All New to Him Pt. 03


He and I got up and went to the backyard for a quick swim, he dove in and came up his cock was very tender and the pool was making it that much more irritated. I went to the washroom and got some petroleum jelly to lube up his cock, this way the pool would not affect him so much.

I got on my knees in front of him and opened the jar, I scooped out a large amount and started to lather up his tender cock. He smiled at me as I worked the jelly onto his cock, I made sure it was all covered, the bonus was his cock was rock hard once more.

“Please Billy I just can’t shoot another load just yet, my balls ache and my cock is still so sensitive.”

I smiled at him and got to my feet, I stood in front of him and kissed him, he wrapped his arms around me and pulled me in. He and I made out on the side of the pool his cock had a mind of its own, it was ready once again to fuck my mouth or ass once more.

We would lay by the pool and relax felt so good to sit by the pool naked with such a hot guy, who had such a raging hardon all the time. I went in and got us each a beer, we would relax till dinner time then he and I could see if his cock was ready for a few more rounds.

We sat and talked, he told me about his girlfriend and school, we talked about fantasies, and things he would normally not talk to anyone about, things you would only talk to your best friend about, or maybe your Dad.

“Billy I wonder would you be willing to put your cock in my ass? I trust you and know you would not force yourself on me or push me to do more than I want too or can.”

“Think we could have fun with that, lets do it after dinner, I will order us a pizza, we can eat then go back to the bedroom and you can ride my cock.”

He smiled at me, I ordered us pizza, I went to the door naked like I always did when the pizza guy came to deliver. He came in and greeted me like he always did, he was used to seeing me naked.

“Hello Mr. Matthews, here are your pizzas, the amount is twenty two fifty.”

“Hello Tommy here you go and thank you once again have a great night.”

Ryan came out of the washroom before Tommy was about to leave, seems these two knew each other.

Ryan did what he could to hide his massive cock, Tommy turned every shade of red imaginable. They did not exchange any kind of greeting, Tommy turned and walked out the door, he gave Ryan one last look before he did walk out.

“Fuck I really did not want anyone seeing me here Bill, and Tommy of all people.”

“He won’t say a word to anyone so just relax.”

“You don’t understand he is my girlfriends brother, he will be sure to tell her he saw me here.”

I smiled at him, and shook my head.

“Your secret is safe I can tell you, I have sucked Tommy’s cock more than once, he is a closet homosexual.”

“Really Tommy is gay? He seems so straight and such a nerd.”

“Tommy and I meet up once a week, I usually suck a load out of him and he is done, not like you who can shoot multiple loads. Tommy also is very good at filling my mouth with his load, we should have a threesome, like to see you two go at it.”

Ryan turned red but at the same time you could see he was so into the idea of playing with Tommy. He would have never thought ankara travesti that Tommy would be the least bit gay, not that he ever thought of Tommy as potential partner in the bedroom. Thinking about him now he realized how attractive Tommy really is, so shy and a great body, and that ass so perfect in every way.

We ate then Ryan made his excuses to go, I knew he was worried about what Tommy might say to his girlfriend, I knew Tommy would never say a word. Tommy messaged me about an hour after Ryan had left he wanted to come over and talk to me about what he had seen when he came to deliver the pizza’s.

Tommy had been to my place multiple times but he still was so shy when he came over, I would have to slowly remove his clothes, get him on the bed then suck a load out of him. He was never one to experiment or try new things.

Tommy came in like he always did shy and worried Ryan might be here, I told him Ryan left hours ago, I slowly undressed him, he smiled and was so shy like it was always our first time. Tommy has a nice cock, average but such a perfect cock for sucking.

His ass was so perfect in every way, Tommy is blond haired blue eyes and the sweetest young man one could ever meet. So polite and such a gentleman, with the way he is, he was bullied a lot in school, he really did not have any friends, even Ryan pushed him around.

“So Billy you and Ryan had sex? How did that happen?”

“We met on Squirt of course, he was looking for a guy to show him the ropes so to speak, Ryan has never had sex with another guy till today actually.”

“Is he gay? Bi-sexual?”

“I would guess he is bi, he really likes your sister but she hates having sex with him as his cock is so big.”

Tommy’s eyebrows went up at this, now he wanted to see it, maybe even touch it, the wheels were turning with Tommy right now.

“What did you guys do? Did you suck his cock like you do for me? Or did you do more?”

“Oh we did a lot more than what you and I do, you need to loosen up and let me try a few things on and for you, believe me you will love it.”

The wheels were turning now, I just might get him to loosen the reigns and try a bit more now. He got on the bed like he usually did, laid out spread hands at his sides, always guarded.

“Tommy you know I would never hurt you in any way, I would never make you do anything that might harm you or cause you pain.”

“Yes Bill I know that.”

“Do you really Tommy? I feel like you’re always on guard when you come over, relax you are safe here, no one and I mean no one will ever hurt you here, I promise you that.”

He gave me this puppy dog look, I smiled at him he kind of relaxed a bit.

“What did you and Ryan do exactly?”

“From kissing, to cock sucking, to me rimming his ass, to making out, to him fucking me. You have to promise to never say a word of this to anyone.”

“Bill who am I going to tell, you’re the only guy I hang out with and have any kind of connection or have sex with. Ryan’s secret is safe with me, as long as mine is safe with him.”

“He would never tell anyone, he does not want anyone knowing you saw him here.”

“So Bill can we try a few more things this time?”

“Yes of course how about a kiss to ankara travestileri start?”

