…Ahhhhh….Go on….Hmmmm…’Then I hit her with it. ‘Does it feel good, Angie? Tell me how good it feels.’ She was openly panting. ‘Yeah! Oh, yeah! I have two fingers in my cunt right now; it feels so good…Aaghhh….What are you doing, Alex? Are you jerking off? Got your cock in you hand? Hm? Hmm?’ ‘Yeah, I’m beating off, Angie…I wish you were here so you could see me do it…Uh…Yeah…’ ‘Ohhh, no, Alex….If I was there right now…I might not be able…OH! to control myself! I might….”What, Angie? Tell me! You might what?’ ‘I might want to SUCK IT! I might try to SUCK YOUR COCK! OHHHHH!!! UMMMMM!”I might want you too, Angie! I might want to do things to you, too!”OH, Tell me! What? WHAT?”I’d FUCK your hot little CUNT, Angela….Ohhhh..I’m so fucking horny, it wouldn’t matter if you let me or not…I’d stick my fucking COCK into your PUSSY and FUCK YOU, you little SLUT! I’ve ALWAYS wanted to DO YOU!’ I couldn’t believe what I heard myself saying…or what Angela would say next…’AGHHH….Alex….I would LOVE it…I used to think bad thoughts…I’d dream of you FUCKING me, growing up! Just taking me and making me do things to you…God, I’ve fantasized about you FUCKING me against my will!! Forcing me…Nnnnnn…My legs are spread so wide for you RIGHT NOW, Alex! You want to FUCK your little baby sister, don’t you? You want to FUCK MY HOT PUSSY! God, it would be so wronnnnggggg…Ohhh…I want your BIG, FAT COCK in me! I…AAAAAHHHHHH!!!OHHHHHHHH!! We came together. It had happened again. But this time, we had gone even further; and this time, we both entered into it willingly, fully aware of where it was going. And it had gotten a little…extreme, at the end…After a few minutes, we recovered, laughed nervously, and said our good byes. We called each other alot after that. We did away with the ‘tell me a story’ thing eventually and just got right into talking about what we wanted to do to each other. This confused me a bit, I’ll admit; I wasn’t sure if what I was hearing was really what she wanted, or just hot talk; on the other hand, I wasn’t sure if what I was saying wasn’t really what I wanted. But it was too good to question, neither one of us wanted to ruin the good thing we had going. So we simply went with it. We called each other 8 more times during the next 2 weeks. We were both addicted to playing with ourselves while talking dirty to each other on the phone. I always asked her what she was wearing and eventually asked me what I wanted her to wear. I usually said ‘just bra and panties’, because of that one time a few years back when I had accidentally walked in on her in the bathroom and caught her in her underwear. That image has been forever etched in my mind…I visualized her that way each time we started out. One time she was begging me, practically screaming at me, to come home and fuck her. The intensity if her cries (and my boner) almost had me on my feet, but after she came, no further mention was ever made of her request. We talked like we both wanted it, but neither one of us ever made a move. Until…I got a package from Angela in the mail. It was rather odd, seeing as I lived about 10 minute’s walking distance away from her. I opened the padded envelope. Panties!! Jeez…2 pair of panties; one red thong and one pair of pink, lacy undies. There was a note in the package as well: ‘For next time—you’ll know what I’m NOT wearing’ and then, instead of a signature, she drew a heart. Man…She sent me her fucking underwear!! Both pairs had a small cotton panel in the front, and I then did what every red-blooded man would do, brother or not—I took a sniff. Ahhhhh…it was heavenly. That deep, pungent aroma was intoxicating. She had definitely wrapped these babies up before they were laundered. I could smell Angela’s pussy on both pair. Was this what she had had in mind? I sat on the edge of my bed for 5 minutes, inhaling the wonderful smell and started to rub my thickening cock through my jeans. I just had to beat off sniffing these trophies; I think I came that time harder than I ever had before. The next time Angela called for our ‘story time’, she asked if I had gotten her package. I told her yes and told her the story of what I had done immediately after opening them while we both got off. She loved it. We went at it extra-hard. True to form, when she got really hot, she started asking me if I’d come over there and do her…I told her how much I wanted to smell her pussy; to eat her delicious cunt…We came simultaneously; me with her red thong over my head, the scented cotton panel directly over my nose. She said she’d send more, but she also asked me to send her something, too…hmm…A day or two later, I had an