Special Delivery


This is a work of fiction.

I sat in the North London cafe sipping my tea. It was hot, I blew on the liquid to cool it down as I watched the family at the table next to mine. There was a dad, a mother and two kids, a boy and a girl. It was the dad who had my attention though. He was in his late thirties, early forties maybe with short dark hair, blue eyes and a handsome face. A strong square chin and an aquiline nose. He was wearing a blue oxford shirt and beige chinos. His body looked good, not overbuilt or too muscled but fit, maybe more from running and tennis. He had a loud voice, privately educated definitely and he spoke with the confidence of someone who had always gotten exactly what they wanted in life. He was entitled and I hated him for it.

I first met him two days ago when I delivered a package to his house in nearby Hampstead. It was a large detached property, probably worth about £4 mil. I thought of my tiny bedsit and I hated him all the more. That was when I decided to start following him. He was going to pay.

I had heard the family talking from my nearby table in the cafe. The wife was taking the kids to their grandparents this evening and they were staying the night. Right, it looked like this was happening. It was sooner than I’d normally like, but sometimes you gotta just go with the flow.


I sat outside the large house in my delivery van. That’s actually one of the benefits of my job. I can move around the city almost invisibly. I watched as the wife loaded the kids into the car and pulled out of the driveway. Once they were out of sight I got out of my van holding a package and made my way to the house. I rang the bell.

“Yes” the guy said, a faint smile on his face.

I nodded at the box “package for you” and smiled at him. He leant forward to sign for the package. “Mate, I really hate to ask but can I use your toilet?” I hopped from foot to foot to emphasise my point.

He didn’t look happy but opened the door “Sure, second door on the left” he said, gesturing down the hallway.

Once I was in the house and behind him I pulled out the chloroform rag from my pocket and covered his mouth and nose, pressing hard. He struggled for a bit but then I felt ankara travesti him go limp in my arms.

He came around lying on the floor, he was lying on his back facing the ceiling. I had bound his hands behind his head and tied them to a large cast iron radiator. He started to buck and struggle like mad. He was furious. I had taped his mouth shut. It was a large house with no neighbours but I didn’t want to take any chances.

I reached out and stroked his hair “Shush… listen, nobody is coming for you” I stared him straight in the eyes. He looked back at me with pure hatred “I’m going to fuck you now. It’s going to happen. You can either fight me and it will not end well for you. Or you can let it happen and I’ll untie you when I’m done and nobody needs to know about this”.

He continued to glare at me. But I could see a subtle shift. Something had broken in him. He was mine. I touched his face and he flinched away from me. “Ah, ah…” I said and grabbed his face so we were eye to eye again.

I reached down to unbutton his shirt. Dark hair fanned around his nipples and down his stomach. It was perfect. I played with one of his tits and he started to make short desperate grunts from behind the tape on his mouth.

I played with his nipples, taking one in my mouth and tickling the other with my hand. I looked up. His eyes were scrunched shut now. He was clearly trying to block out what was happening. I reached my hands down to his trousers and fumbled with the belt buckle. I tugged at the belt which opened and I felt for the button on his trousers. I undid the button and pulled the trousers down as I shuffled backwards. I pulled down his pants next. His dick was actually a bit hard, and flopped to the side. He must have had sensitive nipples. Not bad size really, with a full bush. “Mate, your dick’s hard!” I said, mock surprised “Are you enjoying this?”. He shook his head wildly. I knew it was just a natural reaction to having his nips played with but hey, I was having fun.

He was fully naked from the waist down now, with his shirt unbuttoned and open showing his chest and stomach. He was actually quite a specimen. His legs were well formed with thick thighs and calves. I stood back and took in ankara travestileri the site of the guy spread out before me, his sharp blue eyes, his square chin now with a shadow of stubble and his cock and balls dangling between his legs. I contrasted this with the guy in the cafe – loud, brash and confident.

I knelt down again and took my dick out of my fly. I was hard as a rock. I pulled out a bottle of lube from my pocket and smeared some around my dick. He was now watching me with a fascinated horror. I had shuffled up between his legs and started to feel around for his arsehole with the remainder of the lube. He went fucking mental when I touched his hole. He started trying to kick me away and tried to shift away from me towards the wall but he couldn’t get any leverage from his prone position. Nevertheless, I slapped him hard across the face. “Enough” I shouted at him, my voice as cold as ice. He went completely still. A tear rolled down one of his cheeks.

I felt for his hole and smeared the lube around it. I moved closer to him, grabbing his hips to keep him in place. I used my other arm to push his legs back towards his chest so I could see his arse. I lined my dick up to his hole and started to push in. He was fighting me, trying to push me out but the lube did its job and I could feel myself enter him. He let out a low guttural sound as I pushed in further. I pulled myself out a bit and then pushed in again. He let out another grunt. I then started to work in and out of his arse slowly at first but then picking up the pace. I was finding my rhythm now “Is this how you shag that wife of yours?” I asked, my breathing shallow from the exertion of fucking him. A drop of sweat rolled off my forehead, he recoiled as it fell onto his face.

His dick had gone soft again, but that was fine. I grabbed his cock and started working it “I don’t want you telling anyone this wasn’t good for you”.

He was whimpering now. I wanted him to feel what it was like to be powerless for once. I started pounding into him harder and faster. He was looking to the side now his eyes closed again. “Look at me” I hissed. He opened his eyes and gave me a look of pure hatred. He tried to push me out again but that just made travesti ankara me more insistent, I needed him to feel me inside him. He was hard now. My hand and my constant hammering into his arse did the job. After a few more minutes I felt him grind his hips down on to my dick and he came. Not much, just milky white globs over my hand which I wiped on his stomach. His face was a picture of confusion and hatred. Good.

Finally, I could feel the familiar sensation build. I was getting close. And then it happened, I shot into him with urgent, desperate thrusts. The feeling made me dizzy and I let myself go limp in him. I had to steady myself against the wall as I stood up. I tucked my dick back in my trousers and took out my phone. I took a couple of pictures of him lying on the floor. He was now sobbing. I knelt down again and looked at him ‘Thanks mate, that was fun’.

I ripped the tape away from his mouth. “please” he croaked.. “please dont tell my wife”.

I just laughed as I made my way to the front door, picking up my package on my way, making sure the door was shut behind me.


When I said I’d met the guy two days before, that was technically true, that was the first time we had met face to face and when I saw where he lived.

I had actually seen him about a month before on the news. He was the chief executive of a large food distributor. He had made all the staff redundant and then offered them zero hours contracts on minimum wage. He had destroyed many lives and families, he had fucked a lot of people. Well, now I guess he was the one who was fucked, especially as I had splashed the pictures all over the internet.

He was my third so far. Each one was deserving. Each one had done shitty things. The other two were traders in the city who had almost bankrupted a chain of bakeries, risking thousands of jobs. They were both cocky little shits. I had followed one out of a bar and dragged him behind some bins. The other one was out for a run when I stopped my van to ask him for directions. it was easy to subdue him and get him in the back of vehicle. They had both cum too, eventually. Confused and angry, nah.. furious actually. I had a little laugh at the memory.

The online forums were full of my exploits, I was becoming a bit of a working class hero. They even had a name for me ‘The Money Man’, ha!

But for now, I had to plan my next move – trouble was, there were so many deserving candidates around…

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