I licked my lips and pressed them to his, he pulled my tee shirt off and ran his hands over my chest, I laid on top of him, he and I kissing and making out. His cock was like a steel bar, hard and dripping, I kissed his neck to his chest, he had the most amazing nipples, I could play with them all day.

I kissed his body all the way down past his cock down his thighs, I was sure he would shoot his load as my tongue licked and kissed his thighs down to his knee caps. I spread his legs and worked my way back up to his cock and balls.

I tongued his balls and made him moan, I sucked in one nut and rolled it with my tongue, I took in his other one and lathered them. His cock was pouring out precum huge droplets dripping out of his cock, his cock jumped as my tongue and mouth massaged his balls.

Tommy had the most beautiful cock I had ever sucked, it was cut with a nice mushroom head on it, it was a tinge of pink with a purple head on it. When you sucked it his knob rubbed all the way down your throat, then back out.

I always loved sucking Tommy’s cock but I wished he would try new things, him and I kissing was new for Tommy, and by the moans he seemed to like it a lot. I took his cock in my mouth, I knew when he was close and about to cum so I would edge him for a bit.

I could tell his cock was about to shoot so I released his cock and got on top of him, he gave me this look. I pressed my lips to his and rolled us over, I wanted him to play with my cock for a bit. He kissed me and kissed my neck to my nipples, he was very soft and gentle in all he did to me.

He got between my legs and held my cock in his hand, he had a magic touch, he held it so carefully, his soft hands felt so good on my engorged penis. He gingerly played with it, I could see he wanted to put his mouth and tongue on it.

He stroked it till it was covered in precum, he peeled back the foreskin and it was pooling puddles of clear wet fluid. He leaned in and ran his tongue over my knob, his lips kissed the piss slit then he sucked in the knob.

For a newbie he was really good, good technique, he swallowed my cock taking in over half of my eight. He readjusted and took in about six, he clearly had sucked a cock before or had practiced on a toy of some sort.

He and I repositioned so I could suck him while he sucked me, I knew he would cum really quickly, so I would have to take my time and try to get him to hold back. He placed his cock at my mouth, he took in my own cock into his mouth. Once the knob was in he pushed his cock in deep, I sucked down and his balls pulled in.

I tried to push him up and off but he wanted to cum, he needed it right now, he fucked my mouth hard, and this was so unusual for Tommy he was always so plain, vanilla, almost boring. His balls slapped my nose, his cock in deep and ready to unload.

I sucked down and his cock rewarded me with his white cream, he never seemed to stop shooting, he pushed his cock in deep then out a bit then right back in. He lay there spent, his cock deep inside my mouth slowly softening, I lifted him off so I could breath.

He lay beside me, normally Tommy was a one travesti ankara load kind of guy, his cock seemed to stay harder than usual, and ready for more. He never let go of my cock, I got on top of him and took his cock back into my mouth, his cock still tasted of his rich thick load he had just fed me.

Tommy worked my cock, I was close, he had never sucked my cock or taken a load from me for that matter. I warned him letting him know I was close, he sucked down harder, took in that much more. I blew a massive load in his pretty little mouth, my body wracked with the orgasm as it took control of me.

Tommy swallowed every drop I could muster, he licked me clean then smiled at me, he let go of my cock and got on top of me.

“Really like kissing you Bill.”

I rolled us over and pressed my lips to his, his arms held me close to him, I rolled us over and let him lay on top of me.

“This feels so good Bill can we just lay here for a while?”

“We can do anything you would like to do Tommy.

He leaned in and kissed me once again, his lips pressed to my own, his tongue invading my mouth. We made out for some time, then he repositioned and took my cock into his mouth presenting his to me. I took his pretty cock in my mouth and gently sucked it, I spread his legs and could see his perfectly tight little pucker.

It seemed to wink at me as I worked his cock, I knew I had to rim it, slide my tongue along it, try to breach it with the tip of my tongue. I made him readjust so he was basically sitting on my face, once my tongue touched down he screamed. If you knew Tommy like I know him he would never make any kind of loud noise to make himself seen or heard.

I licked and slathered his hole with my tongue, Tommy rode my tongue like a crazy man, his cock poured out precum, his balls ready to unload. I finally got the tip of my tongue inside of him, he went nuts. His cock tightened and his balls pulled in and he shot all over my chest, his hands never touched his cock once.

Tommy continued to sit on my mouth, I knew the feeling for him was incredible, I did not stop rimming him. I slid down and took his semi erect cock in my mouth and sucked him clean, he got off of me and laid on my cum covered chest.

“Oh Billy why did I wait to try this? This is amazing.”

Tommy pressed his lips to my own, he cuddled with me his head nuzzled in close to my face kissing my neck. After a few minutes he was asleep, he held on to me, I watched him as he slept, he was such a handsome young man.

He slept for about a half hour, he awoke not sure where he was or who he was sleeping on, he looked me in the eyes, I smiled at him. He smiled at me and pressed his lips to my own, he and I kissed for some time.

“Best way to wake up Billy, hope I can do this more often now.”

“You can spend the night anytime you want Tommy.”

“Be careful Billy I might hold you to that invitation.”

“Told you Tommy you are always welcome, or you can just move in with me.”

“Might take you up on that as well Billy I need to get out of my parents house, can I sleep with you in your bed Billy?”

“Be the best part of you moving in with me is if you slept with me, and I am serious if you want to move in with me then lets do it.”

“How about I spend the night and we go from there?”

“Good way to start I think Tommy, lets have a shower then a nightcap then to bed. Well we could have sex a few more times before we go to sleep.”

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