idea. I bought a Polaroid camera and some film, and took about 24 pictures of my cock. Soft, hard, semi; poking up through my briefs, out the side of my boxers, and totally nude, in my hand while simulating jerking off; dripping with cum; anything I could think of. Near the end I had a brainstorm—I jerked off using Angela’s panties and snapped another set of that; I came all over her undies for the grand finale. I was afraid to send them in the mail, so I scanned them all into my computer and sent some of the simpler ones to her via e-mail. My heart pounded as I clicked ‘Send’…The next day, Angie called and left a message on my machine for me to call her immediately. I called her back right away. ‘Hey, Al…how are you?’ she asked breathlessly.’Good, Angie. What’s up? Nobody’s home over there, right? It’s safe?”Yeah. Definitely. God, Al…I just have to tell you…it…it looks so big! It looks bigger than Harry’s! Is it really that big?’ I blushed with pride. Truth is, it’s about 10″ long when fully erect, and really thick. ‘I guess, I mean, yeah…you liked ’em?’ My dick was already erect imagining her looking at pictures of my cock. Knowing it excited her was making my dick painfully hard…’Like them? I’m doing it right now, Alex. I’m feeling my pussy…hhhhh…I had no idea your…cock was sooooo big…I’ve already done it twice today, Alex. I printed the pictures and just…I just…Ohhhh. Angie didn’t even ask me to join her on this go-round. She just talked about my cock, struggling the entire time to complete a sentence. She came fairly early for her, and asked if I could send more shots. She was thrilled when I told her I had more. ‘They’re even better,’ I told her. ‘God, please, send them over now…’So much for my goodie-goodie sister. She loved cock! MY cock! I sent her the real extreme pics; the ones where I shoot my load onto her underwear. I spent the rest of the night imagining what my hot sister Angie was doing while staring at pictures of my 10″ dick. The sheer perverseness of what was going on between us was thrilling; I felt addicted to that thrill and couldn’t wait for the next chapter in this forbidden adventure to unfold.Another package from Angie; this one contained a large, flesh-colored dildo. As I opened the box, I could smell my little sister’s pussy wafting up from inside…This note said, ‘It’s nice, but I’d rather have the real thing’ and another heart. Goddamnit! I’d had enough. I needed to know if this was all a bluff or was she serious? Did she really want to fuck her own brother? Then I realized that that wasn’t really what was getting to me; rather it was wondering if I’d actually get a chance to fuck my beautiful sister.After admitting to myself how much I wanted to do Angie, I needed to know more than ever: was all her hot talk about fucking and sucking me; all her begging and pleading for me to come over and take her; that last note; did she mean it? I had a very risky idea; but this was out of my control, I couldn’t help myself. The next time we had a ‘story time’, I’d call her bluff. That ‘next time’ came late in the following week. Angie always had Fridays off. Only this time, I made the call on my cell phone, from inside my car, which was parked just around the corner from Angie’s place. This time, I was mobile… ‘Hey.’ I tried not to sound too anxious; I hoped bursa escort bayan this plan of mine would work with every fiber of my being. Static faded in and out during our call. ‘Hi. Perfect timing, I’m here for the day…What’s up with your phone?”Oh, I’m on the cordless. Just ignore it, OK? Tell me a story.”Alright. Whaddaya wanna talk about?’ My long, thick cock was tingling at the sound of my sister’s voice already. ‘Um, I don’t know…’ I tried to keep my end of the conversation to a minimum, hoping she couldn’t tell I wasn’t at home, where I usually called her from. ‘How about that last package you sent? Oh, man, did that ever take me by surprise…’Angie sounded gleeful. ‘OK! Did you, I mean…So you were surprised?’ ‘Yes. Never got one of those in the mail before…’ I joked. Angie giggled like a little girl. ‘No, no…Did you think I ever used one of those before?’ ‘Ah, nope. I guess I thought you only used your fingers.’ People were walking past my car; I felt really awkward having this conversation ‘out in the open’. I had to keep reminding myself that no one outside my car could hear me.’Do you think it’s sexy? Me…fucking myself with that hhhh dildo? I have a vibrator, too, you know.’ In the background, it sounded as if she were getting settled into bed or something. My penis was thickening in my shorts. ‘Definitely sexy. I would love to see you do it.’ There. I’d push a little and see if she meant business. ‘Oh god, Alex…me fucking myself right in front of you…Does that turn you on? Are you touching that big cock right now?’ She was well underway. I felt left out, not being able to join her…’Oooooooh, it felt sooooo good; I wanted it to smell…uhhh…just like me…I even tried to…put it into my ass, but I chickened out. It was too big. Can you smell me on it? Do you have it handy right now?”What? Why?”I want to see if it’s as big as yours.”Ummmm, no, actaully, mine’s bigger. And a lot thicker. And I bet it would feel a lot better inside your pussy, too.’ We usually talked like this to each other during these calls, but today I was planning to push it over the edge. I entered the side of my folk’s house silently. ‘Oh, shit, Alex! I know it would, too…Oh! It’s so beautiful…I can’t stop looking at the pictures of it…I have them right in front of me now.’ I thought I heard a faint buzzing in the background, though on the cell phone, it was hard to tell…’It’s so wrong…but I think about your cock all the time…I feel like such a bad girl…Uhh…at work, at home, in my car…I came in my car, Alex. Thinking about your big fat dick…After work, last Monday…I had to pull over…Are you doing it, Al? Hm? Are you beating your beautiful meat?’It was time. I stood at the bottom of the stairway and carefully began to remove my clothing, trying to time it so any noise on my end would be drowned out by her own sensual ramblings. ‘Oh, yeah, Angie…I am…Are you in your bra and panties? You messing up your cute little panties thinking about your brother’s big hard cock? So you can send them to me?”Mm hm! I have the front of my Uh! Uh! Underwear pulled over to the side and I’m, I’m…Ohhh, my clit…’I climbed the stairs to Angie’s room. It felt really strange walking around the house I grew up in completely naked. My cock was completely hard, sticking straight out in front of me as I visualized Angie on her bed playing with herself. I lowered my voice as I approached her door. ‘Thinking about Alex’s meat in your wet cunt instead of that fake dick? Yeah? Tell me, Angela.”Oh, yeah! Oooooooh, oh, shit…That big beautiful cock in my cunt…Oh, I would just die!’ I could hear her voice coming through the door. My heart pounded at double speed.’You want me to come over there and show it to you, Angie? I’ll come over there and shove it in you. I’ll stick it right up your tight little asshole! I don’t care if it’s too big! I’ll fuck you so hard…’ Say yes, dammit. Please say yes…I tried the doorknob on the bedroom door. Un-locked… ‘You want me to come over, huh? HUH?’She was screaming. ‘Aaaghh, Ahhh, Alex..Ohhh! Yeah! Come over hear with that nice big dick and fuck me! Fuck your little sister! Ohhh, it would be so bad, Ahhhh! So FUCKING bad…’ I threw the door open with a bang. ‘I’m right here, Angie. And I’m all ready…’ I had imagined it many times, but still I could not believe my eyes. Angie sat stunned in a chair, one leg up over the cushioned arm, her panties pulled to one side, away from her crotch. Her petite pink pussy lips glistened with their wetness. She was holding a small silver vibrator in the other hand, and had it’s tip pressed against her clitoris. There were pictures of my dick next to her on a table, spread out beside her. She sat frozen, staring at me like a deer in the headlights. Neither one of us was breathing. The minute buzz of the vibe was the only sound in the room as we stared each other down. The look on her face was one of abject terror, completely taken by surprise dumbstruck. She had gone completely red in a nano-second. When she finally pried her bulging eyes away from mine and took a look at my hard penis and up and down the rest of my nude body, Angela inhaled deeply and yelled ‘Get out!! My god, get the hell out of here!’ Her legs closed like a vice; the vibrator fell to the floor, still buzzing. She grasped at her bedspread to cover up in a panic and continued. ‘What the hell…Get out! Alex, jesus!’ She grabbed a magazine off of her nightstand and threw it at me. Pictures of my cock fell all over the floor. Getting up from the chair, she staggered over to the doorway where I stood, and grabbed the door to slam it shut on me. But I didn’t move. I held the door open. She gave up on trying to shut it and began pushing and hitting me, still shrieking in disbelief. My cell phone hit the floor. But I was a foot taller and 80-90 lbs. heavier than her; I grabbed her by the wrists and held her off. Her sheet had fallen to the floor as she struggled for me to escape my grip. She wore a white sheer bra and cream colored lace-front thong panties. She looked intense; there was rage in her expression; tears in her eyes. I guess I had my answer… She struggled to escape my grip, but I held on. ‘Angie! Calm down! Angela! Stop!’ She kept fighting and tried to kick me; she slipped on the sheet at her feet and fell to her knees in front of me. I held her wrists tightly as she sobbed, staring down at the carpet. What a fool I’d been. I was devastated. ‘So was it all just talk, Angela? Huh?’ I was almost shouting; my anger at her rejection and my severe miscalculation was getting the better of me. My penis stood out stiffly inches above her downturned head. ‘Tell me the truth. I can’t take it anymore. I believed you! If you don’t mean those things we said, you’re nothing but a cocktease, Angie. A fucking tease. Is that what you are? Well? Here it is, Angie! Here’s the big cock you’ve been dreaming about all week! Take a look, you fucking bitch!!’ I was furious. Angie slowly lifted her head. She looked straight at my hard-on. I could feel her breath on it. ‘No…ow, Alex, you’re hurting me!’ She tried to twist her arms to relax my grip but I held firmly. Angie’s mouth was mere inches away from the head of my angrily throbbing cock. She stared intensely at it as it bounced with my pulse. My anger had completely overcome me. ‘I should teach you a lesson today, Angie.’ She looked up at me meekly; inquisitively. ‘I should make you pay the price for leading a man on…especially your own brother…’ Angie looked back at my erection; the fight had gone out of her arms suddenly. ‘I should…’ I contemplated my ideas silently while Angie lay at my feet. Still looking straight at my dick, she said, ‘I’m sorry, Alex. I didn’t mean for this to happen. I didn’t know…I mean, it was easy to let go, with you on the phone; easy to forget you were my brother; easy to pretend I was someone else…’She was lying. ‘Sounded to me like that was the very thing that was getting you off so much, Angie. The fact that it was ‘so bad’, and ‘so wrong’. That’s what I think. You just won’t admit your true feelings.’She shook her head no. Her eyes closed. She looked as if she were trying to convince herself that I was wrong. ‘NO! I just got carried away, that’s all. Please let me up, Alex, I’ll…’ ‘Kiss it.”Huh? Alex…’ Angie asked, sounding, but not really looking, surprised. ‘You heard me. Kiss it.’ I squeezed her arms a bit tighter; she yelped in pain but stared at my dick, thinking…considering…then glancing up at me knowingly…I leaned in forward, pushing into her jaw with my cock. She turned her head, sliding her lips across its entire length as I pulled her arms behind me. ‘Suck it, Angie, suck my cock. The cock you told me you wanted so fucking bad.’ I pushed my dick again into her face, rubbing her cheek with my meat. ‘Ahhh…nooo…hhhh…Alex, it’s wrong…Isn’t it wrong?’ She closed her eyes, enjoying the feeling of my 10″ dick sliding around the soft skin of her pretty young face. Her mouth opened; she looked up at me, eyes ablaze, and opened even wider. ‘Isn’t it, Alex?’ Her eyes then focused on my cock as she maneuvered her head into the proper position and opened her mouth to accept it. I could see that me speaking this way to her was having an effect. I decided to go for broke.’I don’t care, Angie. Just suck it. Suck it like you told me you would. Suck my fucking cock.’ And with that, Angie opened her mouth and licked the underside of my erection with her warm, wet tongue. I let go of one wrist, reached down and grasped it at its base and aimed it straight at her lips. Then, after weeks of dreaming it, my baby sister Angela was sucking my cock. I let go of her arms and one hand instantly grasped my fat dick. I put a hand on Angie’s head as we found a rhythm and worked together. The sheet slipped to the floor once again and she adjusted herself into a more comfortable position, looking up at me occasionally while she sucked most of my huge dick into her warm, wet mouth. Angie really went at it, gradually building in intensity as she let herself go. She looked up into my eyes, as if checking to see if I was enjoying the loving blowjob she was giving me. Duh…’Ohhh, that’s it, Angie…Suck me. Suck it so good. You like it in your mouth? Hm?’Angie couldn’t answer with more than a grunt. ‘Mmmm’, she replied. ‘Mmm-mmmm…’ Then she pulled her head off of me and gasped for breath, saying, ‘Alex…we shouldn’t be doing this…We’re going too far! We—’I grabbed a handful of her soft brown hair and I pulled her face back to my groin. ‘Shut up, Angie; I told you I didn’t fucking care what you think. Suck my cock!’ The head of my cock pressed into her pretty nose as she pushed away with both hands; I tugged her hair forcefully, eliciting a screech of pain from my little sister. ‘PUT IT BACK IN YOUR MOUTH, YOU FUCKING SLUT!!’ She looked back up at me, pleading with her eyes…but there was another look in her eyes as well; a look of excitement; of passion. I relaxed my grip as she sucked my rod back into her mouth. I think we were both enjoying the game this had developed into, and we both understood our roles perfectly. From that point on, I was the horny, dominant big brother, and she the victimized, submissive little sister. I stroked her hair as she blew me. ‘You said you’d be my little private whore, didn’t you? And don’t give me any more of that “We can’t, we shouldn’t” shit, Angie. I know you want it just as much as me. Ooooh, yeah…I know you want my cock. I know you want me to fuck you, too.’ Angela was working away at my dick, taking almost all of it in, loudly sucking and licking as I spoke. ‘Don’t deny it, Angie. You wanted it and now….UH!…now you fucking got it…Ahhh! Fuck!’ Angela knew I was going to come and started trying to pull away. I started to lose it, but I gripped her by the hair again and pulled her head off my cock. ‘Alex, please, don’t…’Shut up, Angela!’ I held onto her by the hair and said, ‘Get up.’ As I caught my breath from my near-orgasm, I said, ‘Get over on the bed. Take that fucking bra off.’ Angela looked as if she were going to cry again; but there was that other look, as well… as if she couldn’t wait to show me her tits…She took a quick look back escort bursa down at my rock-hard cock and backed over to her bed and sat on the edge. She reached up and unclipped the front, opening her bra but leaving it on. ‘I said take it off…’ I said as menacingly as I could…She looked up at me, her chest heaving with every breath, and her eyes locked onto mine. She slowly opened the front of her bra, revealing her beautiful breasts. They were large and round, and topped with tiny brown nipples. I stared at then in awe. Out of the corner of my eye, Angie’s face betrayed a look of pride as I stared at her fantastic boobs. Both nipples were hardened bullets. I reached down and pulled my prick a few times, never taking my eyes off of my sister’s chest. ‘Oh, yeah…verrrry nice. Just like I imagined. Hmmmm…Now take it off.’ She slipped the straps over her shoulders and tossed the bra onto the floor. She sat back a bit on her bed and I saw something that confirmed my gut feeling: The crotch of Angie’s panties was soaked completely through. She was so wet she was practically dripping through her undies. Her crotch was a sopping mess. ‘What’s this? A little excited, are we?’ I gazed intensely at her wet pussy; Angela quickly closed her legs and lowered her head, appearing embarassed. ‘I knew it, you slut. Take them off, too.”No, Al! We have to stop! This is wrong! We can’t go any further!’ Was that the ghost of a smirk at the corner of her pretty little mouth?She saw how angry this made me. That’s why she did it. I contorted my face into an angry mask and said, ‘We’re going to do what we said we were going to do, cunt. Give me those fucking panties. Right now.’ I walked over to where she sat and stood in front of her, my erect dick pointing straight between her pretty tits. She stared at it as if hypnotized and slipped her sopping-wet panties off. ‘Give them to me.’ She held them up as if they were a peace offering. I grabbed them and brought them right up to my nose and inhaled deeply. ‘Ahhhhhhhh. So good.’ I opened my mouth and pushed the cotton panel inside with two fingers. ‘Mmmmm, mmmm…I can taste your pussy, Angie. It tastes nice.’ Angie was panting like a dog, her pretty pink pussy lips glistened between her legs as she watched me sucking the juice from her underwear. ‘But why should I settle for this when I have your pussy right here in front of me?’ She caught herself smiling and stifled it; her eyes lit up as I leaned in to kneel between her legs. She opened her knees as far as possible, giving me complete access to her hot young pussy, and leaned back on her elbows, all the while shaking her head rapidly and whispering, ‘no, no, no…’ I spit her undies onto the floor and moved my face between her thighs, pushing them open to the limit with both hands. Her dripping vagina lay open before me, the smell of it familiar from the packages she had sent. I had to taste it…I plunged my face into her crotch and began lapping the entire surface of her cunt like a dog, using my entire head to get her off. Angie wailed in pleasure; it sounded as if she were trying to sing, and very badly, at that. I felt her hands pulling my hair as she pulled me further in, guiding my mouth up to her magic button. I nibbled, sucked and tongued her hard clit for a few minutes as she moaned and groaned in ecstasy, wiggling her butt all around the edge of the bed, pulling me in at times and pushing me away at others. She was still playing the part of the innocent little sister. I swallowed her gushing juices as they flowed, my entire face becoming slick with them as I worked. Parting her precious pussy lips with my fingers, I slipped one into the entrance to her anus, and that broke the spell. ‘No! No, Alex!’ Funny; she had said during our phone conversations that she liked it up the ass…perhaps she was ‘k**ding’…Perhaps not. ‘But Angie! You said you loved it in your ass!’ I licked her brown butthole, pushing my tongue into the tiny tight opening. She reached down and tried to push my head away. I brought my hand back over and slipped my finger in, further than before; Angie pleaded, ‘Please, Alex NO! NO!’ When I had it in past the second knuckle, her cries had changed to ‘Oh! Yeah! Uh!! Al!! Ahhhh!’ Angie reached down and massaged her clit and I began tongue fucking her while I slipped my finger in and out of her ass. She came in just a few seconds. Her thighs squeezed my head like a vise; the noise she made during her orgasm was…indescribable. Angie lay on the bed before me completely spent. For a second, I thought she may have passed out. I stood up and paced around the room anxiously, the reality of what we’d just done creeping into my mind. Things would never be the same between us. Suddenly I desperately needed to confirm Angela’s complicity in all of this; I needed to know once and for all whether this was in fact what she wanted all along. I sat in the chair next to her bed and watched her breathing even out. ‘Tell me a story, Angie,’ I softly said, stroking her long brown hair. I waited anxiously for her reply. She lay motionless for minutes. She turned to me, still lying on the bed, and looked me in the eye. Her face had the look of someone who was ready to come clean; ready to stop the games and get real. Then she broke her silence. In a sexy, breathless voice, she started…’Once, there was a little girl with a big brother. A big brother with a VERY big cock.’ She smirked at me, speaking as if she were reading a c***dren’s book aloud. ‘The little girl and her big brother liked to talk dirty to each other while they touched themselves, but it kind of got out of hand.’ I listened anxiously beside Angie as she dreamily told our story. ‘The big brother wanted to know if his sister really meant all the things she said to him; all the while, the little girl was wondering the same thing.’ Angie was looking wistfully up at the ceiling, pinching her nipples and making them rock hard again. ‘So the big brother came over and surprised the little girl. At first she wouldn’t face it; wouldn’t admit it, and that made the big brother angry.’ The room had started to heat up again. ‘The big brother made her do bad things, VERY BAD things, like SUCK his big COCK. Then the big brother ATE his little sister’s PUSSY, and put his FINGER in her ASS, and made her COME; it was so good that she could no longer deny it: she and her big brother really did want the same thing. There were no more secrets now, no more pretending. Now they could do everything they ever dreamed of together. Even though everybody said it was bad, they thought it was good. How could something that felt so good be bad?’ I was smiling ear to ear. ‘And what did they really want?’ Angie’s face got serious. ‘They wanted to FUCK. She wanted his big fat cock in her little tiny pussy.’ She rolled over on her side to face me, opening her legs and showing me her slippery pussy lips. I looked down at her lovingly. ‘Now that both of them knew, and they had come so far, there was nothing stopping them.’I reached over and massaged one of Angela’s wonderful titties. ‘What happened next?’ I asked, anxiously. Angie grinned. ‘Oh, the big brother’s very big cock was still very hard; it wanted to be deep inside the little sister’s pussy very badly.’ Angie grabbed my stiff dick and started softly stroking. ‘But now that they had decided they were going to fuck, the little sister couldn’t decide which hole she wanted it in, her cunt or her ass?’ Whoah! I liked this story…’So the big brother picked up his sister’s shiny silver vibrator…’ She paused as I got the message and moved quickly. ‘…and put some baby oil on it, getting it all nice and slippery.’ Smiling devilishly, I jumped up to retrieve her dildo and Angie leaned over to her nightstand and handed me a small bottle of baby oil, smiling back at me. ‘Then he put some on his big cock.’ I did. ‘The little sister got on all fours…’ Angie assumed the position. Her big round tits hung below her, almost touching the bed, as she got on all fours, her ass and pussy facing me. ‘Her brother slipped the dildo slooooowly into her ass…’ I climbed up onto the bed and positioned the vibrator at the small opening of her anus, turning it as I slipped it slowly into the little brown hole between her gorgeous ass cheeks. ‘Nnnghnn…oh…shoot…ah…then, when it was uh all the way in, the big brother took his big fat COCK and put that inside his baby sister’s CUNT…’ And so I did. With a hand on each beautiful cheek, I placed my swollen cockhead into the cleft of her wet cuntlips and pushed it in slowly. ‘OH! Oh yeah! Oh, FUCK! Ahhhh! Fuck me! Fuck meeeeeee…’ Once all the way in, Angela pushed against me, slipping it in that much further. I fucked my beautiful baby sister like I’d never fucked anyone before; slowly, carefully, lovingly; making sure she got to enjoy every inch of my long hard dick. I enjoyed every sensation, every sound she made, as I slowly and gently slid my dick inside her. This had turned into something more than I ever dared dream of…I bumped into the bottom edge of the silver vibe occasionally as it stuck out of her butt while I pumped Angie’s molten pussy a bit faster, eliciting squeals of delight. ‘They finally…fucked…it felt so…fucking good…up her ass and…in her pussy…Ohhh, It was much…better than she…ever imagined…Ahhhh, baby…it was a…dream come…true…’ Sweat had begun to run down my chest as we fucked. 10 wonderful minutes passed as I pumped Angie’s tight 18 year old cunt from behind. I focused on the end of the silver dildo protruding from her asshole as I stroked in and out, in and out…She turned her head to face me, a dreamy smile on her lips. ‘Switch!’ was all she said; I guess she couldn’t pull off the ‘story teller’ thing any longer. She was lost in lust and just wanted to come again. Fine with me…She pulled away from my dick and, without her touching it, the vibe slowly slid out of her asshole and plopped onto the bed. Her anus gaped open, and I couldn’t get over the sight of my ‘nice-girl’ sister sitting in front of me on all fours, asshole and pussy open wide. What a beautiful sight. She turned over onto her back and lifted her legs up to her head, with one knee beside each ear. She stared at my prick with that crazy look again and said, ‘Put your cock in my ass, Alex! Please! Put it in!’ We smiled wickedly at each other; brothers and sisters were not supposed to have this kind of fun, but WE were…and man, was it ever FUN…I moved up and pressed my aching erection into her hole; it slipped in almost effortlessly. ‘Aaaughgh…Oh, my god, oh, my god…’ In a few short strokes, it was most of the way in. Anyway it was all she could take. Angie grabbed the vibrator and turned it on. She pressed the tip onto her swollen clit, spreading her lips with 2 fingers and immediately threw her head back in a state of bliss. ‘MMMmmm, mmmmm….mmmm….’ I pumped her tight, smooth asshole a little more aggressively that I had her cunt; I wanted to come, dammit! But Angie didn’t seem to mind. ‘Oh! Fuck my asshole! Oh, Alex! Fuck! FUCK!’ Her tits bounced around her chest as I increased my thrusts. I grabbed her ankles with my outstretched arms and fucked her hard. Through gritted teeth, Angie wailed. She threw her head back violently against her pillow repeatedly; the vibrator’s buzzing tip never left her swollen clit. She was going to explode any minute. My own climax was rapidly approaching, and I remembered from one of Angie’s tall tales that she loved to be covered with hot come; well, she had told the truth about everything else, so that must’ve been true as well. We’d soon find out, as I had about a gallon on deck. When I could no longer take it; I pulled out of her asshole and jerked my meat for all it was worth. Cum sprayed from the head in hot gushing torrents, almost covering my little sister in hot, thick goo. Angie had turned beet red and was shaking violently as the semen landed on her chest, neck, in her hair…as she came, she slipped the vibrating dildo into her hot pussy and fucked herself to the very end. We both collapsed in a sweaty heap. She kissed me on the cheek and we both fell asleep, spent and exhausted. Hours later, Angie told me that she felt like a different person. I told her that it was because she was finally being honest with herself, and that she wasn’t depriving herself any longer of something she really wanted. Our relationship continues to this day.

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